Cardinal Sports Puts Players' Futures First

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					Cardinal Sports Puts Players’ Futures First
Free online resume service gives NAPHL a leg up when it comes to exposure

F     or student-athletes in the North
      American Prospects Hockey
League (NAPHL), the oftentimes com-
                                           ing student-athletes the promotional
                                           support and career guidance required
                                           to achieve their athletic and academic
                                                                                       enough how important it is to get a
                                                                                       head start when it comes to identify-
                                                                                       ing and educating players and their
plicated and time-consuming college        goals.                                      families about the college-selection
recruiting process just got a whole lot       “It’s amazing what we’ve been able       process.”
easier.                                    to accomplish through this service,             Not to mention the exposure within
    Through the support of                 and we’re proud of all the student-         the NAHL, where every organization’s
Cardinal Sports Manage-                     athletes and their families who’ve         coaching and scouting staff also has
ment, a complimentary                       realized their dreams, both on the         access to the players’ profiles as they
online resume service is                       ice and in the classroom,” said         actively recruit in the NAPHL.
available for all NAPHL                          Grieve. “We have the knowledge            “I know every one of our teams
players in which colleges,                              and experience to address      values the accessibility and the detail
along with professional                                   every student-athlete’s      of those profiles when it comes to
and North Ameri-                                          circumstances and, with      identifying players in the NAPHL,”
can Hockey                                              that, the ability to provide   Frankenfeld added. “It’s a tremen-
League (NAHL)                                    quality guidance and advice.”         dous asset from a recruiting perspec-
teams, can quickly and easily access          That’s because Cardinal’s man-           tive, and one our teams rely on.”
a player’s profile to receive academic     agement team is comprised of sports             Once NAPHL student-athletes
and athletic information, as well as       industry executives with years of col-      have visited CardinalSportsGroup.
contact information.                       lective experience.                         com to complete their complimentary
    With everything accessible through          “Many of us have been there            online resume, they will receive two
the player’s already-existing Point-       before, deciding if, where and when         e-mails: one to inform them that their
streak profile, the added exposure is                                                  resume is in the approval process, and
free, easy, and, most importantly for                                                  the second - which they will receive
aspiring college student-athletes and                                                  within two business days - to advise
professional players, effective.                                                       them that their resume has been ap-
    “I don’t think it’s any secret that                                                proved. Once approved, players will
colleges and professional teams are                                                    receive a username and password,
accessing players’ vital and statistical                                               which will allow them to access and
information through Pointstreak, so                                                    update their profile.
it only makes sense to have an active                                                      From there, the player’s profile
online profile,” said Cardinal Sports                                                  will be available to every NCAA and
chief operating officer Brent Grieve.      to play junior hockey, college hockey       ACHA program, along with every
“Not to mention it’s free and chances      and eventually professionally,” said        NAHL team, for recruiting purposes.
are it will pay off down the road.”        Grieve, who played four years of            In addition, a representative of Cardi-
    Through its free online resume         junior hockey before embarking on a         nal Sports will contact the player and
service, Cardinal Sports, established      lengthy pro career. “We know the pro-                     their family to discuss
in 1994 to provide services to student-    cess can be overwhelming at times,                          their objectives and
athletes interested in pursuing an         and that’s where our expertise                                 goals as it relates to
athletic scholarship or financial-aid      and resources come into play.”                                    their athletic and
package to a postsecondary institution        The NAHL, which takes                                          academic future.
in the United States or Canada, has        great pride in the hundreds of                                      And with a suc-
delivered countless success stories.       players it places in college hockey                         cess rate of more than
In all, it has assisted more than 700      and beyond year after year, is also                     90 percent for individual
student-athletes in securing a scholar-    bullish on Cardinal’s reputation and                 student-athletes with equally
ship and/or financial-aid package to       value. That’s why it’s no surprise that     impressive results on a league and
their desired institutions.                every one of the league’s 19 teams is       team level, Cardinal Sports to eager to
    With numbers like that - Cardinal      actively building their players’ online     carry those numbers into the NAPHL.
also boasts a greater-than-90-percent      resumes.                                        “We’re confident we can provide
compliance rate with college coaches          “This is all part of our commitment      the necessary services to assist every
in utilizing its online recruiting tool    to each and every NAPHL student-            student-athlete in that league when
- it’s no wonder why it’s North Amer-      athlete,” said NAHL commissioner            it comes to reaching their athletic and
ica’s leader when it comes to provid-      Mark Frankenfeld. “It can’t be said         academic objectives,” said Grieve.

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