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what is
       penn electric racing?
Penn Electric Racing is a
student-run organization at
                                    Bring together
the University of Pennsylva-                                                            Tackle the technical
                                  top students from       Design, build, test
nia with the purpose of de-                                                            challenges preventing
                                   all disciplines to    and promote electric
                                                                                           large-scale EV
signing and building clean      collaborate on a large         vehicles
energy vehicles. Students        engineering project
are engaged in vehicle de-
sign and construction, as                                   our purpose
well as management, fund-
raising and public relations.                             Prepare students for         Educate students, the
                                Give students hands-
                                                           careers in the clean          university, and the
The team is also involved       on experience rarely
                                                         technology sector and         general public about
in educational outreach to        found in a purely
                                                         impart the knowledge           electric vehicles and
                                  academic setting
the local community.                                       to make an impact             clean technology

                                                              Penn Electric Racing with Penn President Amy Gutmann

                                 of the team
1993        Phaeton

                        Penn Electric Racing started in 1989 as Penn Solar
                        Racing when a group of students and professors
                        came together to build a car for the 1990 GM Sun-
                        rayce. The task proved challenging; no one at Penn
                        had previously attempted to build a solar car. Over
                        the next sixteen years, Penn Solar Racing con-
                        structed seven successful solar cars, competing in
                        the bi-annual Sunrayce (now titled the American
1995    Liberty Belle
                        Solar Challenge). In 2006, the team decided to
                        broaden its scope to explore technologies beyond
                        solar energy and became Penn Electric Racing.

                        Battery electric vehicles show great promise.
                        They produce zero “tailpipe” emissions and open
                        the potential to be powered by clean energy
                        sources (such as wind, solar, geothermal, and
                        nuclear). From “tank-to-wheels”, electric vehicles
                        are also much more efficient than their fossil-fuel
1997   Independence     powered counterparts. Despite the advantages,
                        obstacles still stand in the way of widespread
                        adoption. For example, there is the misconcep-
                        tion that electric cars are underpowered and
                        lack sufficient range to meet daily driving needs.

2006        Keystone


The group’s first project as Penn Electric Racing,
Renegade, was a battery-electric drag racer, built
with the aim of breaking the stereotypes that
electric vehicles are slow and boring. The car was
completed in February of 2011 and will compete
in its first race in the NEDRA (National Electric
Drag Racing Association) sanctioned “Capitol
Amps” in Odenton, Maryland at the end of April

education and outreach
       We believe that the mass adoption of
       EVs will only be possible with strong
       educational efforts on two levels.

       Firstly, it is necessary to provide future
       engineers, managers and entrepre-
       neurs with the knowledge and tech-
       nical skills necessary to successfully
                                                  to provide education to the university
       bring high quality electric vehicles to
                                                  as a whole and to the general public.
       the market.
                                                  Our club provides education on both
       Secondly, in order to gain market ac- of these fronts - allowing club mem-
       ceptance and in order to inspire the bers to gain in-depth experience, and
       next generation of students to go organizing outreach events for the
       into clean tech fields, it is necessary general public.

 our 2011-2012
A strong focus of our club is to tackle the challenges that
have hindered large-scale EV adoption. According to a
2009 Deloitte survey, top factors that prevent customers
                                                                           The Tesla Model S sedan: an example of a car that is capable of battery
from buying an EV include:                                                 swapping and quick charging. Source: Tesla Motors

•	    Limited range
•	    A lack of understanding of the technology
•	    Inferior performance to traditional vehicles
•	    Difficulty of charging

We are currently working on the research behind our
next vehicle. In doing so, we aim to take on many of the
challenges specified in the survey. We have the following
goals for this car:

vehicle goals                                                              Source: Deloitte Development LLC

        Ability to travel long distance on a single
                    charge (>300 miles)                                                  promotional event
     Performance that exceeds the average internal                           Upon completion, we plan to promote the car
      combustion car; capability of highway travel                           through a large event that demonstrates the car’s
                                                                             functionality and key innovations. We will finalize
                                                       2 year time frame

