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                                                      Hoquiam High School

 Issue 2

          By: Amanda O’Neal

   Playing in a new league this year, the Griz-
zly Football team is on top of their game under
the coaching of Mr. Ronquillo. Every Friday
night the team suits up to play at 7pm. This
year, home games have had great attendance,
but even when the numbers are a little low, the
crowd is there behind the team to pump them
up and to keep them going strong. The crowd
especially gets noisy on defense. This has
proven to be helpful to the team whether it is to
just encourage the defense or to even psych out
the other team. When the crowd is loud, this
makes the other team false start because they
cannot hear their own plays through the uproar.
Spirit has been particularly encouraged this
year. The Cheerleaders award one person in
the student section and one person in the band
a spirit stick each home game. This has created     Hoquiam Football Defensive Line
an incentive for the crowd to get involved in
each and every play!
    Getting involved and loud makes the Friday
night games a lot more fun for the crowd and
players. The Grizzlies have had a great run                     Fall Conferences                       Grizzly Gazette Staff
this year; so far they are 3-1 in league. One                  By: Oswald Alavez                              Editor:
of their most memorable games this year was
against Kalama. For those of you that missed                                                                 Hali Kim
the Kalama game, the Grizzlies had a tough             It’s conference time again, Grizzlies! So
start in the beginning of the game. They were                                                                Advisor:
                                                    get that missing work in and get those grades            Ms. King
down a couple touchdowns at the half, but after     up! Conference week will be November 15-18.
half time, they were ready to battle. They held     Monday the 15th will be a full day of school.
Kalama back and managed to edge them out                                                                       Writers:
                                                    Tuesday will be afternoon conferences from             Oswald Alavez
22-21! It was a great victory for the team. The     11:30 a.m to 2:30 p.m and evening conferences
Homecoming game against Rochester was also                                                               Taylor Burckhard
                                                    will be Tuesday from 5 to 8 p.m. All confer-          Elizabeth Fabian
a great win for the team. They stomped out          ences will be held in the student center.
Rochester 28-0.                                                                                              Minna Kim
                                                                                                         Christina Madison
                                                    Parents, please come to the student center, sign      Amanda O’Neal
   As the playoffs near, the guys have a great      in, and pick up your student’s grade report.
shot. They have worked hard all season, and                                                                   Julie Park
                                                    Teachers will be available to talk. Individual       Mogley Simpson
that will be the time all of their hard work will   appointment times will not be assigned.
pay off! Good luck to the team and make sure
you go to support them!
                            STUDENT LIFE
                                                                                                          Taylor thinks of her work as very laid-back,
                                                                                                       easy and not too stressful. A typical day for
               Racing                                         Student On the Job                       Taylor is spent making pizzas. She is currently
         By: Mogley Simpson                                    By: Oswald Alavez                       working in Hollywood Pizza to make her own
                                                                                                       money and have some responsibility.

    Most of you know Ariel Biggs. She is a              This month’s student on the job is Taylor      The job doesn’t have any unexpected surprises,
tenth grader this year and also races midgets. A    Burckhard. She works at a Hollywood Pizza          which is Taylor’s favorite part. Taylor doesn’t
midget is one of the smallest racecars. She has     in Aberdeen, a local pizza place that has just     want to pursue her job at Hollywood Pizza any
been racing midgets for two years and quarter       recently opened. Taylor works up to four hours     further. As she puts it, “I work to have more
midgets for eight. A quarter midget is a smaller    every day and six hours on weekends. Taylor is     spending money and become more indepen-
type of midget. Ariel races her midget at Grays     a pizza maker. She describes the work environ-     dent.” She currently enjoys her job very much
Harbor Raceway in Elma. Ariel started racing        ment as “very repetitive, but in a good way.”      at Hollywood Pizza and she enjoys having her
her midget in the 2009 racing season. She           Taylor doesn’t work with a lot of people, unless   own spending money, especially for shopping.
finished fifth at the end of the season. She also     it is very busy. When it is very busy she can      She currently drives herself to and from work.
won a new chastity and rookie of the year. In       work with up to a group of three people at one     Be sure to look for Taylor anytime you decide
the 2010 racing season she finished third with       time.                                              to stop by Hollywood Pizza.
859 points. Next season, Ariel will be ready
to win her first midget championship with her
trusty 11E racecar. Her sponsors are Jacknut
Apparel, Masco, Borden’s Auto Parts, and
Crowell Brothers.
    Ariel loves everything about racing, and
plans to race NASCAR and anything else she
gets a chance to race. When asked what she
thinks the most important thing about racing
is, Ariel answered, “Don’t lift off the throttle,
and be aggressive with it, and don’t be scared
to crash.” Ariel’s favorite memory racing is
winning the quarter midget celebrity race. She
hopes to be like her idol Shanna Wilsky, a great
female sprint car driver. Come see her race next
year at Grays Harbor Raceway.

