How to develop your subordinate

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					How to develop your subordinate?

When you recruited a person to work under you, it is your responsibility to groom the person to be
efficient in his work. Many superiors do not take on such responsibility, they expect the new recruit will
know what to do. Some superiors will provide two days training and expect the new recruit to be able
to perform. The new recruit can stay on the job in such environment will very much depends on his
ability to adapt.

If you recruit a person and wish for the person to stay on and work for you, then you should think of
some retention strategies. Though money plays a big role in retention but work content, working
environment and relationship with the superior also play an important roles in retaining an employee.

So, the superior should plan well for the new recruit from day one when he joins your department.
Firstly, there should be job description where it spells out the job scopes and also the skills required.
When the new recruit report to work , the superior has to show him the job description, understand in
more details what are the skills that he possesses and what are the skills still lacking. Secondly, discuss
with him how you plan to train him to obtain the skills that he is lacking. Draw up the training content,
identify the trainer and training schedule. Set a time frame to conduct evaluation after training has
been provided. The evaluation should be conducted in a formal manner where an appointment is set,
make sure there is ample time to carry out the evaluation, do not do it in a hurry. After the evaluation,
if he meets the standard, remember to praise him. If he does not meet the standard, talk to him to find
out why he is not able to acquire the skill. Thirdly, ensure that feedback on performance should be done
timely and do not wait until the end of the training. As and when correction needs to be done, bring out
immediately. Evaluation at the end of the training is basically a formal way to wrap up the entire

Remember to give constructive feedback and not negative feedback or scolding. He will be able to
accept the feedback if it is constructive.

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