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									      Marvin Ridge Matters                                                                             Red Ribbon Week
              From the Desk of Mr. Broome                                                                 October 25-29, 2010
                    October 22, 2010
                                                                                                           Attention Parents and Students!
                                                                                           This week is Red Ribbon Week – The oldest and largest drug
Dear Mavericks,
                                                                                                         prevention campaign in the country.
                                                                                           MRMS will be participating in this campaign by pledging our
Can you believe that we are nearing the end of October? It seems like we
                                                                                                   commitment to maintain a drug-free campus.
just started school! As fall sports are winding down, I wanted to take the
                                                                                       Each day during the morning announcements we will be sharing facts
opportunity to thank everyone involved with our athletic programs. No
                                                                                        with the students regarding the dangers of drug abuse. These facts
doubt, it’s been a successful season and I attribute that success to those
                                                                                                will also be available to parents and the community
who worked so hard with our student athletes. Your coaching lessons will
                                                                                                               on the MRMS website.
have a life-long impact in the lives of the students. Again, thank you.
                                                                                                    This year’s focus will be marijuana.
                                                                                       We will celebrate our drug-free campus with “Theme Days” all week.

                                                                                                               Theme Days:
    Invest In Success                                Spirit Wear                                      Monday, October 25 – “Wear RED Day”
                                                                                                               (Wear something red)
   Rather than having many fundraisers                                                 Tuesday, October 26 – “My Future is BRIGHT Because I’m Drug-free”
                                              Get your Spirit Wear in time for
throughout the year, the PTSO has decided
                                                Mavericks’ Winter Sports!                                     (Wear sunglasses/hats)
           to continue with the                                                         Wednesday, October 27 – “Follow Your DREAMS, Don’t Do Drugs!”
       Invest In Success Campaign!
                                             You can order on-line by going to:
                                                                    (Wear pajamas)
                                              Several Items have been clearanced                       Thursday, October 28 – “Pledge Day”
This year our annual goal is $17,000            down to $8 - while supplies last!         (Sign your pledge to keep MRMS drug-free and post by the Pit)
                                               Spirit Wear will also be available at
 It only takes $15 per student to reach                                                           Friday, October 29 – “TEAM Up Against Drugs”
                                                our upcoming basketball games!
                this goal!                                                                            (Wear your favorite team’s jersey/gear)
   To date, we’ve collected $4,385.00

 Make your mark ~ Enrich our Students ~
 Support our staff ~ Improve our school ~                                                                  MRMS Spelling Bee
         Grow our community!                                                           During the month of November, students will be competing in their
To make your online donation please go to:
                                               School Store Hours                              Language Arts classes for a spot in the MRMS Bee.       Tuesdays: 11-1 (During Lunch)           The School-wide Bee will take place on Wednesday, December 8th.
                                              Wednesdays: 7:55-8:25 (Before HR)              Check out to study your words.
      DEADLINE: November 17, 2010              Thursdays: 11-1 (During Lunch)
             Black Out – Door Decorating Contest!                       BOXES FOR SOLDIERS                                     Black Out Dance
                                                                          Student Council is in the midst of
                                                                       collecting items to be packaged up and
 Students will decorate the doors of their (A day) team teacher.
                                                                      sent to soldiers who are serving overseas.
                                                                                                                         Student Council is sponsoring a
               The doors will be decorated in black,
                 or with a Fall/Halloween Theme
                                                                                                                               Black Out Dance
                                                                        We are collecting the following items:
The winners will be announced at the dance!                                 Wet Wipes & Zip Lock Bags                          When: Thursday, October 28th
                                                                                        Gum                                       Time: 4:00 – 6:00 PM
 October 28th is Spirit Day! Be sure to wear dark clothes!               Good quality AA and AAA Batteries                           Ticket Price: $4.00
                                                                                   School Supplies                        Tickets will be sold October 25-28 in the
                                                                                   Movies on DVD                                  mornings outside the Pit.
     If we are able to Collect 1 ½ Barrels of Items                      ALL CONTRIBUTIONS are                               The first 200 tickets purchased will
   for our soldiers, our Student Council President,                   GREATLY APPRECIATED and will                        include an LED light-up necklace and the
                    Ben Stanelle                                                                                         remaining tickets will include a traditional
                                                                       make such a difference in the
                                                                                                                                        glow necklace!
               Will SHAVE HIS HEAD!                                        lives of our soldiers!                          There will be a full concession stand at
                                                                        The collection barrel is located on the               the dance, along with a guest DJ!
        Don’t forget to send in your donations!                                  backside of the Pit.
   THANK YOU on behalf of the MRMS Student Council!                      The deadline for donations is Nov. 5

