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					                                                             2012 Planning Guide

                                                            ReSoft International - Buyers Guide

                                                     EDISCOVERY, COMPLIANCE, DATA-LOSS PREVENTION
                                                            & STORAGE-RELIEF SOLUTIONS FOR

Read this document if
                                                                     Use our Experience in Messaging & DLP
you are seeking to:
                                                                      to help you make informed decisions
reduce mailbox sizes and manage             Welcome to ReSoft’s Buyers Guide.
retention/quotas in Domino &                                                                       Our tools address Security, Compliance, DLP and
Exchange systems                                                                                   Storage Relief in Email, SharePoint Mobile and IM:
                                            Who are we?
                                            ReSoft International is an integrator & reseller of
reduce usage violations, loss of                                                                   -    Mailbox Size, Retention, Content Management
                                            best-of-breed software tools that address Email &
Intellectual Property in Email & IM         Instant-Messaging Security, Regulatory Compliance      -    Data-Loss Protection against Intellectual
                                            and Storage Relief.                                         Property & Liability from Damaging or Confi-
control use of mobile devices
                                                                                                        dential Information Leaks
migrate from Lotus Notes or                 Why work with us?
                                                                                                   -    EDiscovery Search or Emasil, SharePoint, Files
Exchange2003 to Exchange2010                ReSoft has, for over 18 years, acted as a trusted
                                            advisor to hundreds of organizations, applying the     -    Mobile Security for iOS, Android
undertake Legal or Regulatory               relevant technologies and techniques from its broad    -    Encrypted Email, EForms & FTP Delivery
Discovery searches of Email,                set of Email, Data-Loss Prevention & IM Security
                                                                                                   -    Email & Instant Messaging non-tamperable
SharePoint and IM archives                  tools to reduce liability risks and save time.
                                                                                                        Archiving & E-Discovery
make email & IM delivery more               We apply thorough research and experience, pro-        -    Active Directory Management & Reporting
secure to meet HIPAA, Sarbanes              posing solutions to help you make proactive, in-       -    Sametime & Microsoft OCS enhancements
Oxley etc…                                  formed and timely decisions to meet emerging
                                            threats to your Email and IM systems.                  -    Outlook Calendar Security & Usability
track email/web Bottlenecks,                                                                       -    Email Performance Metrics & Alerting
Availability & Cost Recovery

make Outlook Calendar more                                                               Winter 2012
Usable and Secure
                                                           (Un)usual requests                          List change tickets yesterday that took 4
                                                          we address every day:                        hours to do”
Solutions Inside:

Email & File Discovery                 2      “I have been requested by Legal to search our            “After a recent incident, I need to urgently
                                              200 mailboxes and email backup tapes over                generate a list of users who have a blank or
Email Archiving/Retention              4      the last 2 months for information relating to            “some common password”, like company
Lync, OCS, Sametime IM                 6      the manufacture of Product X by the end of               name as the password”
                                              next week”
Data Loss Prevention                   8
                                                                                                       “My Sales Manager has just quit and I am
Eform Workflow Encryption              9      “I am getting emails saying the disk on                  worried she is taking company confidential
PST Backup/Elimination                11      EmailSvr1 is over 90% utilized and is about to           information to her next company”
                                              shut down”
Mobile Security iOS, Android          12
SharePoint Search ,Security           13
                                              “The CFO’s assistant called and asked me to                 Use our Buyers Guide to
Tracking & Alerting                   14      restore by the end of the day a confidential                plan your messaging infra-
Distribution List Mgmt                14      email the CFO sent last Friday to XYZ Corp that
                                              he has “subsequently deleted”                               structure & security pro-
Active Directory Tools                16                                                                  jects for 2012.
Classification, Signatures &          17      “The VP of Sales called to complain that he is
Email Branding                                on the road and is not receiving email to his               ReSoft    offers   specialist,
Team Calendar Tools                   18
                                              Blackberry”                                                 hard-to-find     yet   cost-
                                                                                                          effective solutions to many
Email Migration &                     19
                                              “My Senior help-desk administrator recorded                 email & security problems.
                                              over 100 trivial User Directory and Distribution
Lotus Notes Tools                     22
DOMINO, EXCHANGE, MOBILE EMAIL, IM : SECURITY, COMPLIANCE, DLP, STORAGE-RELIEF                : 203 972 8462       Winter 2012
                E-DISCOVERY SOLUTIONS                                                            

Discovery Attender - electronic discovery for email, PSTs, SharePoint, Loose Files
Discovery Attender™ is an            Once critical information is               to end-users
electronic discovery tool spe-       located, it is summarized and      -       Set specific system con-
cifically designed to perform        linked in a detailed report                ditions to in-
dynamic keyword searches             indicating items found that                clude or ex-
against Lotus Notes, Ex-             matched the keyword expres-                clude certain
change mailboxes, PST files,         sion.                                      users or
SharePoint libraries and com-                                                   groups
mon file storage areas.              General Features                   -       One common
                                     - Manage legal, HR and                     interface for
Discovery Attender can auto-            corporate discovery                     rule creation,
matically execute powerful              needs discreetly                        progress
scans of message subject,            - Access data for suspected                monitoring
body and attachments                    evidence, confidentiality               and results
through customizable search             breaches or misrepresen-
criteria. Content searches are          tations
transparent to end-users and
can be targeted to specific
                                     - Secure potential evidence
                                        once it is located
groups or users.
                                     - Rules and scanning func-                                      
                                        tionality are transparent

 INDEX ENGINES - find, classify, secure & search legacy tape data
  Index Engines takes a fresh         form indexes, searches and            existing data infrastructures to
  approach for discovery of           separates the relevant con-           perform fast, scalable index-
  electronically stored informa-      tent from the mass of enter-          ing. Each engine understands
  tion (ESI) in the enterprise. It    prise data, regardless of loca-       common network and storage
  integrates high speed index-        tion, format or age.                  protocols. Unified integration
  ing into existing infrastructure                                          and data collection from the
  that is non-invasive and            Find all email belonging to           following environments is cur-
  highly efficient.                   “John Doe”. Analyze what              rently supported:
                                      user content exists on specific
  Information locked away on          servers. Collect relevant con-        -   Historical Backup Tapes
  historical backup tapes be-         tent from old backup tapes            -   Virtual Tape Libraries
  comes accessible - without          and eliminate those no longer             (VTL’s)
  the need to restore the con-        required. Tasks that are
                                                                            -   Network Attached Storage
  tent.                               nearly impossible for any en-
                                      terprise. Index Engines can
  Data on user desktops, serv-        help.                                 -   Desktops/Network Servers
  ers or contained in forensic                                              -   Hard Drives/USB Drives/
  images can be easily discov-        The Index Engines platform                Forensic Images (Encase,
  ered and collected. One plat-       seamlessly integrates into                Ghost)

Power Controls— recover & read Exchange backup edb files, PST & Mailboxes
     PowerControls™ is a tool for        files just like you do with Mi-        server and let Power-
     restoring, copying and              crosoft Outlook.                       Controls restore indi-
     searching un-mounted Ex-                                                   vidual mailboxes,
     change edb databases. It let's      PowerControls works with               folders, messages,
     you restore from any un-            your existing Exchange                 attachments, even
     mounted .edb file a single          backup software and allows             calendar, notes, con-
     mailbox, individual folders, or     you to easily restore message          tact, task items di-
     any number of messages and          -level items from any previ-           rectly to your produc-
     attachments to any mailbox          ous full backup.                       tion Exchange server
     on the network or directly                                                 or any PST file.
     into an Outlook .pst file on        No more need for time con-
     your local drive.                   suming and expensive single
                                         mailbox ("brick-level") back-                                   
     An easy-to-use interface al-        ups. Just perform a full
     lows you to interact with the       backup of your Exchange

               E-DISCOVERY SOLUTIONS                                                   

Discovery Attender Notes - e-discovery tool for any Notes database
                                     Discovery Attender for            can be targeted to specific        -   Access data for suspected
                                     Notes™ is an electronic dis-      groups or users.                       evidence, confidentiality
                                     covery tool specifically de-                                             breaches or misrepresen-
                                     signed to perform dynamic         Once critical information is           tations
                                     keyword searches against any      located, it is summarized and      -   Secure potential evidence
                                     Lotis Notes database.             linked in a detailed report            once it is located
                                                                       indicating items found that
                                                                                                          -   Rules and scanning func-
                                     Discovery Attender can auto-      matched the keyword expres-
                                                                                                              tionality are transparent
                                     matically execute powerful        sion.
                                                                                                              to end-users
                                     scans of message subject,
                                     body and attachments              General Features                   -   Set specific system condi-
                                     through customizable search       - Manage legal, HR and cor-            tions to include or ex-
                                     criteria. Content searches are                                           clude certain users or
                                                                         porate discovery needs dis-
                                     transparent to end-users and                                             groups                                             creetly

PST Backup Attender - PST File Backup and Synchronization
                                     PST Backup Attender is a light    age and content criteria. De-      Eliminate the need to store
                                     -weight, PST file backup util-    ployed through Group Policy,       individual PST files on the
                                     ity that can be used to locate,                                      network
                                     manage and back up PST files      PST Backup Attender con-
                                     on user computers. Its effi-      sumes minimal resources and        Customize backup location
                                     cient method of backing up        installs and runs without any      paths using pre-defined
                                     the contents of PST files to      end-user interaction.              tokens to maintain sepa-
                                     the network and keeping this                                         rate backups for individual
                                     information synchronized,         Automate the scanning, iden-       users
                                     eliminates the need to store      tification and management of
                                     PST files on the network, a       PST files located on the local     PST file backups are incre-
                                     practice not recommended          fixed drives of all user com-      mental, compressed and
                                     and unsupported by Micro-         puters, including password         compatible with network
                                     soft. Additionally,               protected PST files                backup solutions

                                     PST Backup Attender can be        Backup all local PST data to       Backup PST files while in
                                     used to enforce simple reten-     the network                        use.
                                     tion policies based on certain

  MailRetriever - Search un-mounted Exchange .edb files
                                       MailRetriever restores de-        Open any un-mounted EDB              differentials to synchronize
                                       leted, lost and archived          from existing snapshots or           the database after rollbacks
                                       emails from any un-mounted        backups for convenient and           or restores from backup, or
                                       Exchange data store, EDB,         instant recovery and eDiscov-        to fill up a dial-tone DB.
                                       without the need to perform       ery.
                                       expensive and time consum-                                             Recovery Wizard - re-
                                       ing brick level backups.          Data Store Integrity                 covers both private and
                                                                         Checks - Check the EDB for           public Exchange informa-
                                       Quick and easy individual         corruption and pinpoint cor-         tion data stores from any
                                       email recovery and e-             ruption problems before they         off-line EDB.
                                       discovery- Perform detailed       become more severe. Per-
                                       search queries across mail-       form physical and logical In-        Search Wizard - quickly
                                       boxes and folders and restore     tegrity checks on off-line           identify emails for e-          email items to an online Ex-      EDB’s.                               discovery and recovery
                                       change server or PST file.                                             purposes. MailRetriever
                                                                         Differential Restores -              can search for messages,
                                       Make better use of your           Differential restores synchro-       calendar items, and notes
                                       existing Exchange snap-           nizes the un-mounted EDB             across ALL mailboxes.
Page 3                                 shots                             with the online server. Use

                 EMAIL/IM ARCHIVING & RETENTION SOLUTIONS                                               

                                               Archive One Compliance helps maintain regulatory
                                               Archive One Compliance will         Archive One Compliance is            supports the existing email
                                               help with:                         an email archiving, retention         and storage architecture to
                                               - Meeting SEC, NASD,               and retrieval management              protect your investment to
                                                   Sarbanes-Oxley, ISO,           application for Microsoft             date, allowing these to form
                                                   DOD, HIPAA and other           Exchange, designed for or-            the basis for email archiv-
                                                   email compliance re-           ganizations that need an              ing.
                                                   quirements.                    effective, robust system that
                                               - Reducing legal risks by          assists them in meeting               Archive One Compliance can
                                                   retaining and recovering       email archival and retrieval          archive to a wide variety of
                                                   copies of e-mail.              compliance regulations.               near-line or offline storage
                                               - Ensuring the email cor-                                                media as appropriate, either
                                                                                  Archive One Compliance                directly or through industry
                                                   porate information store
         Archive One Compliance cap-                                              offers fast indexing, search          standard storage manage-
                                                   is secured, archived and
         tures mail as it flows through                                           and retrieval of email with           ment software such as HP
                                                   stored effectively.
         the network, ensuring all mail                                           full audit trails.                    OpenView Storage Data Pro-
                  is archived.
                                               - Improved awareness of                                                  tector, QStar and CA
                                                   legal exposure.                Archive One Compliance                Brightstor.

