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Owning a land and becoming a landlord is one of the dreams most people wish they can
translate into reality. It is however rather unfortunate that most people who are university
graduates may never achieve this dream in their lifetime if we go by history and past

Careful observation has shown that people without university education and who are loosely
referred to as “illetrates” in Nigeria somehow are able to buy lands and become landlords far
faster than most graduates.

In a recent observation I made, I discovered to my surprise that a lot of the bus drivers in
Lagos, Okada riders and even the “garage” boys have bought lands and built their own
houses and it makes me wonder – what we “the graduates” are even thinking and I have come
to realise that most graduates focus so much on making a living that they forget to think
about the future.

So if you are reading this, I assume you have a formal education and need to change your
thinking, and take some really decisive action starting immediately.

Honestly, buying your own house is not something so far-fetched. All it takes is access to the
right set of information, careful planning and dedication to your goals.

My objective and the overall objective of is to take you from being
a tenant to becoming a land owner and then to push you into building or even buying your
very own house. If you are an undergraduate reading this, then you can graduate from school
a landlord by applying the principles we showcase here at

In this short report, I will show you strategies for becoming a landlord starting out with what
you have right now, no matter how small it is – or even becoming a landlord by using your
money valuable asset, your mouth and brain even when you have absolutely no money.

                      BASIC FACTS – Why You Should Start Now.

Don’t Wait – Start Now!

The greatest mistake you can make is to think you do not have the money now and that you
will do it when the time is right. This is a deceptive thought because the longer you wait, the
higher the prices will go and you may never achieve your dream.

Think about it.

Assume you are 25years old now, no wife and no children and you come across a piece of
land at just N300,000 with an option to deposit just N50,000. If you wait till you have money
to buy and build, you may wait for 6months, by which time the land may have become
N350,000 and then you will decide to wait a little more.

By next year, you are already 26years old, you have spent the initial N50,000; the land is now
N500,000 and you are still hoping that one day you will become a landlord whereas you had
your opportunity to get started and wasted it.

This is how a lot of people wait and waste; then end up eating up their lands and houses or
wearing it as gold chains and bracelets instead of taking positive actions towards becoming
the landlord of their dreams.

In all of my life and with all the people I know who have bought their first land and built their
first house, I am yet to meet just one person who found it easy but they ended up doing it
anyway. The key is to start now!

Remember, the longer you wait, the more you will pay because prices will continue to
increase. Infact, if you buy now and you are unable to build, you can sell later and make
insane profits instead of spending that little money sitting in your bank account, invest it now
– immediately.

No Matter How Well Behaved You Are, Your Landlord Will Never Give You An

Either you know it or not, indirectly or directly, you are the one paying the school fees of
your landlord’s children, fuelling his car and paying for his upkeep simply because he took
the right action… he built.

And it does not matter how well behaved you are, one day you will move out of that house
without an award. Your goal should be to move into your own house the day you move out.
Nothing can be more rewarding for a man and nothing can make a wife more happy that

cooking in her own kitchen and not the landlord’s kitchen – I am sure the women folks
understand what I mean.

Your Children

I have also observed that children of parents who themselves are landlords end up becoming
landlords. Infact a lot of the time, they move from their parent’s house to theirs while
children of parents who are tenants usually become tenants themselves.

If you become a landlord now, you will affect your children’s mentality positively and give
them that needed edge to go out and become a success.

It Is A Matter of Choice

Yes, money is important but becoming a landlord is mostly a decision that people just decide
to take and once that decision is taking and they begin to take action towards it, the rest as
they say becomes history.

Why this occurs is something I cannot fully explain. Probably it is in accordance with the
bible verse Prov. 27:13 that says “As A Man Thinketh, So Is He”

Napoleon Hill in his book “Think & Grow Rich” says exactly the same thing when he
explained that what we think about and focus on expresses itself in our physical realities.
Everyone who is a landlord just at once time in their lives decide to become one.

Fully 90% of the time, people who become landlords don’t even have a kobo to back up the
decision but once the choice is made, the universe somehow aligns to make things happen.

Decide today and take action today, no matter how small it is - to become a landlord and then
a house owner.

