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									Annual t
     2007 - 2008
The Arc of San Diego                                               Arc San Diego Foundation
2007/2008 Board of Directors                                       2007/2008 Board of Directors

Mission:                                                           Mission:
The Arc of San Diego empowers persons with disabilities, and       To obtain grants, endowment gifts, capital gifts, and other major
their families by working in partnership to create opportunities   gifts for the use and benefit of The Arc of San Diego.
to achieve their individual goals within the community.

Officer:                                                           Chairperson:              Edward C. Walton, Esq.
Board Chair:        Tom Harmon                                     Vice Chairperson:         James O. Reynolds
1st Vice Chair:     Vicente Partida, MSW                           Secretary/Treasurer:      Mike Lichtenberger, CPA
Secretary:          Marlene Whiteside                              Past Chairperson:         Ronald Blair
Treasurer:          Jerry Wechsler
Past Board Chair:   Dwight Stratton                                Board of Directors:
                                                                   Victoria C. Bourus
Members-At-Large:                                                  Harland De Bour, Ph.D.
Harland De Boer, Ph.D.                                             Henry T. Halleland
Nancy Eakin                                                        Tom Harmon
Bob Guthrie                                                        Norma Hidalgo-Del Rio
Gerald Hansen                                                      Gregg T. Holdgrafer
Avis Huntley                                                       Andrew J. Kessler, Esq.
Nancy Reynolds                                                     Jon Kurtin
Ed Riley, Ph.D.                                                    Joshua Pearson, Esq.
                                                                   Michael J. Ramirez
Chapter Representatives:                                           Clarence Steadman
Jewell Hooper, City Chapter                                        Doug Stone
Mary Bartholomew, East County Chapter
Judy Adams, North County Chapter                                   Emeritus:
Doug Hoehn, North Shores Chapter                                   Robert L. Beckett
Michelle Nelson, South Bay Chapter                                 Clair Burgener (Deceased)
                                                                   Jerry Coleman
                                                                   Darla Davis
                                                                   Honorable John S. Einhorn
                                                                   Willis J. Fletcher (Deceased)
                                                                   Arthur Neumann, CPA
                                                                   George Saadeh
                                                                   Sidney Schuman
Dear Friends,
                     I am proud to present The Arc of San             • Despite reductions in state funding for our programs, we
                     Diego’s 2007/2008 Annual Report.                   were able to fully meet all of our obligations. This is due
                     During this past year we have been                 in part to our diverse revenue streams that include federal,
                     rewarded by witnessing the incredible              state, and corporate contracts that assist with generating
                     success experienced by the children and            revenue.
                     adults in our programs. As we reflect
                     upon the great strides we have made, it is a     • Private donations continue to help ensure our ability to
                     privilege to share these successes with you.       deliver quality programs and services. With the growing
                                                                        need and increasing costs of providing services, private
Our organization began in 1951 with a small group of parents            support is essential to our future success.
who were seeking opportunities for their children with
disabilities. Now, more than five decades later, we continue        As one of the largest nonprofits in San Diego, we continue to
to live our mission and serve people with disabilities at our 22    be a leader in providing services to people with disabilities.
locations throughout San Diego County.                              Many thanks to all of our supporters for helping us make a
                                                                    difference in the lives of the people we serve. We are continuing
This Annual Report consists of the consolidated financial           to move forward with our capital campaign to raise funds for
statements for The Arc of San Diego, Arc Chapters, and Arc San      the construction of the new Sulpizio Family Arc Center of San
Diego Foundation. It shows the many ways in which we are            Diego. Although we have received a wonderful outpouring of
empowering people with disabilities and illustrates the way we      gifts for this campaign, we are still in need of assistance to reach
continue to pave the way in the quality and quantity of services.   our $3.8 million goal.