                                               Archive One Policy enforces mailbox email retention
                                               Archive One Policy is de-          ensuring only the optimum             sands of users.
                                               signed to extract email from       levels of messages are held
                                               the mailboxes of nominated         on the Exchange server.               - User level search and re-
                                               users to a separate indexed                                              trieval of archived email
                                               archive store from which           - Lowering Total Cost of              messages increasing pro-
                                               users can then retrieve their      Ownership with an easy-to-            ductivity.
                                               own email. It will help with:      use, easy-to-install solution.
                                                                                                                        - Laptop archive synchroni-
                                               - Enforcing company email          - Low TCO – non-proprietary           zation allowing traveling
                                               control, archive, retention,       interfaces with leading stor-         users to see email.
                                               compliance and retrieval           age applications.
          Archive One Policy captures
         mail from within mailboxes on
                                                                                  - Reducing legal risks by
          a scheduled basis to relieve
                                               - Ensuring the company             retaining and recovering
               storage pressures.
                                               email information store is         copies of e-mails.
                                               indexed, archived and
                                               stored effectively.                - Providing a flexible and
                                                                                  adaptable email archiving
                                               - Improving the Exchange           structure, economical and
                                               email server performance by        scalable from tens to thou-

                                          17a-4 DataParser consolidating multiple archives sources to one
                                          Compliance regulations of the        or .msg files which may then         -   Bloomberg®
                                          SEC, FINRA, FSA and others           be forwarded and captured by         -   Reuters Messaging®
                                          require that electronic business     the institution’s email archive.
                                                                                                                    -   Microsoft SharePoint Wiki/
                                          communications and collabora-
                                                                                                                        blogs/ list Content
                                          tions be archived and moni-          The DataParser automates
                                          tored for compliance purposes.       many of the functions required       -   Microsoft OCS
                                                                               to download, extract, parse          -   Microsoft LiveMeeting®
                                          The 17a-4 Data Parser™ takes         and organize message data for        -   Symantec MessageLabs®
                                          messaging data provided by           inclusion in a consolidated ar-          Data Streams                   many platforms and formats           chive. It supports”                  -   LivePerson® Data Streams
                                          the content into compliant .eml      - Blackberry® SMS

Page 4

                  EMAIL/IM ARCHIVING & RETENTION SOLUTIONS                                         

                 Archive Attender/Mail Attender for Exchange Enterprise
               Exchange Mailbox Size, Retention & Archiving management

                                     Archive Attender is a granular,       Archive Attender is often            mail containing particular
                                     rules based Email Archiving,          used:                                keywords etc.
                                     Quota Management, Mailbox             • to provide an automated        •   To offload a single-
                                     Scanning and Document Re-               archive retention capability       instance of messages into
                                     tention/Deletion management             where email is moved               a separate 'Archive' data-
                                     suite for users of Microsoft            from the users primary             base with a link contained
                                     Exchange & Outlook PST files.           mailbox based upon age or          in the original email mes-
                                                                             how close the user is to           sage, saving disk space
                                     It enables management of                their Exchange quota.              allocated to the Mail data-
  Use Archive Attender to manage     email policy by providing flexi-      • To provide ad-hoc search-          base
   Exchange archiving as well as     ble, yet centralized control                                           •   To offload messages from
                                                                             ing capabilities to identify
  quotas, mailbox size and more…..   over the Exchange Information
                                                                             inappropriate, confidential        mailboxes to a separate        Store/PST files to meet Com-
                                                                             or threatening emails re-          archive to meet email re-
                                     pliance, Audit & Mailbox size
                                                                             siding in the mail system          tention regulations.
                                                                           • to help in legal discovery:

Compliance Attender - Lotus Notes Real-time Email Interception and Inspection
                                        Compliance Attender for Lo-         Management discreetly exe-              Time
                                        tus Notes is email compliance       cutes rules from a central          -   Quarantine Messages based
                                        management software that            location to all, or a select            upon multiple criteria
                                        provides fine-tuned control         group of users. With Compli-        -   Add Disclaimers to Mes-
                                        over all sent and received          ance Attender, companies                sages based upon multiple
                                        messages users are emailing         are able to comply with in-             criteria
                                        in the company's mail envi-         creasingly stringent industry
                                                                                                                -   Eliminate reliance on the
                                        ronment.                            regulations, government leg-
                                                                                                                    Domino Journal to reduce
                                                                            islation and internal compli-
                                                                                                                    Notes server load
                                        Messages are captured be-           ance corporate policies.
                                        fore they are routed, allowing                                          -   Facilitate e-discovery and
  Use Compliance Attender to apply                                                                                  address email compliance
                                        the collection, quarantine,         Compliance Attender can
         rules to real-time                                                                                         regulations
                                        archive and disclaiming of          easily:
        email deliveries…..                                                                                     -   Archive emails to a secure
                                        messages in response to             - Capture Sent and Received                                                                                       location
                                        compliance requirements.              Email Messages in Real

Mail Attender: Lotus Domino email retention/deletion
Mail Attender for Notes al-          ate or threatening emails or        tained in the original email
lows email policy manage-            attachments already residing        message, saving disk space
ment for Lotus Notes                 in the mail system to help          allocated to the Mail data-
Exchange email administra-           in:                                 base.
tors by providing centralized        Legal discovery: identify
control and authority over           emails relating to a specific       - Creation Manager pre-
Lotus Notes mail databases.          legal action.                       vents users from saving,
                                     Email policy: identify inap-        sending, deleting messages
- Automated Quota, Docu-             propriate or threatening            they shouldn’t!. Chinese
ment Retention/Deletion              emails or attachments such          walls prevent email going
where the user is forced to          as viruses, mp3 files, avi files    between departments or to
take an action to keep a             or email containing particular      competitors, prevent profan-
document beyond the reten-           keywords.                           ity, illegal attachments or        Use Mail Attender to manage
tion period.                                                             intellectual property being        Domino quotas, mailbox size,
                                     - Offload Attachments into          distributed, stop messages          email retention and more.
- Ad-hoc Searching capa-             a separate 'Archive' database       under Legal Discovery from
                                                                                                                                            Page 5
bilities to identify inappropri-     with a document link con-           being deleted.

                LYNC & OCS SOLUTIONS                                            

Accelerate & Standardize Lync/OCS Deployment & Provisioning using Unify
Deployment and capacity          ment of business processes is       missions to help desk admin-
planning for Microsoft Office    almost impossible without           istrators.
Communications Server is         spending a lot of money to
exceptionally difficult. Care-   build complex code and logic.     Unify enables system admin-
ful consideration must be                                          istrators to customize and
given to the significant pro-    Unify OCS Manager overcomes control auto‐provisioning of
visioning and administration     these OCS provisioning and        users across multiple server
challenges system adminis-       administration issues through pools. System administrators
trators will face on a daily     its template-based provision-     can use Unify to either load
basis.                           ing. This allows the definition   balance or tight pack their
                                 of various different ‘flavors’ of OCS server pools.
Ongoing user administration      OCS functionality according to                           
is time-consuming and labor      the usage requirements of         In the absence of a solution
-intensive because native        different groups.                 like Unify, enterprises must
interfaces do not support                                          undertake a very expensive
bulk updates to user con-        Unify’s role based delegated      internal build project—with
figurations.                     administration ensures that       the added risk that they will
                                 system administrators do not      end up with a suboptimal
Standardization or enforce-      have to give out elevated per- solution.

Lync/OCS Alert Manager for Broadcasting to large groups
Instant OCS Alert Manager        Microsoft OCS into a real-time  Departmental Communi-
adds the power of real-time      news medium to improve and      cations: IM is a more effi-
communications to your                                           cient tool for managers to
                                 accelerate the delivery of criti-
need to quickly disseminate      cal information across your     relay transient information
time-sensitive information.      organization.                   to staff—an impromptu
You can quickly and easily                                       meeting, a big new client,
create IM broadcast mes-         Instant Alert Manager in        free donuts in the break
sages and instantly send         Action                          room—because the mes-
them to specific users,                                          sages are only received by
groups of users, or system-      IT Department: Unexpected employees who are in the
wide. Or you can schedule        email server crashes inevitably office at that time. Instant
IM broadcasts for automatic      trigger a flood of calls to the Alert Manager facilitates real
delivery at a pre-determined     help desk. With Instant Alert   -time delivery of information
time. And you can set mes-       Manager, the help desk can      while also eliminating over-
sages to expire if offline us-   proactively inform users that   stuffed Outlook inboxes for
ers do not retrieve them         IT is aware of the problem and employees who would other-
within a certain time frame.     also provide updates on when wise have received the news
                                 service will be re-established. via email.
Instant Alert Manager turns

Lync/OCS Archive Viewer for Search & Discovery
Instant OCS Archive Viewer       users access to their own con-      departments.
monitors and audits Micro-       versations without interven-
soft OCS IM conversations        tion from the help desk.            Enterprise Search and
for internal policy enforce-                                         Discovery - This role con-
ment and/or external regula-     Departmental Search and             sists of a powerful search
tory requirements.               Retrieval -This role gives          and discovery module that
                                 managers the ability to moni-       enables a user with ‘super
End User Search and Re-          tor the conversations of em-        admin’ privileges to conduct
trieval - This role gives end    ployees in their respective         organization-wide audits of
                                                                     all conversations.    
   Page 6

                   SAMETIME SOLUTIONS                                                   

                   Instant Buddy List Deployment Manager for Sametime
                                           Lotus Sametime Buddy Lists        view, update, rename, and             • Update Buddies & Groups
                                           are typically created by users    modify buddy lists for people,            Add or delete a single per-
                                           as an easy means of building      select groups, or entire net-             son, multiple people, pri-
                                           team contacts.                    works of Sametime users.                  vate groups, or public
                                           But when a Buddy’s name           • Instant Updates Selected            •   Rollback Make a mistake in
                                           changes, a user leaves, or a          buddy lists are instantly             adding or deleting? Roll
                                           directory OU is redefined –           updated.                              back all buddy lists to their
                                           none of these will be updated
                                                                             •   Runs in Notes Update                  previous configuration
                                           in the user’s Buddy List.
   Automate the synchronization of name                                          buddy lists directly from             quickly and easily.
       changes to users Buddy Lists                                              Lotus Notes                       •   No Server Downtime Bud-
                                           Instant BuddyList Deploy-
                                           ment Manager allows admin-        •   Dynamic Buddy Lists can               dylists are deployed while       istrators to centrally index,         be automatically created              servers are online.

