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					            PIT PASS                        JUNE 2007

               Ed Smart
                   1951 - 2007
              He will be missed immensely

The Official Newsletter of SCCBC - founded in 1951
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                                                  engined Austin Healy taking part
                                                  in the 1956 Midnight Sun Rally in

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                                          PREZ SEZ

Hi Everyone.

We are off to a great year! Our second CACC race is now in the books and next comes our first Conference

Thanks to CACC for shoring up a lot of great competition this year. It seems like we have many more entries
than usual for our CACC race weekends. Kudos to the Vintage group who have DOUBLED their numbers from
last year! Keep up the good work guys! Thank you to all the Volunteers who helped make the last weekend a
great event. Without you guys we cannot hold the caliber of events that we do. Lastly, a special thanks to all
those who stepped in for me when I was sick this last race.

There have been lots and lots of track rentals and the dates seem to be flying off the books keeping Keith
very busy.

As you may be well aware flooding is threatening our track. It is not a matter of if anymore, it’s when, and
how much damage will be sustained. All we can do is hope for the best possible outcome. Special thanks to all
those responsible for the Emergency evacuation planning including our track ops team. I hope to see you all
at the June 23/24 Conference weekend! Let’s hope all the water is gone by then !

On a side note, I really need some volunteers who would like to learn about Registration and the Race
Registrar positions. It is IMPERATIVE that we find a few NEW people to mentor, and then take over these
positions for the following race season.


John Campbell


               RACE DATES AT RIVER’S EDGE FOR 2007

    April 28/29                      CACC & Dash for Cash
    June 2/3                         CACC & WSC # 1
    June 23/24                       ICSCC & WSC # 2
    July 7/8                         CACC & WSC # 3
    July 21/22                       Driver Training
    August 4/5                       Historic Motor races (VRCBC)
    August 18/19                     CACC & WSC # 4
    September 1/2/3                  ICSCC Double Race Weekend & WSC # 5
    October 6/7                      CACC WSC # 6 & Enduro

Should you require a race announcement, race schedule, copy of the Supplementary Regu-
lations, membership application or any other forms, please visit our website at . If you do not have access to the Internet, please contact the SCCBC
Secretary at (604) 465-5337 to have forms mailed.

                          2007 Pit Pass Deadlines
                        BY THE 21 ST DAY OF THE MONTH.

     Your suggestions are always welcomed and your stories are always appreciated.

                                 SCCBC MEETINGS
                                         held at:
                              Coquitlam Best Western Hotel,
                                319 North Road at 7:30 pm.

                        Jan 10              May 9               Sept 12
                        Feb 14              June 13             Oct     10
                        Mar 14              July 11             Nov     14
                        Apr 11              Aug 8               Dec     12

                        Sports Car Club of British Columbia presents
                                              RACERS ACROSS THE LINE
                                                 JUNE 23 & 24, 2007
 This event is sanctioned by ICSCC as a championship points race conducted under the 2007 ICSCC regulations and organized by
                          the Sports Car Club of British Columbia at Mission Raceway Park in Mission, BC.

         Entries Close: June 15th, 2007
         Entry Fees:    ICSCC and other licenses                 $220.00 CDN            $200.00 US
                        Additional Entry                         $100.00 CDN            $ 90.00 US
                        Late Entry                               $ 50.00 CDN            $ 45.00 US
                        Westcoast Sportscar Champ.               $230.00 CDN            $210.00 US
                        WSC & ICSCC Combo                        $330.00 CDN            $300.00 US
                        Pit Passes (5 free with entry)           $ 7.50 CDN             $ 7.00 US
                        Novice Entry C/W or O/W                  $130.00 CDN            $118.00 US

                                                ***NEW PRACTICE PROCEDURE***
                     Please see Practice Registration Form on Driver Information Page: There must be 20 cars
                                     registered by JUNE 11 or practice day will be cancelled.
                                      Friday from 10am – 4 pm. Licenses & Club Card required.
                                                  Cost is $106.00 CDN / $94.50 US

                             Transponders: Weekend rental at track $55.00 CDN / $45.00 US for 2 days or
                                            $30.00 CDN / $25.00 US for 1 day

                                             ALL PRICES INCLUDE 6% Goods & Services Tax
                                                Please make cheques payable to SCCBC

 Paved Paddock Spaces: To reserve a paved paddock space, both your entry form and paddock reservation request must be comple
 and include payment. The Paddock Reservation Form located on under the Driver Information Page. Please indicate
 your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices. They will be assigned in the order the entries are received. If your entry is late or you do not indicate your
 choices, your pit assignment will be determined from any remaining.

      Mail Entries to: SCCBC Registrar                                E-mail: (Preferred)
                       Cheryl Ward                                    Phone: (604) 941-5347 (No calls after 9pm)
                       1667 McPherson Dr.                             Fax:    (604) 941-5394
                       Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 6C9

Registration Hours:       Friday            5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
                          Saturday          7:00 am - 12:00 pm
                          Sunday            7:00 am - 10:00 am PRE-REGISTERED ONLY!

Notes:      1) There are recycling containers for waste fluids and garbage cans along the back road of the paddock, please
            do your part to clean up.
            2) Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages is NOT PERMITTED during an event.
         3)      Weekend schedule will be available at Registration.
         4) Skateboards, roller blades and scooters are NOT PERMITTED in the paddock.

Class Rotation #5           GROUP 5         GT/IT             GTL, ITA-B-C, ITS, E-F-G-H Imp Prod
                            GROUP 6         FORM/SR           FV, FFF/500, A-B-C-D-E-F SR, S2, Legends
                            GROUP 1         PROD              A-B-C-D Prod, SPU, SPM, SPO, PRO3
                            GROUP 2         PROD              E-F-G-H-I-J Prod, CR, PRO7, S Miata, CS Miata, HC4
                            GROUP 3         FORM              CF, FF, FL, FA, FM, F2
**Mandatory Tech**          GROUP 4         GT                GT1-2-3, AS, ITE, RS, HC1
                            GROUP 7         NOVICE CW         Novice Closed Wheel
                            GROUP 8         NOVICE OW         Novice Open Wheel
                            GROUP 9         WSC               WestCoast SportsCar Championship

                              EDITOR ON TRACK

               Ed Smart - An Officer and a Gentleman

Edward Smart, born Sept 7, 1951, was earmarked to be a gentleman of great depth and integrity. He was a
man who cared fervently about the development and improvement of motorsport and that is the focus of this
tribute to his racing world. Ed took his final checker flag quietly in his sleep surrounded by friends at Lions
Gate Hospital, North Vancouver, during the afternoon of May 12, 2007, ending his competition with cancer.

A common thread recognized amongst folks who knew Ed was his clear mindedness and ability to focus on the
task at hand, almost to the point of being extreme - he was, to be sure, a man of unwavering resolve. His
multi faceted nature was in great part, a result of his unquestionable intelligence – he did indeed take after
his name. He undoubtedly influenced the progress and evolution of motorsports in Canada, and throughout his
life, Ed’s dedication to motorsport took him down numerous paths. Along his journey he met countless people,
officers and officials. It was his extensive knowledge, prudent approach and attention to detail that made
him so sought after by the various governing bodies and departments of the racing world. Hence, he held
office on various levels during his long association with motor racing and the many, many friends and
acquaintances that shared his passion. He was unquestionably a great officer and ambassador of the motor
racing world.

Here then, are just a few of those friends and associates with their final thoughts on a man that they all
clearly appreciated and admired:

The Sports Car of British Columbia wishes to express its sympathy to the family and friends of Ed Smart.
Many of us will continue to remember Ed, especially when it comes to our race weekends. He could always be
found with rulebook in hand in our Tech area.

In earlier days at Westwood and later at Mission, Ed guided the club into the computer age, helping introduce
computer timing and scoring as well as the hardware and software we take for granted today. Ed served on
the executive of the SCCBC as well as many committees in his 30 plus years as club member.

Ed, a Life Member of SCCBC, was an avid motor sports enthusiast of CASC and later CACC, devoting much of
his time to motorsport as President of CACC as well as Race Steward of many CACC and CASC events over
the years. Ed started out in the early 70’s working at Gordon Brothers British Cars while building an Austin
1800 to campaign at the Westwood track before devoting himself to the administration side of the sport. He
was always willing to share his knowledge of British cars and BMC at a time when the British makes were the
most popular cars racing at Westwood. His devotion to motorsport is legendary, contributing much in the way
of time, expertise and knowledge that will be missed by all. His memory will continue to live on as an icon of
motorsport in British Columbia.

