Guitar Class Performance Rubric by LbA32bb


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                            Guitar Performance Test Rubric

CATEGORY            25                             20                          15                       10
Chords   Proper fingering All             Proper fingering. One     Proper fingering. Two      Improper fingering
             strings ring                 finger misplaced          fingers misplaced.

Chord        On time clean and quick Infrequent errors in           Frequency of mistakes      Frequent hesitation
changes      chords sound right away switching on time not all      begins to interrupt flow   on chord changes
                                     fingers get to the right       of song hesitation on      performance is
                                     place at the right time        some chords                halting
                                     on a few occasions

Strum        Up and down strokes are Infrequent errors or           Strum pattern not        Incorrect pattern, and
Pattern      all correct and wrist flows "stutters" in the          correct, but is adjusted frequent stutters and
             loosely without             strumming                  so that there are few    hesitations
             interruption                                           hesitations or stutters

Strumming    Strumming gives the       Strumming gives the          Too much or too little     Too much or too little
             instrument a professional instrument a                 pressure is applied to     pressure is applied to
             tone quality.             professional tone            the strings which          the strings which
                                       quality but too much or      somewhat detracts          significantly detracts
                                       too little pressure is       from the overall           from the overall
                                       occasionally applied to      performance.               performance.
                                       the strings. This does
                                       not detract from the
                                       overall performance.
Tempo        Steady tempo throughout One or two tempo        Tempo is unsteady,                Unsteady tempo,
                                     glitches with immediate with several glitches,            hesitation in
                                     recovery                but large portions stay           performance, tempo
                                                             within a tempo, even if           choice not close to
                                                             it is not the original one        requirement

Rhythm        The beat is secure and      The beat is secure         The beat is somewhat      The beat is usually
              the rhythms are             and the rhythms are        erratic. Some rhythms     erratic and rhythms
              accurate for the style of   mostly accurate.           are accurate.             are seldom
              music being played.         There are a few            Frequent or repeated      accurate detracting
                                          duration errors, but       duration errors.          significantly from
                                          these do not detract       Rhythm problems           the overall
                                          from the overall           occasionally detract      performance.
                                          performance.               from the overall
Tone          Tone is consistently        Tone is focused, clear     Tone is often             The tone is often
Quality       focused, clear, and         and centered through       focused, clear and        not focused, clear
              centered throughout         the normal range of        centered. Sometimes       or centered
              the range of the            the instrument.            the tone is               regardless of the
              instrument. Tone has a      Occasionally too little    uncontrolled in the       range being played.
              professional quality.       pressure is applied to     normal playing            Incorrect pressure
                                          the finger board but       range.. Too little        is applied to the
                                          does not detract from      pressure is applied to    fingerboard which
                                          the overall                the finger board and      significantly
                                          performance.               occasionally detracts     detracts from the
                                                                     from the overall          overall
                                                                     performance.              performance.

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