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									Breast Implants Beverly Hills- Breast Augmentation, Breast Reconstruction
and more
                                              Women of all ages have considered breast
                                              enhancement procedures in order to achieve a
                                              more beautiful appearance. Whether you need
                                              to increase or reduce the size of your breasts, a
                                              plastic surgeon can help improve your overall
                                              appearance and achieve the look that you want.
                                              Some women want to increase the size of their
                                              breasts so they will undergo a breast
                                              augmentation procedure.           Other patients
                                              undergo a breast reduction in order to alleviate
the pain and discomfort associated with overly large breasts. With age, breasts can lose their
firmness and perkiness which is why many patients will consider a breast lift to correct sagging

Getting Breast Implants Beverly Hills is a very personal choice. In most cases it is used as a
way to enhance appearance and improve self esteem. There are other cases where breast
implants become a necessity such as a breast reconstruction. A breast reconstruction is a surgical
technique used to restore a breast until near normal shape, appearance and size after a
mastectomy. Although breast reconstruction can successfully rebuild your breast, results can
vary from person to person. A reconstructed breast will not have the same feel and sensation as
a real breast. There may be visible lines that are present on the breast form the mastectomy or
from the reconstruction procedure. There are certain surgical techniques that will leave incision
lines at the donor site which is usually in less exposed areas of the body such as the back,
abdomen, or buttocks.

Breast Augmentation Beverly Hills is not a passing fad. Breast implants are more popular than
ever since they are used frequently to augment breast size and modify breast shapes. Early
breast implant techniques were proved to be a failure but modern techniques are very successful.
Today, the saline breasts implants are made stronger by using silicone elastomer-made shells.
Saline breast implants now use a more conservative surgical approach for breast augmentation
meaning there are fewer and smaller cuts. The typical profile of a breast augmentation patient is
a young woman with body image issues. She typically has suffered from low self-esteem and
depression because of her physical appearance. Breast augmentation has assorted risks and
complications that patients must be aware of such as ruptures, leaks, and more. Leaving your
breast enhancement procedure to an experienced board certified plastic surgeon will reduce the
chances of any issues to occur.

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