 Box Tops for Education                                                                                            Marvin Ridge Night at Moe’s
                                             Mark Your Calendar!                                                           In Cureton!

Please continue to send in your                                                                   Stop by to support our school the last Thursday night of each month!
   “Box Tops 4 Team Time!”
                                                                                                         15% of the proceeds are given back to our school!
Each box top is worth 10 cents.               October 25-29 Red Ribbon Week!
                                              October 28 Spirit Day
                                              October 28 Black Out Dance
                                              November 2 Election Day
        VIC Card                              November 2 Teacher Workday                            Sign up for the Marvin Ridge Matters Newsletter
                                              November 5 “Boxes for Soldiers” Deadline
  Don’t forget to re-link your                November 10 7th Grade Hearing Screenings
                                                                                                     Get the MRMS newsletter delivered straight to your email
                                              November 11 Veterans Day
   Harris Teeter VIC Card!                                                                            inbox. Click the link to subscribe to the MRMS E-News
                                              November 13 Flapjack Fundraiser Breakfast
        Our Number is
                      Hearing Screenings                                                                               Have You Noticed the Bully Box?
                                                                                                                     What: This is just 1 method of reporting a bullying
                                                                                                                     incident at Marvin Ridge. If you have been bullied
Dear Parents/Guardians,                                                                                              or you have seen someone else being teased or
                                                                                                                     bullied, write down as much information as you can
Because hearing is important to your child’s ability to learn and progress in                                        on a slip of paper and drop it in one of our Bully
school, Union County Public Schools will be providing annual mass hearing                                            Boxes. The more detail you can give us, the easier
screenings on NOVEMBER 10. We will be screening all 7 grade students.                                                it is to help the student who is in need. Everything
                                                                                                                     submitted to the Bully Box is kept confidential. The
Any student who has possible hearing problems noted during this screening                                            only people who can open the boxes are the
will be re-screened in approximately 4-6 weeks by the school audiologist. If                                         Counselors. Both Bully Boxes are checked several
your child has ANY problems at the time of this re-screening, the audiologist                                        times each week. When we receive information
will send a letter home notifying you of the results and actions you should                                          this way, we can quickly investigate the situation to
take. Therefore, NO paperwork home means that your child passed the                                                  help keep MRMS a safe place for all students!
hearing screening.
                                                                                                                          Where: We have 2 Bully Boxes at MRMS.
  If you have any questions about the hearing screening, please contact:                                              One is located on the wall facing the Pit, near the
Shelley Condon, Speech-Language Pathologist - Marvin Ridge Middle School                                                       ISS room and Cafeteria Hallway.
                                                                                                                       The other box is located downstairs on the wall
                                                                                                                            near the elevator and main staircase.

