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									Foreshadowing is the author’s use of   clues
to hint at what might happen   later in the
story. Writers use foreshadowing to
their readers’ expectations and
to create suspense. This is used to
 help readers prepare for what is to come.
What do you think the author is telling you
     here about the “Boo” Radely?

  What does the appearance of the house
         show Foreshadowing?
      Can you think of an
   element of foreshadowing?

In chapters 4-8 find events that the
Author uses to hint at what might
happen later in the story- put the event
on a post -it –note, page no. and a
prediction of what might happen. Post
your answers on the board.
Suspense is the growing interest and
 excitement readers experience while awaiting
 a climax or resolution in a work of literature.
 It is a feeling of anxious uncertainty about the
 outcome of events. Writers create suspense by
 raising questions in the minds of their readers.
Mood,      or atmosphere, is the feeling created in the
reader by a literary work or passage. Writer’s use many
devices to create mood, including         images, dialogue,
setting, and plot.     Often, a writer creates a mood at
the beginning of a work and then sustains the mood
throughout. Sometimes, however, the mood of the work
changes dramatically.

                      To Kill a Mockingbird
    In chapter 7, there are many words that create MOOD for the
      Find words and place them on post it notes with the page
                   and place them on the Smart

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