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GIS_ GPS_ Google Earth Lab Uses for GIS Companies


									                                                                      GIS, GPS, Google Earth Lab

Uses for GIS:

   Companies & Corporations:

       o Fed EX saved millions by eliminating Left turns in their daily routes. Left turns require you to sit at

          a light until it becomes green. Right turns don’t require as much wait time. They saved money by

          saving gas and reduced greenhouse emissions.

       o Hospitals - investigate the safest & quickest ways to get ambulances to the hospital

       o Construction – best places to build or to add additions

       o Wal-Mart & other Merchants – most fuel efficient shipping

       o Natural Resource Exploration – new oil sites, new ores

       o Utilities - locating existing lines and finding the best places to put new lines
   Research or Agencies:
       o Rare & endangered species

       o Investigating forest fires : Classzone - ES0201 (image below)

       o Planning evacuation routes during emergencies

       o Monitoring natural disasters – oil spills or tracking hurricanes & tornadoes

       o Understanding Hydrology or Population density: Classzone ES0204 (image on next page)

                                    GIS, GPS, Google Earth Lab Challenge

                       Allegra Ayala, Miller Bowe, Thomas Schill & Amina Alic

1. You have seen several examples of how GIS has been used to solve problems. While working with your

    table, brainstorm about what types of problems affect you in your daily life that could be solved or

    improved by using GIS or GPS. Each of you record your groups thoughts here (5 minutes)

   Find a better route to Raymond’s creek, so he doesn’t go through snakes.

   Faster route to school

   Faster route to the mall to save your mom’s money

   Find a route to your friend’s house to do homework

   Find a way to the movies

2. Pretend you are working for a governmental agency or a company. It is your group’s job to find a solution

    to a problem using GIS and or GPS. While working with your table, brainstorm about what types of

    problems that could be solved or improved by using GIS or GPS for your company or agency. Each of you

    record your groups thoughts here (5 minutes)

    We are a space company that delivers medical supplies

          Find quick routes to the bases

          Find out where comets and meteors will be and navigate around them

          Find the distance between them and the bases(due to the fact that that the asteroids bases will be in

           orbit and will likely be affected by the gravity of other asteroids and the planet Jupiter )

3. Now, as a group choose one of your brainstorming ideas. Answer the following questions.

       a. What type of agency or company do you work for?

           A futuristic company, space delivery-company that uses GPS and GIS is who we work for.

       b. What is the problem you are trying to remediate or solve?
   Improve life in space and space stations and give space medical supplies for lessened deaths in


c. Why is this a problem?

   There are no hospitals on the moon or in the space stations so more are needed.

d. What is your plan of action to solve the problem?

   Add another room to the space station as a special medical room. Then, send building materials bit

   by bit into space to the moon to build hospitals.

e. How much will this solution really change the problem?

   It will reduce deaths and injuries in space travel and settlements.

f. Are there any other gains that can be realized by this solution? For example, if you were asked by

   Fed Ex to cut costs and you eliminate left turns, then you have saved money by reducing gas. You

   have also reduced air emissions (CO2) output thereby reducing greenhouse gases too.

   Greatly reduced amputations from injuries received from fights or space travel.

   We would deliver:

           Oxygen Tanks

           Water barrels

           Thermal suits and gloves

           Food crates

           Thermal Blankets

           Generators

           Ice

           Syringes

           Medications

           IV Equipment
                    X-Ray Machines

                    Casts

                    Blood in Blood Bags for blood transfusions

                    Antibiotics


         Delivered in 12 hours-$1,000,000

         Delivered in 20 hours-$800,000

         Delivered in 30 hours-$700,000

         Delivered in 50 hours-$500,000

         Delivered in 100 hours-$250,000

         Delivered in 200 hours-$125,000

          g. Choose a location in Google Earth where you can execute this project. Pull it up and start

             implementing your solution. Start plotting your points. Save the image with the Snip tool. Turn it in

             with this section of the document. Paste it below.

          h. Use the RULER and the POLYGON tool in your plan. Save both images with the Snip tool. Turn it

             in with this section of the document. Paste it below. Ruler & Polygon not applicable

          i. Raise your hand so that I can see your draft copy.

          j. Now you will create one final copy on one computer and finalize all the details. E-mail me the final

             copy through Schoolspace.

          k. You will then, as a group share your chosen problem and solution with the class.

          l. Congratulations you have just solved or improved a problem in today’s world or in the future. Big

             changes start with big ideas!
Left image: Earth headquarters   Right image : Moon Headquarters

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