                    Beta Club Fundraiser                                           From the Counselors

                                                                                          Dear Parents:
                                                                                                                             Holiday Assistance
                                                                                                                         The Union County Christmas Bureau
            You’re Invited to an Applebee’s                                      If you or another Marvin Ridge       will begin accepting donations and applications on
                                                                                                                                           October 25.
             Flapjack Fundraiser Breakfast                                      Middle School family is in need of
                                                                                                                           The location is: 2107 West Roosevelt Blvd.
                                                                                 assistance for the holidays this
                                                                                                                             (Former Big Lots location in Monroe)
                                                                                  year, please go to the MRMS
                                                                                                                                Information Line: 704-291-9041
                  When: Saturday, November 13, 2010                             website and look at the attached
                         8:00 AM – 10:00 AM                                         links of what is available in    ● All school counselors will have applications that
                           $7.00 per person                                                Union County!               can be given to families.

                    Where: Applebee’s in Piper Glen                              If you need assistance or can       ● Income verification is required.
                                                                                 refer a family, please contact
     If you’d like to purchase tickets (or need more information)                your grade level counselor at:      ● Depending on need, families can receive boxed
                            Please contact:                                                                            food for Thanksgiving and toys, food and warm
             Tamara May, Robert Salminen or Brita Mann                                                                 coats for Christmas.
                          Or call 704-290-1510                                           6th & 7th Grade
   THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THE MRMS JUNIOR BETA CLUB!                                   6th & 8th Grade                                Happy Holidays!
Honor Roll Students – October, 2010

6th Grade “A” Honor Roll:
Emmarose Abbate, Kayla Baresich, Casey Barhydt, Aparna Bejoy, Matthew Blizzard, Ryleigh Burns, Joshua Buttrey, John Byers,
Dominique Canale, Joshua Cardwell, Phillip Choi, Alexa Coe, Rosemary Cortelli, Kyle Davis, Nicole Day, Isabel, DuBose, Peter Dwyer,
Jason Esposito, Jack Fletcher, Hannah Gadai, Christopher Graveline, Helen Green, Miranda Griffin, Dayna Hagstedt, Morgan Hampton,
 Heather Hanlon, John Hatala, Caroline Hauder, Lauren Helmers, Hanna Henderson, Emma Hennessey, Mary Hippensteel, Lea Holevas,
 Brittany Jacobs, Chandler Jenkinson, William Jones, Michael Kardos, Ellie Kimbrough, Emily Kingston, Courtney Kitson, Cameron Klovstad,
Madison Kopitsch, Tyler Kozlowski, Michael Kronovet, Amanda Kurtz, Celina Lombardo, Brett Loren, Emma Lugibihl, Katherine Marshall,
 Emma Marvel, Carly McDonald, Katherine Mueller, Joanna Nixon, Calvin Obika, Hadleigh Painter, Jonathan Painter, Allegra Persico,
Allie Randall, John Ranshaw, Katherine Rivers, Jon Runkel, Lauren Rush, Kyle Schwartz, Hannah Scott, Leah Shelton, Gregory Simons,
Justin Smits, Trey Stablein, Morgan Sufnarski, Macie Tano, Aleena Tashjian, Nathan Utesch, Christian VanSickle, Carter Venable, Kyle Winchell, Morgan
Wunder, Christopher Zimmerman, Rachel Zubrinsky, Nicole Zukowski

