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					EU-project specifics

 Things you ought to know
      (16:05 - 16:20)

              EU-project specifics
– §2.3: The Contractors shall promptly notify the
  Commission, through the Co-ordinator, in writing, of:
                                                  Site Manager
   • (a) the actual commencement of work on the Project;           or
                                                              PSG member ?
   • (b) the person in direct charge of the work for each Contractor;
   • (c) any circumstance which may materially affect the Project,
   • (d) changes in ownership (as defined in Article 1(2) of this
     Annex) of a Contractor, Associated Contractor or an Affiliate (i)
     actively participating in the Project or (ii) granted Foreground
     by virtue of Article 1(2) and (16) of this Annex where the new
     ultimate controlling entity is established outside the Community
     or the Associated State.
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           EU-project specifics (2)
•   Payments
    – after each year based on Cost Statements
       • to be collected and forwarded to CEC by Co-ordinator
    – 40% of funding as pre-payment before March
    – next payment around March 2000 and then March 2001
       • if we deliver cost statements in time !!!
    – pre-payments up to 90% of our funding
    – final 10% 2 months after approval of last report
       • may take a year or two after 2001-11-30 …
•   Costs for administrative project management
    – invoiced by DNV based on partners’ cost statements
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          EU-project specifics (3)
•   Not all costs are allowable costs
    – §18.3: No costs may be charged in respect of
      marketing, sales, distribution costs for products
      and services, interest, return on capital
      employed, provisions for future losses or
      liabilities, and any costs related to other projects.
    – study §18, 19, 20, 21, 22 of annex II NOW
    – also the form sheet (Annex II Part D)
    – record labour consumption on time sheets
    – expect audits to be done at your site
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          EU-project specifics (4)
•   Certain rules apply for using subcontractors (§3)
    – no EU approval required if:
       • within the EU++
       • up to 20% of partner’s estimated allowable costs
•   Budget changes
    – §18.2:     The estimated costs for the work by
      categories shall be indicative only. Contractors
      may transfer the estimated budget between
      themselves and between categories provided the
      scope of the Project is not fundamentally affected.
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           EU-project specifics (5)
•   Reporting
    – regularly
       Type report                      per year   Responsible
       Task progress report                12      task leader
       Work package progress reports       4       WP leader
       Project Progress Report             2       project manager
       Cost statement                      1       site manager
       Public version of PPR               1       project manager

    – finally:
       • final report incl. public version of it
       • Technology Implementation Plan
           – IPR summary, exploitation intentions

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              EU-project specifics (6)
•   Our CEC contact: Karl-Heinz Robrock, DGXIII
    – all communication to him shall go via the Co-ordinator
•   Reviews
    – about once a year Marvin will be evaluated by external
    – We may suggest experts!
       • …
       • …
       • …
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