Breeding Tips to have a Racing Pigeon Champ by feil4msol

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									Learn Three Pigeon Breeding Tips that will
Help You win in the Races.
Choose Your Pigeon Breeding
Foundation Stock Wisely.
* The rule of thumb regardless of what you are breeding.

* Start by getting the best pair that you can afford.

                          It is very important to
                          take time to do some
                          reading. Find out what
                          breeders’ lines are known
                          for producing certain
                          traits in their birds.
                   * Seek reputable breeders as mentors.

                             Ask every question you
                             can think of about their
                             breeding program.

Starting with castaways will waste your time in trying to
breed the poor traits out of the offspring instead on
producing the best strain.
Get Involved With Pigeon
* Seek different ideas on the best ways to go
about pigeon breeding.

                  Once you start speaking with
                  different pigeon breeders, you
                  will be able to get ideas from
                  them. This is where you’ll want
                  to decide which direction you
                  want to take with your new
* Understand and learn that other breeders have

                  i.e.: The Widowhood
                  racing ideology. There
                  are      some      pigeon
                  breeders who house their
                  cocks       and      hens
                  separately.     This     is
                  because there is a school
                  of thought regarding the
                  faster pigeons being the
                  cocks and the fast racing
                  gene gets passed from
                  father to son and so on.
Consider Your Pigeon Breeding

* Creating the best coop and housing will pay off
in the long run.

                  Before you go and purchase
                  your first pair for pigeon
                  breeding, make sure you know
                  where they are going to live.
                  Have a plan.
* Choose to purchase a pre-made housing, have
someone put it up for you or build your own.

                  Whichever direction you
                  take, make sure to have
                  the appropriate housing
                  for your pigeons so you
                  can start off good with
                  your     new      pigeon
                  breeding program.
* It should be a solid shelter with nesting area and
good ventilation.

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