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The alt.2600/#Hack F.A.Q. Beta Revision .013 A TNO Communications Production by Voyager Sysop of Hacker's Haven (303)343-4053 Greets go out to: A-Flat, Al, Aleph1, Bluesman, Cavalier, Cruiser, Cybin, C-Curve, DeadKat, Disorder, Edison, Frosty, Glen Roberts, Hobbit, Holistic Hacker, KCrow, Major, Marauder, Novocain, Outsider, Per1com, Presence, Rogue Agent, Route, sbin, Taran King, Theora, ThePublic, Tomes, and TheSaint. We work in the dark We do what we can We give what we have Our doubt is our passion, and our passion is our task The rest is the madness of art. -- Henry James When I picture a perfect reader, I always picture a monster of courage and curiosity, also something supple, cunning, cautious, a born adventurer and discoverer... -- Friedreich Nietzsche Section A: Computers 01. How do I access the password file under Unix? 02. How do I crack Unix passwords? 03. What is password shadowing? 04. Where can I find the password file if it's shadowed? 05. What is NIS/yp? 06. What are those weird characters after the comma in my passwd file? 07. How do I access the password file under VMS? 08. How do I crack VMS passwords? 09. What can be logged on a VMS system? 10. What privileges are available on a VMS system? 11. How do I break out of a restricted shell? 12. How do I gain root from a suid script or program? 13. How do I erase my presence from the system logs? U 14. How do I send fakemail? 15. How do I fake po

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