Ariel’s Midget

                                                  Wednesday, November 10th:
                                                  • Dominoes Takeover 3:30-7:30
               Foodball                           • Harborena Takeover 7:30-10pm
                                                                                                           Homecoming 2010
          By: Amanda O’Neal                                                                                By: Taylor Burckhard
                                                  Thursday, November 11th:
                                                  • McDonalds Takeover 5-8pm
    In the history of Foodball, Hoquiam High                                                         Homecoming has already come and gone.
School has conquered the competition numer-                                                       This year, Hoquiam High school’s homecom-
                                                  Friday, November 12th:
ous times. The past couple years have been a                                                      ing was held at Hoquiam High School’s caf-
                                                  • Grizzly Den Takeover 4:30-8pm
little rough in the battle between Aberdeen and                                                   eteria and student center on October 2nd. The
                                                  • Movie Night 6pm @ HHS
Hoquiam, so this year calls for our school to                                                     dance started at 9pm and ended at midnight.
work together and take back our title.                                                            The theme was Romance On The Shore and the
                                                  Saturday, November 13th:
                                                                                                  decorations were set to match the theme.
                                                  • Kids Day 10am-1pm
    Foodball begins November 5th and ends
                                                  • Dessert Auction 6pm @ HHS
November 15th. The Chairs this year are                                                              Quite a few people attended Hoquiam’s
Mararita Blackwell and Tiffany Smith. The                                                         homecoming. There was a lot of dancing,
                                                  Sunday, November 14th:
duo has done a great job organizing events                                                        singing, and socializing. There were definitely
                                                  • Bailout
and setting up what should be a great week of                                                     more short dresses this year.
                                                  • Sasquatch Lunch 11am-3pm
Foodball activities. Even though Foodball is
a competition, we must remember the impor-                                                           Before homecoming, most people went to
                                                  Monday, November 15th:
tance of the purpose. Each dollar donated                                                         dinner at Fujiyama’s, Outback Steakhouse,
                                                  • Weigh-In 5pm @ PUD
equals ten pounds of food. All of the profits                                                      and Olive Garden. Overall, homecoming was a
are donated to the local food banks. Every                                                        huge success.
                                                  Canvassing: Wal-Mart on odd days, Safeway
little effort we initiate makes a difference to
                                                  on even days, Top Foods every day, door-to-
countless people in our community.                                                                Hoquiam High School’s 2010 Homecoming
                                                  door on the 6th, 7th, 11th, and 13th at 10am.
   Remember to get involved in as many of the
                                                  *Pick up a complete calendar to get the times
events as possible! Foodball is a great way to                                                    King and Queen: Morgan Madison and Justin
                                                  and dates of all Foodball activities.
get community service hours and most impor-                                                       Watters
tantly being involved in it is lot of fun!
                                                                                                  Princesses: Rebecca Wicker, Julie Park, Cassie
Here are some of the major events to put on                                                       Dubore and Emily Nillson.
your calendars!
                                                                                                  Princes: Kampbell Anderson, Tyler Brockvav-
Friday, November 5th:                                                                             ich, Levi Dick and Rees Sturm.
• Kick-Off Bonfire 5pm @ HHS

Saturday, November 6th:
• Subway Takeover 3-8pm
• Spare Time Bowl 9-11pm

Sunday, November 7th:
• Video Game Tournament 2-5pm @ HHS
• Extravaganza 5pm

Monday, November 8th:
• Bill’s XL Takeover 10am-12:30pm
• Casa Mia Takeover 4-8pm

Tuesday, November 9th:                                                                            Mariyah Turpin and Kelsey Madison
• Popcorn Factory Takeover 10am-5pm
• Lana’s Café Takeover 4-7pm
            Cross Country                                              Athletic Dress Requirements
          By: Amanda O’Neal                                                By: Mogley Simpson

