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					                   Strawman NVS Reference
       Networked Voice
                           Dedicated Voice
       NVS Management Data                            AVN         NNC    TSNI        CM                 ARMS

        AVN              Database                                                                                                                Radio - Rx
                                                                                                                              RC                 Radio - Tx
                                                   Legacy A/G
                                                                                                                 RRN    RRN
                  AVN     AVN
                                                   Legacy G/G
                                                                                                 New A/G
                                                                                                                                                 Radio - Rx
             SWP          VS/R            TVS                           FTI                                                   RC
                                                  New A/G & G/G                                 Legacy A/G                                       Radio - Tx
             CWP                                                        TSOC

                                                                                                         Legacy A/G                             Radio - Rx
PSTN        PBX    VRS     Local Radios                                                                                      RCE-R
                                                                                                                                                 Radio - Tx

                                                Legacy A/G               Legend                                     SWP – Supervisor Workstation Position
            Legacy                  RCE-C                                ARMS – Airspace Resource Management        TSNI – Transport Services NOC Interface
           Legacy                                                        System                                     TSOC – Transport Services Operations Center
         Voice Switch                           Legacy G/G
                                                                         AVN - ATC Voice Node
                                                                         CM – Configuration Manager
                                                                                                                    TVS - Trunk/Voice Call Signaling
        Voice Switch                SS1/VC                               CRE – Control RCE Emulation
                                                                                                                    VRS - Voice Recording System
                                                                                                                    VS/R – Voice Switch/Router
       Voice Switch                                                      CWP – Controller Workstation Position      TS – Transport Services
                                                                         MM– Maintenance Management                 External Non-NAS Entities (e.g., DHS,DoD)
                                                                         NMS - NVS Management System
                                                                         NNC – NVS Network Control
                                                                         RC – Radio Control
                                                                         RRE – Remote Radio Emulation
                                                                         RRN – Remote Radio Node

     Reference Architecture Functional
    • ATC Voice Node (AVN)
      – AVN Voice Switch/Router (VS/R) Function
         • Interfaces Controller Workstation Positions (CWP) and Supervisor Workstation Positions
         • Provides A/G and G/G switching/routing to support CWP connectivity
         • Interfaces local Maintenance Management (MM)
         • Interfaces Transport Services (TS) to support A/G and G/G communications
         • Provides connections to local radios
         • Interfaces NVS Management System (NMS) for monitoring and reconfiguration
         • Provides PABX interface
         • Provides Voice Recorder Interface
      – Legacy Emulation Function
         • Provides Control Radio Control Equipment emulation (CRE) in the AVN to support legacy
           A/G communications
         • Provides trunk/voice call signaling (TVS) emulation in the AVN to support legacy G/G
         • RCE Centralized Maintenance System (CMS) equivalent management functions
      – Controller Workstation Position (CWP)
         • Provides controller access and ATC functions (including ability to monitor other positions)
         • Provides controller display and I/O required to support these functions
         • Interfaces AVN VS/R function to access other NVS resources (e.g., AVNs, legacy voice
         • Consolidates voice for interface to voice recorder
     Reference Architecture Functional
    • ATC Voice Node (AVN) [Cont’d]
      – Supervisor Workstation Position (SWP)
         • Provides CWP equivalent capabilities
         • Provides ability to accept/coordinate reconfigurations, set privileges, and develop
      – Maintenance Management (MM)
         • Provides maintenance functions to detect, isolate and restore failures in the AVN VS/R
           and local CWPs/SWP’s
         • Provides interface to AVN VS/R and other functions to support monitoring and
         • Provides display and I/O interfaces to aid maintenance personnel in maintaining AVN
           functions and monitoring NVS in facility assigned airspace

         Reference Architecture
          Functional Elements

    • NVS Management System (NMS) Functions
      – Network Node Control (NNC)
         •   Monitors status of major NVS voice communications system elements (e.g., VS/R, RC, and
             legacy RCE-R) to aid in isolating failures and restoring services
         •   Provides network management interfaces to AVN and Remote Radio Node (RRN) sites
         •   Collects and analyzes voice communications network performance and capacity management
             data from AVN and RRN sites to ensure that required network performance is maintained
         •   Provides security interface to TSOC
      – Transport Services (TS) NOC Interface (TSNI)
         •   Provides interface to TS Network Operations Center (NOC) to monitor overall network
             performance and capacity management information from FTI provider
      – Configuration Management (CM)
         •   Interfaces with AVN and RRN VS/R subsystems to provide voice communications configuration
             management data that enables reconfiguration of human and communications assets (e.g.,
             CWPs, A/G and G/G trunks) at AVN (retains local override capability) and RRN sites
         •   Provides management and national/regional data bases for maintaining addressing (or
             numbering) plan
         •   Provides interface to ARMS for national configuration management coordination

     Reference Architecture Functional
    • Remote Radio Node (RRN)
      – Provides A/G switching/routing and radio control functions to support
        A/G connectivity between Transport Services (TS) and remote
        transmitters and receivers
         • RRN Voice Switch/Router (VS/R) Functions
            – Provides A/G switching and/or routing function that enables flexible
              connectivity at RRN and supports A/G trunk restoration
            – Provides digital/analog A/G interface with TS at remote radio site that
              provides A/G connectivity to AVN
            – Provides A/G voice and control interface with radio control (RC) function
            – Provides interface to NMS to support management and monitoring
              functions associated with RRN functions (e.g. ERMS)
         • Radio Control (RC)
            – Provides radio control functions (e.g., PTT, M/S switchover) for A/G voice
              and remote transmitter/receiver control
            – Provides radio control interface with remote A/G transmitters and receivers
            – Provides interface to RRN VS/R function

    Reference Architecture Functional

    • FAA Telecommunication Infrastructure (FTI)
      – Provides transport and security services for G/G and A/G voice
         • Provides connectivity between and interfaces to AVN VS/Rs and RRN
           VS/Rs for A/G communications
         • Provides connectivity between and interfaces to AVN VS/R and other
           AVN VS/Rs for G/G communications
         • Provides connectivity between and interfaces to legacy Voice Switch and
           RCE-R for A/G communications
         • Provides interface to CRE and TVS emulation functions in AVN to
           support legacy A/G and G/G communications
      – Provides Transport Services Operations Center (TSOC)
         • Provides network status information to NMS
         • Provides network configuration information to NMS
6        • Provides security services interface to NMS
          Reference Architecture
           Functional Elements
    • External Non-NAS Functions
      – Provides Transport Services (TS) interface to External non-NAS
        functions (e.g., UAS, DoD ATC) with NVS voice communications
        functions in NAS facilities


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