  • As these financial statements indicate, we continue to have     Through our efforts, we are able to offer programs and services
    strong net assets. We have close to three times as much         that allow people with disabilities to live more independent
    in total net assets as our current liabilities. This can be     and fulfilling lives. Thank you for your interest and continued
    attributed to our healthy reserves as well as The Arc of San    support.
    Diego’s real estate property.
  • During this past year, we consolidated our long term debt
    through a bond re-financing process. This resulted in
    greater cost savings for our organization.                            Tom Harmon
                                                                          Board Chair
                                                                          The Arc of San Diego
About The Arc of San Diego
During an unexpected encounter in 1951, two women sharing a room in a maternity ward at a local hospital
decided to make a difference in the lives of children with disabilities after their chance meeting. Diane Stice of the
Ocean Beach Junior Woman’s Club learns Dolly Clark has a young daughter, Jenny, with Down syndrome. On
October 31, 1951 the “San Diego Society for Exceptional Children”, which later became The Arc of San Diego, was
voted into existence and our organization, as we know it, was founded. The Arc of San Diego now serves over
2,500 children and adults with disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, and Down syndrome.

The Arc of San Diego is the largest, most comprehensive service provider for people with disabilities in San Diego         Jenny Clark, the young child who
County. In classes, workshops, community living, and individualized counseling, the dedicated staff of Arc patiently       was the inspiration behind the
                                                                                                                           founding of The Arc of San Diego, is
guide individuals with disabilities toward living the most self-sufficient life possible.                                  60 years old and still served by Arc’s
                                                                                                                           Starlight Center in Chula Vista.

Day Programs:                                                                    Community Living Services (CLS):
• Serve people with physical and cognitive challenges by                         • Operates 12 residential group homes throughout San Diego
  providing support with essential life skills such as grooming,                   County for adults with developmental disabilities that provide
  communication, and socialization as well as vocational                           24-hour care for six residents.
  training, community integration, and selfadvocacy.
• Community Based Program offers volunteer and paid work                         Independent Living Services (ILS):
  experiences, in fully integrated community environments.                       • Provides one-on-one support for individuals with
• Seniors Transition Services provides opportunities for those 50                  developmental disabilities to fulfill their goal of living
  years and older, to participate in recreational activities, receive              on their own and being part of their local communities.
  assistance with the aging process, as well as enjoy parttime                     Training includes household and money management, health
  paid work and volunteer opportunities.                                           and personal safety, accessing community resources and
                                                                                   recreational activities.
Arc Enterprises:
• Provides vocational training, paid work experiences,                           Personal and Leisure Services (PALS):
  and critical support based on individual needs.                                • Offers local recreational activities, worldwide vacations, and
• Strives to enhance the work and social skills toward                             traditional “Summer Camp”. These activities help build
  optimum productivity with the ultimate goal of being                             relationships with peers through relaxation, entertainment,
  employed in the community.                                                       and new experiences. Trips have included adventures to
                                                                                   Hawaii, Alaska, and Disney World.
Arc Community Employment
Services (ACES):                                                                 Respite Services:
• Puts people with disabilities to work in a variety of                          • Support families with temporary relief from the ongoing
  industries with an array of positions.                                           responsibilities of caring for a loved one with a disability, by
• Assists with minimizing barriers to community employment                         providing care in the consumers’ home or in our weekend,
  for those wishing to obtain group employment or individual                       overnight Respite House.
• Offers community job sites where a group of individuals
                                                                                 Parent/Infant Program:
                                                                                 • Provides familycentered, early educational services to children
  work at local businesses and receive wages as trainees.
                                                                                   from birth to three years old with development delays or
• Provides individual job placement within the local work force,
                                                                                   those who are at risk for delay.
  with on-the-job training and ongoing support.
                                                                                 • This high quality early intervention often leads to
                                                                                   mainstreaming and eliminates the need for future services.
                             Success Stories
Renata and Andrea Carrillo