   With Mr. Gary leaving the district, the cross                      Attention all Grizzly athletes. Since our
country team was in need of a new leader. This                     school is in a new league, it is time for a new
year, Mrs. Sarich stepped in to the role of head                   look. This doesn’t mean new uniforms. It
coach. Last year she was an assistant coach for                    means how you show up to games. You don’t
cross country, and also an assistant coach for                     have to dress up fancy, just don’t show up in
the track team. In high school she was a long                      your pajama bottoms and slippers. When play-
distance runner, so she brings an abundance of                     ers show up for a game, they want the other
experience to the group.                                           team to take the Grizzlies seriously, and not
                                                                   think Hoquiam is an easy to beat school.
   This year the cross country team has a rea-
sonable turnout and the team has participated                          If you are a football player, you could show
in numerous meets and invites and has held                         up in your jersey and some nice jeans. Golf
                                                                   players could show up wearing school colored
their own well.
                                                                   shirts and unstained jeans. Soccer, volleyball,
                                                                   and track players could show in their warm-ups
    On Saturday, October 9th, the team hosted                      looking good and ready to go. If you don’t like
the 30th annual Grizzly Alumni Association                         your warm-ups or your jerseys, just show up
Invitational. The invitational took place at                       in a clean shirt that fits. Remember Grizzlies,
the Sea Breeze Oval. The Grizzlies forged on       Cassie DuBore   first impressions matter. Look good, play well,
through the less than perfect conditions. With                     and win
steady rain throughout the day and winds force-
fully gusting, it created an added challenge
for the runners. At the meet a total of 13 boys
teams and six girls teams gathered at the Sea
Breeze Oval to participate in the rainy and wet
meet. Although the turnout was smaller than
usual, the Grizzlies were there to compete.

   Our own Kris Lundbald took 13th in the
grueling 5,000 meter girls race with a time of
21:57, which is just seconds off her personal
best. Reyna Sanchez and Austin Montoure also
had great runs at the invitational. They both
snatched 2nd place in the frosh-soph competi-
tions. Reyna achieved her personal best of
21:31 at the meet and Austin had an impressive
time of 18:10.

          With the cross country season clos-
ing, good luck to all the individuals that will
move on to post-season!

                Boys Golf                                                                       Girls Swimming
              By: Minna Kim                                                                     By: Minna Kim

    “Golf is not a sport” is only said by those                                        Swimming is just as much a team sport as it
who have never participated in a serious round                                     is an individual one. Being in a pool constantly
of golf. Golf is not only a mental sport, but it                                   with your team builds a certain bond you can’t
tests your morals as well. With every stroke,                                      receive anywhere else. The blood, sweat and
your honesty is questioned. Your mentality and                                     tears that go into that pool are something that
focus is crucial for every swing. Golf is every-                                   cannot be returned or forgotten. The stories
thing but “just hitting the ball.”                                                 shared in the locker rooms and the constant
                                                                                   complaints about the strenuous workouts are
    The high school boys’ golf team knows                                          just as much a part of the swimming experi-
exactly what this means. With sixteen players                                      ence.
participating, the competition exists, not only
against other teams, but against each other as                                         Power in numbers always plays a strong
well. Six players are on varsity, six are on JV                                    role in meets. With a team of only eleven girls,
and with the excess amount of boys this year,                                      the HHS swim team has struggled to compete
four are on C squad as well. Rankings can                                          at a 2A level. Since there are no 1A swim
change though, any time throughout the year.         Dylan Morgan and Tyler Wood   teams, the Hoquiam girls have all stepped up
Status is based on an average system,                                              to make it work. Compared to the beginning of
so there is no room for error, and the pressure                                    the year, returners and rookies both have shown
is on during every match.                                                          mass improvement. All the participants have
                                                                                   built up a tough mentality to push themselves.
    The boys practice at the Highlands golf                                        They step out of their comfort zone to compete
course five days a week, and with the “more                                         in events they usually wouldn’t. This has
than usual” sunny season, practice has been a                                      forced all the girls to become much more ver-
breeze. When asked what the best part of golf                                      satile. It started out to be an excellent year, and
is, Kyle Nations replied “seeing improvement                                       there are still several swim meets left to watch
and getting good scores,” but he, like all the                                     if you ever want to be a part of the action. Bet-
other players, has to work for that score, for                                     ter yet, come and be a timer! Your support is
when he was also asked what the hardest part                                       always appreciated.
about golfing is, he quickly replied with “keep-
ing good form.”

    Golf is a sport easily and often underesti-
mated. It’s easier said than done to hit the ball
straight, far, out of hazards, bunkers, and under
trees, but golf is also a fun and leisure sport,
so if you’re ever sitting around with nothing to
do, check it out. Make signs, since it’s different
from your typical football game where you can
cheer and hoot as loud as you want, and sup-
port all the sports here at HHS.