         Use Sametime for Helpdesk Queues using Instant Queue Manager
                                                 Instant Queue Manager          based IM queues                   • Mobile Access Available
                                                 creates virtual queues     • Point to Multipoint instant             from mobile devices such
                                                 that sort Sametime chat        messaging and presence.               as PDAs, or cell phones.
                                                 requests and direct them
                                                                            •   Prioritize Easily define a list   •   Logging Database tracks all
                                                 to the next available
                                                                                of queue participants.                queue activity
                                                 queue agent.
                                                                                Route incoming request to         •   Agent Flexibility Agent's
                                               Page 7
                                                                                all queue participants or             appear as a single entity to
                                                • Virtual Instant Messag-       sequentially by order of              outside parties, agent's can
                                                ing Queues Easily create        priority                              'opt out' of a queue at any-
                                                and manage Lotus
  Queue Manager allows a single                                             •   No Programming Required               time.
                                              Sametime based IM
 Sametime id to be published for a                                              You can focus on creating
           Help Desk                                                            useful IM queues.
                                          •   Wizard Based Development                                          •   No Client Installation
                                              Quickly creates Sametime

              Persistent Chat Rooms for Sametime using Instant Team Sessions
     Instant TeamSessions allows           pants enter the chat rooms,           based on personal login
     teams to instantly share              they are automatically pro-           information. Each room
     ideas, documents, and infor-          vided with a history of the           may have unique access
     mation in a secure, and per-          room.                                 control list.
     sistent real-time environ-                                             •    Team Content Store
     ment.                                 • Persistent Chat Rooms Eas-          related information for
                                               ily create and manage Lo-         your team such as dis-
     The TeamSession server                    tus Sametime based persis-        cussions, task lists,
     automatically records discus-             tent chat rooms.                  documents, and book-
     sions for the specified chat                                                marks.
                                           •   Secure Authenticate users
     rooms. When new partici-                                     

                            Record Retention for Sametime using IMtegrity
                                          Instant IMtegrity for IBM         LDAP directory and send dy-               anonymous AOL screen
                                          Lotus Sametime allows you         namic, customizable com-                  names and match them to
                                          to securely log, save and         pany disclaimer messages to               real user names from your
                                          archive both IBM Lotus            IM chat parties.                          LDAP directory.
                                          Sametime Connect client and
                                                                                                                  •   Notify AOL chat parties with
                                          native AOL Instant Messen-
                                                                            • Audit and log who says                  corporate disclaimer text
                                          ger client chats, map anony-
                                             Page 7                             what, what was promised               (inbound and outbound).
                                          mous AOL screen names to
                                                                                and when and for how long
                                          corporate user identities and
                                                                                people chatted on-line.     
                                          authenticated names via an
Page 7                                                                      •   Authenticate and Identify

                 DATA LOSS PREVENTION & REALTIME CONTENT SECURITY SOLUTIONS                             

Clearswift - fully integrated web & email gateway security solution - protection
from data loss, policy based encryption & inbound threat management .
                                             Unify your information
                                             security                         Dependable protection,
                                             Clearswift’s SECURE Web and      great flexibility
                                             Email Gateways inspect           There’s no compromise with
                                             internet traffic in real time,   Clearswift SECURE Web and
                                             using a shared policy engine     Email Gateways: you can
                                             to identify and manage viola-    have reliable security AND
                                             tions. Set policy just once      flexibility to set controls that
                                             and apply it to all electronic   suit your business.
                                             communications channels
                                             across your organization.        Time schedules can be ap-
                                                                              plied to specific websites or
                                             Single policy, positively        content categories, allowing
                                             simple                           users managed access to
Clearswift provides granular DLP & threat    The single, easy-to-use pol-     particular content types. In-
   protection for Email & Web activity       icy centre employed by           dividual users can be allo-           User interface for iPhone
                Clearswift SECURE Web and        cated time quotas. Custom-           Personal Message Manager
                                             Email Gateways saves time,       izable block messages can
                                             ensures consistency & im-        include override options for       (GLBA), Health Insurance
                                             proves compliance. In turn       users, providing protection &      Portability and Accountability
                                             data leaks are prevented &       freedom for employees to           Act (HIPAA), Securities and
                                             regulatory & reputational        continue conducting essential      Equities Commission (SEC)
                                             risks mitigated.                 business.                          and the Sarbanes-
                                                                                                                 Oxley Act (SOX).
                                             FaceBook, LinkedIn,              Protect Outgoing Email
                                             Twitter                          Email messages can be en-          Powerful reporting and
                                             Confidently enable & manage      crypted using a variety of         management
                                             business-enhancing online        standard methods, including        Clearswift SECURE Web and
                                             technologies like social media   S/MIME and PGP, while still        Email Gateways provide pow-
                                             and collaborative services,      passing through the content-       erful management and re-
                                             while allowing employees to      inspection engine to prevent       porting, from a simple web-
                                             communicate freely via email     information leakage.               based interface. Hundreds of
                                             without fear of data leaks or                                       easily modified reports can
                                             malware infections.              All traffic is inspected against   be executed across multiple
    Intuitive GUI combines Email & Web       Put simply, with Clearswift’s    policy, supported by man-          Clearswift SECURE Web and
                   policies                  SECURE product suite de-         aged lists and compliance          Email Gateways for a consoli-
                ployed, the online world is      dictionaries. These include        dated view of user activity.
                                             transformed from a high-risk     Payment Card Industry (PCI)        Reports are interactive, so
                                             environment to an open, safe     patterns, Personally Identifi-     you can drill down on the fly
                                             place to collaborate and com-    able Information (PII),            – no more time and money
                                             municate.                        Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act             lost on wasted reports.

  Titus - Message Classification/Email Labeling for Outlook improves compliance
                                                                              Outlook & OWA toolbars.            Confidential" from leaving the
                                                                              Users can be forced to select      internal network.
                                                                              the appropriate classification
                                                                              labels from the dropdown for       Classification labels can also
                                                                              their message. The labels          be used to create "Ethical
                                                                              once assigned, remain in the       walls" limiting the distribution
                                            Titus Message Classification      header of the email and can-       of email to those that have
                                            for Microsoft Outlook & OWA       not be altered by the user.        the right to know.
                                            manages the classification,                                          In combination with Message
    Titus— tclassification labeling and                                       Content scanners deployed at       Classification it is possible to
                                            distribution and retention of
     policy enforcement software for                                          the gateway can take action        encrypt all outgoing email
                                            valuable corporate email and
             Outlook & OWA                                                    based on the label(s). Eg: a       above a certain classification
                                                                              content scanner could stop         label e.g. "Secret".
               A toolbar is added to the         all email labeled "Company

                DATA LOSS PREVENTION & REALTIME CONTENT SECURITY SOLUTIONS                                             

 DataMotion Secure EForms Secures Workflow
                                                                                     use printers, faxes and couriers           were never thought possible such
                                                                                     are error-prone, time-consuming            as Loan Applications Processing,
                                                                                     and don't tie in to back end sys-          Benefits Enrollment, Health In-
                                                                                     tems. And web application portals          surance Claims, or Medical His-
                                                                                     can be very expensive to build             tory Forms.
                                                                                     and maintain.
                                                                                                                                DataMotion eForms are created
                                                                                     DataMotion secure eForms pro-              with your organization's look and
                                                                                     vides a powerful tool for your             feel to ensure a seamless user
                                                                                     customers and partners to se-              experience. You choose between
                                                                                     curely submit information for              two types of eForms:
         DataMotion secures Eforms             Automate and secure work-
                                                                                     automatic integration into your
             business processes                flows, expand reach and cut
                                                                                     back end systems.                          - Direct eForms are secure PDF                costs with DataMotion secure
                                                                                                                                forms that are emailed to your
                                                                                     Deliver eForms securely and                customers. Customers receive, fill
                                                                                     directly to a customer’s email             out and submit forms securely
                                               It's more important than ever to
                                                                                     inbox, bypassing portal logins             right from their inbox.
                                               make it easy for your customers
                                                                                     and expanding the reach of your
                                               to do business with you, and to
                                                                                     business. With secure eForms,              - Web eForms are hosted secure
                                               be responsive to their needs.
                                                                                     businesses can now web-enable              HTML forms that can be inte-
                                               However, manual processes that
                                                                                     offline workflows in ways that             grated with your web site.

Encrypted Large File Transfer using DataMotion
                                                     When users need to transfer           policies and monitor service level        - Easy to use 3DES encryption -
                                                     large files with their partners and   agreements.                               no keys to exchange
                                                     customers, they typically turn to
                                                     the email system as the natural       DataMotion managed Secure,                - Web, CSV reporting capability
                                                     choice. But most email systems        LargeFileTransfer solution gives          - Policy-based encryption for
                                                     restrict file size so it would then   your organization the tools to            broad protection over all files
                                                     involve a clumsy File Transfer        easily and securely transfer large        sent
                                                     Protocol (FTP) process, often with    files with coworkers, customers,
                                                     unnecessary input from IT.            and partners. It accomplishes this        - Automatic account provisioning
                                                                                           while providing the visibility and        for recipients
                                                     These options are usually inse-       governance to track and monitor
          DataMotion FTP transfer secures            cure and difficult to administrate,   all file transfer activity.               - Built-in tracking and auditing
         the transfer of large files between         especially for one-off ad hoc                                                   for sent and received files
                 business partners                   secure transfer requests. This        - Ability to send and receive any
                                                     results in delayed business proc-     file type                                 - Cobranded portal to provide a
                     esses, and creates bottlenecks                                                  seamless and consistent user
                                                     for critical data flow. Knowledge     - Checkpoint restart capability           experience for employees and
                                                     workers need tools to transfer        picks up interrupted file transfers       partners
                                                     large files easily and securely. IT
                                                     departments need tight security       - Drag and Drop interface                 - Full administrative control to
                                                     to ensure regulatory compliance,                                                enforce policies, preferences.
                                                     and need visibility to enforce        - File Directory Monitoring

Encrypted Email using DataMotion
                                                     The DataMotion Secure Email           Law firms take advantage of               -    Scales to tens of millions
                                                     Server is designed for secure         its secure, trackable messag-                  of users with little ad-
                                                     communications needs.                 ing to deliver intellectual                    ministrative overhead
                                                                                           property documents and pro-               -    Enable secure messaging
                                                     It is used by healthcare or-          tect their client's confidential-              for employees and call
                                                     ganizations to meet their             ity.                                           centers, and automated
                                                     HIPAA requirements.                   - Install in your data cen-                    applications such as eS-
                                                                                                ter or our ASP co-                        tatements and eBilling
                                                     Financial institutions deploy              location facility                    -    Seamlessly integrates
                                                     servers to meet GLB Privacy           - Pre-built Regulatory &                       with your existing web
   DataMotion on-premise or cloud                    guidelines for delivering sen-             Best-Practices policies                   site design and login
      encryption protects email                      sitive financial documents
                                                     and trade confirmations.
                                                                                           - Fault-tolerant, load-
                                                                                                balanced and clustered
   Page 9

