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					                                                                        Getting Started Guide

NITIX for Sage Accpac ERP - Vmware Trial
Getting Started
with trial in Vmware virtual machine

Nitix for Sage Accpac ERP trial allows you to experience deployment, configuration and full
capabilities of NITIX for Sage Accpac ERP in a virtual machine that can run on just about any
modern desktop PC.
A virtual machine is a computer defined in software. It's like running a completely separate
server within your PC. You will need to install free virtualization software, the Wmvare Player
which is included on the CD. VMware Player will start a “clean” virtual server, and you will be
able perform a full installation and configuration of NITIX for Sage Accpac ERP, just as if you
had a real server beside your desk.
Your PC will need about 5 GB of free space, and you will need reasonably powerful system;
1.5 GHz CPU and 1 GB of RAM will do just fine, you can get away with less but performance
might not be stellar.
Once you have finished installation and configuration, you will have fully operational (virtual)
server on your network which will run in trial mode for 30 days. After that you will lose access
to your server data until you purchase a NITIX license key, at which point server will continue
to function.

Note of caution: Production NITIX environments are not certified to run in Vmware.
Vmware based NITIX for Sage Accpac ERP trial is provided solely in order to simplify
and speed up the evaluation process.

Installing NITIX for Sage Accpac ERP trial
Since you are reading this document, you have already obtained NITIX for Sage Accpac ERP
trial either by downloading a zip file from the Net Integration web site or the trial was sent to
you on a CD.
CD and zip file contain the directory called “NITIX for Sage Accpac ERP Demo”. Copy that
directory on to your PC.

                                                                      Getting Started Guide

Powering virtual NITIX for Sage Accpac ERP server
Before you power your new virtual server here are few things you should know:
   ● Virtual server is configured to have two 3 GB hard drives. Of course these are virtual
      drives and their content is saved in two files in “NITIX for Sage Accpac ERP Demo”
      directory. These files will grow as they fill up with data up to a maximum of 3 GB each.
   ● You can run this demo on the network or on the standalone PC.
          ● In a networked mode, virtual server will connect to your PC NIC and request a
             new IP address from your DHCP server. Therefore, virtual server will indeed
             behave as a totally independent device on the network and it will be reachable
             by other users on your LAN. You will be able to see the virtual server IP on the
             server screen.
             In order for this demo to work properly in a networked mode you have to
             connect your PC to Ethernet network which has DHCP server.
          ● In a standalone mode, Vmware player will provide DHCP addressing for the
             virtual server and you will be able to run the demo with your PC disconnected
             from the network. (Ideal way to test NITIX fSAE in this mode is on the long
             boring airplane flight) Of course keep in mind that when you land and connect
             your PC to the network, other PCs on the LAN will not be able to connect to your
             virtual server.
   ● Virtual server will start as a completely blank system, and it will boot from a NITIX for
      Sage Accpac installation CD which is, you guessed it, virtual as well. “NITIX for Sage
      Accpac ERP Demo” directory contains a CD ISO image which can be burned onto a
      CD and used to installed NITIX for Sage Accpac ERP on a real, non-virtual server.

OK, now when we have this cleared, go to Start, All Programs, Vmware, Vmware Player.

Vmware Player will start and you will be asked to select Virtual Machine Configuration File.
Open “NITIX for Sage Accpac ERP Demo” directory and select the aproperiate .vmx file, use
NITIX fSAE – networked.vmx for networked trial and NITIX fSAE – standalone.vmx for
standalone trial.

You will see your virtual server starting, BIOS sequence and all.
At this point you should continue with NITIX for Sage Accpac ERP quick start guide, just as if
you are installing NITIX for Sage Accpac ERP on a standalone, “real” server.


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