                                                     Cody Crowell                  Eun Hee Kim
                    STUDENT CLUBS
                                                                                                         that transcends drama and Spirit Week in drama
                                                                                                         class. Certain types of clothing are required to
                FCCLA                                    Thespians Show Their Spirt                      portray characters.
        By: Christina Madison                                By: Oswald Alavez
                                                                                                         For example, if you are trying to portray
                                                                                                         someone of royalty, you’ll need very vibrant
    Never heard of FCCLA before? That’s prob-          Self expression is a major part of the theater,   and expensive looking clothing to get a sense
ably because it’s a new club this year! FCCLA       so drama students go all out when it comes to        of wealth and power.
stands for Family, Career, and Community            Sprit Week here at HHS. Dressing up is part of
Leaders of America. What they do are various        the character you attempt to portray, and that is       The same holds true for Spirit Week. You
projects that involve culinary arts, fashion, and   a cornerstone in theater.                            need certain types of clothing to look the part.
many more. The members compete in com-                                                                   Persona is an important aspect of drama. How
petitions and present their projects to judges.         Clothing helps define dramatic charac-            well you are able to develop a persona for a
They first go to Regionals, State, and Nation-       ter. For instance, an actor may portray good         certain role is an important step in acting. But
als. FCCLA meetings are held when there is          character by wearing brightly colored clothing       most importantly, it’s about self-expression.
something that needs to be discussed, and also      to give a sense of peacefulness, or portray an
every other Wednesday for clubs. The ways           evil character by wearing dark clothing. Spirit          Dressing up is practically mandatory in
they fundraise money are the concession stands      Week gives the drama students a chance to be a       drama. Mrs. Sundstrom urges everyone in
at the home football games and other miscel-        little different with what they wear.                drama to dress up because she says that drama
laneous projects. Grizzly Burgers at the conces-                                                         kids have to be an example for the rest of the
sions have become a new favorite. There are            Character portrayal is also very important        school. But everyone is encouraged to dress
currently five people in this club, and they are     in Spirit Week because each day you come             up on Spirit Week because at times it feels as
looking to expand. If you’d like to join, please    and portray a different character. For example,      if people are sorely lacking in school spirit.
talk to Mrs. Pumphrey, who advises the club!        Backwoods Day is a day where you try and             The upperclassman should dress up, especially
The club looks forward to people joining and        dress country or Blackout Day where you wear         because they are an example to the lower class-
becoming a part of this great experience!           nothing but black.                                   men. They should show them that it is fun and
                                                                                                         enjoyable to show school spirit.
                                                       Having the right clothing is also something

FCCLA Officers: Christina Madison, Caitlyn
Purdy, Kalee Dayton, Rebecca Wicker

                    STUDENT CLUBS
                                                                                                      This year, it will be held on November 13th at
                                                                                                      the Hoquiam High School cafeteria.
           Recycling Team                                        Honor Society
         By: Mogley Simpson                                      By: Julie Park                          This year’s officers are President Amanda
                                                                                                      O’Neal, Vice President Morgan Madison, Sec-
                                                                                                      retary Brooke Bennett and Treasurer Kari Kato
   You have probably seen people come into            Honor Society is a club that consists of        with advisor Ms. Johnson.
your classroom to get the recycling. Tim           students with a grade point average of 3.5 or
Hoover, Tommy Snell, Justice Schisler, and         higher. An induction takes place every year to         Honor Society isn’t all about good grades
Dylan Cayce are all on our school district’s       bring new members into the club. To stay in        and participation. There are four pillars that
recycling team. The recycling team comes           Honor Society, members must attend meet-           students must embody in order to be inducted
around our school every Wednesday during           ings throughout the year to earn points. If they   into the club. They are: Scholarship, Service,
first and second period. All the other days the     don’t, they could be booted off the club. This     Leadership, and Character. They must be com-
team is either at Hoquiam Middle school, Em-       group of people is the one responsible for plan-   mitted to learning, willing to work for the ben-
erson, Lincoln, Central, or the district office.    ning and decorating for our Tolo dance. Honor      efit of those in need, aid others in a wholesome
The team uses a truck to get to other schools,     Society holds an annual Dessert Auction for        manner, and demonstrate respect, responsibil-
and get the cardboard. The recycling team col-     foodball at Hoquiam High School cafeteria.         ity, and trustworthiness in all of their actions.
lects cans, bottles, cardboard and paper.