High & Everlasting Returns

Yes – this is one of the powers of real estate investment. Look into any city in Nigeria and
you will see a “forest” turned a city. There are properties that sold for less than N100,000
now in the place I live that cannot be bought for N6million naira today.

Just think about it…

If you have the money or you are in a job and can spare some money monthly, it is time to
plan for your future and create a millionaire plan starting now using the real estate investment
vehicle – See our upcoming report on Becoming A Milllionaire Through Real Estate.

Simply stated, real estates have a way of multiplying itself. It just keeps escalating and
growing bigger, swelling the value of your money year after year. Look, for as long as people
keep giving birth, people will continue to need houses and the house owners will continue to
make money and the value of their properties will keep going up.

I want you to pause and ponder over this.

Your Present Income Is Enough To Buy Your Land & Build Your House

Strange but true.

How do you explain someone who repairs tires on the road side who becomes a landlord?
How do you explain women who paint and polish nails becoming landlords? How do you
explain the woman selling vegetables in the market becoming a landlord? How do you
explain “akara” sellers becoming landlords? How do you explain office workers with small
salaries becoming landlords? How do you explain an undergraduate becoming a landlord?


The truth is that what you have now as income is enough!

All you need is the correct set of information, proper planning and strategy and dedication to
your goal.

So that I can get to the reason why I am writing today, I will stop here but I believe now you
understand that becoming a landlord does not start with the money. It starts with you making
a decision to become one and here are the 3 steps I promise to everyone reading this report


Have and nurse the thought of becoming a landlord, believe you can do it and take positive
steps towards its achievement.

How To Buy Your First Land & Eliminate Risks

There are two ways to buy your land and each have its advantages and disadvantages. I will
quickly brush over the two types and then focus on one as we use this method on so that peace of mind is guaranteed.

       Buy from “Omonile” or Original land owners
       Buy from a real estate company

Method one is to buy from the “omoniles” and in this method you will be dealing directly
with the individuals who own the land. This method is risky and yes we’ve all heard of tales
that accompanies this.

Method two is about finding REPUTABLE real estate companies and buying from them.
Yes, when you buy from these people, you may be paying higher fees but you have more
assurance and peace of mind.

Rules For Buying Using Method II

       Find a reputable real estate company and buy from them (they will usually be in
       charge of getting a lawyer, making sure the land is free from government interest etc)
       Ask questions – yes, ask any questions you may have no matter how stupid. I have
       discovered that in the course of asking questions, you something stumble on things
       you would otherwise not have known.
       Never buy a land that has the sign “This Land is Not For Sale”
       Ask about the documentation and titles of the land you are about to buy
       Make sure you collect and keep your receipts after payment
       Ask about allocation information
       Ask about types of structure and limitation because sometimes the estate company
       might set a limit on what you can and/or cannot build
       Make sure the land is free from Government interests
       Even when buying from the estate agents, try and buy in groups
       Ask about documentations they will give you when you complete payment and are
       allocated your plots
       Buy on recommendation as much as possible
       When paying in instalments, make sure you keep your books and records intact. They
       may mis-calculate or loose their records or a staff may be funny. Keep your records.
       When you are buying in groups, watch out to see if the leader is trying to hide things
       or play funny games – this is a sign that you should beware.
       Check the location
       Get a professional and check the land from the government

When you buy from real estate companies there is more safety than when you buy
individually and to give you more dealing power, it is always best to buy in groups and that is
exactly what the Mafialandlord website does.

Instead of you buying directly from the real estate companies, we serve as the link (not
shielding you in anyway however) and therefore create a group buy so that if anyone has an
issue, the whole group can go all out on behalf of that one person.

Another good reason for buying directly from the estate companies is that it gives you the
ability to buy and pay at your ability. You see, I believe that everyone who earns an income
can become a landlord. The problem is always putting all the money together, and this is one
good thing about the estate companies that allow you to pay in tiny, broken bits.

For example, we have a Mowe/Ofada offer of land at N250,000 which is a steal anyway. The
nice thing is that you do not need to pay all the N250,000 at a go. All you need to pay is
N50,000 – then you can pay the rest “small-small” until you complete payment. Which
means if you like, you can pay N10,000 or N20,000 a month until you complete the payment!