Born premature at only 29 weeks
old, twin girls Renata and Andrea
Carrillo were hospitalized for the first
six weeks of their lives.
When they were finally strong enough to go home they                 to address their anxiety with being away from their mother.
remained on medications for the next four months to treat their      They also worked on improving their social skills and becoming
severe reflux condition. Once home, a nurse made house calls         more independent.
to monitor their medical condition and the progress being made.
                                                                     The twins are now two years old and have made incredible
Vanessa Carrillo-Northrup, the twin’s mother, learned about          strides while working with The Arc of San Diego. Andrea and
The Arc of San Diego’s Parent/Infant Program and the girls           Renata enjoy the classroom sing-along’s and follow along with
began working with an Infant Development Specialist through          appropriate hand movements. Speech therapy has assisted
an in-home program. Once a week they were guided through             them with improving their verbal communication and also
development stimulation activities to assist with the skills         expressing their needs with hand signs. The twins are becoming
necessary to roll over as well as sit up independently. After they   increasingly better each day at speaking and understanding both
progressed and began crawling, the twins started attending           English and Spanish.
classes in the community at JW Tumbles. They learned how
to balance, increase their confidence, and how to walk while         “I believe that some of the girl’s greatest accomplishments are
participating in these classes.                                      a direct result of their work in the Arc programs and include
                                                                     overcoming their shyness around strangers, their ability to
                            Once Renata and Andrea were              successfully express their wants and needs, the ability to feed
                            almost two years old they began          themselves, and to take turns while they are playing with other
                            receiving assistance in a preschool      kids,” said Vanessa Carrillo-Northrup.
                            classroom setting. This is where
                            they really started to shine as they     The Parent/Infant program is an Early Intervention program
                            received support from a behaviorist      for children who have delays in their development or are at-risk
                                                                     for developmental delay. By being involved and successfully
                                                                     completing this program offered through The Arc of San Diego,
                                                                     many of the children will not need future services.
Tranisha Dangerfield

Prior to working with The Arc’s
Independent Living Services program,
Tranisha Dangerfield struggled with                                  Today, Arc staff visits Tranisha twice a week
                                                                     to provide her with the support she needs
critical health issues and was quite                                 to live independently. They help her with
unhappy with her living situation as                                 reading important documents, maintaining
                                                                     bills, budgeting her money, and managing
she shared a two-bedroom apartment                                   her health issues.
with seven people.                                                   The Arc of San Diego also helped Tranisha fulfill her dream to
She has been facing challenges since she was a young child           go back to school to pursue her interest of writing poetry. Arc
and her mother was declared unfit to care for her. Fortunately,      staff diligently worked with her to seek the financial assistance
Tranisha was adopted by a family member but continued to face        necessary for courses at community college. She is now
hurdles with her health as she battled Grave’s disease, diabetes     attending San Diego Community College and is majoring in
and a recurring seizure disorder.                                    English. Tranisha only has a few classes left until she receives her
                                                                     Associate’s degree.
Despite the many obstacles she was facing, Tranisha not only
successfully graduated from high school, but also landed a           Tranisha is looking forward to receiving her degree, getting her
scholarship to San Diego Community College. She then went on         poetry published, and hopes to someday teach poetry classes to
to pass her state board exam and received her Certified Nursing      young children.
Assistant (CNA) certificate. Unfortunately, while working she
suffered from multiple episodes of seizures on the job and was       She also has been living alone for one year with her service
not able to continue with her nursing career. Tranisha lost her      dog named Brownie. Tranisha is grateful for Arc’s assistance in
job and was forced to apply for disability.                          helping her pursue a new career path despite her medical issues.

Devastated by not being able to continue in the nursing field, she   The Arc of San Diego’s Independent Living Services supports
knew that there was still hope when her friend told her about The    people with disabilities in their desire to live on their own and be
Arc of San Diego. She began seeking support from Arc to help her     part of the community. Training includes money management,
increase her independence and improve her quality of life.           health & personal safety, and accessing community resources.
                            Success Stories
Matt Anderson

