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					DAC Academy

        August 27, 2009
Colorado Department of Education
   Unit of Student Assessment
DAC Academy 2009

                   Today’s Agenda
    • Assessment 101

    • Essential Information for 2009-2010

    • DAC Panel/Q & A Session (working lunch)

    • Accommodations

    • Break-out Sessions
        • Colorado Growth Model
        • S.B. 09-163
        • Navigator Demo and CTB Logistics
DAC Academy 2009

         The “it” factor!
DAC Academy 2009

          DAC Roles & Responsibilities
    In regards to the administration of the state
    assessments, DACs ensure:

    • Quality
    • Accuracy
    • Security
    • Documentation
    • Communication
    • Training
DAC Academy 2009

          DAC Roles & Responsibilities

    • Appointed by the district superintendent
       - Responsibilities and powers may vary

    • Need to have a specific and specialized
    skill set/level of expertise
       - Educational or psychometric background
DAC Academy 2009

            DAC Roles & Responsibilities
        You Have a Vital Leadership Role!
        •   Official point of contact
             - One DAC (One official district e-mail address)
             - Account for any and all information to
             USA/CDE and CTB
             - ONLY district staff member officially
             designated to communicate with the school
             district, USA, and the assessment vendor

             The first question we ask those who call
             us: “Have you talked to your DAC?”
DAC Academy 2009

          DAC Roles & Responsibilities
    • Oversee Administration
        - Scheduling (Section 5.0)
        - Ethical practices   (Section 4.0)

        - Misadministrations     (Section 7.0)

            *Personnel issues
        - Distribution, collection, packing and shipping
        - Accommodations are provided and documented
DAC Academy 2009

          DAC Roles & Responsibilities
    • Training/Communication                  (Sections 7.7 & 9.3)

       - Train SACs and Test Proctors
       - Consistent and reliable distribution of critical
         information to superintendents, teachers,
         and core assessment team members

    • Manage Materials
       - Maintain security of all materials         (Section 8.0)

       - Ensure accurate score reports           (Section 14.0)
          • Pre-coded label use and student data grid
DAC Academy 2009

Colorado Student Assessment System
                                     Unit of Student

   Achievement             College Entrance National and                         English
     (Colorado Model                        State Trends                  Language Acquisition
    Content Standards)                                                  (Colorado ELD Standards)

    Colorado Student           Colorado ACT    National Assessment of      Colorado English Language
   Assessment Program                           Educational Progress          Acquisition Program

        CSAP                    COACT                  NAEP                    CELApro

       CSAPA                                                                  CELAplace
                         On December 18, 2006 Colorado received
                          FULL Approval from the USDoE for our
                            Standards and Assessment System
DAC Academy 2009

  Colorado Student Assessment Program
  PURPOSE: To measure student achievement relative to the
  Colorado Model Content Standards.
  • The assessment has been in place since 1997 (pre-NCLB).
  • 98 percent participation rate across grades 3-10
  • 31 tests
      • Science (Grades 5, 8, & 10)
      • Reading(Grades 3-10)
      • Writing (Grades 3-10)
      • Mathematics (Grades 3-10)
      • Lectura/Escritura (Grades 3 & 4)
DAC Academy 2009

Colorado Student Assessment Program

     2010 Early Testing
  Grade 3
  Reading/         Feb 1 – 12            2010 Regular Testing
  Lectura                                     Windows
  Grade 3–10 all   March 1 – April 2   Grade 3           Feb 16 – 26
  other tests                          Reading/Lectura

                                       Grade 3–10 all    March 8 - April 9
     Those approved for the early      other tests
    testing window have an equal,
     just earlier, testing window.
DAC Academy 2009

  Colorado Student Assessment Program Alternate
  PURPOSE: Standards based achievement test for students with
  a significant cognitive disability.
  • Eligibility

       Determined through a student’s IEP team.

       Less than 1 percent of all students.
  • 27 tests (all CSAP grades and content areas)

   2010 Testing Windows
  All grades and    Feb 3 – March 26
  content areas
DAC Academy 2009

Colorado English Language Acquisition Assessment
 PURPOSE: English Language Acquisition
 • NOT to be confused with an achievement test

 • Measures four domains of language development

        Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing

      Academic Language & Social, Basic Interpersonal Communication

 •   Given to all NEP and LEP K-12 students
      As defined per LCE Unit definitions
                                              2010 Testing Windows
                                             Grades K-12        Jan 4 – Feb 2
                                             All four domains
DAC Academy 2009

Colorado ACT
      College Entrance Exam
           Accepted by U.S. Colleges, Universities, Military
            Academies and NCAA

