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									               CAR BUYING TIPS                               AVOID BUYING A STOLEN CAR                                      ONLINE RESOURCES
Auto theft is one of many factors that determine     Each year thousands of cars are seized from             • This brochure:
your insurance premium. When shopping for            individuals who unknowingly purchased a
a car, it’s wise to research the susceptibility      stolen car because it was a “good deal.” When           • All OII consumer Fact Pak brochures:
of similar makes and models to theft. Vehicle        confiscated by police, the buyer not only       
“extras,” such as custom hubcaps, sound and          continues to make payments for the car but              • National Insurance Crime Bureau:
GPS systems can attract thieves too.                 also faces the possible charge of receiving     
The Highway Loss Data Institute provides             stolen property.                                        • National Insurance Crime Bureau, report
insurance theft losses by vehicle make, model        • Make sure the VIN plate matches the                     suspected insurance fraud:
and year at Additional theft     number on the seller’s title when you         
information is available from the National             purchase a car. Also be sure that the VIN
                                                                                                             • Insurance Information Institute, preventing
Insurance Crime Bureau at                plates have not been tampered with or
Consider investing in a factory installed anti-        altered. Thieves usually remove or replace
theft deterrent device. Many newer makes and           the plates with ones from a similar make/             • Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, title or VIN
models come equipped with them. Check with             model.                                                  check:
your insurer regarding possible discounts.           • Check vehicle history. Ask the seller for a           • National Insurance Crime Bureau VIN check:
                                                       copy of the vehicle’s current Ohio title. Take
                                                       it to the title bureau (county in which the car
                                                       is titled) and ask for a title history, which lists
                                                       the car’s prior owners. The Ohio Bureau
                                                       of Motor Vehicles provides free online title
                                                       searches at A
                                                       free online VIN check service is provided
                                                                                                                                                                              Prevention Tips
                                                       by the National Insurance Crime Bureau at:
                                              Or obtain a vehicle’s               FOR MORE CONSUMER INFORMATION
                                                       history (for a fee) online through CarFax Inc.          OII offers free consumer brochures covering
                                                       at                                      a variety of homeowners and auto insurance                  • Crime Prevention Tips For Home
                                                     • Verify the seller’s name and address. It is             issues, consumer safety tips and insurance
                                                                                                                                                                           • Crime Prevention Tips For Autos
                                                       your responsibility to check all information            laws. Visit for a variety
                                                       regarding the car and the seller. If you think a        of consumer-related materials.                              • Carjacking Prevention Tips
                                                       car may be stolen, notify the police. Be sure                                                                       • Vacation Checklist
                                                       to report suspected insurance fraud activity
                                                       to the National Insurance Crime Bureau at                                                                           • Car Buying Tips
                                                                                                                                            • Avoid Buying A Stolen Car
                                                                                                                                                                           • Online Resources

                                                                                                             • 172 E. State St., Suite 201 • Columbus, OH • 43215-4321 •
                                                                                                                       614.228.1593 •