                                   Ed Smart– Cont’.

ASN Canada FIA President - Roger Peart:
Gentlemen, sadly, I should let you know that Ed Smart passed away. As most of you know, Ed was a long-
standing stalwart in BC, having served for many years as President of CACC. He will be sorely missed, not only
in BC but across Canada.

CACC President—Lorne Stead:
Many years ago when I first met Ed, he was the crew chief for a fellow ice racer, Tom Roy. Tom and I had
just finished an ice race season and decided to both run Knox Mountain Hill Climb to finally see who had the
fastest car. We had been pretty even all season long and wanted one more chance to beat each other. So I
showed up at Knox by myself and Tom came up with Ed Smart. As soon as we pitted I knew that I was in
trouble because Ed went about checking all kinds of things like air density, emulsion tubes, fuel and air
corrector settings and even toe-in and alignment. Ed was a pretty good mechanic and tuner long before he got
into computer tech and software.

Anyway, my preparations consisted of checking to see if the tires had air and were still bolted to the car and
if they did, then I checked the engine oil, and I think I even looked to see if there was still antifreeze in the
radiator. Suffice to say, if Ed was playing Smokey Yunick, then I must have been more like Fred Flintstone. I
was pretty impressed with Ed’s thoroughness and how workmanlike he went about getting Tom’s car ready for
the showdown. I don’t think he spoke all day, except to ask Tom for some new plugs or a new gasket or two.

Finally, after the last run of the day I was sitting beside Ed and decided to say something to break the
silence. So I asked “What do you think of ice racing, Ed?” and before I could finish the sentence he replied
“It’s about the lowest form of motorsport, next to roundy-round!”. That was it, my first conversation with

I’m happy to say that in spite of our abrupt introduction and very brief conversation, I did manage to get to
know Ed much better and am grateful for the time over the years we spent together in motorsport. And I'm
also happy to say that Ed went on to become very much involved in ice racing and I think he even once drove
someone's car during a worker race, if memory serves me correctly.

Getting to know more about Ed during his final few years at the head of CACC also gave me a unique insight
into how important it was to him, and all of us. Ed used to say that he enjoyed motorsport because it gave him
an opportunity to work with an audience that was generally higher up the bell curve than the average and in
some cases, like his, right at the very top. Anyone who ever debated with Ed knew that you’d better have your
facts straight or you would get a sample of that quick wit or barb, depending on how much chastising Ed
thought you needed.

I don’t know why but it seemed like Ed and I kind of hit it off on the CACC executive. Before I became vice
president I had served a few years as ice race director at Ed’s request. My wife had died from cancer

                                  Ed Smart– Cont’.
treatment and one day a few months later Ed just called up and asked if I wanted to help out. I think it was
his way of reaching out to me to help get going again and after a while I saw the point - that life goes on while
you can still contribute something to it. And we all should make time to contribute something back, however
we can.

I’m going to miss Ed’s wisdom and insight as I reflect on what lies ahead. But I also know that he was pleased
that we have made a start back to a complete executive board with a strong group of people. We have lots to
do yet but as long as we can take some time every once in a while to reflect on what Ed might have done or
thought about a situation we can help keep his memory alive. We honour his time with us by doing so, and I
hope we never forget.

Sheree Wall:
For those of you who did not know Ed as well as the rest of us, he was active in motorsport in some way from
1970 until the moment he became too ill and had to be hospitalized. While in palliative care at Lions Gate
Hospital, he continued to act as Past President of CACC and was a continual support to Lorne Stead, our new
President and the rest of the executive, using his extensive knowledge and experience in motorsport to
advise and support the new executive in their endeavors to fill some very large shoes. Ed was a Tech
Inspector for various forms of motorsport, he acted as an Event Steward and executive steward for various
forms of motorsport and for us ice racers, was our Clerk of The Course for many years – a very tough and
thankless job.

I first met Ed in 1979 when he was crewing for Tom Roy at Ice Racing. He didn’t socialize much and didn’t
have much to say, but he was always there making sure the car would run and be safe. When Tom stopped Ice
Racing, I did not see Ed again for many years, until I returned from a hiatus from Ice Racing and found him to
be our Clerk of The Course. Ed was a hard man to get to know, but once you knew him and became friends,
you knew you would be his friend forever and could count on him for anything.

In March of 2006, I was approached by two ex-ice racers who are fully aware of my lack of ability to say no
when there is an organizational role to fill. They asked me if I would be willing to step in and be acting
secretary of CACC until election time as the current secretary was moving out of town. Of course I said
“okay”. I did not learn until several months later, that Ed had also requested that I fill this position. Knowing
Ed as I did and his desire for everything to be done right, on time and in a professional manner, I was at first
intimidated and worried about being able to fulfill the position to his expectations, but as time went on, I
found that Ed had wanted me to become acting secretary because he did have full confidence in me to fulfill
the position to his expectations.

I am honoured that Ed believed in me and I hope to honour his memory by continuing to do the best job I can
for the Executive of CACC for as long as I can.

                                 Ed Smart– Cont’.

                                         “The Man in White”
Rob Mingay:
“Dressed in white, credentials dangling, clip board in hand, peering into engine compartments, tugging on
safety belts, telling drivers to spread out the gear - those were my first impressions of Edward Smart. He
scared the heck out of me. Not because he was a frightening guy, but because it was at that moment, going
through technical inspection that the serious business of racing automobiles at high speed first came home to
me. Ed taught me in a few brief moments, you could get hurt doing this.

Ed’s meticulous approach to taking a car through tech likely saved more than one driver life and limb. I know
he caught a thing or two on the various cars I raced over the years. He was always there, no matter where we
went, Westwood, Mission, Seattle, Portland, Calgary always manning his post keeping us all honest and, above
all, safe. That guy who frightened me that first race weekend came to represent a comfort and consistency
as I became more experienced in the world of racecars. He was always there, that last stop, before rolling
out for practice. There was no better feeling at the end of a race than being singled out by Ed for a post
race inspection…it meant you’d placed well and that was why we were all there. I was always disappointed
when he waved me on to my paddock, like I had failed him.

Ed loved motorsport. It was in his blood. He loved tech inspection. It resonated with his geek nature. Geek is
cool now but then it was just, well, geeky and we loved him for it. As I got to know Ed better he would always
join us for lunch or come over after the track had been shut down - Peter, Jeannie, Ed and me, sitting around
the paddock. Sandwiches, made by Jeannie, on a table littered with tools, gears, oil filters, brake parts and
sandwich makings. Race gossip, talk about world affairs, news was the range of idle chat. Ed was a prodigious
reader of periodicals so there were few events he wasn’t aware of. I was on the left of the spectrum, Ed on
the right, agreeing on more than we imagined and agreeing to disagree on issues with an easy change of topic.

When Ed was in Lions Gate Hospital those discussions never stopped. Always ready to talk about world affairs
one minute and the Car of The Future the next. Ed’s last months really showed what this guy was made of. He
was determined, he was fighter, and he would NOT QUIT. The Sunday before he died he called me about
noon, “Want to witness my walk?”, which meant he was going to get out of bed for the second time in almost
six months. I got there in time to see him loaded into a four wheeled chair and we toured the halls, stopping
here and there to look at something before he would motion to move on. When I tired of that Charlie took
over for another circuit. He died three days later.

His last months were not easy but I don’t think I ever saw him feel sorry for himself. Sure he complained of
pain and discomfort but never fell into self-pity. He showed a toughness of spirit that both inspired and
frustrated all who saw him. The frustration came from our desire to bring him comfort while he wanted a
program to build up his core strength through exercise. When he left us it was quietly and on his terms. Ed
was impressive, Ed was principled, Ed was a bit of an enigma, hard to pin down but not hard to love. Thank you
Ed for being steady, consistent and allowing us to share the track with you. See you in Victory Lane”.

                                  Ed Smart– Cont’.

Bruce Yeo:
I can't remember when I first met Ed, but I do believe he had been hanging out at Westwood for a couple of
years when I started to hang out at the track too.

Ed was always known to be outspoken and I always had respect for what he said even if I didn't always agree
with him. I've always admired him for his dedication in what he believes. He could never be accused of trying
to make a 'popular' decision and would steadfastly stand by his choice.

I'll miss Ed, as will the Club and Canadian motorsport.

Tom Johnston:
“I knew Ed from motor sport for about thirty years but I didn't get to know him very well until about six
years ago while I was recovering from a stroke and starting to write my books. You see, Ed was my computer
consultant, as was he to many in our sport. I was working the computers pretty hard and Ed seemed always
saving me from disaster. Of course every time he came by we had to have a long discussion about the current
state of motor sport.”