      Colorado ACT (COACT)
              State test date: 4/28/10
              Make-up test date: 5/12/10
              All 11th grade students by law

           Only ONLINE schools- ACT National test date 4/10/10

      11th Grade Alternate for students eligible to take
           Managed by Exceptional Student Leadership Unit
           2010 dates TBD
DAC Academy 2009

                   Colorado ACT

                                  Test Supervisor (TS)
                                                       DAC’s may need
                                                         to develop a
                                                       process with Test
                                                        Supervisors for

                                   *Test Supervisors must develop a
                                   communication plan with Back-up
                                       Test Supervisors and Test
                                    Accommodations Coordinators.
DAC Academy 2009

                   ACT UPDATES
       ACT: Plastic Polymailer Bags
• Schools will continue to use red envelopes &
  green envelopes

• Envelopes placed in separate polymailer
  bags instead of in return boxes

• Standard time answer documents &
  administrative forms only
DAC Academy 2009

ACT: Blended Supervisor’s Manual

 • Includes instructions for both the ACT Plus
   Writing and the ACT No Writing

 • Both the standard time and special testing
   manuals have been revised with this combined

 • Follows the successful model of our ACT
   National Supervisor’s Manual
DAC Academy 2009

  ACT: Online Services for State Testing

  • School Information forms, Appointment of Testing Staff
    forms, Testing Staff Profile forms, Confirmation Forms, &
    Makeup Order Forms handled online this year

  • Minimize use of paper forms & increase convenience for
    school staff

  • Online tutorial offered to the Principal and Testing Staff

  • Tutorial posted online for interested parties

  • Online schools will not be subject to this change for the
    2009-2010 testing cycle
DAC Academy 2009

National Assessment of Educational Progress
 2010 National (nearly 93,000 students) and Sampling
 of grades 4, 8 and 12
 -CO has shortened window: Feb 1- 26, 2010
DAC Academy 2009

   National Assessment of Educational Progress

   Participating schools selected by National
   NAEP Statisticians
       – All schools identified last May 25 selected: G4 = 6,
         G8 = 12, G12 = 7
       – All participating schools have received initial
         notification from NAEP State Coordinator
       – Will receive national results for grades 4, 8 & 12 for
         the social studies subjects by variables and
         background survey responses. Do not receive
         disaggregated results for districts or individual
         schools- not designed for this.
National Assessment of Educational Progress
NAEP Roles

                   National NAEP

                    NAEP State

        School &
National Assessment of Educational Progress
NAEP- Relationship between NAEP & School
                              NAEP State Coordinator

                                          •Confirms the
                                          assessment date
    District Contact   •Assists NSC in    •Provides schools
                       School             with info for
                        communications    parental
     NAEP School                          notification
                       •Works with NSC    •Responds to
       Coordinator     and the            questions
                       Supervisor to      •Works with
                       Oversee the        district/school
  School & Community   process            personnel to
                                          ensure a smooth
DAC Academy 2009

  NAEP-The Nation’s Report Card® public Web site
DAC Academy 2009

   NAEP-The Questions Tool
DAC Academy 2009

   NAEP-Thousands of Released Items

  Sample Item: Math Grade 8 MC, medium

  What is the intersection of rays PQ and QP in the
  figure above?

  A) Segment PQ
  B) Line PQ
  C) Point P
  D) Point Q
  E) The empty set
                                     Assessment Purposes

                                    Program Evaluation
      Unit of Student Assessment

                                          CSAP               Achievement
                                          CSAPA                  Tests

                                     Body of Evidence
                                     (Program / Placement)   Language
                                   CELAplace & CELApro       Acquisition
               Unit of Student Assessment
                    Management, Administration
                       and Data Reporting

                            Where the data go

Longitudinal                     AYP        AMAOs         SchoolView
  Growth                        (Title I)   (Title III)
        School List
       (August 31st)
 Student                                          Online Enrollment
(October)              Updated Pre-coded
                                                    (November)               CO ACT
                        Labels (January)
                        Final Label File
                                                                             Other Test
                                                                            Companies –
       ALL STATE TESTING                                                     USDOE

                                                                         CDE’s Data

      Schools/Parents/Students                                                    CEDAR

                          Growth/ Accreditation
                                                                Press Releases
     Data Operations - Top 5!
• The lifecycle of assessment data
  – School Master, Data grids, SBD, Reporting,
• ADE collections – Pre-Coded Labels
  – ADE respondent for each collection
• Logistics Training in November online
• Online Enrollments – on Navigator in the fall
  – CELApro
  – CSAPA and CSAP special populations
• New for 2010-11: Race/Ethnicity codes
DAC Academy 2009