7th Grade “A” Honor Roll:
Ryan Alexander, Susanna Anderson, Hunter Arroyo, Jane Axhoj, Juliana bass, Samantha Bitter, Madeleine Blanton, Kaitlyn Brown,
Chandler Castleberry, Lauren Clark, Amelia Coger, Lilavati Crick, Darla Demontesquiou, Carri Devens, Jada Dillner, Ryan Dixon, Abigail Ekegbu, Grant Ell,
Maxwell Engle, Jose Espinel, Aaron Evans, Karlie Frazier, Mark Glover, Adria Goulet, Alec Greenberg, Katherine Griffin, Roark Habegger, Decker Hadley, Rebecca
Hambright, Courtney Hamrick, Dana Hatcher, Sienna Haynes, Jackson Helms, Kylie Hennessey, Ryan Hulse,
Bradley Ingersoll, Coleman Johnson, Theodore Johnson, Brandon Kelly, Abigail Kendrick, Ryan Kessler, Caroline Killian, Elizabeth Krug,
Ava Liccione, James Long, Jack MacDonald, James Marino, Andrew McCann, Shannon McDonald, Elizabeth McGarvey, Alyssa McKelvey,
Amari McLain, Hannah Menaker, Matthew Miller, Ishana Nigam, Bryan Obika, Connor Paul, Jacob Peterson, Davis Phillips, Rebecca Pierce,
Logan Plattenburg, Megan Polzin, Camden Porta, Maxwell Reichard, Isabelle Rocco, Garrett Rosen, Abrieanna Ruth, Jacob Schachner,
Margaret Simons, Jacqueline Slavinski, Greyson Smith, Emma Spear, Cassie Sullivan, Taivion Taylor, Shawna Tuli, Ananya Tummallapalli,
Avery Viditz-Ward, Nicole Woodlief, Haley Young