        High efficiency in real-world conditions
                                                                             the event as we are further into the project, but our
                                                                             current idea is to do a long distance tour consisting
       Use of innovative technology. Some of the
                                                                             of travel through cities and over highways. The pur-
       technologies we are investigating include
     battery swapping, quick charging, regenerative                          pose of this is to demonstrate the range of EVs and
              braking and in-wheel motors                                    how battery swapping or quick charging can bring
                                                                             EVs into line with what consumers expect from
                    Street legal status                                      their traditional ICE cars. Additionally, it will draw a
                                                                             lot of publicity and will place a focus on the viability
       Intuitive operation, easing the transition to                         of EVs as a replacement for ICE vehicles.
                     electric vehicles

As a student organization, taking on the task
of building a full size electric vehicle is ambi-
tious not only technically and intellectually,                           benefits
but financially as well. Consequently, we are            We would like you, as our spon-
incredibly appreciative whenever we gain                 sor, to understand the impor-
necessary materials through donations. We                tance we give to publicizing
want to push our innovation to the cutting               our projects. On our side, we
edge, and sponsors play a key role in en-                believe that high publicity is
abling us to work on projects. Sponsors are              instrumental in educating peo-
welcome to make a direct financial contribu-             ple about electric vehicles. We
tion or to donate “in-kind”—parts and mate-              expect this widespread educa-
rials are crucial. Our expenditures include:             tion to drive faster adoption of
                                                         EVs by the general public. Your
•	   Components for the car such as motors,              company also stands to benefit:
     batteries, controllers and car computers            you gain exposure wherever
•	   Fabrication tools and materials eg.                 our car is seen, boosting aware-
     power tools, endmills, steel and                    ness of your brand and prod-
     aluminum stock, composite layup                     ucts. More importantly, spon-
     materials, etc                                      sorship of Penn Electric Racing
•	   Travel and lodging                                  sends a powerful message that
•	   Promotional materials, e.g. shirts,                 your company is committed to
     banners and posters                                 a more sustainable way of liv-
•	   Miscellaneous services which are not                ing for the future.

       Construction of our carbon fiber body was made possible though a generous donation by Cytec

sponsorship                                                            We offer four sponsorship tiers,       nates a battery pack valued over

                                                                       with differing qualifications and      $20,000 will become a Platinum
                                                                       benefits, for both companies and       sponsor.
                                                                       individuals. For non-cash dona-
                                                                       tions, the sponsorship will be         All individuals who donate $100
                                                                       evaluated according to the mar-        or more will receive a free, lim-
                                                                       ket value of the donated item.         ited edition Penn Electric Racing
                                                                       For example, a company who do-         T-shirt!

                                                  Platinum                      Gold                 Silver      Bronze        Donor’s List
                                                                            $10,000–                $5,000–     $1,000–
  Corporate                                       $20,000+                                                                      $10–$999
                                                                            $19,999                 $9,999      $4,999
                                                                            $5,000–                 $1,000–
  Individual*                                     $10,000+                                                     $500–$999        $10–$499
                                                                             $9,999                 $4,999
  Logo on Car                                   Extra Large                    Large                Medium        Small
  Logo and Link on
                                                Extra Large                    Large                Medium        Small            Small
  Logo published in all
  marketing materials                                                                                           
  High-resolution photos
  of the completed car                                                                                                          
  Sponsor mentioned
  specifically at events                                                        
*For an individual, the “logo” is replaced with the individual’s name or a requested family name.

                    Penn Electric Racing thanks our current sponsors for their generous contributions.

                                        contact us
e-mail                                  business & outreach director                 Josh Merel
                                         630.649.9613 (c)

mailing address                         team captain
 Penn Electric Racing                    William Price
 Department of Mechanical Engineering    267.779.7447 (c)
 University of Pennsylvania
 297 Towne Building
 220 South 33rd Street
 Philadelphia, PA 19104

                                                            Penn Electric Racing 2010-2011 Team




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