Used Cell Phones vs New Cell Phones

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					                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

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Now that the FCC in 2003 has authorized the option to allow consumers to keep their cell phone
numbers when switching carriers, the question now becomes how many cell phone customers in the
US would switch carriers given the right opportunity, but haven't in the past because of their contract
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                                          Used Cell Phones Versus New Cell Phones
                                                                 By David Kraft

Perhaps you've broken or lost your cell phone, or you're looking to purchase your first cell phone - you
probably assume that the only way to go is to purchase a new phone from your wireless service
provider. Not so. Most people don't realize that cell phones can also be purchased used or refurbished
from a number of used cell phone retailers.

 Used and/or refurbished phones make great choices for many people and, in fact, there really are not
too many cases in which paying full retail for a new phone is worth it. If you are signing a new contract
with your provider, you can usually get a new phone at a discounted price that is comparable to buying
it used, but then you are locked in to a contract. However, if you're not signing a new contract, the full
retail price for a given phone is going to be significanly higher than the price for the same phone in
like-new refurbished condition. Many people find that purchasing a used phone is an excellent way to
bridge the gap between the end of a contract and the time that they need a replacement for their lost or
broken phone. Going this route can also allow you to continue your current service without having to
sign a new contract, which will come in handy if you decide to switch carriers.

 If you are one of the few that always needs to have the newest, latest, and greatest phone that is
available, you may be forced to go with a new phone. Most new phones take at least a month to be
readily available in the used market, so if you can't wait for a month to get the new Blackberry for your
Sprint service, you'll have to look elsewhere than a store that carries used Sprint Blackberry cell
phones. However, if you can wait a month, you can get the same phone that all your friends envy
without paying full retail by purchasing it used. In other words, the used market is not limited to
bare-boned models - quite the contrary.

 Another instance where you may choose a new phone over a used cell phone is if you insist on having
a long warranty on the phone. Any quality third party vendor will offer a warranty on their used phones,
but they rarely last as long as a manufacturers warranty. In this sense, the decision is much like that of
buying a new vehicle. Some people prefer new cars because they know the vehicle's history (or lack of
one) and they get a warranty to cover the first few years of ownership. However, they pay more for this.
On the other hand, many people are happy to purchase a used vehicle to take advantage of the cost
savings. In the end, it comes down to personal preference, but the bottom line is that, in most cases,
buying a used cell phone is advantageous.

David Kraft writes articles about used cell phones and the advantages of purchasing them in favor of
new cell phones. Learn more at

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