a community pharmacist service to treat minor ailments

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					                           Are you suffering from any
                           Of the following conditions?     If so you don’t need to wait to see the
                                                            doctor as you can get advice and
                           Cough/ Cold / Sore Throat        treatment from your Pharmacist. If you
Ashton, Leigh and Wigan                                     don’t pay for you prescriptions, some
                           Constipation/ Diarrhoea          Pharmacists will be able to prescribe
                                                            medicines to treat these conditions
      Primary Care Trust                                    effectively and without charge.
                           Head Lice/ Threadworm/ Scabies

                           Headache/ Earache                Am I eligible for the Scheme?

                           High Temperature                 Yes- If you
                                                            • have current exemption from
A Community                Blocked nose                     prescription charges.
                                                            •Hold a current prepayment certificate
                           Indigestion/ Heartburn
Pharmacist                                                  •Are suffering from one of the conditioned
                           Tummy upset                      listed.
Service to Treat Minor
                           Hay Fever
Ailments                                                    Can I go to the Pharmacy?
                           Conjunctivitis                   Not all Pharmacies may provide this
                                                            service at present. Please ask you
                           Eczema/ Nappy Rash               Pharmacist if they currently provide this
                           Cystitis/ Vaginal thrush         What do I have to do next?
                                                            You can go straight to one of the
                           Oral Thrush / Teething           Pharmacies that are taking part in the
                                                            Scheme. The Pharmacist will see you
                           Insect Bites and stings          without an appointment, but remember to
                                                            take with you proof of exemption from
                           Athletes Foot/ Verrucas          prescription charges or your prepayment
                           Mouth Ulcers / Cold Sores
What will the Pharmacist ask?                You Will Not Always Need
                                             You may not need any medication. If this
Once your eligibility for this service has   is the case the Pharmacist will give you
been confirmed, you will be asked            advice on how best to deal with your
questions about your symptoms.               symptoms. If it is appropriate, the
These will include details about other       Pharmacist will give the right medicine for
medications you are currently taking         you. This medicine is only for you. It may
and details about your illness. This is to   not be right for anybody else even if they
make sure that the medicines you are         have similar symptoms.
given are suitable for you. Please be        The Pharmacist will also tell you the best
assured all details given to the             way to take the medicine and other ways
Pharmacist will be treated as                to help manage your ailments.
                                             You will be required to sign the back of the
The Pharmacist will also need to know        Pharmacist’s prescription form and to
the Name & Address of your GP.               show evidence of your exemption like you
                                             do on a doctor’s prescription. If you do not
                                             provide this evidence then the Pharmacist
                                             will still provide you with medicine but this
                                             exemption will be checked at a later time.
                                                                                             Advice may also be
                                             Your Pharmacist is providing treatment          obtained from
                                             and/or advice under the ALWPCT Minor
                                                                                             NHS Direct
                                             Ailments Scheme in line with your
                                             presenting symptoms                             0845 4647    or at
                                             If your symptoms persist you should seek        www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk
                                             further advice from your GP.

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