Bob Williams:
“It's funny that. when asked what you can remember about someone, there is this haunting blankness.
However you wake in the middle of the night from a deep sleep and yes you find yourself laughing and doing it
with an unusual grin. This is how I remember some of the things about my friend Ed.

When I was involved in ice racing in the (keep it a secret) 80's / 90's, I approached Ed to be our Race Day
Boss. He was forever official, in his mannerism, his professional approach to any and all situations, (that
never changed) and every once in a while he would smile. Yes, Ed was having a good time. It took some time
for he and I to "hit it off", but eventually we became great friends.

One race weekend in particular I recall that I said that doing his job as clerk of the coarse anyone could do.
Well, he took me up on the challenge, and I was the race steward/clerk of the day.... well, just for one race.
The other part of the bargain was that he would take my place in the car as a driver. How bad could this get
I thought? We strapped him in with a cushion behind his short ass so he could reach the wheel and pedals,
and I took his place up on the hill. I got the radio checks in from the corners, the grid was rolling, the green
flag dropped, and they, even Ed, were off. Come to think of it as I'm writing this, he didn't even have a race
license. Oh well, I know he was safe and what could possibly happen.... Hmmmm. At the green flag, Ed was
between Cal Herdson and Heather Robinson. (I think) and yes, it was inevitable, Ed bounced back and forth
between the two of them for most of the straight away, until the cars strung themselves out. Reports came
across the radio, “car #66, car #??, car#?? CONTACT !” I raced this car in ten races that weekend and
never put a scratch on it. Ed gets in it and, I still have the blue and silver paint on each side. As Clerk of the
Course, I had to inform Ed of his pending penalty, exclusion from racing for the remainder of the weekend,

                                  Ed Smart– Cont’.
mostly due to lack of experience. If any of you have ever had the opportunity of being a passenger with Ed
driving, you know what I'm referring to. Ed is a friend that will always be missed at the track, my service
station for a sandwich, a passing phone call, my computer guru, a talking rulebook, a gentle smile, an approving
nod, and an afternoon nap in our paddock.
It is an honour to have Ed as a friend, and this is forever. Until we meet again.”

Wayne Groff:
“Ed will be missed by all that worked with him. I met Ed in 1988. I thought he was a very eccentric, even
then, but when we went to work together, I realized that I had misjudged him. Yes, he was eccentric, but he
was damn good at any job that you asked him to perform. As a chief steward for a professional series, one
can only request that your partners in crime know at least as much as you do. Well, Ed always knew more than
I did, and he would make that abundantly clear. I may not have always appreciated his perspective, but I
respected it.

Ed was my friend, my colleague, and my partner through several incarnations. He fought till the end. Selah”

Sue Phypers - Farewell to Ed
Ed....there will only ever be one know what I mean.
We will all have our special, special moments to reflect upon, as memories of this unique man. I have a few,
but one that has stuck with me, is driving with Ed!

We did a few drives to Calgary over the years, when we had active racing series... yes, remember the Honda/
Michelin, Players/GM and Canon/Yokohama series. They raced at Race City, as well as Westwood.
Well, in those days Ed had to eat almost constantly and I would pack the cooler with food and he would have
his grab bag of snacks, usually the quick fix type and of course, coffee by the gallon. We would share the
driving, but I never quite copied his driving style, especially “passing.” We would come up on another vehicle -
car, truck or semi - and after tailing (almost tail-gating) for a while, he would have a quick look, speed up,
right to the bumper it seemed, then whip out, plant his foot and make the pass! - definitely akin to a racing
pass. On a few occasions I pretty much held my breath. To this day, if someone does a similar thing, I will
say, “you just did an Ed.”

He has made a slower pass now, and I trust it will be a peaceful journey. He will be in fast company, as May
8th was the 25th anniversary of Gilles Villeneuve’s death. Ed was Ed and we will miss him.

(Thanks to Sue and Gerry [Frechette] for all the photographs)

Tom Roy:
“I first met Ed some 30 years ago when he was slaloming (we call it Solo II now) a Corvair. That's right, a
Corvair. I on the other hand, was ice racing a Corvair. I guess we recognized in each other a fellow traveler.

Through the years we did Tech together, shared a hole in the wall we called a shop behind the Venice Bakery
in North Van where we spent many a late night working on our cars, crewed for each other (truth to tell, he

                                  Ed Smart– Cont’.
helped me more than I helped him), served on the SCCBC executive together, and worked many of the
significant races in the Region: Players Pacific, Formula Atlantic, Formula Mondiale, TransAm, IMSA, and, of
course, MIV.

Perhaps our association is best remembered as the CASC Chief Scrutineer (me) and the Assistant Scrutineer
(Ed). A lot of you have heard this story before, but for those who haven't, Ed and I used to play the Good
Cop, Bad Cop game when we ran Tech. If we had a particularly difficult "customer" to deal with, I would make
myself scarce at the other end of the Pits while Ed did a thorough - and I do mean thorough - inspection of
the car. Then, in a logical and calm manner he would cite the numerous violations he had found and inform the
owner that his car would not be racing today, unless, of course (snicker, snicker) he could fix the multitude of
illegal or unsafe items Ed had found. Of course, it was the Chief Scrutineer’s decision but Ed would
recommend no tech sticker. When the car owner found me I would commiserate with him that yes, that was a
long list and no he couldn't possibly get all that done in time, but Ed of course was right; these were against
the particular rules he had cited, but give me time to go talk to Ed while you try and fix these two items. Of
course Ed and I would discuss and agree on what items were important to do now and what we could note in
the log book as "to be done by next race". Then I would go back and relate the good news as to how Ed had
relented and this driver could now race if these few items were completed.

The system worked well for us until, one day at a Stage rally, I was teaching a first time entrant who had
brought this ratty old 510. I was getting quite worked up, pointing out the many failings of the car and finally
demanded what he meant by bringing out such a pile of rusty bolts and broken parts to this rally. After he
had slunk away, Ed came up to me with a quizzical look on his face and said "Tom, I'm supposed to be the Bad
cop; you're the Good cop!" That's when I knew I had to quit doing tech and move on to something else

In later years Ed used to say that he regretted that because of the Bad Cop role he played, people expected
him to always be that way. He never really was the bad cop; in fact I will always remember him as the BEST

Mike Currie:
“On the subject of Ed, I'll tell you a little story that dates from Westwood - Jim Kurtz will corroborate this.

We were doing Technical Inspection at a Conference race at Westwood and a certain rather obnoxious
individual brought his Formula Vee to Tech. (Before we go further, I must explain that it was not Uncle Al)
Ed was the lucky soul who ended up doing the inspection.

When it started looking at this Vee he noticed two pieces of racer's tape wrapped around the rear brake
lines. Querying the owner/operator he got the response that the response that the tape was there to protect
the brake line from chaffing against the upright. Fair enough, but Ed politely asked the "gentleman" to
remove the tape so that he (Ed) could ascertain that the brake lines were in good shape and not damaged. The
"gentleman" refused, so Ed then asked him to remove the rear wheels so that the brake linings could be
inspected. Again our friend refused and proceeded to go into a rant leaving Ed no choice but to not pass the
car from inspection.
If you have ever attempted to remove a Volkswagen rear axle you will know that you require a very large

                                  Ed Smart– Cont’.
"breaker bar" to loosen (and tighten the nut). The torque on the nut is approximately 103 lbs., I believe.

After being refused at Technical Inspection, the "gentleman" in question approached the Conference
Steward and requested his assistance. The Steward came up and spoke with Ed who advised him the
"gentleman" had been unwilling to remove the tape in question and had been overly rude into the bargain. He
(the "gentleman") had also bad-mouthed all of the tech inspectors present and we had all refused to complete
the inspection until the offending pieces of tape were removed for further inspection and the rear wheels
removed for brake lining inspection.

The Steward made the only sensible decision and suggested that the "gentleman" comply with our request.
Unfortunately, a number of other competitors present had on-going issues with this chap and no one would
loan him the requisite breaker bar to remove his rear wheels ("Jeez, I knew I forgot something at home," was
the most common response). This necessitated a trip down the hill to rent the necessary tool from a local
garage and the missing of a qualifying session to boot.

When the dust settled after this little contretemps, Ed was observed smiling quietly. You'll have to figure
out the moral of this story for yourself.