   The team has fun sometimes, but it is com-
plicated when a teacher isn’t in the room and
the team has to come back another time. They
make friends and gain work skills. This also
looks good on a job application.

    Remember, help out the planet and recycle
anything that can be recycled. Examples would
be old electronics, metal scraps, newspaper,
VHS tapes, batteries, coffee cans, plastic bot-
tles, cell phones, steel cans, and toilets. Only
newspapers, clean bottles, and cans can be
put in the blue bins. You can take recyclables
to Butchers Scrap and Metal at 1313 Western
Avenue in Hoquiam.
                                                                  Join the Grizzly Alumni
                                                                  for $10. Please send
                                                                  payment to PO Box 176,
                                                                  Hoquiam, WA 98550

Recycling Team: Justice Schisler, Dylan Cay-
cee, Tim Hoover, Tommy Snell
                                                   Last Month...                        Library
             Mystery Girl
        By: Christina Madison                                                      By: Mrs. Pavletich

    This month’s mystery girl is a junior and                             This year we have a lot of new popular
is 5”2’. Her favorite class is English and her                         books and authors. Right now, we love Jodi
favorite teacher is Mr. Pirianian. She has blue                        Picoult, Nicholas Sparks, James Patterson,
eyes and blonde hair. She attended Washington                          Suzanne Collins, and Rick Riordan.
Elementary in grade school. Her favorite things
to do are motocrossing with her uncle, doing                              Rick Riordan has a new book called The
hair and make-up, and sleeping. Her favorite                           Red Pyramid which is very popular.
food is Taco Bell and her favorite movie is
“The Breakfast Club.” Her favorite color is hot                          The Maximum Ride series consisting of six
pink and she is very shy. Who is she?                                  books is the favorite futuristic series along with
                                                                       The Lightning Thief series.
                                                   Becca Wicker
                                                                          Not since the Twilight series have we had
             Mystery Boy                                               such a buzz as we do now with “The Hunger
                                                                       Games”, a series by Suzanne Collins. There
        By: Christina Madison                                          are three books in the series, The Hunger
                                                                       Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay. The
   This month’s mystery boy is a senior                                story takes place in future North America
and is 5”9’. His favorite class is Global and                          where for pure entertainment teens are selected
his favorite teacher is Mr. Dawson. He has                             to participate in The Hunger Games, a brutal
brown hair and blue eyes. His hobbies include                          battle which is exciting and very thrilling for
hunting, fishing, and playing sports. He plays                          the reader.
baseball for the school, and he attended Central
grade school. His favorite colors are navy blue                           Ms. Johnson’s classes are reading “clas-
and white, and his favorite movie is Shooter.                          sics,” the old crusty, dusty books that have
His favorite food is mashed potatoes and grav.                         stood the test of time. Jane Austen seems to be
Something about him a lot of people may not                            the favorite author. Pride and Prejudice is an
know is that he moved here in sixth grade.         Kampbell Anderson   awesome love story. This story takes place in
Who is he?                                                             England when marrying off your daughters to
                                                                       upstanding suitors was most important.

                                                                          For those of you that have books piling up
             Mystery Staff                                             on your shelves, we will gladly take them off
        By: Christina Madison                                          your hands if they are in good condition and by
                                                                       our favorite authors.

   This month’s mystery staff is female and is                         Thanks,
5”6’. She has been a staff member for 9 years.                         Mrs. Pavletich
Her hair is multi-colored and she has brown
eyes. Her favorite color is peach and her
favorite movie is “Under the Tuscan Sun.” She
drives a Ford, and her hobbies are Facebook,                           If you think you know who the mystery people
reading, and dancing. Her favorite food is                             are, come bring your guess to Mrs. King in
chicken. Something you may not know about                              S-26!
her was that she was the drum major in her         Mrs. Mendoza
high school band. Who is she?

