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Lessons Learned & Insights
  from SIMposium 2009
  Our Vision:
   To be recognized as the community that is most preferred by IT leaders
    for delivering vital knowledge that creates business value and enables
    personal development.

  Our Mission:
   SIM is an association of senior IT executives, prominent academicians,
    selected consultants, and other IT thought leaders built on the
    foundation of local chapters, who come together to share and enhance
    their rich intellectual capital for the benefit of its members and their

Fordham IT                           2                              December 2009
  What Does SIM Offer?

       Recognizing the unique needs of the industry, SIM collects the intellectual capital of IT
       leaders nationwide and offers the resources you need to do business better, including:

      Face-to-Face meetings/networking – SIMposium, Advance Practices Council (APC)
       meetings, Regional Leadership Forums (RLF), chapter meetings, and CIO roundtables bring
       you face-to-face with other key industry executives to share knowledge and network about
       topics pertinent to IT leaders

      Online tools – On-demand Webinars and archived Webcasts, an online library featuring
       nearly 50 whitepapers, working group deliverables, past conference presentations and much
       more to bring best practices of other IT leaders straight to your desktop.

      Publications – SIM News, a compilation of association news, articles of interest, interviews,
       and industry insights and MIS Quarterly Executive (MISQE), a quarterly online publication
       dedicated to publishing high quality articles, case studies and research reports.

      More Resources/Programs – SIM offers a wealth of knowledge with these resources and
       more. Click on the Programs tab to view all the ways SIM can help you raise the bar.

Fordham IT                                       3                                         December 2009
 Regional Leadership Forum

      RLF is an intensive, ten-month leadership development program focused
      on creating authentic leaders. Since 1992 over 3000 graduates and more
      than 300 sponsors have found RLF the key to developing leadership

     sessions are dedicated to an interactive learning environment to develop
      participants’ leadership, team-building, creative thinking, listening skills,
      global business skills, and knowledge of business ethics.
        •    Over 35 Books are the core of RLF ideas.
        •    Over a dozen leading business executives speak and interact with participants
        •    Discover and practice self-awareness
        •    Habits of continuous, life-long learning
        •    Managing change and diversity

Fordham IT                                  4                                  December 2009

      SIM’s annual conference l Seattle, November 8-10, 2009

             Fresh Ideas for Peak Performance

Fordham IT                       5                             December 2009
 SIMposium Activities

     RLF Final Session and Graduation
     Networking Events
     General Sessions & Keynotes
     Featured Speakers
     Focus Area Sessions
     Solutions Expo

Fordham IT                       6       December 2009
 SIMposium Tracks

     Responsible IT
     Good to Great: Perk Up Your Business Aptitude
     Refining the CIO Agenda
     Emerging Trends
     Leadership Development Track: A Personal Journey
     Special Interest
     Sponsor Case Studies

Fordham IT                      7                        December 2009
             Dan Roam

               The Back of the Napkin

               - demonstrates step-by-step how anyone --
               regardless of artistic talent or training -- can
               use simple pictures to describe complex
               concepts, solve fuzzy problems, and sell
               others on our breakthrough ideas.

Fordham IT                      8                                 December 2009
             6 Problem Clumps

             1.   Who / What?
             2.   How much / many?
             3.   When?
             4.   Where?
             5.   How?
             6.   Why?


                     D – the 6 ways we see and show….

Fordham IT                                     9        December 2009
             Marshall Goldsmith

                      What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

             -   Helps successful leaders get even better by teaching
                 them what to STOP doing and using his Feed
                 Forward to achieve a positive change in behavior

             -   Shows how to increase employee engagement

                  >Ask        >Listen    >Think    >Thank
                  >Respond    >Involve   >Change   >Follow-up

Fordham IT                       10                             December 2009


             Avoid Destructive Comments…


Fordham IT                                    11                                                         December 2009
             John Medina

                        Brain Rules

             -   12 rules that help us understand how the brain sciences might
                 influence the way we teach our children and the way we work

             -   Beware of 3:00PM Nap Zone!
                  Brain Rule #1:    Exercise boosts brain power.
                  Brain Rule #4:    We don’t pay attention to boring things.
                                    (Oh, and by the way, multitasking is a myth!)
                  Brain Rule #5:    Repeat to remember.
                  Brain Rule #6:    Remember to repeat.
                  Brain Rule #7:    Sleep well, think well.
                  Brain Rule #8:    Stressed brains don’t think learn the same way.

Fordham IT                                12                                    December 2009
                               Life After RLF…

                                  OLD: Work-Life Balance
                                    •   Either – Or
                                    •   Work 9-5; Life 5-9

                                  NOW: Integration (or just Life)
                                    •   Work / Life / Work / Life / Work…..

     Darwin John, Former CIO, FBI and member of the FBI Advisory Board and
     Bob Rouse, Professor Emeritus, Computer Science, Washington University

Fordham IT                                13                                  December 2009
 Magic Circles…

     Must exercise all 3 every day
     Be fit in each circle
     The more fit you are in each circle – the more ready you will
      be to handle life’s surprises…

               Intellectual   Spiritual & Emotional            Physical

                                      * Where the magic is in RLF…
Fordham IT                             14                                 December 2009
  FEAR in IT

  Facing the Tiger
      - if you run you face 100% certain death
      - if you turn & face the tiger – you have a 50-50% chance…
  Something to think about
      - What will unleash me?
      - What do I fear?
      - What do I bring?
  IT is the Business!
      - it used to be IT and the business
      - Now – IT and the rest of the business

       June Drewry, Former Global CIO, Chubb Group of Insurance Companies;
       Mary Jo Greil, EdD, President, Carson Greil Group, LLC;
       Ingvar Petursson, CIO, Expedia, Inc.

Fordham IT                                         15                        December 2009
  SIM 2009 IT Industry Trend Survey

   The top six applications and technology
    investments for 2009 are:
         • Business intelligence
         • Server virtualization
         • ERP systems
         • Customer/corporate portals
         • Enterprise application integration/management
         • Continuity planning/disaster recovery.

Fordham IT                         16                      December 2009
  Wrap-Up: Why Is SIMposium Different?

      National event is smaller than most
      Networking is key component
      Attendees represent a higher level of management
      Provides a background for understanding and managing technology,
       while not being a strictly technical conference
      Offers follow-up throughout the year at a variety of regional events
      Focuses on developing leadership skills
      Provides a forum for open and trusted conversation
      Offers challenging topics that stretch our thinking, presented by industry
       leaders and prominent authors
      Offers sessions that are engaging and often interactive

Fordham IT                                 17                                       December 2009

SIMposium program:

Dan Roam – The Back of the Napkin:

Marshall Goldsmith – FeedForward

Marshall Goldsmith – Avoid Destructive Comments

John Medina – Brain Rules

Fordham IT                                       18                                          December 2009

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