Ed was a very good Tech Inspector, a hell of a guy and we are all the poorer for his passing. Thanks Ed !”

Pit Pass:
Acronym Soup – this was the title Ed gave to one of the first
articles he sent to us here at Pit Pass. It summed up so well
his superbly dry, sense of humour, one born of an agreeable
mix of wit and intelligence.       Add to that his obvious
commitment to excellence, and you have an irresistible
effect that certainly endeared him to us as Editors of Pit
Pass. From that point on, we regularly went to him for his
very welcomed advice, guidance and help.

Ed is remembered well from MIV days – when taking on Pace
Car duties with Uncle Al, we were frequently on the other
end of radio communication with Ed up in Race Control, and
what a pleasure it was indeed. Being very familiar with two-
way radio, one gets to despair over the appalling habits some
people exhibit, but with Ed it was all business and highly
polished. As mentioned in the Spotlight article in the May
issue of Pit Pass, he was the best – that’s as good as it gets.

On Saturday, June 2nd, focus shifted to the track - at the
noon hour driver’s meeting, SCCBC took the opportunity to
pay tribute to Ed. His very pleasant parents, George and Eve

                                Ed Smart– Cont’.
                                         make a special effort to come to the Rivers Edge Road Course
                                         gracing us all with their presence. They spoke to a number of
                                         people in attendance and after chatting to them both, it wasn’t
                                         hard to see where that gentlemanly side of Ed came from. Mike
                                         Kaerne lead the gathering inside the Tech Area Compound through
                                         a moment of silence for Ed in front a wonderful backdrop photo
                                         collage, supplied and nicely put together by Sue Phypers and Gerry
                                         Frechette.        A
                                         special kind of
                                         plaque          was
                                         unveiled in the
                                         form of a Street
Sign to reveal “Ed Smart’s Way”, naming the perimeter road
around the tech area. Ed’s executor very quietly spread
some of Ed’s ashes trackside (around the perimeter of the
tech area) as per Ed’s wishes, followed by a missing car
formation courtesy of the Formula Cars on Sunday. Ed was
so concerned about there being no fuss and ceremony made
over his memory.

    I think he would have approved of the way in which the events unfolded for him at his track.

                                             The track just

                                           won’t be the same

                                            without you Ed

                                               God Speed
                                               my Friend

                                            Pit Pass Editors

                             Through Your Eyes ?
Bishop Sales in partnership with Industry Works Distribution of Vancouver BC are producing a television pilot
called "Through Their Eyes", this show is targeted to motorsport fans that will showcase viewer submitted
videos of amateur in-car racing. We are now looking for in-car racing footage for episodes broadcast. All sub-
missions by amateur racers or teams will be reviewed for consideration for on-air viewing and those chosen
will be eligible to win sponsorship money or product from show sponsors in the automotive industry.

Your submission could be of a trip down the drag strip, wide open run on the flats, bumper tag at the road
course, dodging cones at the local autocross, sliding in the dirt rally style, or even running laps in your high-
performance street car at a closed track facility. The show is about showing off the excitement of being be-
hind the wheel so don't forget to send in your close calls, not so close calls and pedal to the metal excite-
ment. Videos that include footage on a public street or highway in a non-closed course condition will be imme-
diately rejected. All others will be reviewed by producers for consideration for on-air viewing.

Digital formats can be forward by e-mail to or mail us your discs or VHS tapes to
Bishop Sales Ltd 1130 West 15th Street North Vancouver BC V7P 1M9. Please ensure to include driver and
vehicle biography with event description and any notable product or sponsorship endorsements that are re-
quired. For more submission information, please visit link.

Further, the show is looking for sponsorship for our amateur racer awards segments, if you have any interest
and the commitment is easy, please contact Jeff Dann at or call 866-867-8324.

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time at
866-867-8324 and we thank you for your support

Thank you,
Jeff Dann

At the Spring Meeting, the E-Board scheduled two tentative race dates for Team Continental for the 2007
season. These dates were subject to Oregon Raceway Park track completion and approval. It was agreed
that Team Continental could cancel their races by June 1st without financial penalty if it became clear that
the track would not be completed in time. Yesterday, Scott Hanken, TC E-Board Representative, noti-
fied Headquarters that Team Continental will not be hosting any championship races in 2007.

I would like to thank Team Continental for the early notification. This will allow drivers & workers to make
any necessary adjustments to their schedules.

Linda Heinrich
ICSCC President

                                 TRACK CHAT

                       Well........ is it going to happen ?
      Is there still a chance Rita’s Concession is going to look some-
           thing like this, or are we going to dodge the bullet ?
    The temperature’s been rising big-time in the high country - for the last few days,
    the upper Fraser has been swelling it’s banks, PG is on flood alert and the big melt is
    on. The good news is that, for years June 6th has consistently been the high water
    date for the second surge - the bad news is, the snow pack and the river are running
    at record high levels and we know every drop is bound for Mission, right by our track.

      We welcome Track Chat back heartily - Keith has an up-date:

                           TRACK CHAT - Cont’.

                                      Rivers Edge Road Course
 It’s not hard to figure out where the name came from - this is a shot just east of Turn 7

The club executive has implemented its flood plan and as I’m writing this article, everyone is keeping an anx-
ious eye on the river.

The snow pack is still in the mountains and the temperature is rising in the interior. The next 7-10 days will
give us a clearer indication of where the rest of our season is headed. Most of the sensitive material has al-
ready been put in storage and a lot of concrete blocks have been placed around the clubhouse, the container
and the tech shack.

                            TRACK CHAT - Cont’.

BCCCA has their big points race this weekend and conditions look OK for them so far. If the river threatens
to flood the track, than they will have a lot of preparation to do next week and SCCBC has offered the use of
our fork lift to assist them in any way we can. They have prepared a lot of sand bags and their plan is to ‘seal’
the quarter mile strip as best possible. We will be helping them place concrete blocks at the ends of the
strip - these were moved into a convenient staging position last week.

The picture shows the ‘level gauge’ erected by Jim Hinds (BCCCA) on the river bank approximately 100 yards
east of turn 7. Upon close inspection, you will see the word ‘road’ on the white pole - this is at the 6½ metre
mark. The dyke protecting Mission city is at the 7 metre level and the river currently sits at 4 metres.

So, get out your worry beads, craven images or what ever works and let’s hope Mother Nature isn’t too cruel
to local motorsport fans!

                                             Info Box
                                              Safety Tip
It has happen to us all – no matter how hard you try, no matter how many checks you go through, at some
point, something always gives you the slip.

So it was with Robert Johnston on April 28th at Rivers Edge. Rounding the exit of turn 2 it happened, the
thing that has haunted many of us at one time or another, the unthinkable – the steering wheel came off in
his hands, and he was into the wall in a trice.

Usually, one of my last checks before going out on to the track is to pull on the wheel as I’m leaving pre-grid,
but the odd time I’ll find myself out on the track on the out-lap, not being able to clearly recall if I did actu-
ally check the wheel or not – so what do you do? Haul on the wheel right? No, no, no ! – as Rob said after his
horrible experience, “why would you do that?” The right thing to do is to PUSH on the wheel. If it’s not
latched, chances are you’ll feel it do so. Then you can feel the release button/ring to confirm it is latched,
and then perhaps, if you really, really, really have to, a little pull, just to make yourself feel comfortable.

Good advice – thanks Rob.

If you have a good safety tip, please share it with us all in Pit Pass – it could help another driver spare your

              Uncle Al and the Boys

Uncle Al may not remember the first of his numerous Trophies years ago, but he re-
lived the excitement vicariously through Don Lines who picked up his first one April
29/07. After completing his novice program on the Saturday, you can see they were
both as thrilled as each other with the achievement in the Sunday race. Lawrence
Green was looking on with approval, another one of those “V” men with a big smile.
Vintage usually means a more civilized and measured approach to racing, which is cer-
tainly the case for Jim Latham as he takes it easy in the shade of the trailer where
Al caught him in a moment of repose, contemplating his Vintage Volvo - way to go Jim !

Over the year’s Kevin and I have volunteered many hours at the various car shows that the club has
participated in and at the end of each I keep saying I must do an article for the Pit Pass as many of you do
not know what you are missing.

So here it is !

The time spent at the car shows is an opportunity to share with others what racing is all about, to let the
uneducated know that racing is not dead – just because Westwood no longer exists, and there is no longer an
Indy, it does not mean there is no racing. You would be surprised to hear just how many people are not aware
that we are still racing and that we have a race track at River’s Edge in Mission.

