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					             LEAD Scholars On-Campus Housing
   Admitted LEAD Scholars have the unique
   opportunity to live among fellow students in
   Building 110 located in the Hercules
   Community. Building 110 features double
   room suites holding 164 residents. The current
   room rental cost may be found at

   If you did not select LEAD Scholars housing as
   your preferred housing choice on your LEAD
   Scholars application, please contact the LEAD
   Scholars Program at 407-823-2223, and request
   to be considered for building 110 in the
   Hercules Community.

How to apply for housing…

1) To apply for housing, you will need your PID and password to access the myUCF gateway. Log into
my.ucf.edu, then select “Student Self Service” then “Housing” then “Apply.” On the housing options page,
select the fall 2012 and spring 2013 Orlando main campus option.

2) A $250 prepayment is required for the fall housing agreement. If you are attending the university in the
summer then a separate $100 prepayment is required for the summer housing agreement.

3) If you have a Florida Prepaid Dormitory Account, please select the box in the online housing agreement.
The Florida Prepaid Dormitory Account will not cover summer housing.

4) You will receive a notification email that your agreement has been received. You can also view your
housing agreement status online in myUCF. Go to “Student Self Service” then “Housing” then “Status.”

5) If a space is available for you, then you will receive a housing confirmed date. Confirmed dates are given
out based on the date you apply for housing, availability of space, and when you enter UCF. Do not assume
that you have housing on the Orlando main campus unless you receive a housing confirmed date. You
can view your confirmed date in myUCF on the housing status screen.

7) Students can preference one roommate using the online housing preference system in myUCF. The
roommate you preference must be in the LEAD Scholars Program if you select LEAD Scholars housing. Log
into my.ucf.edu then select “Student Self Service” then “Housing” then “Preferences.” You should also list
“Nike and Hercules Double Room” for your first choice and LEAD Scholars in the Special Interest Housing
menu. The online housing preference system is open until May 1, 2012.

8) In order to be considered for LEAD Scholars housing, you MUST have completed an online housing
agreement and received a housing confirmed date! LEAD Scholars cannot hold a room for you. LEAD
Scholars rooms will be filled on a first come, first served basis with priority given to admitted LEAD
Scholars with early housing agreement received dates.

Please contact Dr. Stacey Malaret, Director for LEAD Scholars, if you have any questions at
Stacey.Malaret@ucf.edu or 407-823-2223.
The LEAD Scholars Program has reserved a special session for LEAD Scholars on June 18-19,
2012 in hope that you, along with other LEAD Scholars, will be able to attend at that time.

This orientation session is a special detailed workshop for you to find out more about the program
and will provide you the opportunity to schedule classes in advance of other entering students. You
will also have the opportunity to meet other scholars and our staff during this orientation. Please
register for this special orientation opportunity as soon as possible (registration begins February 1,
2012), as open seats will be opened for non-LEAD Scholars starting in late spring.

Burnett Honors College Students: If you have been admitted to the Burnett Honors College
you are required to attend the Honors Orientation on June 7-8, 2012 instead. The same LEAD
Scholars information will be available to you on June 7-8 as well. (Honors students may contact
the Burnett Honors College Office of Honors Students Services for more information at 407-823-2545
or at honors@mail.ucf.edu).

How to register for orientation: You will be receiving information from the First Year Experience
Office regarding the orientation session, however, if you will be unable to attend, additional orientation
dates have been set, and a LEAD Scholars session will also be offered at all other sessions during
the summer. In order to register for your orientation session, you must first pay your enrollment
deposit to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Once this has been paid, you are eligible to
register for an orientation session. To contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions please visit
http://www.admissions.ucf.edu or call 407-823-3000.

Once you register for orientation and submit your orientation payment, the First Year Experience
Office will then confirm your orientation date via email that will include an online confirmation packet
and parking pass. For more information about orientation please visit http://www.fye.ucf.edu or call

What if I cannot attend the LEAD Scholars orientation? No problem! LEAD Scholars will have a
special morning workshop for ALL LEAD Scholars on the second day of every orientation offered for
first-year students. You will receive the same information about the program whether you attend the
LEAD Scholars orientation session or another session offered by the Office of First Year Experience
for first-year students.

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