Assessment Life Cycle
CSAP Example

                                                              District Validates
                                      August/July             their own data prior
                                                              to final reports

                                              After                    Student
                                                                       Biographical Data
      DAC Training
                                                                       Admin II
      DACs Train SACs     Precoded                            3-10th Rdg, Wrtg, Math
                          Labels           Admin I                 5-8-10 Science
                                             3rd Rdg
 and Navigator

• Secured Site – for DACs
   – Online training                   CDE
   – Online enrollments and
     special populations
   – Access oral scripts,
     translated oral scripts,
     teacher read directions for
   – Archived Emails             DAC         CTB
   – Data: NCounts, GRT files,
     official data retrieval
CTB Navigator
DAC Academy 2009

                   Core Assessment Team

 Who is it?
 • District Assessment Coordinator
 • ELA Director/Coordinator
 • SPED Director/Coordinator
 • CBLA Contact
 • Others…
DAC Academy 2009

                   Core Assessment Team

 Their Role:
 • Are students receiving the services they need?
      Instructional
                            As the population of Colorado
      Programmatic         changes, so do the needs of
                            our students.
      Assessment

 • Collaboration and Communication are key!
      This ensures alignment between instruction and
      Required trainings
DAC Academy 2009

                   Core Assessment Team
Critical functions include, but are not limited to…

• Online Enrollments/Early Test Windows
    – On CTB Navigator

• Automated Data Exchange Collections
    – Through CDE (Student October, Student Biographical Data, etc.)

• Accommodations in place – THINK EARLY!
• Attendance at November trainings
    – CSAP, CSAPA, CELApro (face to face)
    – CSAP, CELApro, CSAPA logistics (online only)
         Online administration trainings for CSAP, CSAPA, and CELApro will still be
DAC Academy 2009

Core Assessment Team
District Assessment Coordinator (DAC)

  • Oversees and manages all aspects of state
    assessment administration
      – Ensures standardized ethical test
  • Training
  • Manage data collection processes
  • What else???
DAC Academy 2009

Core Assessment Team
ELA Director
      • Appropriate accommodations
           Colorado Accommodations Manual for ELLs
      • Accommodations monitoring
      • Assessing language proficiency
      • Designation and re-designations of ELLs (NEP, LEP and
        FEP) for assessment purposes
      • Meeting the needs of ELLs with disabilities (dually
      • Distinguishing between language difficulty and learning
                   Language Culture and Equity Unit
                     Joanna Bruno (303) 866 - 6870
DAC Academy 2009

Core Assessment Team
Special Education Director
  • Meeting the assessment needs of students with disabilities
      – Colorado Accommodations Manual
  • Matching a specific need by including specific
    accommodations in plans
      – IEP (Includes eligibility for CSAPA)
      – 504
      – RtI
  • Accommodations monitoring
  • Work with ELL team to meet needs of dually identified
  • Non-standard Accommodations Requests
                   Exceptional Student Leadership Unit
                      Dena Coggins (303) 866 - 6863
DAC Academy 2009

Core Assessment Team
CBLA Contact

          •Body of evidence from assessments
          • Programmatic interventions/ILPs
          • Accommodations aligned

                   Literacy Grants & Initiatives
                   Dena Coggins (303) 406 - 8653
DAC Academy 2009

Core Assessment Team
District Trainers

          Faculty and staff must be trained
                 on a yearly basis!

      This is true for EVERYONE…

          Core Assessment Team  Teacher administering the test

          (November training will be discussed in future slides.)
DAC Academy 2009

Core Assessment Team

  • Districts are unique
  • Other staff may need to be included in the
      – ADE respondents
      – Superintendents/other District Leadership
      – SASID/RITS respondents
      – Lead Teachers, etc.
  • Communication is key
DAC Academy 2009

Core Assessment Team
Automated Data Exchange (ADE) Respondent

  • Who are they?
      – Responsible for submitting data from the
        various data collections throughout the year.
  • These include:
      – Student October (November)
      – Precoded Labels (January)
      – CELApro Student Biographical Data (March)
      – CSAP/CSAPA Student Biographical Data (June)
      – COACT Student Biographical Data (July)
DAC Academy 2009

                    Reporting Results

  • Requirements
       CRS 22-7-409-1.9
          o “The results of the assessments…shall be part of the
            student’s permanent academic record.”

