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									                               REGIS UNIVERSITY
                        AGREEMENTS – ACADEMIC PROGRAMS

   Organization/School of         Document Type/Year Initiated          Renewal/Expiration
      Regis University

Aims Community College/Regis      Master Articulation                 Auto renew
University                        Agreement/1988                      Auto renew
Arapahoe Community                Master Agreement – Joint Degree     Auto renew
College/SPS                       Plan Program/1993                   Auto renew
Arapahoe Community                Articulation – Health Information   Auto renew July 1 - Fees
College/SHCP                      Management/2001                     No date
Arapahoe Community                Addendum to Articulation
College/SPS                       Agreement – Accounting/2003
Arapahoe Library                  Agreement/Koelbel Public
Foundation/RU Libraries           Library/2000
Archdiocese of Denver             Transcripting Agreement/2004
Catechetical School/SPS

Brunswick Community College       Memorandum of                       Auto renew
                                    Understanding/A to B/2006

Colorado Community College        Memorandum of Agreement –           Auto renew July 1
    and Occupational              Transfer Articulation/1992
    Education System                                                  No date
    (CCCOES)/RU                   Memorandum of Agreement –
CCCOES/Regis                        Transfer of Criminal Justice      Auto renew
    University/Regis University     Courses/1998
                                  Memorandum of Agreement
Colorado Mountain

Community College of              Articulation Agreement/1999         Auto renew July 1
Allegheny County / SPS            Articulation Agreement/2001         Auto renew
Community College of Aurora /
SPS                               Articulation Agreement/1999         Auto renew July 1
                                  Articulation Agreement/1999         Auto renew July 1
Community College of Rhode
Island / SPS
Community College of Southern

Holy Family High School /         Memorandum of Agreement –
Regis College                     Transcripting Credit/1998

Laramie County Community          Master Articulation                 Auto renew
    College / Regis College       Agreement/1989                      Auto renew July 1
Laramie County Community          Articulation Agreement /1999
College / SPS                     Consortium Agreement –              Auto renew July 1
Laramie County Community          Financial Aid /1999
College / SPS                    Articulation Agreement/1996
Lewis and Clark Community
College / SPS

Management Concepts,             Memorandum of                     Auto renew
Inc./SPS                         Understanding/2004                In effect until terminated
Marian Court College             Memorandum of                     In effect until terminated
Maricopa Community               Understanding/A to B/2006         In effect until terminated
Colleges/SPS                     Memorandum of
Morgan Community College /       Understanding/2003
Regis College                    Master Articulation

   Organization/School of        Document Type/Year Initiated         Renewal/Expiration
      Regis University

National Defense                 Memorandum of                     Renew in 2008
University/SPS                     Understanding/Transfer of
                                   Credit to MSCIT                 Auto renew
Northeastern Junior College        Program/2005
                                 Master Articulation
Northeastern Junior College        Agreement/Regis College-        Auto renew
Northern Wyoming Community         Career Programs/1990
College District                 Consortium Agreement –
Northern Wyoming Community         Financial Aid/1990
College District                 Master Articulation
                                 Consortium Agreement –
                                   Financial Aid/1991
Pikes Peak Community             Master Agreement – Joint Degree   In effect until terminated
College/SPS                        Plan/1993                       Auto renew July 1
Pima County Community            Articulation Agreement/2002       In effect until terminated
College District/SPS             Memorandum of
Prairie State College/SPS          Understanding/A to B/2006

Red Rocks Community              Master Articulation               In effect until terminated
College/Regis College              Agreement/1987

St. John’s College/SPS           Memorandum of                     In effect until terminated
St. John Vianney Theological       Understanding/A to B/ 2006
     Seminary – Archdiocese of   Memorandum of Agreement/2001
     Denver                                                        Auto renew July 1
Seattle Community College        Articulation Agreement/1996

Sinte Gleska University/SPS      Memo of Understanding -           In effect until terminated
The College Network/Regis        Student Referral                  Auto renew December 31
University                          Authorization/2003             In effect until terminated
The United States Air            Memorandum of Understanding –     December 31, 2007
Force/Regis College            Peterson AFB/1981
The United States Space      Memorandum of Understanding-
Foundation/SPS                 M.Ed./2004

University of Nevada Las     Memorandum of                     In effect until terminated
Vegas/RU Libraries             Understanding/2001

Villanova University/SPS     Transcripting Agreement –         Signed agreement?
Western Governors            Articulation Agreement/2000       Auto renew July 1
University/SPS               Articulation Agreement – Health   Auto renew September 1
Western Nebraska Community     Services Administration/2004
College/RHSHP                Master Articulation               Auto renew July 1
Western Wyoming Community

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