DOMINO, EXCHANGE, MOBILE EMAIL, IM : SECURITY, COMPLIANCE, DLP, STORAGE-RELIEF                 : 203 972 8462             Winter 2012
                   DATA LOSS PREVENTION & REALTIME CONTENT SECURITY SOLUTIONS                         

 Watchguard Email Security Gateway for DLP & Inbound threat management
 WatchGuard’s Security Plat-            cious attacks and enforce          bound information and pro-
 form consolidates IM, Web              compliance regulations.            tects against regulatory
 and Email security on a                                                   compliance and corporate
 messaging security platform            It takes a multi-layered ap-       violations; theft and leak-
 that delivers integrated pro-          proach to threat prevention        age of confidential informa-
 tection, control and man-              with advanced anti-spam,           tion or intellectual prop-
 agement - made secure,                 anti-virus, image spam pro-        erty.
 simple, scalable and afford-           tection and a threat preven-
 able.                                  tion engine.                       And it is the only email
                                                                           security solution available
 WatchGuard’s Email Secu-               WatchGuard’sGateway has            with message-level redun-
 rity Gateway protects                  granular policies, attach-         dancy, on-demand cluster-
 against email threats and              ment scanning, encryption          ing and F5 and Cisco de-
 controls outbound informa-             capabilities and industry          vice integration.
 tion to prevent against mali-          compliance toolkits enabling
                                        customers to control out-

  Mail Attender - email searching, de-duplication and improved storage management
                                            Mail Attender is a granular,       - to provide an automated        threatening emails or at-
                                            rules based Email Quota            document archive retention       tachments - viruses, mp3
                                            Management, Mailbox Scan-          or deletion capability where     files, avi files, mail contain-
                                            ning and Document Reten-           the user is prompted to take     ing particular keywords etc.
                                            tion/Deletion management           an action to keep a docu-        - offload a single-instance of
                                            suite for users of Microsoft       ment beyond the retention        attachments into a separate
                                            Exchange/Outlook PST files         period.                          'Archive' database with a
                                            It enables management of           - provide ad-hoc searching       link contained in the original
                                            email policy by providing          capabilities to identify inap-   email message, saving disk
                                            flexible, yet centralized con-     propriate, confidential or       space allocated to the Mail
      Use Mail Attender to manage           trol over Lotus Notes mail         threatening emails or at-        database
     Domino & Exchange archiving as         databases and the Exchange         tachments already residing       - offload messages from
     well as quotas, mailbox size and       Information Store/PST files.       in the mail system to help       mailboxes to a separate
                 more…..                                                       in legal discovery and email     archive to meet email reten-
               Mail Attender is often used:       policy: inappropriate or         tion regulations.

 Sophos Appliances for inbound/outbound threat protection & encryption
                                                                           ensured with more than 30
 Sophos is a perimeter based            inboxes free of unsolicited
                                                                           pre-bundled message-
 content management tool.               bulk emails. Flexible con-
                                                                           handling tests, rules and
                                        figuration options allow
 Features                               businesses to define their
 Powerful anti-virus protec-            spam identification and han-
                                                                           Central administration:
 tion: Award-winning Sophos             dling policies uniquely (e.g.
                                                                           A web-based administra-
 anti-virus scans all mail at           delete, quarantine, archive).
                                                                           tive interface provides
 the gateway to protect the
                                                                           flexible control over mail
 entire organization from               Robust policy enforcement:
 email-borne viruses, Tro-              Sophos’ policy enforcement
 jans, worms.                           technology allows compa-                                                Sophos provides highly
                                                                           End-user control:
                                        nies to tackle the problems                                             available anti-spam on
                                                                           End users can review their
 Leading anti-spam protec-              of email misuse (such as                                                Linux and Solaris plat-
                                                                           personal spam quarantine
 tion.: Sophos’ industry-               confidentiality breaches,                                                       forms
                                                                           and manage their own
 leading anti-spam technol-             legal liability, lost productiv-
 ogy safely identifies up to            ity and damage to reputa-                                      
 98% of spam, resulting in              tion). Policy compliance is

 Page 10

                     OWA SOLUTIONS
                    PST ELIMINATION & BACKUP                                                              

            PSTStation - PST detection, incremental backup & elimination
                                            Automatic detection of            Remote or central backup          its backup commands from
                                            Outlook PST files                 for open PSTs stored on           the server and backs up local
                                            PSTStation Corporate’s de-        workstations and shared           PST files to any other loca-
                                            tects all PSTs stored on          file servers                      tion on the network.
                                            workstations or corporate         Backup can be a full or an
                                            shared file servers. It can       incremental: In incremental       Bulk or selective ingestion
                                            detect from live Outlook pro-     jobs, only new emails sent or     of PSTs in archiving re-
                                            files, or by scanning directo-    received since the last           positories
                                            ries. Advanced Scan finds         backup will be saved. This        Organizations can move their
                                            empty or broken files as well     dramatically reduces the vol-     PST files to a long term ar-
                                            as hidden PST files. PSTSta-      ume of data as well as the        chiving solution, deduplicate
                                            tion Corporate can reconcile      time to backup all the PSTs.      and compress emails stored
                                            orphaned PSTs (those not          PSTStation Client allows you      in the PST files. Administra-
                                            registered in a live Outlook      to back up PST files while        tors can select one PST, a
                                            profile) with its original        Outlook is in use. For travel-    group of PSTs or the entire
          PSTSTation discovers PST files    owner.                            ing users, Registered laptops     content of a shared file
          across the network then allows                                      can notify a PSTStation           server. Open PST files as well
             backup/elimination rules                                         Server when it connects to        as password protected PST
                                                 the corporate network and is      files are fully supported.
                                                                              ready to backup. Once regis-
                                                                              tered, a computer receives

      PST Enterprise discovers and ingests PST files into Exchange 2010
     PST Enterprise encompasses               problems faced by IT and            without archiving first
     years of experience. Finding             Legal. Protect your business
     PSTs, recovering them to an              and your future.                    Benefits for IT
     archive / Exchange / 365 is                                                  - Establish location, size,        PST Enterprise - powerful discov-
     complex and time consum-                 Benefits for Legal                  age, owner of all PSTs            ery & ingestion to Exchange 2010
     ing, reducing the risk of spo-           - Search for and find all           - Establish the owner of un-   
     liation or just extracting data          PSTs, without involving IT          associated PSTs (lost PSTs)
     needs a holistic approach.               - Establish custodian, loca-        - Remove unwanted data
                                              tion and age of PST and data        - Ingest PSTs to archive or to
     So look at a single solution             - Selectively extract data          Exchange 2010 / Microsoft
     capable of tackling all the              - Place data on Legal Hold          365

           TransVault Insight - true insight into what PST exposure you have
                                           TransVault Insight is a Micro-    Even with the recent an-          Why would I need Trans-
                                           soft Windows based applica-       nouncement of improved PST        Vault Insight for Ex-
                                           tion that enables the con-        capture capability from Mi-       change?
                                           tents of PST archives to be       crosoft, the task of tackling
                                           quickly, intelligently and se-    PSTs can be highly complex,       - You need mass PST migra-
                                           curely migrated to the latest     requiring significant             tion performance, scalability.
                                           Microsoft messaging plat-         'horsepower' and sophisti-
                                           forms.                            cated functionality.              - You want to be selective in
                                                                                                               what you migrate according
                                           Many organizations planning       Designed specifically for         to granular criteria.
                                           a switch to hosted Exchange       tackling large and complex
      TransVault Insight gives a very      (Office 365) or an upgrade to     PST migration projects,           - You want to manage what's
      broad view of PST activity and       Exchange 2010 onsite seek         TransVault Insight addresses      inside PSTs - e.g. delete all
       allows management of PSTs           the opportunity to eliminate      the PST delivers high scal-       items older than 3 years ex-
              the costs, support overheads      ability, powerful control and     cluding personal folders.
                                               Page 11
                                           and data management risks         automation, real-time pro-
                                           associated with using PST         gress visibility and detailed     - You want to fix legacy
                                           files.                            chain-of-custody reporting.       shortcuts in PSTs before mi-
Page 11

                                  MOBILE SECURITY MANAGEMENT                                                

           Mobile Security Management
          Mobile Security for iOS, Android & Blackberry connecting to your corporate network
                                                  iPhone, iPad, Android and         their security features and          web console.
                                                  Windows smartphones—              even remotely lock and wipe         -Tamper detection means
                                                  whether they're company           them if they get lost.               Mobile Control knows if it’s
                                                  issued or personal devices,                                            removed from a device and
                                                  chances are they're using         -Keep corporate data safe by         can block company email
                Mobile Control from Sophos        your corporate network. You       applying security policies           access. It can also identify
             allows you to set access rules for   have to secure these devices      -Lets you turn on the built-in       rooted Android devices.
              your users using corporate net-     and keep the sensitive busi-       security features of iOS           -Ensures that only registered
                       work assets                ness data that's flowing safe      (iPhone/iPad), Android, Win-        devices that meet your poli-
                  and sound.                         dows Mobile 6.x devices,            cies (min required password
                                                                                     including any OS encryption         length) can access corporate
                                                  You can enforce a consistent       or password protection.             email by using Exchange
                                                  security policy for smart-                                             Active Sync Proxy.
                                                  phones used in your busi-
                                                                                    -Provides remote over-the-
                                                  ness. We'll let you control
                                                                                     air lock. Wipes lost or stolen     -Lets you control application
                                                                                     devices, all from the central       use such as Games.

