Colgate Women's Hockey Recruiting Timeline by liwenting


									                      Colgate Women’s Hockey Recruiting Timeline
           SOPHOMORE YEAR                                                                    JUNIOR YEAR                                                                 SENIOR YEAR
                          Grade 10                                                                   Grade 11                                                                    Grade 12
SEPTEMBER                                                                 JULY                                                                          JULY
    Division I hockey recruiting is happening much earlier each year.         Take an unofficial visit to Colgate over the summer, if you get the           July 7th is the first day that we can phone you AND the
    So, you should begin to think about College options now.                  chance. To schedule this, contact us ahead of time, by phone.                 first day we can speak to you face-to-face off-campus.
OCTOBER                                                                   AUGUST                                                                            We will begin to extend verbal scholarship offers. We extend
    Fill out and submit the Colgate online recruit questionnaire form         E-mail us again with your interest, your fall hockey schedule and             offers at various times throughout this year on an individual
    as completely as you can (found on recruiting website below).             contact information (most importantly your e-mail address).
    You can go back to this as often as you want to keep your                                                                                               basis with each recruit. If we do not offer you one in this
                                                                          SEPTEMBER                                                                         month, it does not mean we are not interested.
    information and tournament schedule updated                               This is the first month that we can send you e-mails or letters
NOVEMBER                                                                                                                                                    If possible you should take an unofficial visit to all the schools
                                                                              for the purpose of recruiting you. We can still call once per
    E-mail us expressing your interest (e-mail addresses below).              month this entire year.                                                       in which you have an interest, by the end of the summer.
DECEMBER                                                                      Register with the NCAA Clearinghouse (you can do this online).            AUGUST
    Continue to play well and do well in school.                          OCTOBER                                                                           Begin planning Official Visits – If we are interested in you, we
JANUARY                                                                       If you have changed teams, your school, or your mailing address,              will offer you an official visit to Colgate. We continue to extend
    Please note that while you are allowed to contact us, we cannot           fill out our online questionnaire again to keep us up-to-date with that       visits on an individual basis throughout the fall. Remember,
    contact you this year (including e-mail, letters and phone).              and what tournaments you are playing in during the season.                    you may only take FIVE Official Visits to any school.
FEBRUARY                                                                  NOVEMBER                                                                          Register for fall SAT and ACT tests as needed.
    Phone us if you want to plan an unofficial visit during your school       Feel free to plan an unofficial visit during our season to check out a    SEPTEMBER
    vacation (remember that we cannot reply to your e-mails).                 game and the Colgate campus during the school year.
                                                                                                                                                            Begin to take your official visits to compare schools.
MARCH                                                                     DECEMBER
                                                                              If you play for a team or in an area that we do not scout that often,     OCTOBER
    Begin to research Colleges and Universities and create a list of
    schools that interest you. Websites are a great start.                    send us short a video of you playing hockey.                                  Retake SAT and ACT tests as needed to improve your scores.
APRIL                                                                     JANUARY                                                                       NOVEMBER
    If you are interested in the Colgate Summer ID Camp, sign up              Sign up for the Spring SAT and/or ACT testing dates.                          The NLI (National Letter of Intent) signing date is early in this
    this month (website listed below).                                    FEBRUARY                                                                          month. If we have offered you scholarship money, and you
MAY                                                                           Keep us up-to-date on your playing schedule (post-season                      have chosen Colgate, you will get your application in by early
    Go back to our online questionnaire and update your tournament            tournaments, playoffs etc.)                                                   this month and receive NLI signing papers from Colgate.
    schedule for the summer and make sure we have an accurate             MARCH                                                                         DECEMBER
    phone number on file for you.                                             If you have not done so yet, email or fax us a copy of your High              In general, we will have selected and accepted about 80-90%
JUNE                                                                          School transcript.
                                                                                                                                                            of our incoming class by this month.
    Email or fax us a copy of your unofficial High School transcript      APRIL
    (Grades 9 & 10), after your final grades have been added                  If you are interested, sign up for the Colgate Summer ID Camp.            JANUARY
                                                                              When taking SATs make sure you indicate the NCAA                              If you are still considering Colgate you should get all your
                                                                              Clearinghouse number (9999) as a place to send your scores                    application materials in by January 15th.
                                                                          MAY                                                                           FEBRUARY
                                                                              Go online to our questionnaire and update your summer                         We generally finalize our recruiting class in this month.
                                                                              tournament and camp schedule.                                             APRIL
                                                                              We encourage all recruits to take an unofficial visit to Colgate.
                                                                                                                                                            Those who have applied on their own through regular decision
CONTACT INFO:                                                                 Make sure we are updated with your most recent telephone
                                                                                                                                                            will get a letter from Colgate Admissions by early April.

Scott Wiley – Head Coach - 315-228-7839                                       numbers and complete High School Transcript (Grades 9-11).
Ryan Stone – Assistant Coach - 315-228-7847                                                                                                             This calendar is designed to serve as a general guide                                                       WEBSITES OF INTEREST:                                                         to aid you in the college search process especially as it
Karine Senécal – Assistant Coach - 315-228-7849                                                                                                         pertains to Colgate University. It is not an exact
                                                                          Colgate University:                                                                                                                                    science and each player’s process will be a bit
                                                                          Summer ID Camp:            different. If you miss a step or start later, it will not
Office Fax – 315-228-7925                                                 NCAA Clearinghouse:                          disqualify you. Feel free to contact us at any time if
RECRUITING WEBSITE:                                                       Colgate Athletics:                           you need to know what information you should be                                   Recruiting Website:                   providing us.

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