8th Grade “A” Honor Roll:
Mohamad Aboufoul, Emma Adcock, Mary Arthur, Paige Baily, Jake Blizzard, Erin Bostrom, Corrie Burkart, Zachary Cendejas, Rachel Cheek, Harrison Chewning,
Robert Cline, Hannah Connelly, Jacob Cornatzer, Samantha Davis, Zachary Dougherty, Jessica Easley, Meredith Emery, Megan Fava, Daniel Ferguson, Kristin
Free, Justin Frye, Melissa Fu, Christopher Garrick, Rochelle Griffin, Nicole Guglielmo, Katrina Hartley,
Steen Haugsted, Taylor Helms, Victoria Herring, Noah Holzberg, Amanda Hsiao, Elizabeth Ingram, Martha Jacobs, Ruchitha Jalavancha,
Hayleigh Johnson, Layne Johnston, Laura Kam, Sean Keady, Alex Keth, Russell Lombardo, Mallory Marks, Hannah Marshall, Arthur McCloskey, Katelyn Melin,
Laura Millard, Prakash Mishra, Rachel Morgan, Molly Mueller, Kailash Nagapudi, Aniket Palkar, Jason Phillips, Jack Rich,
Tanner Roseborough, Laura Rouse, Jessica Ruday, Benjamin Sagmoe, Hannah Schott, Ryan Scott, Shaye Stegall, Shaina Stein, Amy Sutherland, Taylor Sweeney,
Taryn Tenarro, Kayla Thompson, Carolyn Titus, Andrew Vlasov, Zsofia Voros, Kara Washington, Sophie Westrud, Leah Wright
6th Grade “A/B” Honor Roll:
Derek Ahrens, Madeline Amos, John Arthur, Kathryn Asbury, Katie Atlas, Duke Baim, Harper Baldwin, Bianca Bangalore, Cody Basile,
Ashley Baum, Nicholas Bennett, Mason Bhatia, Jacob Bill, Dillon Billingham-Hemminger, Gillian Boigner, Gabriella Bonfilio, Noelle Bonifacio,
Emma Bowker, Bryan Bowser, Hannah Budds, Colleen Cabugason, Michael Cacossa, Bryce Carnohan, Abigail Cendejas, Zachary Cerreta, Kathleen Chambers,
Daniel Chen, MacKenzie Chewning, Colby Childers, Emily Chin, Meghan Claybo, Lauren Clements, Nicole Colmenares,
Austin Colonna, Benjamin Cook, Sarah Corbi, Jason Cornatzer, Zachary Corsi, Macy Courtney, Caroline Cox, Maria Coyle, Wyatt Crooks,
Schaefer Cunningham, Shannon Cunningham, Timothy Curran, Zachary Curtis, Brianna Cusack, Nicole D’Auria, Preston Davis, Phillip Day,
Jacob Dempsey, Hansen Dendinger, McCaffery Despard, Austin Diemont, Connor Dill, Haley Dougherty, Braxton Dunlap, Nicholas Eastland,
Peter Eberhardt, Sarah Ell, Chukwuemeka Emezie, Ava Erfani, Mario Erotokritou, Tyler Fant, Adam Fisher, Liam Florian, Steven Fracasso,
Mark France, Jack Frasier, Katrina Free, Joseph Fronzaglia, John Galen, Hanna Gannett, Matthew Gentile, Thomas Giarratana, Brandon Gordon, Nicole Goulet,
Samuel Graham, Richard Grandstaff, Shane Grasty, Colin Gravelle, Benjamin Greer, Victoria Gribble, Luke Grieco, Isabella Hagen, Luke Halodik, Jacob
Hammond, Raven Harden, Elliott Harrington, Ashley Harrison, Cayla Hashe, Alexander Havala, Andrew Henricks,
Nathan Heyde, Bradley Hicks, Sarah Hightower, Chloe Hockham, Gabrielle Howard, Ireland Hudson, Benjamin Hund, Adam Jeniski,
Colette Jesson, Sarah Joergensen, John Johnson, William Jordan, Chase Kanipe, Kayla Kessel, Drew Keth, Alexa King, Lia Kitteringham,
Cedric Komsa, Coby Kurtz, Zachary Kurtz, Cole Lancaster, Julia Lee, Nicholas Lehtela, Alexander Leshock, Alyssa Levine, Jacob Lipsey, Haley Little, Allison Lloyd,
Juliana Lombard, Grace Lynn-Lato, Beatrice Manaligod, Alessandra Mangione, Michael Maple, Taylor Martin, Jeffrey May,
Cameron McAnally, Benjamin McCann, Bridget McCown, Nathaniel McDow, Lauren McKillip, Colin McKinster, Jaymeson McLain, Ruben McLain, Sean
McLaughlin, Leah Meissner, Alexandria Mercer, Noah Minsk, Kevin Molnar, Taylor Moore, Abigail Moulton, Sorina Nanna, Tiffany Nguyen, Madelyn Owens,
Catherine Palmer, Jeffrey Palombella, James Paque, Kortney Parker, Cory Parr, Rahi Patel, Elizabeth Peeples, Matthew Pelton, McKinley Pollock, Whitlea Price,
Olivia Primm, Elizabeth Randolph, Anna Redford, Elizabeth Reidy, Lauren Richardson, Stephen Ridge,
Austin Ries, Ashley Riley, Kristen Robinson, Lauren Robinson, Haley Rose, Matthew Rothenberg, Mary Rothenberger, Dominick Santa-Maria , Nicholas Sather,
Anthony Schmitt, Emalee Schneider, Sydney Schwai, Zachary Schwartz, John Shanahan, Benjamin Shelley, Alexander Sherman, Donald Smith, Danielle Sofio,
Jonathan Spencer, Lindsey Stack, Mary Steury, Jonathan Swierski, Alexander Toth, Samia Usmani,
Christopher Vanderhall, Matthew Vasquez, Alessandro Verniani, Lex Voelker, Arpad Voros, Jared Walther, Dawson Ward, Benjamin Warstler, Ally Washington,
Grace Wasulko, Ethan Watrud, Austin Wells, Ryan Welsh, Carly Wiederspiel, Carter Williams, Catherine Williams, Ryan Wilson, Eden Woland, Alsander
Womack, Jake Zeller