          Mailscape Mobile Device Realtime Monitoring & Usage Reporting
                                                  Mailscape contains over 40        -Least active users                 helps determine the root
                                                  built in reports that will make   -Most active users                  cause of issues quickly
                                                  your job of supporting differ-
                                                  ent mobile platforms easier.
                                                                                    -Users by CAS
                                                                                                                        -ActiveSync Connectivity
                                                  The first step in tackling this   -Message size analysis               Testing
                                                  growing problem is knowing                                            -Folder sync verification
                                                  what you are up against.          Mailscape's monitoring capa-
                                                  Listed below are some of the      bilities provide you with real      -Data sync
                                                  key areas where Mailscape         time data of all the core com-      -Get item sync test
                                                  can provide visibility.           ponents of your mobile infra-       -Ping test
                                                                                    structure including automati-       -Autodiscover verification
             Mailscape monitors realtime                                            cally testing the system to
                                                  ActiveSync & BES Reports
             mobile device access through                                           ensure that everything is
                  Active Sync & BES
                                                  -Device Type (Model, OS)
                                                                                    functioning normally. This
                  -Wireless carrier and phone       helps prevent outages &

          Unify Mobility Provisioning and Security Management
                                                  Unify Mobility Manager pro-        vation passwords, and pass-         mote lock/wipe)
                                                  vides a single web-based           word management                    Increase the Number of
                                                  interface through which you       Lower IT Management                 Supported Devices and
                                                  can quickly and easily man-       Burden                              Allow User Self Service
                                                  age your entire mobile ac-        -Customizable provisioning          -Blackberry, Windows Mobile,
                                                  cess infrastructure—including      and de-provisioning policies        Good etc. are all supported
             Unify provides a single pane of      your users’ various devices of    -Alerts, thresholds and notifi-     -End-user Self Service in-
           glass to manage provisioning and
                                                  choice.                            cations                             cluding password reset, re-
           access for mobile devices within                                         -Granular role-based dele-           mote lock/wipe
                                                  Ensure Security of Sensi-
                      the network                                                    gated administration (help
                                                  tive Corporate Data                                                   Unify Mobility Manager allows
                                                  -Ability to lock / wipe the                                           you to safely and securely
                                                                                    -Securely delegate adminis-
                                                                                     trative tasks down to your         manage the widest variety of
                                                  -Ability to remotely activate      help desk and/or your end          mobile devices from the
                                                   and update devices                users (device activation,          same console.
                                                  -Generate and set user acti-       password reset, 24/7 re-

Page 12

                    SHAREPOINT SEARCH, ARCHIVE & RESTORE SOLTIONS                            

                                            SharePoint Document Access based on metadata labels
                                            Metadata Security for             item security is much easier       - Automatically applies se-
                                            SharePoint allows adminis-        to set up with TITUS Meta-         curity permissions based on
                                            trators to protect documents      data Security, administra-         the document's metadata
                                            in SharePoint based on their      tors can easily create a           properties
                                            metadata properties.              Document Library or List           - Supports metadata secu-
                                                                              that different groups of us-       rity for Document Libraries,
                                            Access to documents and           ers can share. Each group          Lists
   Titus MetaData Security protects         resulting filtered views can      can have different and spe-        - Allows permissions to be
        SharePoint documents.               be based on the document’s        cific types of permissions.        assigned to users or groups              metadata properties. per-                                            based on their Active Direc-

                                            SharePoint PDF Converter allows managed access
                                            TITUS PDF Control for             changes in the future, the         - Promotes information
                                            SharePoint automatically          PDF is updated automati-           sharing by automatically
                                            creates PDF versions of Mi-       cally, ensuring the PDF ver-       converting documents to a
                                            crosoft documents as they         sion is always up to date.         more portable and secure
                                            are added to SharePoint.                                             format
                                                                              Administrators can control         - Ensures the integrity of
  SharePoint PDF converter allows safe      This background process           permissions on the source          documents that are shared
    document sharing with partners.         requires no additional soft-      document & PDF in Share-           with users outside the de-
                                            ware on the user’s desktop.       Point, so some users only          partment or organization.
                                                                              see the PDF. Both versions         -Header, footer, and water-
                                            If the source document            are in the same Library.           marks can be added

                                               Archive One SharePoint Manager archives older docs
                                               Archive One provides com-         ies are captured automati-         main production system,
                                               pliance archives for organi-      cally by Archive One. Data         enabling organizations to
                                               zations that use SharePoint,      is copied into indexed ar-         reduce the costs of running
                                               ensuring that if information      chive repositories for long        the complete SharePoint
                                               held on SharePoint is re-         term retention and to pro-         infrastructure.
                                               moved, destroyed or hidden        vide detailed compliance
                                               even unintentionally, it can      search functions.                  Archive One enables admin-
      Archive One support retention poli-      still be found in a search.                                          istrators to search across all
             cies for SharePoint.                                                Archive One repositories           archived current and historic
              Changes and updates to            may be housed on lower             SharePoint items to find
                                               SharePoint items and librar-      cost storage, away from the        critical organizational data.

                                               DocRetriever for Sharepoint - fast retrieval of backup
                                               DocRetriever for SharePoint       rectly to native SQL Server        Key Benefits
                                               dramatically simplifies the       backup files & any mount-
                                               process of restoring individ-     able application aware snap-       - Respond to SharePoint
                                               ual documents, sites, sub-        shot, and enables you to               recovery requests in min-
                                               sites and folders from back-      browse SharePoint objects              utes
                                               ups. SharePoint Administra-       as though you were con-            -   Restore SharePoint objects
                                               tors no longer need to spend      nected to a live SharePoint            directly from a backup and
                                               countless hours rebuilding        site. SharePoint sites, site           avoid using a SharePoint
                                               your entire production data-      hierarchies, list items, li-           recovery farm or rebuild-
                                               base, or worry about de-          braries and views can be               ing your entire production
    Restore SharePoint documents and           ploying a temporary Share-        recovered directly to the              database
  list items from your native SharePoint       Point recovery farm, just to      production SharePoint serv-        -   Retrieve files in the con-
                                               recover an individual docu-       ers, to alternate servers or
  backups in minutes, without requiring                                                                                 tent databases and restore
                                               ment or list item.                directly to a file system,
         a SharePoint recovery farm.                                                                                    them to an NTFS folder,
                                                                                 with preservation of all per-                                                                                     even if the site is offline or
                                               DocRetriever connects di-         missions and meta-data.

Page 13

                  AVAILABILITY, METRICS, ALERTING, DL MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS                         

                  Metrics Dashboard for Exchange & Blackberry using MailScape
                                Mailscape™ combines all the       ance and to plan for the future.   information on any indicator
                                key elements for Exchange,                                           by clicking on the indicator.
                                Blackberry and Active Direc-      The One Look Dashboard
                                tory monitoring, administra-      graphically presents real-time     Mailscape Compass for Re-
                                tion, and reporting in a single   data on all the vital informa-     porting gives you a ‘bird’s
                                solution.                         tion that directly impacts Ex-     eye view’ into your entire
                                                                  change uptime.                     Exchange environment.
                                Mailscape’s sleek one-look
                                dashboard enables you to          The visual display points you      Mailscape delivers increased
                                monitor your environment’s        towards a solution even as it      efficiency, optimal system
                                vital components with a           alerts you to a problem—it         performance, minimal down-
 The Mailscape provides vital   quick glance at a single          does not leave you adrift to       time, and improved service.
 system information in a web-   screen.                           figure out an issue’s cause and
 based dashboard from which                                       its solution.             Readers
  automated reports can be      Advanced reporting provides                                          Choice 2 years running
      emailed out daily         both the real-time data and       All indicators will be green        historical trending you need      (good), yellow (warning), or
                                to optimize system perform-       red (critical). Obtain in-depth

 Delegate Distribution List Management to users using Unify DL Manager
                                 Unify Enterprise's Distribu-     Distribution List Manage-          Distribution Group Man-
                                 tion List Management module      ment                               ager Benefits & Feature
                                 can realize over 30% savings                                        Summary:
                                 in IT Administrative & Help-
                                                                  One of the most costly ad-
                                 desk costs without compro-
                                                                  ministrative tasks is in man-      -   Manage regular and dy-
                                 mising security.
                                                                  aging Email Distribution               namic distribution groups
                                                                  Groups, usually performed by       -   Create, edit, delete, and
                                    Page 14
                                 You can delegate basic op-       Exchange Administration or             clone distribution groups
                                 erational tasks to employees     the Help Desk. Manually in-
                                                                                                     -   Manage Members, Email
                                 without the need to contact      tensive and error-prone, it
                                                                                                         Aliases, and Delivery Re-
                                 the Help Desk. These self-       requires admin-level system
                                 service capabilities can be      access and a high skill level.
                                 used with no technical train-    Some organizations calculate       -   Multiple Owner Support for
                                 ing and no client install.       over 60% of helpdesk re-               a single distribution group
                                                                  quests relate to Distribution      -   Information or ethical wall-
                                                                  List changes.                          ing capability
                                                                                                     -   Ability to set an automatic
                                                                        But with Unify each              prefix for distribution group
                                                                        employee can easily              names
                                                                        create and manage            -   Bulk import and export of
                                                                        their DL membership              distribution group members
                                                                        through protected            -   Full support for nested
                                                                        “smart distribution lists”       groups
                                                                        – based on an Active         -   Self-service functionality
                                                                        Directory attribute or a
                                                                        combination of several

                                                                        dashboard allows you to
                                                                        delegate the appropri-
                                                                        ate self-service tasks to


 Page 14

                AVAILABILITY, METRICS & ALERTING SOLUTIONS                                 

Email traffic management using OmniAnalyser
Treat Email like the Phone        All collected data can be          OmniAnalyser™ is a distrib-
Bill by giving Business Units     viewed in the OmniAna-             uted application, which in-
fair and accurate usage ac-       lyser™ Reports. Reports are        cludes server components
counting.                         web-based and accessible via       (OmniAnalyser™ Agents)
                                  intranet or on Internet, and       working on each Exchange
OmniAnalyser™ optimizes           include:                           or Domino Server, the Ana-
email routing and reports on                                         lyser itself working on a
Service Levels and usage for      -   SLA statistics                 central integration server,
Cost Recovery by delivering       -   Delivery Time Statistics       where metrics are collected
metrics on all messaging          -   Server health                  and processed.
traffic, server availability,     -   Server availability
mail delivery times, replica-     -   Mailboxes by Server            Major areas addressed by
tion and mail store content       -   Company traffic                OmniAnalyser include:
for Microsoft Exchange and        -   Active Clients
Lotus Notes.                                                         •   Monitoring Service Level
                                                                         Agreement compliance
                                                                     •   Cost chargeback for or-
                                                                         ganizational units
                                                                     •   Complete mail statistics,
                                                                         estimation of usage
                                                                         trends and other man-
                                                                         agement tasks
                                                                     •   Checking the mail sys-
                                                                         tem configuration cor-           OmniAnalyser delivers intuitive
                                                                         rectness, capacity plan-          graphical views of messaging
                                                                         ning and other system                volumes & performance
                                                                         management activities.

