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                      eBay Dropshipping - How To Seperate The Fakes From The Real Deal
                                                                By Kim Skinner

Using a drop shipper is an excellent way to build your eBay business quickly and easily. But where can
you find them?

Sure, if you go to Google right now and conduct a search for "Drop Shipping," you'll get millions of
links. And within the first twenty or thirty you'll find some dropshippers that you can use with eBay.

But, are they REALLY drop shippers?

I'm going to let you in on a little-known secret. 95% of drop shippers you find online are not genuine
drop shippers.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying they'll steal your money and never ship your products. What I
mean is, 95% of them are what you call "Middle Men."

A middle man is someone who buys from the original manufacturer or wholesaler, marks the product
up to make HIS profit, then sells it to you.

No, to get the real wholesale prices, you have to avoid middle men. But, online, it's hard. Here are a
few ways to spot a middle man:

The listed "Retail price" will be higher than you've ever seen the products sold for.
Sometimes the price they charge YOU will be higher than normal retail.
They charge a "drop ship fee" per each item bought.
They charge you just to view their catalog, calling it a membership fee.

A real drop shipper is, in actuality, a "wholesaler" who buys their product directly from the manufacturer
and sells to retailers. Their drop ship business is secondary. In fact, to be honest, most wholesalers
don't offer dropshipping services. They want to sell in bulk rather than dealing with one item at a time.

This is where most eBay sellers give up. I should know. I myself have literally spent hours and hours
for days at a time searching the web for a dropshipper that offered quality products at wholesale prices.

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And to this day I've never found one on my own.

This includes all the "wholesale directories" that I purchased on eBay that were only full of outdated
links to manufactureres that wouldn't have sold to me anyway because I was not a distributor.

I felt like throwing in the towel more than once.

What I learned is, it takes a lot more than good internet searching skills to find a true, affordable drop
shipper. It takes a knowledge of business practices that most of us don't have. It takes having contacts
in the manufacturing and wholesale industry. sometimes in far away countries.

There are a few people out there who have created lists of genuine drop shippers who will work with
eBay sellers. They're NOT the ones selling wholesale lists on eBay for $3.00, but they ARE out there.

So, when you go looking, do your research, look carefully, ask questions and make sure that any
directory you go with TRUE wholesale prices and guarantees your satisfaction.

Click here to learn about some 'Real' eBay dropshipping resources.

Kim Skinner
eBay Seller's Resource

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                                                Tips For Dropshipping Ebay Items
                                                               By Nikki Davila

 In our conversation about dropshipping, ebay usually also jumps into our minds. We all know that
everyone can sell literally any products on ebay, where there are thousands of customers hanging out.
Because nobody wants to stock their ebay items at home, this is where dropshipping services come in
the picture. Dropshipping services are the ones that will keep the items you want to sell in their own
facilities and ship those items for you. All you have to do is order the items from the dropshipper, and
all shipping and handling will all be processed without you having to lift a finger!

Dropshipping eBay items is the best way to save you time, money and worries. What happens at the
system side is that your clients' shipping details are immediately passed on to the dropshipper once
you conclude a deal on ebay, and the dropshpper will deliver the sold goods to the client's door. Most
of the cases, your customer hardly knows the details of the entire transaction. All that matters is that
the shipping is on time and there are no damages to the item upon arrival. The dropshippers usually
only charge a small fee for handling everything after the deal was concluded online.

In case of your first dealing with a dropshpping company, an up-front payment is usually required by
the dropshipper. However, after you have dealt with the dropshipper for some time, you can negotiate
better terms. You just have to negotiate where you can while being realistic. The actual deal varies
dependent largely on the amount of transaction in a given period.

To succeed with this dropshipping business module, it is always wise to search for products that are in
high demand but are difficult to source. Do not go for products that have lots of competition on eBay,
especially if you are new to ebay business. As such, it is a good practice to keep monitoring the ebay

The advantages with dropshipping ebay items are obvious, but you should always be cautious and
make sure that your dropshipper has stock of the item you intend to sell on ebay and that the item will
be delivered on time and intact. It is your customers' conception that you have the products at your
premise and that you handle the entire process including shipment. You will have to fact client
complaints if they do not get what they have purchased. So, don't be surprised if a dispute arises, as
the shipping process are more controlled by your dropshipper. It is therefore very important to exercise
your due diligence on the dropshipping company you decide to use.

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