Whether it’s you, your car or home there are        • Cover basement windows with steel mesh           • Take advantage of free etching programs
ways to prevent loss and injury. OII offers the       secured by long screws or replace the windows      offered by car dealerships to prevent theft of         VACATION CHECKLIST
following crime prevention tips.                      with glass block.                                  valuable parts such as your vehicle’s catalytic
                                                    • Place security locks on tracks of sliding          converter.                                        Suggestions to protect your property
  CRIME PREVENTION TIPS FOR THE HOME                  windows and doors. Most home improvement         • Consider installation of a vehicle security       while you’re away:
                                                      stores carry them.                                 system if your car doesn’t come equipped          •   Check to see if your community
• Lights, locks and sound are great theft                                                                with one.
                                                    • Don’t try to ‘trick’ a robber. Security system                                                           has a neighborhood house-watch
  deterrents. Arrange lights, radios and TVs on
                                                      stickers or signage without an actual system     • Store your vehicle registration and auto              program. Notify local law enforce-
  timers in various rooms if you plan to be away.
                                                      don’t always serve as a deterrent.                 insurance ID card in a secure place such              ment officials and neighbors before
  Burglars typically target quiet, dark houses.
                                                    • Organize and publicize a neighborhood              as a locked glove compartment.                        departing. Provide contact informa-
• Mark valuables with your drivers license                                                                                                                     tion and your cell number so you can
  number using an invisible marking pen or            crime watch program. Local law enforcement       • If your car is stolen, call the police and
                                                      can assist in establishing a program.              provide the following: license plate number;          be reached in case of an emergency.
  engraver. Once marked, items lose value for
  fencing operations.                               • Inventory your possessions, including brand        year, make, model and color of the car;           •   Stop mail, newspapers and all deliv-
                                                      and model numbers. Store this information          Vehicle Identification Number (VIN); time and         eries.
• Use deadbolt locks which are more difficult to                                                         location of theft; description of anyone seen
  jimmy.                                              off-premises. Download free software from                                                            •   Transfer valuables and cash to a
                                             or an inventory form at      loitering nearby; and witness information.            safe deposit box.
• Lights on. Thieves prefer to work in the dark.                                                         Notify your insurance carrier as soon as
                                             to get started.                                                                 •   Place radios, TVs and lights on tim-
  Motion sensor and automatic lights work well                                                           possible.
  for illumination and safety, and also deter       • Secure automatic garage door openers.                                                                    ers throughout the house for a “lived-
                                                      Keep them out of sight, locked in your car or    • Never leave your car running and
  vandalism.                                                                                                                                                   in” look.
                                                      glove box.                                         unattended.
• Don’t let a stranger into your home. Ask for                                                                                                             •   Mute the volume on your phone and
  company identification then call to confirm.                                                                                                                 answering machine so that they can-
                                                        CRIME PREVENTION TIPS FOR AUTOS                      CARJACKING PREVENTION TIPS                        not be heard by passerbys. Do not
• Install a home security system. A monitored
  system can provide additional security. Be sure   How can you discourage auto theft? The simplest                                                            leave an answering machine mes-
                                                                                                       • Think of saving your life. Your car and               sage indicating you’re out of town.
  to teach family members how to use the system     way is to lock your car and keep the keys. Other     belongings can be replaced…you can’t. Don’t
  including immediate response buttons for fire,    tips include:                                        resist an armed suspect.                          •   Arrange for a neighbor/friend to mow
  police and medical emergencies. Notify your       • Since most auto thefts occur at night, park in                                                           the grass or shovel the drive and
  insurance company after installation as some                                                         • Keep doors locked and windows up
                                                       well-lighted areas.                                                                                     watch for deliveries. Having some-
  provide a discount for monitored systems.                                                              whether in or out of your car.
                                                                                                                                                               one check your home occasionally
                                                    • When using a parking lot, choose a park-it-      • When stopped, allow at least one car
• Keep valuables off-premises in a safe deposit                                                                                                                could deter theft.
                                                       yourself lot where you keep the keys. Clever      length between you and the car in front
  box.                                                 thieves have been known to copy car keys                                                            •   Provide your home security system
                                                                                                         of you. This provides room to maneuver if it
• Keep trees, shrubs and bushes trimmed to             when left behind.                                                                                       company with your vacation and cell
                                                                                                         becomes necessary.
  avoid an obstructed view. Tree limbs should                                                                                                                  numbers along with a local contact.
                                                    • For identification purposes, place business      • Keep your purse and valuables out of view
  not be touching the house. Shrubs should be          cards or address labels under floor mats                                                            •   Close your blinds or curtains to pre-
  trimmed 8”–10” below windows.                                                                          or reach by storing in the trunk.
                                                       and down door window openings.                                                                          vent a direct view into your home.
• Close blinds and curtains to prevent a direct                                                        • Don’t stop at isolated locations or ATMs.
                                                    • Keep car keys separate from house keys.
  view of your belongings.                                                                             • Keep watch…if you see a stranger
                                                    • Use paint or an indelible marker to put            approaching your car, drive away as
• Keep yards open and lighted. Some privacy            the vehicle identification number (VIN) on
  fences provide the seclusion a robber needs.                                                           quickly as possible. Walk away from the car if
                                                       the engine hood, trunk lid, battery and other     outside.
• If you’re gone during the day, arrange to            locations on the vehicle.
  have packages delivered to work or a neighbor.                                                       • Keep your cell phone handy and charged.

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