TOPPER Real-Time Point to Point Email Realtime Monitor
Email always backs up when        sure high availability and ser-
you least expect it... internet   vice level compliance WITH-
connectivity crashes, a           OUT the need for agents on
server stops responding, a        the monitored servers.
Blackberry device doesn’t
connect.... and you are al-       TOPPER provides an intuitive
ways the last to know.            user interface that reflects the
                                  current status of your network
If you need to know that mail     highlighting potential trouble
is flowing properly, imple-       spots so you can take action
ment End-To-End Server            before users are impacted.
delivery monitoring using         Service Level Management
TOPPER. It monitors realtime      statistics are produced to dem-
flow between internal email       onstrate to users and manage-
servers, Blackberry devices       ment the quality of service
and connections to the Inter-     provided.
net. If a link slows or stops,
TOPPER tells you!                 The TOPPER product family
                                  includes 4 distinct products
The TOPPER® software sys-         • TOPPER for Messaging
tem combines proactive test-           Management
ing and passive monitoring of
                                  • TOPPER for IP Manage-                                                            TOPPER gives a window
Messaging Systems, IP-                                                                                              into your real-time server
based Services, and Windows                                                                                          and email performance
Server Networks to help en-       • TOPPER for NT Server
   Page 15                        • TOPPER for Exchange

                    ACTIVE DIRECTORY, MONITORING, PROVISIONING & CHANGE CONTROL                            

                                             Compass AD - Active Directory Monitoring & Reporting
                                             Compass combines all of the       -Identify & resolve DNS           -Name Resolution verifica-
                                             key elements for Active Di-       -Simplify troubleshooting AD       tion
                                             rectory monitoring and re-        -Improve Security                 -Compass automatically
                                             porting—delivered in a sin-                                          validates your Domain Con-
                                             gle, user-friendly                                                   troller DNS settings.
                                                                               Areas Monitored with Com-
                                             dashboard. Compass will                                             -Operating system monitor
                                                                               pass AD:
                                             help you improve system
                                             uptime, simplify trouble-
                                                                               -Real-time network monitor-       -Components such as disk
                                             shooting AD, identify and          ing of all domain controllers     space, memory, cpu
   Archive One support retention poli-
          cies for SharePoint.               resolve DNS issues, and           -Ensure that they are able        -Continuous verification of
                                             improve security.                  to communicate to users           core AD services
                                                                                and with other DC's in the       -Compass keeps an eye on
                                             -Improve system uptime             same domain, site & forest.       all the key services includ-

    Unify Exchange, DL & Active Directory Provisioning & Change Control
  “Unify is like an expert       Unify provides change manage-           IT administrators to easily dele-      With it, organizations of all sizes
  system that is pro-
  grammed to perform             ment, automated provisioning, mo-       gate basic tasks to employees,         report a 30% decrease in the
  day-to-day          AD/        bile and client device configuration,   without the need to contact help-      number of help desk calls for
  Exchange      operations       delegated administration, and re-       desk. Self service capabilities        password reset.
  under the guidance of
  staff members who may          source optimization, all via an easy    such as universal password re-
  not    be    particularly      to use role-based Web portal.           set, self configuration of email       MOBILITY MANAGER
  experienced.”                                                          profiles, distribution list manage-    When you add Blackberry, iOS,
  Ferris Research
                                 ACTIVE DIRECTORY MANAGER                ment and over the air configura-       Android & Windows mobile de-
                                 Misconfiguration of AD is the largest   tion and reset of mobile devises       vices with ActiveSync, the provi-
                                                             source      can be used with no technical          sioning and management work-
                                                             of un-      training and can result in over        load just increased significantly.
                                                             planned     30% cost reductions in help desk
                                                             down-       operations.                            With Unify Mobility Manager, you
                                                             time.                                              can lower the security risk, sim-
                                                             Small       PASSWORD MANAGER                       plify the management burden on
                                                             changes     The stronger and more complex          IT, and give users access to a
                                                             inex-       a password is – the harder it is       wider array of mobile devices –
                                                             pertly      for employees to remember.             through a single user interface.
                                                             made to                                            -Ability to lock/wipe device
                                                             AD can      Password management is a               -Ability to remotely activate and
                                                             wreak       growing concern. Fortunately for        update devices
                                                             havoc       IT and help-desk personnel, the
                                                             with        remedy is simple.
                                                                                                                -Generate and set user activa-
                                                                                                                 tion passwords, and password
                                                             your        The Unify Password Manager
                                                             organi-     provides an easy to use standard
                                                             zation,     interface that allows IT to set        -Alerts, thresholds
                                                             cause       and strictly enforce strong pass-      -Role-based delegated admini-
                                                             signifi-    word policies. Through a self-          stration (help desk)
                                                             cant        service web portal and without a       -Blackberry, Windows Mobile,
"Unify has enabled us to         downtime, and impair future opera-      call to the help desk, it allows IT     Good etc. are all supported
accelerate our go-to-market      tions.                                  to establish any number of iden-
program by simplifying the                                                                                      -End-user Self Service including
process of provisioning new                                              tity challenge questions to be          password reset, remote lock/
customers, and allowing them     Because each AD schema object is        used, that will allow employees         wipe
to manage themselves. Since      integral to the definition of Active    to verify their identity and se-
we deployed Unify, TELUS has
reduced its cost of operations   Directory objects, deactivating or      curely reset their own passwords.      EXCHANGE MANAGER
by more than 40%."               changing these objects can have                                                Avoid the most common causes
Jean-Pierre L. Gauvin Senior     serious consequences. A schema          There is a complete audit trail for
Product Manager Messaging                                                                                       of Exchange downtime. Unify
and Collaboration, TELUS         object, once altered, will automati-    compliance and security initia-        Exchange Manager for Enterprise
                                 cally propagate through your Active     tives. Installed in under two          allows IT to set policies that
                                 Directory infrastructure: they can      hours, the Password Manager is         work hand in hand with Active
                                 only be deactivated, notdeleted.        a simple solution that minimizes       Directory to protect your Ex-
                                                                         calls to the help desk and maxi-       change environment, and your
                                 Unify Self-Service Manager allows       mizes employee productivity.           uptime guarantees
  Page 16

                       EMAIL CLASSIFICATION & BRANDING SOLUTIONS                                                       

Exclaimer Mail Utilities - Email Disclaimer, Signature & Branding Software for Microsoft Exchange
                                                                                        disclaimer or signature de-          tended recipient. It can be
                                                                                        pending on the content of the        used to redirect emails des-
                                                                                        Subject: field.                      tined for one email address
                                                                                                                             or domain to another single
                                                                                        Set up Auto-responders               email address or different
                                                                                        Set up automatic replies to          domain.
                                                                                        emails. These can range from
                                                                                        simple out-of-office notifica-       Rules Engine
                                                  Disclaimers & signatures              tions to automated replies to        Exclaimer Mail Utilities can
                                                  Add disclaimers and signa-            email queries, complete with         set rules to trigger on AD
            Exclaimer allows you to meet          tures to your organization's          file attachments and full            organization or attributes.
          legal disclaimer obligations and        email to help you manage              HTML formatting.                     These rules can be triggered
          consistently brand your outgoing        corporate branding, person-                                                on messages sent and re-
                        email                     alize disclaimers or signa-           Mail blocking & redirect             ceived both internally and
                                                  tures from different depart-          Block or redirect emails be-         externally.
               ments and even change the             fore they reach their in-

      securiQ.Trailer - disclaimer for Lotus Domino & Microsoft Exchange
                                                  securiQ.Trailer uses e-mail           Intelligent text integra-            Legal security; securiQ
                                                  headers and footers to pro-           tion; securiQ.Trailer auto-          Trailer adds additional com-
                                                  vide legal security in e-mail         matically generates specific         pany and legal information
                                                  correspondence.                       headers and / or footers de-         centrally to all outgoing e-
          Intelligent Email Disclaimer to                                               pending on the source and            mails.
            reduce email legal liability          In addition, security notices,        target of an e-mail message          Scheduled Usage for time-
                                                  disclaimers and company                                                    specific messages;
                information can be integrated         Flexible rulesets: The use           E-mail headers and footers
                                                  into outgoing e-mail for spe-         of an intelligent, freely defin-     can be activated and deacti-
                                                  cific users, groups and do-           able ruleset allow any num-          vated for defined time peri-
                                                  mains. Easy configuration             ber of different text attach-        ods.
                                                  and central administration            ments in different languages
                                                  allow optimal usage.                  and for different user groups
                                                                                        and recipients.

TransVault Email Archive Data Migrator Tool
                                            TransVault™ securely migrates         Upgrade From Obsolete                     another, be it to the same
                                            and consolidates email and            Archive Technology – Some                 archive type or a different
                                            other related records from one        Archiving solutions have been             archive, whilst retaining
                                            email archiving environment to        in existence for nearly a dec-            seamless accessibility for end
                                            another or back into the user         ade and better-architected                users.
                                            mailbox, ensuring future ac-          Archive technologies are now
                                            cessibility, regardless of the        available Reasons include:               Regulatory Export - Trans-
                                            archive, messaging platform or                                                 Vault is able to take any mail-
                                            storage medium.                       -   dissatisfaction with an exist-       box in an Archive Repository
                                                                                      ing archive solution                 and export it to either PST,
                                            Mergers, De-Mergers & Ac-             -   a switch to a ‘next genera-          RFC 822, .eml or MAPI .MSG
                                            quisitions - TransVault can               tion’ archive                        flat files – whether the source
                                            quickly consolidate multiple                                                   message is kept in Notes DXL,
TransVault will migrate from                                                      -   a move to an outsourced
                                            different Archive Repositories                                                 Exchange or encapsulated
one email archive to another                                                          (hosted) solution,
                                            into a single platform or split a                                              within an archive ‘cabinet’ file.
or back into the Exchange                                                         -   movement of data from an
                                            single Archive into new groups.
mailbox                                                                               obsolete storage device,
                                            This eliminates the significant                                                Benchmark testing has shown
                                            costs, complexity and risks of        -   Employee Relocation - mi-            that TransVault has superior
                                            managing data in a series of              grate selected mailboxes             performance and fidelity when
                                            uncoordinated silos.                      from one archive store to            compared with Microsoft.

Page 17

DOMINO, EXCHANGE, MOBILE EMAIL, IM : SECURITY, COMPLIANCE, DLP, STORAGE-RELIEF                  : 203 972 8462        Winter 2012
                EXCHANGE CALENDAR TOOLS                                                    

 Resource Central - Outlook Conference Room & Resource Management
 Resource Central delivers        room or meeting room book-       -   Complete the order-to-
 conference room scheduling       ings, such as catering and           invoice process for both
 and meeting room booking         seating arrangements, AV             internal and external
 capabilities in Outlook & Ex-    equipment and internet ac-           invoices by integrating
 change                           cess. Resource Central also          the system with your
                                  handles all changes or can-          company's accounting
                                  cellations and sends order           system
 Resource Central provides an
    Page 18                       receipts automatically.          -   View reservations and
 easy way to process a con-
 ference room scheduling                                               orders in a separate ad-
 request or a meeting room        -   Select a Conference Room         ministration module
 booking inquiry by providing         in the same Outlook book-    -   Order from a remote
 these planning and organiz-          ing process as you invite        work station or via Out-
                                                                                                          Resource Central
 ing services in Microsoft Out-       the attendees                    look Web Access
 look.                                                                                                   introduces Room &
                                  -   Order multiple services;
                                                                   Resource Central operates in       Resource Management into
                                      including catering, name
 It can also manage the re-           badges, audio-visual,        real-time and is easy to in-         Exchange calendaring
 quests for associated ser-           transportation, seating      stall.
 vices for specific conference        arrangements                                               

Exchange Central : True Team Calendaring for Outlook
 Have you ever been frus-         solidated overview over          -   Planning of employees/
 trated by Outlook and Ex-        many or selected calendars/          meeting rooms/other Out-
 change Server’s weak group       Outlook resources then Ex-           look resources.
 and calendar-sharing op-         change Central is the tool       Exchange Central is an add-
 tions? Or it's lack of color-
    Page 18                       you’re looking for.              on tool you can use to read
 coding for appointments?                                          calendar data from Exchange
                                  -   Perfect for the Front-desk   Server mailboxes and display
 Exchange Central is a plan-                                       it as one integrated calendar.
                                      clerk, Reception or the
 ning tool for Outlook users,                                      Exchange Central gathers the
                                      ”Back-End“ for Planning/
 who want to control and                                           appointments from other                  Exchange Central
                                      Booking/Statistics of Out-
 manage many Outlook calen-                                        Outlook calendars and gives           introduces a true Team
                                      look calendars.
 dars and/or Outlook re-                                           you several views of the             Calendar for Outlook users
                                  -   Advanced functionality for
 sources. If you miss the con-                                     whereabouts of team mem-
                                      group/team planning.         bers.