                          CTE STUDENTS
                                                   The day we all know as a fun holiday is actu-     Below are the most popular costumes this year.
                                                   ally way more serious than it appears to be.
     CTE Student of the Month                                                                        Infants ages 0-3 – Peas in a Pod
           By: Mr. Miller                             The word “Halloween” was brought up 400
                                                   years ago and represents a Scottish variant of    Girls ages 3-12 – Hannah Montana
                                                   the fuller- “All-Hallows-Even “evening.” In
                                                   other words, the night before All Hallows Day.    Boys ages 3-12 – Police Officer

                                                      The Celts, a group of people that occupied     Girls ages 12-17 – Lady Gaga
                                                   lands stretching from the British Isles to Gal-
                                                   latia, believed that the border between this      Boys ages 12-17 – “The Situation” from The
                                                   world, and the “other world” became thin on       Jersey Shore
                                                   Samhain, or Summer’s end. This allowed both
                                                   harmful and harmless spirits to pass through.
                                                   It is believed that the wearing of costumes and
                                                   masks were to scare off the evil spirits. Their
                                                   purpose was to disguise oneself as harmful and
                                                   to scare other harm off.

                                                      The trick or treating part of Halloween re-
                                                   sembles a late medieval practice of “souling.”
                                                   Poor people would go door to door on Hallow-
                                                   mas getting food in return for prayers for the
                                                   dead on All Souls Day. The word “trick” refers
                                                   to a “threat” to do mischief on the homeowners
                                                   or their properties if no treat is given.

Jerrod has been a consistent hard worker last
year in Applied Math I, and this year in Web                                                                       Specializing in
Design II and Applied Math II. Jerrod is always
there with a smile, and is a real pleasure to                                                                     short term rehab
have in class. He plans on graduating this year
and entering the Law Enforcement field.
                                                                                                                     PT, OT, ST
                                                                                                                    Wound Care
              Halloween                                                                                           Outpatient Rehab
         By: Taylor Burckhard

   We all know Halloween as the last day of                                                                       Voted “Best of
October. It’s a day where kids of all ages
can be whoever and whatever they choose                                                                          Twin Harbors®”
to be. They also get to pig out on candy and

                                                     3035 Cherry St. • Hoquiam • (360) 532-7882
roam the streets for hours. But, in all reality,
Halloween’s history goes way back to the 16th
              Movie Review                                           Fall Recipe                                         Book Review
              By: Julie Park                                        By: Julie Park                                      By: Minna Kim

                                                     From, this recipe is perfect           What are the odds of four people attempt-
                                                     for Thanksgiving Day when you need that              ing to commit suicide on the same day, time
                                                     perfect dessert that’s easy to make.                 and location? Rare. The odds of a book being
                                                                                                          written about it though is here! A Long Way
                                                     Gobblin’ Good Cupcakes:                              Down is a novel based on the lives of four
                                                     24 frosted cupcakes                                  very different people leading four completely
                                                     24 Nutter Butter cookies                             opposite lives.
                                                     2-3 tablespoons of white frosting or decorator’s
                                                     gel                                                     Maureen, Martin, JJ and Jess encounter one
                                                     Mini chocolate chips                                 another while trying to jump off the Topper’s
                                                     Fruit leather, various flavors and colors             House. There, they end up convincing each
                                                     Toothpicks                                           other not to commit suicide and instead, agree
                                                                                                          upon a pact: wait six weeks. During those next
                                                     Instructions:                                        few weeks, they build a most unusual friend-
                                                     1. To make each turkey, press the lower portion      ship. They learn about the hardships each have
                                                     of a Nutter Butter cookie into a frosted cupcake     endured and help each other overcome them…
                                                     for the bird’s head.                                 or at least try.

                                                     2. Use tiny dabs of frosting to stick on mini-       The characters make up a comical ill-matched
                                                     chocolate chip eyes and a red fruit leather          alliance that takes the reader on a quizzi-
                                                     wattle.                                              cal journey. The author breaks the novel into
                                                                                                          chapters of each individual, switching from
    “Easy A” premiered on September 17, 2010,        3. For each turkey’s tail, use a butter knife to     a mother with a chronically disabled son, a
and received 7.7 out of 10 stars on        cut out a dozen feather shapes (about 3 inches       breakfast TV host that gets arrested for sleep-
This PG-13 movie grossed about $42,583,521           long and 1 inch wide) from fruit leather.            ing with a minor, a rock star who’s no longer
as of October 4th. Many people have said                                                                  popular to a troubled teenage daughter of a
“Easy A” is easily one of the funniest comedies      4. Lay 6 of the feather shapes on a flat surface      labor minister.
of the year, and the best high school movie          and place a wooden toothpick lengthwise atop
since 2004’s “Mean Girls.”                           each so that one end of the toothpick extends           This book is recommended to any teenage
                                                     about an inch below the feather. Layer another       student. It’s a ridiculous, humor-filled story that
   The cast includes Emma Stone, Penn                fruit leather feather layer atop each of the 6       we can all relate to on every page and an easy
Badgley, Amanda Bynes, Lisa Kudrow, and              shapes, sandwiching the toothpicks between           read that can be picked up at the library.
more. This movie is a depiction of Nathaniel         them.
Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter about a girl
named Olive (Emma Stone) who, after a little         5. Press the 2 layers together to make them
white lie about losing her virginity got out, sees   stick, then fringe the edges of the feather with a
her life becoming similar to Scarlet Letter’s        butter knife.
Hester Prynne’s, who she is studying in school.
She then decides to use the rumor to advance
her social and financial standing. This romantic
comedy is sure to have you laughing through-
out the movie. One audience described the
movie as one of the wittiest, most provocative,
smartest high school comedy in years.

