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									Admin Job: The Top 5 Skills You Need to
Land Your Dream Admin Job

Administration jobs can be quite demanding and require quite a wide
range of skills but there are 6 skills that are absolutely necessary. If you
want to get an admin job, you should at least be able to do these 6 things
and do them reasonably well.

Maintaining Files

You need to be able to organise all the paperwork that comes into your
boss' life and that arrives on your desk. If you don't have a natural knack
for organising files and usually keep a shoebox of receipts then maybe
you shouldn't try get an admin job! Learn how to use staplers, files and
folders. Learn how to punch holes accurately and file things according to
date, alphabetical order, chronological order and by client, customer or
supplier. This skill is incredibly important and will be useful in many
other parts of your job and life as well. Read up on how other people do
it and pay careful attention to people in your life who show a natural
knack for this sort of thing. Learn and keep improving on your
organisational and filing skills! This will save your job!

Operating & Answering Telephones

Even if you're not hired as a secretary, most admin jobs will still require
at least some level of skill in operating and answering telephones. Learn
how to answer telephones in a "happy tone". You can do this by smiling
before answering the phone and while speaking on the phone. Think of
pleasant things like kids or pets to help you smile but STAY focused on
the conversation or you will come across as an air-head! Learn how to
transfer calls to other members of the office. Learn how to answer calls
that were transferred to you. Learn how to mute the phone and how to
put someone on hold while you check something they've just asked you
for. Again, pay attention to other people who excel in this area and learn
from them. Mimic them until you're good at it. Then you can add your
own personality to their style, as long as you keep it professional,
friendly and helpful!

Typing Letters

Learn to type and type fast! Focus on accuracy and speed. Generally
speaking, accuracy decreases as speed increases but if you focus your
attention on typing accurately, you can find that BOTH speed and
accuracy can increase. Practise typing slowly and accurately and then
practise typing fast and accurately. Typing really fast but with a low
level of accuracy means you spend too much time correcting your
mistakes while your employer is getting more and more irritated. There
are lots of programs and courses out there that will help you test your
typing speed and typing accuracy. Practise for 10-60 minutes EVERY
day even if you're really good. There's always room for improvement.

Word Processing

Learn every shortcut available in your word processor. Learn how to use
shortcuts to center-align, left align, start a new page, right align, create a
new document, start a set of bullet points and so on. The more shortcuts
you learn, the faster you can get on with doing your work because you
cut out the time required to reach out for your mouse and start clicking
things. Mouse usage and typing are governed by different parts of your
brain. Every time you have to reach for your mouse, you're interrupting
a process in your brain and causing it switch back and forth. This means
that you lose time that you could be spending being productive. This is
why programmers and typists mostly use the keyboard and designers
and photographers mainly use the mouse. It's just natural for them so
learn what's natural for you and focus on that.

Taking The Minutes At Meetings
Learn how to take accurate, detailed minutes at meetings. The key thing
to remember is to not be too detailed that you fall behind and not to be
so fast that you miss important details. Pay attention to the questions
people ask you after a meeting as those are the things you should be
noting down. Write down anything that happened in the meeting that
might affect the topic that was discussed. Discuss the problems that were
highlighted, the possible solutions that were suggested and any potential
problems with the solutions that might have been brought up. Be alert,
attentive and focused. Make sure you can focus on nothing but note-
taking which means, make sure the coffee is already ready so that no one
bothers you to do that when you should be taking notes.

Being successful in an admin job is tough. It's really tough. But with a
little bit of focus, perseverance and attention to detail, you can get far.
Remember to always be willing to learn. Be helpful but also learn when
to say no. If someone asks you to do something that interferes with a
more important task, tell them you'll get to it once you're done with what
you're doing or ask them to clear it with your boss as, at the end of the
day, the only person who can get fired from your admin job is you!
Good luck!

By Norio De Sousa

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