7th Grade “A/B” Honor Roll:
Spencer Acker, Gregory Agres, Savannah Anderson, Katherine Aten, Ellen Bailey, Hannah Baker, Meeko Barjona, Bruce Betancourt, Casey Bigham, Jack Bitcon,
Justin Bloos, Branson Bond, Joshua Bond, Alexandra Bonfilio, Petra Bonna, Dara Bower, Carly Bretschneider, Maegan Brown, Payton Brown, William Brown,
Cody Bryant, Elizabeth Bueche, Jacob Burns, Christopher Burroughs, Hunter Bury, Eric Cal, Samuel Carson, Daniel Cheek, Emily Cheek, Shalor Christiansen,
Alexander Clark, Rachael Cline, Joseph Cocchi, Chase Cochrane, Kaitlyn Cordle, Drew D’Agostino, Brooke, Davis, Joshua Davis, Kelly Dean, Daniel Deas,
Kevin Dobos, Abby Duggan, Sheridan Duncan, Hannah Durand, Kendall Enoch, Henry Fair, Spencer Fiedor, Mariella Filippis, Samantha Fink, Eilis Finn,
Alexander Flores, Sarah Foley, Bailey Frederick, Joshua Gardina, Shivani Garg, Karen Gates, Griffin Gillespie, Andrew Gillogly, Dominick Giordano, Renee Goggin,
Angelica Gonzalez, Eddie Goodman, Sara Graiger, Hanna Grimm, Austin Hall, Alexis Hanak, Thomas Harding, Melissa Harris, Ursala Hatzinikitas,
Elizabeth Hefron, Caitlin Heilferty, Alyssa Henson, Julia Herring, Madeline Heyde, Rachel Hissam, Savannah Hodge, Christian Hodges, Jane Hohman
7th Grade “A/B” Honor Roll Continued:
Sarah Holcomb, Eric Hothersall, Melanie Hussey, Kendall Hyman, Zachary Hyman, Brian Irving, Maedini Jayaprakash, Kirsten Jones, Erin Jordahl, Abigail Joselyn,
Morgan Karow, Brennan Kenison, Corinne Kern, Austin Kimbrough, Justin King, McKenzie Kitzmiller, Jessica Kompare, Mackenzie Kopczynski, Harrison Kopitsch,
Maggie Kowalski, Leah Kresser, Aathmika Krishna, Edward Krizhevskiy, Katherine Kummerer, Anne Landau, Brian Lee, Tiana Lee, Nicholas Leppert,
Amber Lewandowski, Jordan Lewis, Dimitrios Liapis, Allyson Macwhirter, Thomas Maher, Allison Majni, Hanna Maleski, Timothy Manning, Emily Martin,
Caleb May, Parker May, Amberleigh Mays, Cameron Mazikowski, Riley McCrossan, Kate McDuffie, Molly McFadden, Delaney McGehee, Ceara McKegney,
Delaney McShane, Samuel Melton, Nicholas Mitchell, Ryan More, Wade Morgan, Madeleine Mueller, Robert Muir, Samantha Muir, Alicia Nam,
Isabella Nazzaro, Caison Newton, Chandler Nikodemski, Kaitlin O’Brien. Nnamdi Odita-Honna, Phillip Papa, Nicole Patton, Bayleigh Pavlish, Thomas Perite,
Thomas Pfeiler, Taylor Philippe, Sofia Pina, Stephen Polacek, Joseph Povinelli, William Prewitt, Simran Puri, Alejandro Ramirez, Mackenzie Reep,
Nicole Renwick, Webster Reyner, Alexandria Robaina, Michael Robertson, Claire Rowse, Alexis Russell, Trent Sawicki, James Sawrey, Elizabeth Sawyer,
Cara Schad, Natalie Shields, Daniel Short, Carley Smith, Julia Smith, Brendan Spellman, Ivey Stallings Taylor Starnes, Emilie Stauffer, Kristin Stauffer,
Samuel Stein, Clayton Sturkey, Tegan Sullivan, Nia Sweatt, Chad Thomas, Emily Titolo, Richard Van Gurp, Tamara Vasquez, Jacqueline Verrico, Chelsea Vickers,
Gabrielle Wagner, Lindsay Waldrep, Chloe Wallace, Ryan Wandling, Alexander Warstler, Emily Whitehead, Grace Wieler, Maelee Williamson, Miranda Wolno,
Ava Woodie, Forrest Yardley, Kiera Young, Mikaila Zdyb, Juliana Zimmerman, Austin Zobel