     Against: Social Networking                     Does social networking cause communication
       By: Christina Madison
                                                             problems amongst teens?

                                                                                                            Another reason I’m all for social networking
                                                            For: Social Networking                       is because you can keep in touch easier. You
                                                                                                         can keep in touch even if you’re thousands of
                                                             By: Taylor Burckhard                        miles away by sending short emails, texts or

                                                                                                            Also, you can always be updated on what’s
                                                                                                         going on, no matter where it’s happening.
                                                                                                         Social networking is a great resource we have,
                                                                                                         and I really think people should appreciate it
                                                                                                         more. I not only think that it’s easier to keep in
   Although many people believe that social                                                              touch with social networking. It also brings us
networking makes it a lot easier to commu-                                                               closer as a school and as a community.
nicate with people, nobody has noticed the
downfall in our society. Teenagers and children                                                             Also, researchers in the study of The Digital
are lacking the social skills they need. Social                                                          Youth Project found that in our increasingly
skills are very necessary for expressing your                                                            technological world, the constant communica-
thoughts easily and writing proper English. It is                                                        tion that social networking provides encourag-
also important for a good job interview.               Ever since social networking has become           ing youthful skills. The study looked at more
                                                    popular, there has been less ‘face to face’ talk.    than 5,000 hours of online observation and
   Communication through technology such as         While many people are against it, I am totally       found that the digital world is creating new
texting, Face Book, MySpace, and Twitter are        for it. Social networking is amazing to me in so     opportunities for young people to explore inter-
resulting in bad grammar in students all across     many ways.                                           ests, develop technical skills and work on new
the U.S. Social networking causes less personal                                                          forms of self expression. Living and learning
communication.                                        The types of social networking we have as of       with new media is essential for young people to
   There are also a lot of problems with “sex-      now are Facebook, texting, Myspace, email-           pick up the social and technical skills they need
ting,” as the media calls it. For teens, 62% have   ing and Twitter. and that’s one of the reasons I     to be to be competent citizens in the digital age.
either asked or sent photos of themselves.          love it!
Perhaps more disturbing was the study’s
finding that 38% of teens and 46% of young
adults say it is common for nude or semi-nude
photos to get shared with people other than the
intended recipient. A shared sexting message