As a student at Mount Miguel High
School, Matt Anderson began
working as part of a small crew at a
public works maintenance facility in
Rancho San Diego.
This experience allowed him to grow and join a larger crew           At 25-years of age and because of his employment, Matt
that was detailing buses for Laidlaw Transportation in El            now lives on his own in an apartment with a roommate and
Cajon. After two years of work experience and the constant           assistance from an independent living coach. When he’s not
training support provided by The Arc of San Diego’s team of job      working, Matt plays basketball for a team in the Sports for
coaches, Matt was ready to take the next step in his career and      Exceptional Athletes program.
began to seek independent employment options.
                                                                     His independent spirit and the services provided by Arc’s
With the support of Arc’s Community Employment Program,              Community Employment Services (ACES) have helped Matt
Matt was hired as a courtesy clerk at the Albertson’s grocery        in his growth from a high school student to a productive
store in Lemon Grove. He has been working there for the past         working adult.
four years and was recognized by Albertson’s earlier this year
                                                                     Matt is a wonderful example of the success that can be
as an Employee of the Month. Matt has earned several wage
                                                                     achieved through Arc’s Community Employment Services.
increases based upon his work performance. Matt greatly enjoys
                                                                     Arc’s Community Employment Services puts people with
his job and appreciates the benefits that it provides him with. He
                                                                     disabilities to work in a variety of industries. The program
continues to receive job coaching from Arc to help support him
                                                                     supports over 500 people with disabilities who are working in
in this position.
                                                                     group and individual employment opportunities throughout
                                                                     San Diego County.
Irene Garcia

Irene Garcia is 30 years old and
lives with her parents, who only
speak Spanish. She attends the day
program at our Sulpizio Family Arc
Center of San Diego.
 When Irene first started in the program, she was making             One day staff was writing a note to Irene’s mother. Watching
attempts to express herself verbally; however the dialect that       closely Irene observed that staff was writing a note to her
she was using –a mixing of English and Spanish was not               mother. Irene asked in Spanish “What are you writing?” The
understood. This made it impossible for her to communicate.          staff told Irene that she was letting her mother know that she
She became very frustrated and angry. Often times she would          had chosen to only eat half of her lunch that day. Irene then
act out and be a safety concern to herself and others. When          responded by saying in English, “Oh, okay.”
Irene was not able to communicate, she would hit others, hurt
                                                                     Irene is now able to share with others when she is sad or mad
herself, slam doors and on occasion break windows.
                                                                     and is not physically aggressive. We believe that with this
Arc staff began diligently working with Irene to address these       remarkable progress, Irene’s days of putting herself or others in
communication issues. They began using pictures to represent         harms way are a thing of the past.
specific personal needs and daily activities, while simultaneously
                                                                     Arc’s Day programs provide assistance with daily living skills
verbalizing the words. After much work, a connection began
                                                                     and vocational training to people like Irene.
to be made. Irene began to make choices and express herself
using these picture boards. Her frustration began to dissolve
and smiles and laughter replaced her previous frustration. After
much hard work, Irene is now able to verbally communicate in
four word sentences in English; she has also learned Spanish.
                                                                        Consolidated Statements
                                                                        of Financial Position
                                                                        CURRENT ASSETS                                2008         2007 (As restated)
                                                                        Cash and Cash Equivalents                     $2,616,024        $2,640,469
Consolidated Statement
                                                                        Receivables, Net                              $3,175,100        $3,473,750
of Activities                                                           Investments                                   $6,719,172        $7,254,549

