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                    Conflict of Interest Policy for Support Groups

The University and its Board of Regents are indebted to volunteer groups and non-profit
organizations for their invaluable assistance in fundraising, public outreach and other
aspects that support the University’s mission. As a public trust and as the beneficiary of
these fundraising and outreach activities, the University is obligated to assure that the
funds raised and the activities conducted on its behalf meet required legal and fiduciary
standards and prudent business practices. As such, this document is intended to outline
Support Group member Conflict of Interest Policy in making financial decisions and
disqualification requirements for Support Group Members and Officers.

Disqualification Policy: A support group that has received official recognition from the
University is authorized to use the name of the University. Additionally, support groups
are permitted to use space, equipment, and staff resources in the performance of its
recognized support activities. In the process of making a decision for fund raising
activities or use of University resources, as a support group member, you should
disqualify yourself if you have a financial conflict of interest in this decision.

Making or Participating in Making a Financial Decision: You make a decision when you:
a) vote on a matter; b) appoint a person; c) obligate or commit the University /Support
Group to any course of action; or d) enter into any contractual agreement on behalf of the
university/Support Group.

You participate in the making of a decision when you: a) negotiate with an entity or
private person regarding a decision; b) advise or make recommendations to a decision-
maker to influence a decision; or c) prepare or present any report, analysis or opinion
orally or in writing which requires the exercise of judgment on your part and the purpose
of which is to influence the decision.

Disqualification Requirement-Financial Conflicts of Interest: You must disqualify
yourself from making a financial decision if it is reasonably foreseeable that the decision
will have a material financial affect (generally providing income or waived expenses of
$250 or more) for you or a member of your immediate family (spouse, domestic partner,
children, siblings, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, or in-laws in the same

October 23, 2002
University of California- Santa Cruz
Conflict of Interest Policy for Support Groups
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You should also disqualify yourself from making material financial decisions for any
entities or persons that you or your immediate family member has the following

1. any business entity in which you have a direct investment worth $2,000 or 10 percent
   or more;
2. any real property which you have an interest worth $2,000 or more;
3. any source (person or entity) providing or promising income to you, other than loans
   by a commercial lending institution, totaling $500 or more within 12 months prior to
   the decision;
4. any donor of a gift or gifts totaling $320 or more received within 12 months prior to
   when you make a decision; or
5. any business entity in which you are a director, officer, partner, trustee, employee, or
   hold any position of management.

More information regarding material financial affect for the above entities may be found
in the California Code of Regulations, Title 2, Section 18704 at: .

Conflict of Interest Code Coordinators have been appointed to assist you with any
questions you may have regarding this policy. At UCSC, please contact Linda Beaston at
831-459-2666 or

This Conflict of Interest Policy has been adopted by:

________________________ Support Group on _________________(date)

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Support Group President                      Support Group Officer

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October 23, 2002

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