WebTeam Central : True Team Calendaring for OWA
 Web Team Central - our web       tures are utilized through an    Using Microsoft Exchange
 based Team calendar - offers     Internet connection and a        Server and Microsoft Internet
 even better opportunities for    browser - this complies fully    Information Server as the
 increased productivity and       with the 'Microsoft Way' -       starting point, we have de-
 improved customer service.
    Page 18                       seen in Outlook Web Access.      veloped a web based Team
                                                                   calendar for those who need
                                                                   to know what their col-
 Web Team Central gathers         WebTeam Central also com-
                                                                   leagues are doing and where
 the appointments from other      plies fully with the security
                                                                   they are at a glance.
 Outlook calendars and gives      and permissions granted on
 companies and users the          the Microsoft Windows &                                                   WebTeam Central
 ability to collaborate regard-   Exchange server.                                                       introduces a true Team
 less of the whereabouts of                                                                             Calendar for Outlook users
 the individual user. The fea-

 Page 18

                   LOTUS NOTES TO EXCHANGE MIGRATION TOOLS                                    

                             Inware Shuttle Manager MailBox & Calendar Migration
                             Inware Shuttle Manager™ is an      with more than 500,000 users.        replied to post migration.
                             industry-proven mail utility
The Inware Shuttle           designed to migrate e-mail,        Performance Driven                   Parallel Migration Support
Manager supports the                                            Shuttle Manager has the ability      Shuttle Manager supports par-
                             attachments, calendars, con-
migration between
                             tacts, folders, directories and    to migrate data 5 times faster       allel installations of the migra-
many email systems:
                             mail lists. Shuttle Manager can    than the standard free migra-        tion console enabling multiple
-   Notes/Domino             migrate to and from virtually      tion wizard. Its modular archi-      servers to extract and load
                             all email platforms while main-    tecture enables the extraction       simultaneously - significantly
-   GroupWise
                             taining message integrity.         and loading of e-mail data to        reducing migration time.
-   Microsoft Exchange                                          occur as separate processes;
    5.5 and up               Scalable, Proven                   providing maximum flexibility        DirSync™
-   Any IMAP4-compliant      Since its introduction to the      for incorporating e-mail migra-      The Directory Synchroniza-
    system.                  marketplace in 1995, the Shut-     tion into current processes.         tion™ (DirSync) provides en-
-   Fischer TAO              tle Manager has successfully                                            terprise quality two-way direc-
-   HP OpenMail              performed e-mail migrations        Reliable & Accurate                  tory synchronization with such
                             for organizations Worldwide.       Shuttle Manager provides com-        e-mail systems as Lotus Dom-
Migrates data at least 4     The Shuttle Manager provides       plete address conversion in          ino, Novell GroupWise, Micro-
to 11 times faster than      a solid migration solution for     message headers, calendars           soft Exchange, and LDAP2 and
other tools and in fact is                                                                           LDAP3-compliant directories as
                             small businesses with as few       and groups, ensuring all mes-
virtually boundless .
                             as 10 users, to larger projects    sages can be forwarded and           well as others.

Lotus Notes to Exchange 2010 Migration Tools
                                    Moving from Notes to Ex-          be centrally managed, whilst       bution list membership, and
                                    change 2010 is not for the        ensuring end users are             de-provision mailboxes when
                                    faint of heart! There are         given full visibility and in-      users leave. Permit non-IT
                                    many differences that arise       deed grant their permission        users to perform specific
                                    that are not apparent until       for the decryption process to      tasks such as distribution-list
                                    after a commitment has            occur. Once decrypted,             membership, over-the-air
                                    been made.                        items can be successfully          configuration and reset of
                                                                      migrated to Exchange using         mobile devices, location or
                                    We focus on tools to              Microsoft or 3rd party mi-         phone number changes with-
                                    streamline the migration          gration applications.              out needing to contact the
                                    and supplement the func-         help-desk.
                                    tions missing in Exchange                                  
                                    2010.                             Monitoring the new
                                                                      Exchange Configuration             Migrating Archived
                                    Notes Mail Decryption             Mailscape is a systems man-        Notes mail
                                    Notes encryption creates          agement tool that assists          TransVault Archive Migrator is
                                    problems when migrating e-        Administrators in monitor-         for organizations that need to
                                    mails to a Microsoft Ex-          ing, maintaining, and load         move archived data from an
                                    change since encrypted mail       balancing their new Ex-            existing Lotus Notes archive
                                    files cannot be accessed by       change 2007 or 2010 envi-          solution into a new archiving
                                    batch migration utilities.        ronment. Mailscape’s sleek         solution that supports Ex-
                                                                      dashboard provides Admin-          change. TransVault securely
                                    End-user-driven decryption        istrators with vital informa-      transports the legacy archive
                                    is typically the only solution;   tion about each server’s           data into the new environ-
                                    however this can involve a        current health and growth          ment, ensuring it remains
                                    large user-training over-         rate to facilitate proactive       seamlessly accessible - both
                                    head, especially where            Exchange management                for end users, for compliance
                                    many thousands of users             and e-discovery purposes
                                    are to be migrated.                                        
                                                                      Role-based User
                                                                      Provisioning using Unify           User Self-Service Pass-
                                    The TransVault™ Notes De-         use Unify AD Manager to            word management
                                    crypter allows the process of     add user mailboxes, config-        Unify Password Manager allow
                                    detecting and then decrypt-       ure their attributes against       users to securely reset their
Page 19                             ing any encrypted e-mails to      templates, maintain distri-        passwords whilst ensuring

                 EXCHANGE HIGH AVAILABILITY & FAST RECOVERY                                     

    Eliminate the Backup Window - Using Virtual Machines for Exchange, Blackberry & AD

                                     Replay AppImage is an ad-               the standby server            duction server
                                     vanced backup, disaster recov-      •   No duplicate hardware         Replay is compatible with
                                     ery and high-availability solu-         configuration require-        virtualization technologies
                                     tion. It continuously images the        ments                         from VMWare and Microsoft
                                     entire server - application, op-                                      and supports x86 and x64
                                                                         •   Each Replay Virtual Ma-
                                     erating system & configuration                                        platforms.
                                                                             chine can be saved to
                                     - enabling full system and bare
                                                                             NAS, DAS, SAN, Win-
                                     -metal recoveries from any                                            Recover from any server
                                                                             dows share or directly to
                                                                                                           failure and Exchange cor-
                                                                             ESX VMFS
                                                                                                           ruption in minutes
                                                                         •   Can support collection        Recover your server from
                                                                             from multiple Exchange        corrupted or lost Exchange
                                                                             servers                       databases, server failures,
                                                                                                           viruses, or application errors
                                                                         Tasks can be performed            to any point in time in min-
                                                                         against the Replay Virtual        utes, not hours.
                                                                         Machines without impacting
                                                                         production Exchange per-          Full System and Bare
                                                                         formance                          Metal Rollbacks
                                                                         • Replication to a failover       Validate data store mount-
                                                                             site                          ability after each snapshot.
                                                                         • Email Legal Discovery           Replay verifies that the Ex-
                                                                             searching                     change data stores are
                                                                                                           mountable and that the logs
                                                                         • Restoration of lost Mes-        are corruption-free before
                                                                             sages or corruption
                                     point in time in just minutes.                                        you attempt a recovery, sav-
                                                                                                           ing you from wasting time
                                                                         In the event of a failure, the
                                     Most High Availability solutions,                                     recovering from an invalid
                                                                         VM server can be restarted
                                     including those available from                                        backup.
                                                                         as the primary and will be
                                     Microsoft, provide protection
                                                                         current to the last good im-
                                     from failure of the Exchange                                          Leveraging the Value of
                                                                         age collected (no worse than
                                     databases and registry infor-                                         Replay™ with BlackBerry
                                                                         15 minutes old).
                                     mation.                                                               Enterprise Server
                                                                                                           Replay for BES ensures that
                                                                         Once the primary is restored,
                                     But REPLAY APPIMAGE is                                                the BES server can be recov-
                                                                         any changes made on the VM
                                     different!                                                            ered from any failure in min-
                                                                         Server can be replicated back
                                                                                                           utes. Replay protects all of
   "This product is awesome. I                                           to the primary.
   needed to search and extract      REPLAY protects the whole Ex-                                         the volumes on the BES
   e-mails for a discovery re-       change application - operating                                        server onto a Replay server
   quest on a 250GB store and                                            Only 1-2% overhead on pro-
   MailRetriever was the only
                                     system, configuration, data,                                          should a failure occur.
   product that could open it. It    Active Directory and, option-
   saved me days of work"            ally, Blackberry Servers by
   Senior Exchange Admin
                                     continuously creating a volume
                                     block-level, point-in-time image
   “PST backups are no longer        of the entire Exchange environ-
   necessary, reducing the load
   on Exchange server, band-
   width and storage necessary
   to retain the PSTs.”              REPLAY continuously checks for
   Ken Peakman
   The Villages
                                     data corruption each time it
                                     replicates - the files have to be
   "Replay is true application       able to mount every time.
   assurance for our      mission-
   critical business systems. It's
                                     Other solutions replicate the
   the only solution that protects   corrupt data without checking
   the entire Exchange environ-
   Jack, Network Analyst
                                     It can replicate changes of the
   National Wire & Signal            entire server footprint to a VM
                                     virtual machine.
                                     • No requirement for a dedi-
                                          cated standby server
                                     • No licenses to purchase for
 Page 20


Exchange Access Security Manager controls access permissions
Archive One Exchange Access                                                   can send mail on behalf of
Security Manager (ASM) al-                Three permissions areas are         another – send on behalf of
lows the monitoring and con-              checked by ASM:                     (SOBO) rights are danger-
trolling of permissions in an                                                 ous, as messages appearing
Exchange system.                          Mailbox/Public Folder Ac-           to come from one user can
                                          cess Permissions - Checks           have huge consequences
In most Exchange systems                  which Exchange users have
there can be at least tens of             access to which mailboxes           NT rights associated with
thousands of permissions.                 and folders. Incorrectly set        mailboxes/folders - Illus-
                                          Access Permissions can lead         trates which users have NT
It is impossible to ensure                to users being able to read         rights allowing them to enter
that all permissions are cor-             mail of other users.                the mailbox of another user
                                                                                                                     ASM locks down Exchange mailbox
rect, giving you the appropri-                                                and assume that Exchange
ate security you require.                 Send On Behalf Of Permis-           user's identity and security
                                          sions - Shows which user            rights.