                                                   2007 TOTAL           Prepaid expenses                               $570,836           $125,185
REVENUE AND SUPPORT                 2008 TOTAL      (As restated)
                                                                        Deposits                                        $75,000            $75,000
San Diego Regional Center            $14,944,578    $14,318,430
                                                                        TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS                         $13,156,132      $13,568,953
Services to the public               $11,306,912    $10,938,419
Medi-Cal                              $4,253,138      $4,577,149
                                                                        RESTRICTED ASSETS
Earned income                         $1,357,979        $110,000
                                                                        Restricted Bond Funds                         $4,307,992          $976,873
Workshop Sales                         $845,146         $844,107
Investment (loss) income              ($572,211)      $1,319,122
                                                                        NON-CURRENT ASSETS
Department of Rehabilitation           $554,936         $664,708
                                                                        Deposits and Other Assets                       $11,088            $12,175
Rental Income                           $411,129        $418,591
                                                                        Charitable Remainder Trust                     $677,506           $816,848
Fundraising/Special Events             $318,557         $233,525
                                                                        Property and Equipment, Net                  $15,752,063      $13,901,929
Other Service Contracts                $253,016         $290,121
                                                                        Certificates of Participation
                                                                                                                       $423,059           $121,567
Contributions                          $194,336         $281,316        Issuance Costs, Net
Other revenue                           $97,558           $72,098       Investments held by
                                                                                                                       $936,186         $1,054,668
                                                                        San Diego Foundation
Memberships                             $32,438           $16,650
                                                                        TOTAL NON-CURRENT ASSETS                     $17,799,902      $15,907,187
Change in value of
                                      ($139,342)        $107,877
charitable remainder trust                                              TOTAL ASSETS                                 $35,264,026      $30,453,013
TOTAL REVENUE AND SUPPORT            $33,858,170    $34,192,113
                                                                        CURRENT LIABILITIES
EXPENSES                                                                Accounts payable                               $674,634           $593,624
Program Services                                                        Accrued expenses                              $2,739,840        $2,203,185
Work Activity vocational services    $15,546,251    $15,932,019         Unearned revenue                                $70,053            $79,887
Adult activity                        $6,033,812      $6,171,806        Accrued interest payable                       $131,142            $60,397
Community living services             $5,908,505      $5,841,791        Security deposits                                $6,604              $6,604
Respite Services                      $1,183,174      $1,045,392        Accrued compensated absences                   $717,972           $756,373
Infant Programs                        $893,899         $748,476        Current portion of non-current liabilities     $177,689         $2,485,379
Special Programs                       $306,761         $284,219        TOTAL CURRENT LIABILITIES                     $4,517,934        $6,185,449
TOTAL PROGRAM SERVICES               $29,872,403    $30,023,703         NON-CURRENT LIABILITIES
Supporting Services                                                     Certificates of Participation                $12,909,140        $6,528,923
Management and general                $3,517,557      $2,476,861        Notes payable                                   $90,525         $2,390,791
Fundraising and Chapters               $171,909         $163,324        Obligation under capital lease                   $9,969              $5,103
TOTAL SUPPORTING SERVICES             $3,689,466      $2,640,185        Sub-total                                    $13,009,634        $8,924,817
Special Events                          $13,674           $12,256       Less: current portion above                   ($177,689)      ($2,485,379)
TOTAL EXPENSES                       $33,575,543    $32,676,144         TOTAL NON-CURRENT LIABILITIES                $12,831,945        $6,439,438
LOSS ON RETIREMENT OF DEBT             $196,606                     -   TOTAL LIABILITIES                            $17,349,879      $12,624,887
NET ASSETS                           $17,914,147    $17,828,126         NET ASSETS
                                                                        Unrestricted                                 $14,356,049      $14,165,615
                                                                        Temporarily restricted                        $2,621,912        $2,607,843
                                                                        Permanently restricted                         $936,186         $1,054,668
                                                                        TOTAL NET ASSETS                             $17,914,147      $17,828,126
                                                                        TOTAL LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS               $35,264,026      $30,453,013
                                                     Programs - 29,872,403

                                                     Management & General - 3,517,557

                                                     Fundraising, Chapters, & Special Events - 185,583


Support and Revenues
                         1.50%      0.75%
2.10%                                                Government Funding (San Diego Regional Center, Medi-Cal & Dept. of Rehabilitation) - 19,752,652

                                                     Services to the Public and Workshop Sales - 12,152,058

                                                     Investment Income - (711,553)

                                                     Earned Income - 1,357,979

                                                     Private Donations & Special Events - 545,331

                                                     Other Revenue - 508,687

                                                     Other Funding - 253,016
Capital Campaign Update

Many of The Arc of San Diego’s buildings need to be upgraded                We are pleased to announce that the facility will be named
or replaced due to age and the growth of our programs. We                   the Sulpizio Family Arc Center in recognition of the generous
have launched our Building Toward Self-Sufficiency Capital                  leadership gift from Rich & Gaby Sulpizio. We greatly
Campaign to seek support for replacing our oldest facility that is          appreciate the support of all of our donors that have made
located in central San Diego.                                               contributions to this project.