The last event we attended was at the Pacific International Car Show, when we volunteered for 3 days. It is
absolutely hilarious some of the questions that are asked and the individuals you meet. One young fellow,
about 24 years old, asked me if I knew where he could buy a Formula One Car as he felt he was in his prime
for racing. When I asked him about his experience and training, he professed to be an avid street racer and
did not need driver training as he was a natural talent! I had another fellow come up to me to tell me he was
an expert on the topics of Go Karting, Racing, Camping, Fishing, Auto mechanics, family planning and did I
know that when you have children that you don’t have much privacy in your life any more ? Hmmmm! Oh and
by the way, he and his brother are worth over 2 million dollars. Another individual came by to confess that he
had learned his lessons in life when the choices he made to street race resulted in loosing his best friend.

It is also amazing as to how many race heroes we used to have at Westwood. Keeping in mind, Kevin and I
were involved in racing at Westwood from the early seventies until it closed, we know a tremendous number
of people from those days and all of these heroes seemed to have escaped our attention.

I have also come to the conclusion that Viper Drivers are wimps when it comes to racing at the Rivers Edge.
We have met several of them through a number of car shows and every one of them say the track is too
dangerous for their cars. They need to meet some of our Porsche and Corvette drivers and get some driving

The car shows are proving to be a great resource in getting the word out to potential spectators as well as
future driver training prospects. Since we started participating in the events we have seen our driver
training schools fill up and out spectator count at each race weekend increase. The cost to the club is little
more than printing brochures, posters and having volunteers available to man the booths. If you are unable to
race or attend work parties for whatever reason, maybe you can lend an afternoon or evening to volunteer at
one of these events. It is fun and many times you see familiar faces from the past you may have lost track
of…great to get caught up on what has been happening over the last many years. As a reward you also get to
wander the car show for free. So next event, we expect to see a few more faces stepping up to the plate to
share in the experience, it is not hard to do, you all like to talk racing, so here is an opportunity to share with
some one who cares.

Leslie Skinner.

                              Edmonton – here we come !
Yes, the opportunity is here again ! Thanks to the Northern Alberta Sports Car Club and the Edmonton
Champ Car weekend, we have a high profile GT Challenge event to participate in once more.

Many of you have great memories of the SCCBC invitational at MIV. When we lost that event, we all won-
dered if we would ever get the same sort of opportunity again. When nothing materialized the first year at
Edmonton, it did not bode well as it seemed likely it was not to be. What a lot of us didn’t know was that
wheels were indeed turning in the background. The folks from Alberta had aspirations to provide the local
drivers from Alberta, BC and other Provinces the same sort of opportunity to showcase their talents and
equipment in a very public arena.

These folks up in Edmonton are working hard at putting this all together, and it promises to be a good one. I
had a terrific chat with Jack Ondrack, one of the organizers to get a few more details on the event.

                            EDMONTON - Cont’.
Jack tells me. “It was our intention all along to try and re-create the “Invitational”. SCCBC had already cre-
ated an excellent model to follow The first two years we made a desultory effort with obvious results, but
for 2007, three things happened:
                                            * It is the NASCC 50th Anniversary
                                            * We formed a committee made up of racers from MIV
                                            * Rick Forest became Chairman of the GT Edmonton Committee

                                          This created the impetuous we needed to start in earnest – Rick
                                          cut to the bottom line very quickly, which was that we needed to
                                          raise $100,000 to satisfy Champ Car”

                                          NASCC has plans to establish this as a permanent annual event
                                          with a potential of 60 GT cars – so far they have interest from 64
                                          GT cars and 39 Vintage cars for the other Invitational feature –
                                          there is talk of shunting some of the classic GT entries over to the
                                          Vintage side to balance the numbers.

                                           The final schedule for track time has not been determined as yet,
                                           but it would seem that Friday’s qualifying (race) will determine the
                                           grid for the Saturday 20 min dash Race, and that in turn for the
                                           30 min Sunday feature Race, but nothing has been settled as yet
                                           and things could easily change. With a bit of luck, there may even
be a short “Track familiarization practice” or “Orientation Laps” early Friday morning, but please do keep in
mind, as I was told several times, nothing has been finally determined.

The line-up seems to be pretty impressive with at
least 5 Turbo Porsches, a couple of full blown
TransAm cars and a Derhagg Corvette to start. It

is an “Invitational”, so it will not be first come,
first served, however, one should not delay an ap-
plication too much for fear of missing the decision
making process, estimated to be around late June
at the moment. Any entrant not accepted will have
their entry fee returned of course, and a waiting
list will be created. However, this does not mean
that the late withdrawal of an accepted entry will
necessarily get their money back – that will be as-
sessed on an individual basis and determined by
particular circumstances at the time.

                            EDMONTON - Cont’.
Each entry has 3 crew passes as well as the driver, plus 2 Grandstand tickets, and I’m told that entrants can
buy extra crew passes if required, which I sense is likely going to be the case for most teams.

Another member of the organising committee, Harold Schmidt, told me that to make this event a success,
they are guided by three key points of focus, namely, to provide a good show for the spectators, make sure
the entrants are treated like guests and the most important of all, Safety. They are planning a 50th Anniver-
sary Party on Saturday evening in the Aviation Museum Hanger which sounds like fun. Also, NASCC is holding
a block of tickets in Section D for the supports of the GT Invitational. The Grand Prix organisers are curious
as to how much the Invitational will promote overall ticket sales, so if your getting tickets, get them through
Sheila at that office (780-488-8882). Even if you already have tickets, register them through Sheila to help
the cause. The higher the sales stats, the better chance there is of this becoming a permanent annual event.

So all in all, it looks to be a great event and well worth
making the effort to get up there and enjoy it.

Email questions to

Pit Pass Pete.

                 Foreign Correspondent Report

                                Our Man in the Azores

On April 14th, precisely on the anniversary of the sailing of the Titanic from Southampton on her fateful
voyage just 5 years shy of a century before, your reckless co-editor set sail from Fort Lauderdale to cross
the Atlantic in the Sea Princess bound for Southampton.

Every three years or so we go to England to visit with friends and relatives. This year we decided to take
advantage of a re-positioning cruise to make the journey. We cruised for 5043 nautical miles at an average
speed of nearly 37 km/h, enjoying all the comforts that a modern cruise liner can provide. The trip included
stops at Tortola, Dominica, Antigua and Porta Del Grada in the Azores.

One of the occupations offered for sailing days, were some lectures about marine matters. One lecturer
talked about the Titanic ad and presented a table comparing the size of the Titanic with the Sea Princess.
Interestingly, the dimensions, number of passengers and crew, were very similar. This made our sailing date
even more ominous. As you might surmise, fortunately our fears were “groundless”.

                    Foreign Correspondent Cont’.

                                                         Of interest to the motoring connoisseur, on the
                                                         Caribbean Islands they follow the English practice of
                                                         driving on the left.

                                                         On Tortola, they have a variation, in that most of the
                                                         vehicles are left hand drive!

Nearly all of the passengers on the ship were British,
much to the consternation of some of the crew who
were more used to having Americans on board. Some
of the staff were from Canada, and this included
Jane, who led the orchestra, who hailed from
Vancouver and had performed in Prince George. We
felt right at home, once we had readjusted to the

After 14 days of too much food, alleviated by half hour walks around the Promenade deck, we arrived in
Southampton and started on our round of visiting. On the motoring front, we had lunch with a cousin who
used to race a Lotus 7, and had lunch at Nigel Mansell’s place in Devon. We toured the small museum there
and lost count of all of Nigel’s trophies. We couldn’t find any from Vancouver; I seem to remember that he
didn’t do very well there. Our rental car is a Ford Fusion – not anything like the American one. It is a car
based SUV with a 1.6 litre turbo-charged and intercooled diesel. Looking at the car magazines it doesn’t seem
to be very well thought of, however, 55 mpg is not to be sneezed at!

I am surprised at the number of cars such as Ferraris and Aston Martins that one sees on the roads in
England. In Devon I saw half a dozen Morgan’s in a couple of days, and found a garage with three Morris
Minor’s for sale.

The English still seem to like driving fast, so one doesn’t sit out in the fast lane if one is only doing 70 mph.

Robin Fairservice - temporary foreign correspondent.

