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How to Track the Location of a Mobile Phone


									How to Track
the Location
of a Mobile
  Learn three ways to track the location
            of a mobile phone.
 1. Use a GPS Tracker Software. Install it
  on your phone or on the phone you
             want to track.
 The phone should be turned on for
       GPS tracking to work.
  2. Use mobile phone triangulation technology. It
  works using the mobile’s signal strength. You will
    need to pay a tracking company to use this.
For this to work, contact your network carrier. They
 will provide the locations of 3 cellular towers that
will receive the signal from the phone and they will
            pass the signals to the towers.
   First, get the strongest signal and circle it in the
 map, do the same on the 2nd and 3rd signals. The 3
circles will intersect and the point of interconnection
                is the estimated location.
3. Use GPS tracking devices. You will be
able to use your computer in tracking a
           phone’s location.
You can always try different options until
     you find the right one for you.
For more
information and
tips on cell phone
tracking, visit our

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