                                                                                                        We have quick
could have disastrous consequences.
    For starters, the impact of such content
getting “leaked” could result in social isolation                                                       dollar menu items!
from friends and bullying. Further, in cases
where such content might have been shared                                                               Pizza sticks,
as the result of revenge, it could certainly lead                                                       taquitos, and discounts
                                                                                                        on shakes.
to violence, which could lead to disciplinary
action by schools, employers, and possibly
even state and federal law enforcement. Most
importantly, it could lead to serious emotional                                                    Happy Holidays!
and self-esteem issues for any child or young
                                                    del Cristiano En 1769 establece Junípero Serra
                                                    la primera misión en California. En 1840
            Día De La Raza                          Francisco García Diego y Moreno se convierte
                                                                                                          Rescate de Mineros en Chile
          By: Elizabeth Fabian                      en el primer obispo católico de California. En            By: Elizabeth Fabian
                                                    1848 José Sadoc Alemany es el primer obispo
                                                    católico bajo jurisdicción de los Estados Uni-
    El mes de octubre cada año nos recuerda         dos en el estado de California. El mismo será
el llamado Descubrimiento, o Encuentro, o           nombrado el primer Arzobispo de la diócesis de
Desencuentro de Dos Mundos: el europeo y el         San Francisco, la cual incluye todo el Estado,
americano. De ese encuentro surgió un con-          en 1853.
cepto: la Hispanidad, el cual nos presenta una
forma de mirar la vida. .. Aquella que nace del        No pretendemos revisar la historia viendo
intento de crear una civilización nueva, distinta   hechos y fechas. Podríamos caer en la tentación
de la europea, sin miedo a las mezclas y los        de mirar un pasado glorioso desde un hoy
híbridos, viendo en lo encontrado, sea hombre       lleno de lamentos y olvidarnos de un futuro
o mujer, seres libres dueños de su historia y de                                                         Los 33 mineros atrapados a 700 metros de
                                                    esperanzador.                                     profundidad por un derrumbe en la mina san
sus terrenos. La civilización europea se veía
caduca. Se anhelaban unas formas nuevas de                                                            José de Atacama, a 900 kilómetros al norte de
vida, de cristiandad, de civilización. Y desde el       El 12 de Octubre marca el aniversario de      Santiago en chile. Por fin el día 13 de Octubre
primer momento se intentó crear otra civili-        la llegada del Evangelio a nuestro continente     fueron recatados, después del derrumbe el
zación, otra cultura.                               y nos hace preguntarnos sobre las realidades y    pasado 5 de agosto.
                                                    los retos a los que nos enfrentamos.
                                                                                                         Después de una larga espera de 69 días
   Para poder entender esto basta leer las obras        Debemos estar conscientes de que la           tanto para los 33 mineros y sus familiares que
que circulaban en las Universidades a finales        comunidad hispana en USA es una comunidad         se encuentran en el campamento Esperanza, a
del siglo XV y comienzos del XVI. Desde La          joven, con todo lo que ello implica... Comu-      dos manzanas de los trabajadores de rescate.
Ciudad del Sol de Tomás de Campanella, al           nidad joven que se enfrenta precisamente a        El día 13 de octubre por fin fueron rescatados,
Amadís de Gdula, en el fondo se buscaba el          la transmisión de su identidad cultural. Nos      después de un largo trabajo por parte de los
sueño de una nueva civilización.                    vemos acorralados por sentimientos xenófo-        rescatistas.
                                                    bos y antihispánicos. Sentimientos que nacen
   Cuando emigramos, ¿no estamos nosotros           del miedo y de la ignorancia. Al fin y al cabo         Despues de 22 horas un operativo inesper-
buscando lo mismo? Pero mientras en nuestros        nosotros estábamos aquí primero en muchos de      able, chile festeja el rescate de los 33 mineros
esfuerzos actuales nos avergonzamos de              los Estados de la Unión.                          q fue un exito a cada momento sin un contra-
nuestras raíces y creemos que lo extraño es lo                                                        tienpo alguno.
mejor, nos olvidamos de que nosotros fuimos            Es mucho lo que hemos hecho y aportado.
primeros. En educación, en Iglesia, en gobi-        Pero es mucho más lo que nos queda por                El estado de salud. La situación de salud de
erno, etc. A las pruebas podemos remitirnos:        hacer. Estamos comenzando un nuevo milenio.       los primeros mineros rescatados desde el fondo
                                                    Somos el grupo étnico más joven, de mayor         de la mina “es bastante buena”, afirmó el min-
    En 1493 se introduce la caña de azúcar en el    crecimiento.                                      istro de Salud, Jaime Mañalich, en una confer-
continente. 1511 ve el nacimiento de la primera                                                       encia de prensa en las afueras del yacimiento.
diócesis en América, la de San Juan de Puerto
Rico. En 1512 se construyen el primer hospital                                                            Orgullo del presidente. Después del primer
y la primera catedral del continente, en Santo                                                        rescate, Piñera tomó la palabra en las inmedia-
Domingo. En 1531 se aparece María a un sen-                                                           ciones de la mina y se dirigió a los medios y los
cillo indio, Juan Diego, dando comienzo a la                                                          presentes. “El 13/10/10, nuevamente el número
devoción de la Virgen de Guadalupe. En 1565                                                           mágico Del 33, el primer minero ha sido rescat-
tiene lugar la primera fiesta de Acción de Gra-                                                        ado de una forma que ha enorgullecido a todos
cias en los Estados Unidos Continentales, antes                                                       los chilenos”, continuó el mandatario. “Quiero
que los Peregrinos del Mayflower. En 1699 se                                                           en esta noche de tantas emociones agradecer a
publica el primer libro en lengua española en                                                         Dios, porque sin su ayuda esto no hubiera sido
los Estados Unidos continentales: La Fe                                                               posible”, dijo Piñera y luego agradeció también
                                                                                                      a los rescatistas y funcionarios.


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