                                      WSC REPORT

The first WSC Race is fast approaching, and will be in the books by the time you read this. Registrations are
continuing to come in, although not as quickly as we would like. The Dash for Cash was scheduled at the begin-
ning of the season this year to give everyone a taste of what the series is all about without having to enter it.
The response from the drivers entered was great! We had 17 entries, a great race and money handed out at
the end of the race for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers in each class….everyone liked the cheques! Well now
that you had the taste, how about entering the series and having that kind of fun every race weekend along
with the cash and points being awarded at the end of each race!

Alright Crews, wives and friends of drivers….you know how much fun you had in the Dash for Cash, as each
one of you had a vital role to play. The strategies for the pit stop, some one was required to be Crew Chief,
another had to time the 60 second pit stop, refuelling for some meant another crew member to deal with the
fuel within the 60 seconds, then the driver changes, one getting out and the other getting strapped in again
all within the 60 seconds. So much more to racing than just your average 30 minute race…then the racing it-
self, going as fast as you can within your bracket without breaking out, but let’s try and get the competition
to breakout instead…So when it comes to filling in the next race entry, you now want to convince your driver
that he or she should be entering the WSC as you want to have as much fun and the opportunity to partici-
pate as your driver.

Our contingency of sponsors is continuing to grow, with word coming that a new Series Sponsor is putting for-
ward $ 1000.00 for the overall champion of the Series.

We are looking for a volunteer to assist the starter in the tower during the WSC races. The number of
breakouts during a race has increased the number black flags that the starter needs to display during an
event, therefore, we need someone who can communicate with timing & scoring and prepare the number board
for the starter. If you are available to help during the race, please let me know.

We are looking forward to the year, the start of a fresh series for 2007 and filling the grid with eager rac-
ers and crew, so, see you at the track!

See next page for an important announcement.

                          WSC REPORT - Cont’.

     $1000.00 to the WSC Overall Points Winner and Series Champion !

WSC and SCCBC are pleased to welcome a new sponsor on board for our West Coast Sports Car Championship

Kool Coat Ceramic Coatings Ltd. will be awarding $1000.00 to our Overall Series Winner at the end of
the season—the award will be presented at our Awards Banquet in the Fall.

Keep in mind, any car in any class can be our Overall Championship Winner. Our 2006 series winner was from
P2, and in 2005 our winner was from P4. The more races you run, the more points you have an opportunity to
accumulate. Points are also awarded for fastest qualifier. Now in addition, every point you earn will be
converted to prize money at the end of the year, and that's not all:

SCCBC pays out prize money at every race for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers, plus

M & R Environmental, another series sponsor pays out $100.00 every WSC race for the “Hard Charger
Award”. Our hard charger is determined by our Race Announcer. Where else can you get this much fun and
walk away with a trophy, contingency prizes and a cheque in your hand at the end of every WSC Race?

I am looking forward to welcoming you to the series and accepting registrations for the series from some
of our race procrastinators.... maybe waving $1000.00 under your nose might be your final motivator –
remember, it is not always the fastest car that wins the’s the one who finishes with the most

Leslie Skinner.

For Questions, Quotes or to Place an Order, please contact Kool Coat at:

                                    Kool Coat Ceramic Coating Ltd.
                                       #10 - 19695 - 96th Ave
                                        Langley, BC. V3A 4P3
                                        Phone: 604-888-8688

                                       RDC REPORT

With the first race of the season in the books I thought it would be good to bone up on some race etiquette
or just plain common sense. All too often we see a driver pull a dumb move and think why would he do that?
Maybe they just have not thought about it before hand or are not prepared well enough.

Sometimes I see a driver battling with another so hard that he is putting himself and the other driver at
some risk - fair enough if they are fighting for a class championship or winning the race, but many times they
are not even in the same class! Is this driver foolish or just not prepared? When you get on pregrid do you
know who your class competitors are? You should.

Another move that really gets under my skin is a driver that is being lapped (not passed) trying to get that
position back by trying to out brake them in the next turn. Usually nothing good comes out of a manoeuvre
like that. I experienced a situation like this in the Dash for cash. I was coming up to pass a group of P3 or P4
cars in turn 4. I was unable to keep up to the 2 leaders and was well ahead of the 4th place car in my class. I
saw that these guys were really going at it so rather than screw up their battle I would wait till the front
straight to get by all of them so they could continue without me messing them up. I made the pass, and as I
was having some brake issues, did not go into Turn 1 real hard. I was about to make my turn in and saw one of
the cars to my right, I went wide and gave him room. At the time I was not impressed. Upon reflection I
wondered if he maybe he was just trying to gain an advantage over his rivals... no I don’t think so - just a bad
move that could have ended up being costly to one or both.

Be sure to remember to use your mirrors and be aware who is coming up behind you and how fast he is
catching you. Give your fellow driver a break and make the pass painless as you never know when you may
need a break - it may be from the guy you pissed off the last race.

Part of being a good race driver is to know when and where to battle hard and when to put some goodwill in
the bank.

Roland Stec
RDC Chairman


                                          Curt Storms
Mr. Storms may have been called a few things in his time, but guaranteed, dull and boring would certainly not
be on the list. In fact, on more than one occasion, he has been in situations where he has definitely lived up
to his name. For that alone, ya gotta love the guy, however, over the years, I have learnt there are many
more reasons to like Curt, so if you’re not quite sure what I’m talking about, take some time to get to know
the guy a little more by reading on......

Curt was born in Niagara Falls some time before 1960. He
grew up in that area, racing bikes, snowmobiles and boats.
His competitive spirit first started to show on Black Creek, a
21 mile stretch of ice (yes, in the winter) where he found he
could be very fast on a bike with studded tyres, and loved
beating the snowmobiles at their own game. Trips to
Mosport in the late 60’s and early 70’s kindled that competi-
tive flame more when watching the likes of Andretti and Sul-
livan run in premier series such as F1 and the CanAm races –
the Lotus’s and Matra’s impressed him no end.

                                                       In 1976 he jumped on his 750cc Honda CV with a back
                                                       pack and $700 in his pocket, and headed West! After
                                                       making it all the way to Canmore and Banff and climb-
                                                       ing one of the famous 3 Sisters (yes, because it was
                                                       there), he ended up in Edmonton, tired, hungry and
                                                       out of money and, by a stroke of luck, started work as
                                                       a machinist for Weld & Grind, a local Automotive Ma-
                                                       chine Shop. Little could he have known what was in
                                                       store for him there - the shop was owned by Dr. David
                                                       Morris, who rebuilt Ford engines for Ford’s custom

division. Dr. Morris also happened to be connected to
the performance industry. In fact, they built the en-
gines for the current very successful Atlantic Series.
It wasn’t long before Curt was over in that shop prepar-

                       SPOTLIGHT - Continued
ing the cranks for the March B engine. ‘77 & ‘78 saw
Richard Spinard and Gilles Villeneuve running on the
same Atlantic team, and guess who worked on their
engines using a dyno purchased by Dr. Morris for that
very purpose? He well remembers the electricity of

                                                     Gilles and a very young Jacques (see pic to left) get-
                                                     ting under foot in the paddock at Mosport. Another
                                                     little tid-bit of information is Curt’s recollection of a
                                                     tour that came through the shop one day, and one par-
                                                     ticular individual in that tour by the name of Ed Smart,
                                                     something of particular significance at this sad time –
Curt and Ed of course did not know each other at the time, and it was only years later that they put all the
pieces of the jig-saw together when chatting about the subject. By 1978, Curt was racing Pro-Stock Bikes in
Edmonton, running a 1200cc Z1 Kawasaki and turning sub 10’s at about 150mph - not too shabby considering
the time period and equipment.

Curt’s first car was a 1969 Pontiac Firebird 6 pot, O/C 4 Barrel that he sold to buy that infamous Honda
bike that transported him west. He eventually rode that bike all the way to Vancouver where he purchased
his most memorable car, a 1976 TR6 in 1979 and never looked back. He had a lot of fun in that car, and the
only thing that still sticks in his craw was it being turned down for D/T at Westwood in the late 80’s by none
other than Uncle Al. Oh well, it didn’t deter him, just delayed things a little, and so, encouraged by Danny
Kok, he finally made it to the 1st D/T at Rivers Edge in 1992, with Steve Newby as his instructor, some time
before the track officially opened in 94. Things really
moved along from there and it wasn’t long before Curt got
his first Instructors Licence through ASN. He had been
running a 510 he put together, and from there he moved
into a Toyota Corolla. He built a number of the GTS Co-
rolla’s for ProFormance Racing at his newly acquired shop
in Maple Ridge in the mid 90’s. From there the list of ac-
complishments goes on and on, all too numerous to mention
– one particular achievement of note was one special Con-
ference Championship (of many) where for 13 races in a
row he got Pole and the Win with just a single exception,
mission one Pole and hence a perfect record. He was Club Member of the Year in 95 and 1st in class in the
SCCBC Enduro Series for 2000. SCCA hold a Pacific Coast Championships down on the west coast running

                        SPOTLIGHT - Continued
tracks like Laguna and Thunder Hill – he ended up on the Championship podium 2 years in a row in the ITA
Regional Festival Event, and that’s against some pretty heavy competition! You can check out the many more
accomplishments for Curt and all the others in our Club on the SCCBC website

Curt moved to Honda’s in 2002 mostly because of the power-to-weight ratio which was tough to beat. He’s
been very successful with the various cars he has built over the years since, renting out his cars and mentor-
ing novices along the way, such as Reggie Miln, Keith Carter and more recently Cindy Stevens who is pro-
gressing very well indeed.

