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					     Nancie Imler
TreCom Systems Group
   December 3, 2009
Why an Exchange Network?
 Many environmental problems cross jurisdictions and involve a
  web of natural systems that interact with human communities in
  complex ways.

 The business of managing and solving these problems has
  become highly information intensive.

 Environmental policy makers and other stakeholders need
  access to timely, accurate, and consistent data that present a
  holistic picture of the environment.

 Exchanging high quality information allows governments,
  regulated communities, interest groups, and the public to make
  better decisions regarding the environment.

 Electronic data sharing between agencies is often mistaken for
  a simple automatic process; however, the truth is that many of
  these systems are innately incompatible with each other.
National Information Exchange Model
National Environmental Information
        Exchange Network
      The Exchange Network is a
   partnership among states, tribes,
        territories, and the U.S.
   Environmental Protection Agency
  for the secure, real time exchange
     of environmental information.
   Uses XML, web services and common data standards to transmit data
among partners, which allow existing data management systems to remain
in place while the data is transformed as it enters and exits each system.
  Listens for and submits or delivers data with other partners based upon
pre-described methods.
   Authenticates all requests to ensure they are coming from an
authorized trading partner.
Environmental Schemas
  Schemas are                                                   Schema for NPS
  like letters….                                                BMP consists
  they have                                                     of:
  components                                                    •Jurisdiction
                                                                •Data Source
                                                                •Contact Info
  •Date                                                         •Name of BMP
  •Inside Address                                               •Ag NRCS
  •Salutation                                                   Components
  •Opening                                                      •Location
  Paragraph                                                     •Unit of Measure
  •Body                                                         •Quantity
  •Closing                                                      •Status
  •Complimentary                                                •Funding Source

        Trading Partnership Agreements record the details of
       how partners will use schemas (this is the hardest task!)

SOAP is the envelope. It wraps the contents and contains the “address” to send the schema.
Partner C                                             Partner B

                             Web Services means using the


              EPA has invested
            over $160M in NEIEN               Partner A
            Nodes     Node Clients

                    Partner D
Partner B

                                Partner E
           NPS BMP Schema
 Developed by PA, VA, and MD with a $390K Grant, which included the building of
  a Node at the CBPO
 Jurisdictions, including DE and WV, are currently mapping data from state
  sources into schema
 NRCS assistance in having federal agencies reporting practices rather than
  requiring jurisdictions to report on their behalf
 First NPS BMP exchange is scheduled for Data Call in 2010 and is the method to
  enter data into the WQ Model
 Looking to work with all partners doing conservation to use the NEIEN
 Workgroup established June, 2009 will work together until implementation. Any
  partner can be a member of the workgroup. Next conference call is December 15

                    Nancie Imler

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