Note, some of these estate companies will promise you that once you start paying the cost of
the land will not increase and yes I have one like that personally. I started paying at N600,00
and now it is going at around N750,000 per plot. I have not completed the payment on this
particular property but I am able to peg the price while it appreciates. I am sure that the day I
complete the payment, my property has appreciated many times over without any stress!

I am sure if I kept that same N600k in the bank, it cannot have appreciated with an extra
N150,000 in just 12months. If you know a bank that can pay that much, please let me know
so I can keep some money there ☺

I know the question you are dying for me to answer next in this report is “How Do You Get
Started Using”

How To Achieve Your Landlord Dreams With

First of all, understand that Mafialandlord is not any hidden or difficult to understand
programme or website. Our sole intent with mafialandlord is to provide you information,
training, advice and point you to properties that gives you peace of mind.

All you need to do is go to the Mafialandlord website at Register an
account and login. Once logged in, go to the property section and you will see a list of

estates which we have checked out and know are reputable. These are estates where we are
also buying at the moment personally.

At the time of this writing, we have:

        Leaders Garden City (Mowe/Ofada)
        Eagle Estate
        Prime Estate Igbesa
        Dream City Estate

You pick any of the estates and you check for the details of the estate and the initial cost
required to participate in the estate. Once you get this, you can get started immediately and
we ensure that all your records with the estate company are up to date and you get allocated
as at when due.

We do not in any way shield you from the estate companies and YES we encourage that you meet them, talk
with them, visit the plots and see things for yourself. However, we encourage you make your purchases through
us so that you can have the group force behind you which is one of the smartest ways to secure yourself in real
estate investing – group purchase. In case of issue, the whole group will stand as one instead of an individual.

We at the moment have over 300 registered members, some have begun the journey, others are getting started
while yet others are wondering if this is real but our goal is to have a group force of at least 2500 members
actively investing in real estates, so we can have a voice anywhere anyday anytime and we are ready to back our
members using this group force.

All the details of the estate company in each case will be made available upon request, our group documentation
will be done and monitored as a group as well.

As soon as you make you first instalment on the land, you can then easily create a 6months,
or 12months plan to space out the rest of the payment and you work to complete within this
time frame, which makes it easy for you. If you however have all the money, we encourage
that you pay it and forget, get your documents and go on.

Mafialandlord Affiliate Programme

With our group purchase approach, Mafialandlord is able to negotiate discounts or call it
commissions on estates and you can be a part of it if you wish. The plan is simple.

Once you register an account on, you can get your affiliate link
from your account which you can use to invite your friends and family. When these friends

and family purchase land through the group system, you will get a commission on completion
of payment which will be credited to your account.

Our vision with Mafialandlord is to raise landlords, so we are trying as much as possible to
de-emphasise the cash angle and focus on the real-estate angle. Therefore your commissions
will accumulate in your account until it is enough to buy the minimum priced estate available
and we get you the documents of the land with your permission.

This is a wonderful arrangement because it means that even if you do not have the cash, you
can still go ahead to become a landlord simply by marketing estates we have listed and
earning commissions.

We also make it easy for you as we will answer all the questions, even give you marketing
materials. For instance you can make copies of our short reports, distribute our reports from
your websites, newsletters or use them on your blogs to help you get started.

Additional Notes

To further protect your real estate investments, you need to research the estate you are buying
and ask questions very well. For instance, we do not have fear on the Mowe/Ofada we are
promoting now through Mafialandlord despite the fact that a lot of estates in that area are
having issues because this estate is free from such squabbles.

Also, the Mowe/Ofada area is a very good buy because land appreciates at about 100 – 200%
per annum in this area plus the current offering price of N250,000 per plot is a steal. The only
reason why we are getting it so low is because:

       It is a Christian owned estate (only Christians can buy)

However, we expect the price to surge anytime from now because the estate which shares the
same boundary with Leaders Garden City already sells at about a million. You are therefore
encouraged to take advantage today.

Of you have any questions, please write or call Ayo on

Look out for our next report, on Millionaire In 24months With
Real Estates!


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