We have raised more than $1.9 million to construct and endow                Construction has begun on the new Sulpizio Family Arc Center
a new 16,000 square foot two-story building. We still need to               and we are continuing to seek funds to support this project.
raise an additional $1.8 million to complete this new center that           Please join us in fulfilling a pressing need and make a tax-
will improve and expand the services that we provide to people              deductible contribution to our campaign. Your generosity will
with disabilities.                                                          make a very real difference in the lives of those we serve.

Courtyard                                       Main Entrance (side view)                         Main Entrance
We invite you                                               to become a supporter of The Arc of San Diego

Your gift provides people with disabilities the opportunity
to open up a world of possibilities as they realize their own
potential and abilities. As an Arc supporter, you assist with
ensuring our organization provides vital services as we help
people with disabilities learn new skills, fulfill their personal
goals, and reach their maximum potential.

Although we receive government funding for many of our
programs, these monies are not enough to cover the costs of the
services that we provide. Private donations allow us to fill this
gap and ensure our ability to deliver quality services.
                                                                     Join Arc’s Legacy Society
                                                                     The Legacy Society is a honorary group of individuals who have
Please consider joining                                              made a planned gift to The Arc of San Diego.
our giving circles…
Circle of Friendship $25 - $49                                       As a Legacy Society member, your gift ensures that the vital
Circle of Family $50 - $99                                           services provided by The Arc of San Diego continue to be
Circle of Hope $100 - $249                                           available for many generations to come.
Circle of Care $250 - $499
Circle of Love $500 - $999                                           Thank you for helping us continue to support more than
                                                                     2,500 children and adults with disabilities throughout
Join the Arc San Diego                                               San Diego County.
Foundation’s Circle of Light
Circle of Light $1,000                                               The Arc of San Diego
                                                                     9575 Aero Drive
The Circle of Light recognizes the premier level of donors to        San Diego, CA 92123
our organization. The generous support of these patrons              858-715-3780
allows The Arc of San Diego to continue serving people with
disabilities. Because we are able to rely on these Circle of Light
supporters, The Arc of San Diego will continue to make a
difference in the lives of people with disabilities.
                                          Parent/Infant Program
                                          1280 Nolan Avenue
                                          Chula Vista, CA 91911-3738
                                          Phone: (619) 427-7524
                                          Fax: (619) 427-4657

Arc Directory
                                          Community Living Services
                                          3030 Market Street, Suite B
                                          San Diego, CA 92102-3230
                                          Phone: (619) 685-1175
Main Locations:                           Fax: (619) 234-3759

Administrative Offices
                                          Arc Community Employment Services
9575 Aero Drive
                                          3080 Market Street
San Diego, CA 92123-1803
                                          San Diego, CA 92102-3230
Phone: (858) 715-3780
                                          Phone: (619) 234-4363
Fax: (858) 715-3788
                                          Fax: (619) 234-6070

Sulpizio Family Arc Center of San Diego
3035 G Street                             Arc Enterprises Locations:
San Diego, CA 92102-3230
Phone: (619) 233-8855                     North Shores Vocational Center
Fax: (619) 233-4932                       9575 Aero Drive
                                          San Diego, CA 92123-1803
                                          Phone: (858) 571-4369
East County Training Center               Fax: (858) 571-4370
1374 E. Lexington Avenue
El Cajon, CA 92019-2312
Phone: (619) 444-9417                     East County-John Towers
Fax: (619) 444-7359                       1855 John Towers Avenue
                                          El Cajon, CA 92020-1116
                                          Phone: (619) 448-2415
North County Training Center              Fax: (619) 449-7853
1221 Ridge Road
Vista, CA 92081-6513
Phone: (760) 726-2250                     North County-Rex Industries
Fax: (760) 726-6164                       1336 Rancheros Drive, Suite 100
                                          San Marcos, CA 92069-3089
                                          Phone: (760) 740-6800
Starlight Center                          Fax: (760)740-6839
1280 Nolan Avenue
Chula Vista, CA 91911-3738
Phone: (619) 427-7524                     Starlight Center
Fax: (619) 427-4657                       1280 Nolan Avenue
                                          Chula Vista, CA 91911-3738
                                          Phone: (619) 427-7524
                                          Fax: (619) 427-7528

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