Everywhere Curt goes he seems to be able to challenge and often beat the lap record, a number of which
still stand today. Last year Curt ran an S2000 at Mosport as a sponsored driver in the Ontario GT Chal-
lenge, laying down some very respectable laps and finishing positions in a very competitive series and up
against some serious drivers. Apparently they want him back this year, so he is trying to see if he can work
out the logistics. Curt’s most memorable racing experience was the 6 Hours at Portland on their 25th anni-
versary w/e where he won 1st in class and finished in the top ten, paired up with Robert Currie – it was
Robert’s first big win, and Curt said he will always remember with fondness the look on Robert’s face. Like
Curt says, “it’s not the fastest car that wins the race, but the first car across the line”. Well, Curt and
Robert sure proved that point, didn’t they? On that note, Curt wants to say a big thanks to all the people
he’s been associated with in racing over the years, especially to Robert Currie for all his help, Reggie, Keith
and Cindy, and all the kids at Second Generation Racing for their dedication and support, to all the track vol-
unteers who make racing possible in the first place, and to the many great individuals at SCCBC who he has
worked with for so long, growing the club and the new track at Mission – great times, great memories. Curt
has been part of the RDC since the early days at Rivers Edge and served as CACC Novice Director for over
10 years. He said he got so much satisfaction and fulfillment from the experience that he’d do it over again
in a heartbeat.

If he had a magic wand to wave, what would he wish for in the way of changes at the Club? “Not much
really”, he said. “I am proud of what the club has achieved at Rivers Edge since those early days when the
likes of Ray Stec and I kicked the dirt around at the end of the drag strip trying to decide where the track
might best go. My disappointments are outweighed heavily by the encouragement I have gotten from the
gains the club has made over the years and I wouldn’t change a thing really, except perhaps to get more
members to participate”. That sounds like a pretty comfortable and satisfied guy to me – Curt, I for one
feel much the same about you buddy. I wouldn’t change a thing. I see you as a solid and sincere individual
that has contributed enormously to the club – in my books, you deserve many more checker flags as you truly
are a winner.

Who’s up for July? I have sorted it all out yet. As always, make a point of saying hi sometime to these peo-
ple featured in our Spotlight column, along with a big thanks for being generous enough to share their time
and thoughts - you never know, you could be the next one featured under the Spotlight! If you wish to nomi-
nate a fellow club member, or even yourself, please let us know here at Pit Pass.

Pit Pass Pete.

                             SCCBC Club Meeting

SCCBC Club Meeting
May 09, 2007
Executive Present
President - John Campbell
Ray Stec– Past President
Robert Johnston – Vice-President, Administration - absent
Cory Wong – Vice-President, Operations
John Cartwright – Treasurer
Leslie Skinner –Secretary
Bryan Hellevang – Track Operations Chairman - absent

Call to Order
President John Campbell called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm. By a show of hands 31 members were

One minute of silence held in honour of Ed Smart’s passing away.

Adoption of Previous Minutes
The minutes of the April 11th, 2007 meeting where adopted as posted moved by Pam Stec and seconded by
Mike Kaerne.
       Motion Carried

Correspondence – Bob Williams thanked everyone who had a hand in his Special Event at the last race. As
Paddock Marshall, Bob is quite concerned as to the number of extra vehicles that seem to appear in the
Paddock. Reminder to drivers that they are allowed one support vehicle and or Trailer in each spot. We can
not have these types of infractions especially on the busy race weekends such as the Conference events.

Notice received regarding the Napa Car Show in Langley, end of June, Bob Barg to look into it.


ICSCC Report by Kevin Skinner and Ray Stec.
The 2007 season is underway. Portland event had good turn out. 28 Novices and 188 entries. May 19th next
event in Seattle.

ROD Report by David Bell
Low turnout of workers at Portland. Need to do more to get new workers recruited & involved.

                   SCCBC Club Meeting - Con’t

SCCBC Club Meeting
May 09, 2007
Executive Present
President - John Campbell
Ray Stec– Past President
Robert Johnston – Vice-President, Administration - absent
Cory Wong – Vice-President, Operations
John Cartwright – Treasurer
Leslie Skinner –Secretary
Bryan Hellevang – Track Operations Chairman - absent

Call to Order
President John Campbell called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm. By a show of hands 31 members were

One minute of silence held in honour of Ed Smart’s passing away.

Adoption of Previous Minutes
The minutes of the April 11th, 2007 meeting where adopted as posted moved by Pam Stec and seconded by
Mike Kaerne.
       Motion Carried

Correspondence – Bob Williams thanked everyone who had a hand in his Special Event at the last race. As
Paddock Marshall, Bob is quite concerned as to the number of extra vehicles that seem to appear in the
Paddock. Reminder to drivers that they are allowed one support vehicle and or Trailer in each spot. We can
not have these types of infractions especially on the busy race weekends such as the Conference events.

Notice received regarding the Napa Car Show in Langley, end of June, Bob Barg to look into it.


ICSCC Report by Kevin Skinner and Ray Stec.
The 2007 season is underway. Portland event had good turn out. 28 Novices and 188 entries. May 19th next
event in Seattle.

ROD Report by David Bell
Low turnout of workers at Portland. Need to do more to get new workers recruited & involved.

CACC Report – Lorne Stead

                     SCCBC Club Meeting - Con’t
We really miss Ed Smart. CACC trying to come up with a way to commemorate his memory.
Entries really good at 1st race. May long weekend is 50th anniversary of Knox Mountain.

VRC Report by Bob Barg –
16 entries at last race. More to come.

Race Chair Report by Robert Currie
Robert read incidents reports from CW2 at last race. Too many incidents especially drivers ignoring double
yellow flags. Also incidents of drivers arguing with E Crew, if that happens again there will be serious
In all it was a fun & good weekend.

META Report by Ann Peters.
Thanks to Bryan Hellevang for the work he did on the Meta truck. Meta has moved all memorabilia off the
track. Some members visited the Greg Moore Gallery at BC Place, excellent display. Meta appealing for new
members need more help on race weekends.

WAVE – no report.

Media & Marketing Andy Marakian has been in contact with Shaw Cable to be at the June 23rd race event.
Looking for suggestions.

RDC Report by Roland Stec.
Ist practice day we had 30 signed up. Everyone got lots of track time. Next one scheduled for June 22nd.
Reminder to pre register.
Driver Training has 17 already registered.
Zack Spenser article should be in Province soon.

Membership Report by Erica Campbell
Full         235
Associate     2
Emeritus     16
Life         17
Honorary      4

Total          274

                    SCCBC Club Meeting - Con’t
15 New members: Akshay Agrawal, Rajiva Agrawal, Norm Shaw, Andy Merakian, Steven Young, Kelly
Pertersen, Kevin Vollan, Krystina Mitchell, George Chambers, Irene Chambers, Dave Nex, Peter Chick, Dale
Warron, Sean Windrum, Arvid Issak. Welcome to the Club.

Historian Report by Ron Curties
Ron spoke about the problems in building a race track and how the bump materialized in the carousel at
Westwood as well as how Deers Leap got its name.

New Business: Jordan Issak asked if a 3rd group could be added to practice day, for those who have
completed Driver Training but do not have a race prepared car yet. Mike Kaerne mention that ASN is
proposing a Lapping Group similar to Solo 1. Lorne Stead to look @ rules. Cars would need to pass Tech.
Robert Currie reminded club that insurance covers only cars entered to race on the weekend, need to look at
logistics of making it happen

West Coast Sportscar Championship – Report by Kevin Skinner
1st race of the year was the Dash for Cash which runs under the same rules as WSC. For those who had
asked for a taste of the WSC without entering the series, this was your opportunity to try it. June 2/3 is the
1st WSC race of the year. Registrations are coming in. Need a volunteer to assist the starter in the tower
with the Black Flags for Breakout violations.