8th Grade “A/B” Honor Roll
Rachel Bobbitt, Alexis Abbott, Adam Abiad, Caroline Blackley, Jared Blum, Lillian Ahrens, Dominic Aiello, Nathan Ankenbruck,
Oyinyechukwu Arinze, Hannah Asbury, Elizabeth Auzenne, Shannon Bailey, Megan Balentine, Bria Bethea, Niharika Bhatnagar, Madeline Boigner, Walter
Bonar, Haley Boone, George Boulos, Reginald Bowser, Aaron Brown, Carly Bummel, Lauren Burk, Mitchell Buttrey, Daniel Canale,
David Cardwell, Allan Chan, Heather Chesler, Caitlin Ciaramella, Allison Clements, Chantal Coker, William Columbia, Ashley Cooper,
Matthew Cristante, Holden Curtis, Jason Curtis, Devyn Dayton, Carly Dean, Megan Deas, Danielle Debartolo, Matheau Denner,
Thomas Donnegan, John Dunn, Keegan Dwyer, Victoria Eardley, Sean Elliott, Olivia Enscoe, Katerina Exarhos, Kyle Falcon, Jin Fang,
Shannon Farley, Matthew Fisenne, Jamie Fleischman, Morgan Font, Julian Gaines, Sophia Garrison, Olivia Gartz, Aidan Gimon, Andrew Glenn, Haley Gordon,
Iain Graham, Ryan Gravelle, Melissa Hagstedt, Shane Hanlon, Kaitlyn Harper, Alexandra Harris, Alexis Hartert, Mira Hashe,
Hanna Hatala, Steffen Haugsted, Zachary Hirst, Tiffany Hoefler, Aaron Hougui, Abigail House, Abbey Housel, Grant Huffstetler, Samuel Hyman, Logan Jensen,
Jordan Kahn, Kenneth Kardos, Gwyneth Kelleher, Jacob Kenley, Hailey Kiser, Emily Klawonn, Julia Komsa, Benjamin Lacy,
Morgan Laird, Andrew Lam, Mackenzie Lancaster, Carly Landgraf, Samuel Latham, Ruby Lauman, Kathryn Lavalle, Lea LeBaron, Zachary Lefin, Nicole Lenart,
Amanda Light, Jacob Little, Austen Livesey, Lauren Lopansri, Sarah Lopresto, Alexandra Maganares, Sara Maleski, Rachel Malseed, Logan McClure, Dugan
McDermott, Ian McDonough, Rachel McKillip, Taylor Miller, Sydney Mitchell, Sarah Morgan, Clare Murphy,
Matthew Pachapa, Lindsay Pack, Johnathon Paque, Erica Partridge, Ryan Perrone, Spencer Pope, Alexandra Powell, Peter Prybylski,
Alexandra Reynolds, Aliya Richburg, Kameron Rickard, Alexandra Ries, Gabrielle Rivera, Juliana Rodriguez, Matthew Rollyson, Jonathan Rubin, Madison
Rubottom, Calvin Shanahan, Sam Shelley, Erin Simmons, Ashley Smith, Kaitlin Smith, Brendan Sodergren, Desiree Stcyr, Nicholas Steury, Marlo Stover, Abbey
Stranahan, Alyssa Taflinger, Madison Taylor, Emma Thaw, Dieter Tietjen, Justin Titgen, Nicole Tolido, Iman Usmani, Mitchell Vanderlaan, Jackson Vansickle,
Andrew Viditz-Ward, Amy Villa, Adrianne Washington, Logan Watrud, Woodrow Watson, Sharlene Wenner, Alexandra White, Rebekah Williams, Trigg
Williamson, Hayden Wohlfarth, Philip Zukowski, Tyler Wells

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