       CSAP labels on high school transcripts
  • Parents receive reports in a timely manner
  • All schools in each district receive reports in
    at timely manner
DAC Academy 2009

        CDE/USA – Support and Service

  • We recognize that you have “other duties as
  • How we support districts:
      – Resources
          • Comprehensive manuals and guides
      – Trainings
          • November
          • Face-to-face (January)
          • Web ex (CTB Navigator)
               -24/7 availability
      – E-mail and Phone calls
DAC Academy 2009

        CDE/USA – Support and Service
  • Unit of Student Assessment e-mails to DACs
      – Try to limit these
      – E-mails archived on CTB Navigator
  • Scoop
      – Weekly newsletter sent out to districts
      – Subscribe by contacting the CDE Communications Unit at:
      – Includes important deadlines, announcements and
      – Compiles multi-unit info from CDE for easy access to:
          • Superintendents, DACs, etc. (anyone who subscribes)
DAC Academy 2009

                   Assessment Resources

  • 2009-2010 Procedures Manual
  • 2009-2010 Accommodations Manuals
  • 2010 SAC/DAC Manuals
  • Test Proctor’s/Test Examiner’s Manuals
  • SBD Manual
  • Technical Reports
  • Data Interpretation Guidelines
  • Guides to Test Interpretation
DAC Academy 2009

                   Questions about Scores
 • If school/district personnel or parents have a
   question about a score…
     – First, the DAC should review:
         • GRT file
         • Past results
         • District assessment results
     – Irresolvable questions are forwarded to CDE by the
         • USA works with CTB to examine the data
         • May possibly call you in to review material with us
     – Parents cannot view assessments
DAC Academy 2009

                   Questions about Items
 • Proctors should not be studying items
     – Items only accessed during test administration

 • If a test proctor or examiner has a question about
   an item…
     – Contact the SAC, who will contact the DAC
     – USA works with the DAC
         • We are glad to address important questions about the items
     – Include in proctor training instructions:
         • Do Not copy the item
         • Do Not discuss the item (with other teachers, etc.)
         • Do Not email the content of the item
DAC Academy 2009

            How to Handle Advice from
             Sources other than USA

  • When you have questions

      – Contact Unit of Student Assessment      (Section 1.0)
          • Record the name of the staff member you speak with

      – We cannot verify the accuracy of information
        given by other districts or outside sources

      – Know your lifelines
DAC Academy 2009

                   (15 minutes)
DAC Academy 2009

           What’s New for 2009-2010?

  • Colorado Growth Model

  • Documentation (one signed document)
      – all district personnel have been trained
      – DACs hold on to individual signed forms
DAC Academy 2009

           What’s New for 2009-2010?
  • Procedures Manual - main updates
      – Scheduling pickups of materials          (Section 2.4)

      – Location of materials      (Section 6)

      – Punch out tools      (Section 7.3)

      – Handling misadministrations          (Section 7.6)

      – Chewing gum        (Section 9)

      – Eligibility flowchart for CSAP vs. CSAPA             (Section 10)

      – Home schooled students           (Section 12.1)

      – Facilities   (Section 12.18)

      – When a student response requires action                (Section 12.21)

      – Index
DAC Academy 2009

           What’s New for 2009-2010?

  • Accommodations Manual updates
      – 5 step process for selection accommodations
      – Eligibility flowchart for CSAP vs. CSAPA
      – More defined rules around scribing
      – Abacus was added as a restricted
      – Nonstandard accommodations
          • Same form
          • Copy of an IEP or 504 highly recommended
          • Not allowed for grievously ill students
DAC Academy 2009

            Peer Review Requirements

  How do you know?

  • Training
  • Housecleaning
  • Chain of Custody
DAC Academy 2009

              Peer Review Requirements
  • Training        (Section 9.3)
       “Inadvertent” misadministrations do not occur
       Comprehensive and ongoing training must
          •   Test Security
          •   Test Proctor Requirements
          •   Teacher vs. Test Proctor
          •   Ethics
       Required documentation
          • Individual documentation (DACs keep)
          • One form submitted to Unit of Student Assessment
       School administrations must be involved
DAC Academy 2009

            Peer Review Requirements
  • Housekeeping             (Section 7.4)
       USA recommends signed statements on file in
        each district
          • Every principal signs ensuring that there are no
            assessments or proprietary materials related to
            the state assessments stored anywhere on the
            school premises (e.g. test booklets from previous
          • Ensure that any teacher-created materials
            (whether distributed or not) are free of actual
            assessment items
                   » (Does not apply to released items) DACs need a
                     methodology to document that this has been taken
                     care of at every school.
DAC Academy 2009

            Peer Review Requirements
  • Chain of Custody        (Section 8.2)