Track Operations Report by Cory Wong
PA speakers now working on front row. Any complaints? General maintenance on going.

Track Manager Report byKeith Robertson
Lots of bookings. Have done 9 so far. There had been a double booking but it sorted itself out.

Vice-President – Operations Report by Cory Wong -
Stage 1 of Flood plan has been completed. Moved everything we could off site by noon last Saturday. Thanks
to everyone who helped.
Stage 2: as soon as water is on back of track then all vehicles and anything else will be moved off site.
BCCCA is holding off until end of month if they can as that is their big event of the year.
River level of 5.5 meters is maximum the river can hold & we start to flood. As of May 11th it was at 3.1. If
June 2nd race date in doubt cancellation notice will go out 48 hours in advance.

If there is substantial damage to the track, each club will be responsible for their own repairs.

Vice-President – Administration Report by Robert Johnston -
No report.

President Report by John Campbell –

                   SCCBC Club Meeting - Con’t

Happy to see so many out for the move last weekend.
2008 – time to take a look at moving forward. Many members have been doing same duties year after year,
we would like to encourage new faces to step up and learn new challenges. Start to learn new positions now
such as Registration, Registrar, Man Gates, Runners, P.A., Timing & Scoring. Some of the club members doing
these positions would like to be able to get back to racing.

Good to see such good attendance at the meetings & supporting the club.

Condolences from the club to Ed Smart’s Family & friends, he will be greatly missed.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the next race. Let’s think positively and for the best.

Good & Welfare

Bruce asked if any thoughts for a memorial dinner for Ed’s memory – club to look into it.
Lorne Stead would like to be involved in our Jamboree weekend in July.
Racers can move into the paddock area no earlier than 5PM on June 1st weekend. Track is rented that day.
Terry & Cheryl will be away for the next 2 weeks, so will not be answering phone or faxes. Pam will help with
emails during Cheryl’s absence and also forward Paddock requests.

50/50 draw: won by Randy Custer who graciously donated back to the Club. Thank you Randy.

Swap & Shop
Ian Wood has race seats, Robert Barg has 87 GTS Corolla for sale $ 3000 or best offer. Robert Currie has
V-Neck Race Trailer for Sale.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:10PM as moved by Mike Kaerne.

                                  SWAP & SHOP

                               BMW Race Car For Sale
1984 BMW 318i. 2.0L motor with dual Webber side drafts produces 150 HP at wheels. Car has been
built to SCCA E Production rule book and offers some luxuries and safety features not normally found
on this type of car. It has a Butler Built racing seat and Tilton racing pedals for ultimate comfort and
control. The combination of this seat and pedals gives you one of the most adjustable, comfortable,
and safe cockpits you’ll ever find. The engine is a 10:1 motor with an Ireland Engineering header, a
Schrick 316 racing cam, and Dual 45 DCOE Side Draft Webber carbs with a cold air intake. The igni-
tion is MSD from the module to the coil to the distributor. The front shocks are adjustable Konis and
the rear are two way adjustable Afco shocks. The wheels are Diamond racing wheels. The brakes use
Hawk racing pads with Korman ventilated front discs. The front and rear sway bars are from Ireland
engineering. The fuel cell is a proper racing cell that meets the safety specs outlined in the rule book.
You simply won’t find a safer, better built production racer anywhere. Car is located in Surrey, BC.
Asking price is $11,990 obo.

Complete photos at: or 604-839-2780

                            Application for Membership 2007
                                                          (MUST BE SIGNED)

Associate Members:                        Club Members (includes family members): Same as 1,2,3,4 and also:
1. Attendance at general meetings         5. Service as Committee Officer or Executive Committee Officer after one year of
    and social functions.                     membership.
2. Receipt of bulletins and other         6. The right to vote on the business of the club.
    club publications.                    7. Access to and use of River’s Edge paddock and clubhouse during club events.
3. Wearing club insignia.                 8. Competition in motoring events of the SCCBC for the term of the club
4. Service as committee members.              membership, with points accrued.

I understand that the personal information provided herein will be used by the Executive committee for the purpose of identifying and
verifying membership to racing associations to which the club belongs, to update and retain a membership directory as required by the
Societies Act, and for the purpose of mailing, by post or email, the monthly newsletter and other such publications which the club may
deem necessary or useful from time to time. I hereby give my permission to the Membership Chairperson of the SCCBC to retain my
personal information as contained in this application for the purpose of maintaining historical membership information for whatsoever
period of time the club feels appropriate.

 I AGREE: if accepted to the membership of the SPORTS CAR CLUB OF BRITISH COLUMBIA, to abide by the objects
 of the Society as set down on this form and in the By Laws and Constitution of the club.
 1. To promote, encourage, and support motorsport within the Province of British Columbia.
 2. To foster sportsmanship and give mutual guidance and assistance within the membership.
 3. To encourage and promote safe driving.
 4. To assist actively in the development and maintenance of the River’s Edge Road Course at Mission Raceway Park and
      to take part, whenever required, in the organization of Club events.
 5. To allow the information I provide above to be entered on the club roster and to be distributed to other club members.
      I understand that the roster may not be used for commercial purposes and that I may opt out of having my information
      included in the roster by crossing off this item (#5) and applying my initial hereon.

 Signed                                                                                   Dated:

NAME: _________________________________________________________________                                Membership Type
                                                                                                       (includes GST)
ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________________                                FULL: $55.00

CITY: _____________________________ PROV/ST: ___________ P.C. ____________                             FAMILY: $25.00

TEL: Home _________________________________ Bus: ________________________                              ASSOCIATE: $40.00

E MAIL: ________________________________________________________________                               PAID BY:

OCCUPATION: __________________________________________________________                                 CASH

VISA/MASTERCARD #: ___________________________________________________                                 CHEQUE

EXPIRY DATE: ____________________________________ (if paying by credit card)                           VISA/MASTERCARD

Mail application and fees to:         SCCBC MEMBERSHIP, C/O Erica Campbell
                                      5650 W. Kilmore Cres, Surrey, BC V3S 6L1
                                      Tel: (604) 575-2555 Fax: (604) 575-6825
                                      (no calls/faxes after 9:00pm please) e-mail:

                          ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE SIGNED
OFFICIAL USE:                MEMBER NO.                              DEPOSIT:                        ENTERED:
            SCCBC Executives & Other Volunteers
          Title                     Name              Telephone              Fax                   Email
          President               John Campbell         604.788.5092       604.575.6825

 Vice President—Operations          Cory Wong           604.302.9297                 

Vice President—Administrative    Robert Johnston        604.859.1205                 

          Secretary                Leslie Skinner       604.856.8957                 

          Treasurer               John Cartwright       604.436.0564                 

      Track Operations           Bryan Hellevang        604.862.5640                 

       Past President                Ray Stec           604.465.5773                 

    Marketing Chairman            Andy Merakian         604.461.9366            

        Membership                Erica Campbell        604.575.2555       604.575.6825

       RDC Chairman                Roland Stec          604.465.0745                  

       Pit Pass Editors          Robin Fairservice      250.963.7362                  
                                  Peter Weedon          250.565.8888
          Historian                 Ron Curties         604.469.2000                                   TBA

    Website Coordinator            Marc Ramsay          604.937.7565                  

          Registrar                Cheryl Ward          604.941.5347       604.941.5394

  Driver Training Registrar        Roland Stec          604.465.0745                  

    Technical Inspection             Jim Kurtz          604.298.7227                   

      Timing & Scoring            Perry Afaganis        604.820.0952               

   Track Booking Manager             Ray Stec           604.465.5773                 

       Track Manager              Keith Robinson        604-209-5943                 

   ICSCC Executive Board           Kevin Skinner        604.856.8957                 
   ICSCC Contest Board              Scott Arthur        604.826.5251                  
    CACC Race Director          Lorenzo Constantino     604.939.0201               

   ICSCC Novice Director            Greg Miller       425.820.8660 bus          
                                                      425.823.1177 res
   CACC Novice Director           Steve Paquette        604-990-4597            

      Paddock Marshal              Bob Williams         604.271.2535             
                                                      cell: 604.671.3875
       Race Chairman                 Tom Roy            250.248.6614                 

                   SWAP & SHOP – Con’t.

Sports Car Club of British Columbia        Stamp
P.O. Box 2125
Vancouver, BC Canada
V6B 3T5


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