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									                              Salem district

Salem is the headquarters of Salem district. The city lies at the base of Yercuda hills, a famous
tourist destination that offers some of the most astounding scenic beauty. The name 'Salem'
seems to have been derived from Sela or Shalya by which the term refers to the country around
the hills, as in the inscriptions. And the place indeed has hills around its periphery.

The headquarters to Salem district, Salem is the fourth largest city of Tamilnadu and located in
the central part of the state. The city is also a major textile hub of the country and famous for
stainless steel.

Salem from the Pages of History
Local tradition claims Salem as the birthplace of Tamil poetess Avvaiyar. Inscriptions from
Ganga dynasty have been recovered from parts of the district. Madurai Nayaks ruled Salem for
quite some time. Late in the 18th Century, the Mysore Rajas captured Salem and after a long
feud Colonel Wood took it over from Hyder Ali in 1768. Hyder recaptured it in 1772 and in
1799, Lord Clive annexed Salem and the place remained a military station till 1861.

Salem as a Tourist Destination
Leading to the picturesque trekking up Yercaud hills, Salem is an amphitheater of grand hills all
around it. You have the Nagarmalai in the north, the Jeragamalai in the south, the Kanjanamalai
on the west and Godumalai on the east.

Among the major tourists attractions you can visit Tharamangalam, which is situated about
27kms away from Salem and famous for Kailasanathar temple. Mettur dam is another popular
picnic spot built across the river Cauvery. You can also savor the cascading Kiliyur Falls, a feast
for your eyes.

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