      – Documented before, during, and after testing
      – Large print, Braille, Teacher Read Directions,
        Oral Scripts, Translated Oral Scripts
      – Materials should not be delivered to schools
        more than 1 week in advance
      – Distribute only the content area being assessed
      – Returned to a designated secure location
          • Not stored in classrooms
DAC Academy 2009

  Assessment Timeline 2009-2010                                               (Section 2)
  CSAP, CSAPA, CELApro and CELAplace
  •   Training
       –   September: ELA, Accommodations, and Procedures Manuals
       –   November: Required training for CSAP, CSAPA, CELApro, and logistics (i.e. SAC/DAC
  •   Ordering and Delivery of Materials
       –   October: Online Enrollments for CELApro
       –   October: Online Enrollments for CSAPA
       –   November: Online Enrollments for CSAP special populations
       –   November: Finalize shipping information for CTB
       –   May: Online enrollments for CELAplace 2009-10
  •   Test Administration
       –   October-December: Submit Nonstandard Accommodation forms for approval
       –   November: Early testing window request completed
       –   January: CELApro Administration window
       –   February-April: CSAP and CSAPA Administration window
  •   Data
       –   September: Student October collection opens (CELApro Precoded labels)
       –   December: Precoded Labels collection opens (CSAP, CSAPA, and COACT
       –   March: Grade 3 CSAP Reading Ncount and CELApro Ncount and SBD
       –   April: Final CELApro 2010 Data Release
       –   May: CSAP/CSAPA Ncount and SBD
       –   July: Final CSAP/CSAPA 2010 Data Release
DAC Academy 2009

           Assessment Timeline 2009-2010
  •   Test Supervisor Checklist of Dates:
       – Late September 2009:
            •   ACT mails initial letter from CDE and School renew form to principals with Checklist of Dates and Standard
                Testing Requirements.
       –   October 2009:
            •   Receipt Deadline for principals to return School Renewal Forms.
            •   Receipt Deadline for TS and TACs to return renewal forms to ACT
       –   November 2009:
            •   TACs receive mailing which includes procedures for requesting accommodations, quantities of individual request
                forms, and an order form for practice test.
            •   Online schools receive a special mailing which includes National Test Date Voucher Eligibility Request and Test
                arrangements to be made for May makeup.
       –   Mid November 2009:
            •   Schools are reminded to submit off-site testing requests, if appropriate.
       –   Late November 2009:
            •   Announcement of training workshop locations and dates mailed to TS, BTS, TACs, and DACs.
       –   December 2009:
            •   Receipt deadline for schools to submit completed proposals for off-site testing arrangements to ACT
       –   Early January 2010:
            •   Receipt deadline for CDE Assessment to receive National Test Date Voucher Eligibility Request for ONLINE
DAC Academy 2009

           November Training Schedule

      Nov. 3 – Pueblo
      Nov. 4 – Colorado Springs
      Nov. 10 – Durango
      Nov. 11 – Grand Junction
      Nov. 13 – Denver
      Nov. 16 – Ft. Collins (tentative)
      Nov. 17 – Ft. Morgan (tentative)
      Nov. 18 – Boulder (tentative)
DAC Academy 2009

              Standards Review Update
    Phase I – Mathematics; Music; Science; Reading,
              Writing & Communicating
        • New drafts available by August 31st
    Phase II – Civics; Economics; Geography; History;
               and expectations for personal financial literacy
        • Recently completed the 8-city public feedback tour on Aug 26th
    Phase III – Dance; Health & Physical Education;
                Theatre; Visual Arts; World Languages
        • In progress
        • Public feedback tour set for October 5th – 21st
            *This work also includes the Expanded Evidence
                   Outcomes and the ELL Standards.
DAC Academy 2009

                   Year of Assessment

  • Stakeholders group being formed now
  • Assessment survey to be posted in
  • Current plan is to hold meetings across the
    state in order to compile public feedback
      – Similar to standards revision process
  • RFP due out in June 2010
DAC Academy 2009

   Office of Standards and Assessments
                                (303) 866-6929
  Jo O’Brien – Assistant Commissioner
  Angela Norlander – Standards
  Anna Huffman – Standards

  Student Assessment
  Jim McIntosh – Director
  Andrina Aragon – CSAP
  Pam A. Sandoval – NAEP
  Christine Deines – COACT
  Margaret Lake – Data Operations
  TBA – CELApro
  TBA – Data Operations

  Research and Evaluation
  Dianne Lefly – Director
  Bill Bonk – Longitudinal Growth
  Marie Huchton – Longitudinal Growth

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