MaxCompression - transparent auto-zip reduces the Exchange IS by 40%
The MaxCompression Suite                 move messages with certain      The Zip/unzip process is in-
automatically compresses                 age or content criteria from    visible, there is no change in
and decompresses attach-                 the primary Information         working practices and zero
ments in Outlook & Exchange              Stores to lesser loaded Ex-     training as attachments are
transparently to the user - it           change resources.               sent as normal attachments
works at the Outlook & OWA                                               and received as normal at-
desktop, at the Exchange                 MaXCompression integrates       tachments. Remote users
server and the internet gate-            transparently into a user's     experience a reduction of
way delivering significant size          Microsoft Exchange system       time in sending and receiving
reductions in the Information            so users will rarely be aware   mail.
Store and PST files.                     that a file is being sent or
                                         received in compressed form.    Administrators set the com-
Additional benefits can be               MaxCompression is fast,         pression rules centrally (min
gained when used in con-                 powerful and easy to use and    and max file sizes before                  MaxCompression suite provides
junction with its sister prod-           benefits both the user and      compressing, addressing                     transparent compression at
uct, Archive/One, which will             administrator.                  rules for recipients/ loca-                       Outlook & OWA

 Titus - Document Classification & Labeling for Microsoft Office
                                                                                 searchable properties of the       example:
                                                                                 document. Document Classi-
                                                                                 fication supports two levels       -can be used in a sensitive or
                                                                                 of classification. All of the        secure environment.
                                                                                 labels are fully customizable.     -can be used for document
                                                                                                                      retention or archiving.
                                                                                 The classification or "label"
                                             Titus Document Classification       typically describes a ranked
                                                                                                                    -can be used in environments
                                                                                                                     requiring multi-level security
                                             manages the classification,         level such as "Unclassified",
                                                                                                                     such as military or intelli-
                                             distribution and retention of       "Internal Use Only", "Secret"
                                                                                                                     gence environments.
    Titus— classification labeling and       valuable corporate docu-            or "Restricted". However the
     policy enforcement software for         ments. A toolbar is added to        classification can also be ac-     -can automatically insert the
             Microsoft Office                the standard Microsoft Office       tion-based; describing what         name of the current user in
                toolbars.                           kind of actions should be           the document watermark to
                                                                                 taken based on labels such          track the person that printed
                                             Users can be forced to select       as "Retain 30 days", "Retain        the document.
                                             the appropriate classification      90 days", "Archive". This
                                             labels from the dropdown for        ability to use classify or label
                                             their document. The labels          documents can have several
                                             once assigned become                important applications, for

DOMINO, EXCHANGE, MOBILE EMAIL, IM : SECURITY, COMPLIANCE, DLP, STORAGE-RELIEF           : 203 972 8462          Winter 2012
                LOTUS DOMINO TOOLS                                                            

      Compliance Attender - Lotus Notes Real-time Email Interception and Inspection
                                              Compliance Attender for Lo-       Management discreetly exe-           Time
                                              tus Notes is email compliance     cutes rules from a central       -   Quarantine Messages based
                                              management software that          location to all, or a select         upon multiple criteria
                                              provides fine-tuned control       group of users. With Compli-     -   Add Disclaimers to Mes-
                                              over all sent and received        ance Attender, companies             sages based upon multiple
                                              messages users are emailing       are able to comply with in-          criteria
                                              in the company's mail envi-       creasingly stringent industry
                                                                                                                 -   Eliminate reliance on the
                                              ronment.                          regulations, government leg-
                                                                                                                     Domino Journal to reduce
                                                                                islation and internal compli-
                                                                                                                     Notes server load
                                              Messages are captured be-         ance corporate policies.
                                              fore they are routed, allowing                                     -   Facilitate e-discovery and
     Use Compliance Attender to apply                                                                                address email compliance
                                              the collection, quarantine,       Compliance Attender can
            rules to real-time                                                                                       regulations
                                              archive and disclaiming of        easily:
           email deliveries…..                                                                                   -   Archive emails to a secure
                                              messages in response to           - Capture Sent and Received                                                                                     location
                                              compliance requirements.            Email Messages in Real

  Mail Attender - Notes attachment de-duplication and improved storage management
                                              Mail Attender is a granular,      - to provide an automated        ruses, mp3 files, avi files,
                                              rules based Email Quota           document archive retention       mail containing particular
                                              Management, Mailbox Scan-         or deletion capability where     keywords etc.
                                              ning and Document Reten-          the user is prompted to take     - offload a single-instance of
                                              tion/Deletion management          an action to keep a document     attachments into a separate
                                              suite for users of Microsoft      beyond the retention period.     'Archive' database with a link
                                              Exchange/Outlook PST files        - provide ad-hoc searching       contained in the original
                                              It enables management of          capabilities to identify inap-   email message, saving disk
                                              email policy by providing         propriate, confidential or       space allocated to the Mail
                                              flexible, yet centralized con-    threatening emails or attach-    database
                                              trol over Lotus Notes mail        ments already residing in the    - offload messages from
      Use Mail Attender to manage
                                              databases and the Exchange        mail system to help in legal     mailboxes to a separate ar-
     Domino & Exchange archiving as
                                              Information Store/PST files.      discovery and email policy:      chive to meet email retention
     well as quotas, mailbox size and
                                                                                inappropriate or threatening     regulations.
                                              Mail Attender is often used:      emails or attachments - vi-

                 Castcadia - builds dynamic Notes distribution lists, manages
              large broadcast-message distribution and Reply-all in Lotus Notes
E-mail broadcasts are a spe-            broadcast requests, Review,       Documents are analyzed and
cial class of electronic mes-           Approve and Schedule the          processed according to pre-
saging as they typically have           broadcast and then move it        defined profiles containing
large address lists.                    into a traffic stream separate    rules that are used to deter-
                                        from other e-mail. With this      mine review requirements,
BROADCAST MANAGER                       separation, broadcasts can        delivery schedules, routing
In Lotus Notes it is easy for a         be fully managed and con-         strategies, formatting adjust-
user to abuse the messaging             trolled.                          ments, and more.
system by mailing inappro-
priate or ill-timed messages            Castcadia is an intelligent e-    SUBSCRIPTION MANAGER
to large Groups.                        mail router designed specifi-     This module adds an opt-in
                                                                                                                 Castcadia removes Broadcast
                                        cally for broadcast traffic.      opt-out capability to broad-
                                                                                                                 Email and Reply-All problems
Even more concerning, a                 Rather than being automati-       cast lists.
user receiving a broadcast              cally distributed to the speci-
message only has to hit the             fied group addresses, broad-      GROUP BUILDER
REPLY ALL button to create              casts are routed by Domino        Castcadia will dynamically
havoc!                                  to the Castcadia application      build distribution lists from a
                                        where they become manage-         wide variety of directory and
Castcadia provides the ability          able assets.                      database formats such as
to capture Lotus Notes                                                    LDAP, SQL.


                                Free White Papers Available From -

     Through its extensive implementation experience, ReSoft has devel-               E-Discovery, Classification & Archiving, Mailbox Size,
     oped a series of white papers to assist organizations in the planning            Quotas, Retention
     and deployment of email-related technologies.                                    -     Email Archiving LifeCycle Checklist: the questions to ask be-
                                                                                            fore committing to an Email Archiving solution
     Visit to register for more...
                                                                                      -     Why today's Email Archiving Solutions alone are unable to
     Preventing Policy Infractions                                                          meet your E-Discovery needs
     -     The 7 Deadly Sins of Email & How you can Protect against them              -     The Challenge of Managing PST Files Do I eliminate them or
                                                                                            Live With them?
     -     Reducing Costly Compliance Liabilities by Automating the Delivery,
           Acceptance & Auditing of Corporate Policies                                -     Applying User Classification to Manage Email Security & Re-
                                                                                            tention in the Enterprise
     -     The 5 Critical Stages: Best Practices for Corporate Policies
                                                                                      -     Discovering & Classifying Unstructured Information
     -     Why Most Acceptable Use Policies Fail and how to rectify this
                                                                                      -     Enterprise IM Archiving for Regulatory Compliance and Busi-
     Email Metrics & Alerting                                                               ness Continuity
     -     Best Practices for Proactively Monitoring the BlackBerry network.          -     Enforcing Corporate Compliance Policies in Your Lotus Notes
     -     Measuring Messaging Services Quality from an End-User
           Perspective                                                                -     Microsoft Exchange & Outlook PST Retention & Compliance
                                                                                            Best Practices White Paper
     -     The cost of implementing Sametime Advanced
                                                                                      -     Restoring Microsoft Exchange Email from edb backups
     -     White Paper - You can't manage your email until you measure it.
                                                                                      -     Email Discovery from existing Lotus Notes mailboxes
     -     Cross-Platform End-to-End Messaging Transaction Analysis
                                                                                      -     Email Discovery from existing Microsoft Exchange mailboxes &
     -     White Paper - You can't manage your email until you measure it.
                                                                                            Outlook PST files
     -     Directory Attender - managing directories in Lotus Domino                  -     Email & IM Metrics & Alerting
     -     Database Attender - managing databases in Lotus Domino
                                                                                      Privacy, Encrypted Email
     AD, DL, Exchange, Blackberry Availability & Management Tools                     -     Secure Email in the Real World White Paper
     -     Unify: Automating the Health of a Microsoft Infrastructure                 -     Secure EMail for the Heathcare Industry White Paper
     -     Recover from Data Store Corruption using Replay                            -     Secure EMail for the Financial Services Industry White Paper

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Read this document if you                                          The ReSoft Solutions Methodology:
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* reduce mailbox sizes and manage
retention/quotas on your Domino &           ReSoft has, for over 17 years,          "Frost & Sullivan believes that Re-       of days to months. At the end of
Exchange systems                            acted as a trusted advisor to hun-      Soft's main competitive advantage         the assignment, we want you to be
                                            dreds of organizations, applying the    lies in its ability to offer a complete   self-sufficient so we typically incor-
* reduce Data Loss violations, usage        relevant technologies and tech-         solution for the content security         porate documentation and skills
violations, loss of intellectual property   niques from its broad set of Email &    space that more specialist vendors        transfer into our assignments. Con-
& SPAM in Email, Webmail and IM             IM Security tools to reduce liability   are not able to match. This               sultants assigned to your project
                                            risks and save time.                    strength is likely to have a positive     have the depth of experience with
* undertake Legal or Regulatory                                                     effect on the company's growth in         relevant email applications, operat-
Discovery searches of Email and IM          Our approach allows the provision       the market." Frost & Sullivan.            ing systems, database applications
                                            of services to fulfill your specific                                              and storage technologies.
                                            requirements; from Requirements         Making the Technology Work
* migrate from Lotus Notes to Ex-           Definition, Policy Definition, solu-    For You                                   You can utilize professional services
                                            tion & architecture design, product     In today's market, pre-packaged           on a pay-as-you-go basis or as part
change 2007
                                            and technology selection to project     software solutions are groaning           of a comprehensive solution includ-
* make email & IM delivery more             planning, installation, training,       with features that overwhelm even         ing hardware and software.
                                            health checks, site assessments,        the most impressive IT Depart-
secure to meet HIPAA, Sarbanes
                                            troubleshooting and skills transfer.    ment. The challenge is understand-        Competitive Solutions
Oxley etc…                                                                          ing how to convert this software          You could go to a number of differ-
                                            By partnering with ReSoft, you will     investment into a measurable re-          ent companies and get a little of
* better measure email/web Bottle-
                                            enjoy the results of thorough, con-     turn-on-investment that addresses         what we offer from each. Many
necks, Availability & Cost Recovery         sidered research and experience to      your requirements. ReSoft's ap-           companies overlap some of the
                                            help you to make informed, timely       proach is to make the software            experience we can offer but no-one
* make Exchange OWA & Outlook
                                            decisions to meet emerging threats      work for you.                             can offer the breadth of function in
Calendar more Usable and Secure             to the smooth operation of your                                                   messaging management and secu-
                                            Email and IM systems.                   Our involvement in your project           rity to the extent that ReSoft can.
                                                                                    can range in duration from a couple

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