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									   How to Make the
   Best Out of Voice
     Over Internet
    Provider (VoIP)
 VoIP can be utilized in multiple ways. Learn
three diversified and peculiar flavors of VoIP.
The most common and most popular utility of
   VoIP is through ATA (analog telephone
 ATA permits the person to synchronize a standard
phone to his computer or his internet connection to
             be further used with VoIP.
  It is a device which fundamentally converts an
analog signal from the landline to digital signal over
                     the internet.
Another utility is Internet Protocol phones. IP phones
     possesses an RJ-45 ethernet connector.
IP phone synchronizes straight to the local router and
  possess almost all the new hardware and software
  mechanism that is necessary to allow IP function.
The simplest mechanism to utilize VoIP is Computer-
to-Computer. A person doesn’t need to pay for long
                 distance calls.
One needs the VoIP software which is either free or
 of low cost, a microphone, speakers, sound card
              and internet connection.
Whatever way you utilize VoIP, it is in fact one of the
technology that had contributed in every field such
     as engineering, medical arts or business.
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