3rd 9weeks practice log by wanghonghx


									                                                   Practice log

   Week/Date 3rd    Sunday   Monday Tuesday Wednesday. Thursday   Friday Saturday    TOTAL       Parent
     9 weeks                                                                        MINUTES
   1    1/17-20
   2.   1/23-27
   3.   1/30-2/03
   4    2/06-10
   5.   2/13-17
   6.   2/20-24
   7.   2/27-3/02
   8.   3/05-09
   9.   3/19-23

Daily practice schedule –

5-10 Minutes - warm up/buzz, scales, breathing (see how long you can hold a note without breathing) Scale
study line #3, 4, 7

5-10 Minutes -Articulation/Arpeggios #1-5 Practice different articulations that are at the bottom of the page

5-10 Minutes – Interval study (play the whole page.) Start this exercise slow and then build up speed.

5-10 Work on sections in music you have difficulty with. If it’s fast start very slow and gradually speed up.
(Use your metronome) Leave out articulations at first to help you work on ONLY the rhythm. If it’s slow
practice not breathing as long as you can work up to no less than 4 measures and then try 8

                                               Play something fun!
Practice log

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