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					County of Los Angeles
   Enterprise GIS

              Mark Greninger
              Geographic Information Officer
              Chief Information Office
              (213) 974-2154
Presentation Overview

•   GIS Overview
•   2002 GIS Assessment Study
•   Geographic Information Officer (GIO) role
•   Enterprise GIS status
•   Open Discussion

Slides are available at under GIS Steering
   Committee link.
GIS Overview
• GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
  • GIS integrates information spatially
  • GIS is a decision support tool
  • Changes the way people see information
  • Data, Data, Data!!!
• GIS provides benefits in:
  • Revenue enhancement and cost savings
  • Improved business processes
  • Improved safety
  • Analysis & Planning
  • Communication
GIS Overview
• GIS has gained even more public attention and traction
   • Google Earth & Maps
   • Yahoo Maps
   • Microsoft Local Live
   • Aerial and 3D Imagery
• GIS technologies are changing rapidly
   • Moving from client to server based
   • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
      • Web service – XML based
      • Interoperability with existing systems.
• How does the County Leverage GIS?
Examples of GIS
                                                         Data Projects
         County Applications
                                       •   LARIAC (Imagery)
                                       •   CAMS (Countywide Address Management System)
 •   Viewers                           •   Thomas Brothers Data Contracts
      • GIS-NET
      • DPW LIW
      • Driving Directions
 •   Locators
      • RAVS
                                                        New technology
      • EBT Locator                    •   Google Earth integration
      • CDC Enterprise Zone Locator    •   Flash tools
      • Child Care Locator             •   AJAX
                                       •   Flash integration
      • Sheriff Reporting              •   Smash-ups (
         District/Crime Reports        •   3D City Viewers (Cyber city, etc)
      • Foster Care Search
 •   Analysis Tools
      • CDC Demographic Locator
      • Child Care Needs Assessment
      • Homeless data repository
 •   Integrated GIS
      • DCFS MyCSW & MySCSW                             Other Agencies
      • Parks Website Upgrade          •   SF-GOV site
      • WebSphere Portal Integration
      • DMH Web-EOC GIS Integration
2002 GIS Assessment Study
• CIO “Countywide GIS Assessment Study” –
  January 2002.
   • Departments have different levels of GIS
     expertise (“haves” and “have-nots”).
   • Users don’t know where to access data and
     GIS expertise.
   • Duplication of effort increases cost.
   • Departments see the potential of GIS, but
     don’t know where to start.
• Enterprise GIS can extend the benefits of GIS
  to the entire county.
GIS Assessment Study

•    Section 4 – Three Enterprise GIS
     Implementation Options
1.   Departmental Operations Databases/ Centralized Data Sharing
2.   Centralized Operations Database/Centralized Data Sharing
3.   Departmental Operations Databases/Distributed Data Sharing
•    Section 5 – Recommended Option One
•    Recommended hiring GIS Program Mananger
Role of the GIO
• GIO’s role is to extend the benefits of GIS
  throughout the County.
   • Show the benefits of using GIS
   • Identify opportunities for using GIS
   • Identify technologies to implement GIS
   • Identify and extend GIS best practices
   • Help share GIS data across the county.
   • Help transfer GIS expertise from “have” to
     “have-not” departments.
   • Reduce implementation costs
• Develop County of Los Angeles Enterprise GIS
Enterprise GIS
•    What is Enterprise GIS
    • A collaborative endeavor.
    • Maintains capabilities within current departments.
    • Develops and maintains best practices
      • Data Sharing
      • Data Standards
      • Security
      • Standard Technology (OGC)
      • Software Licensing
         • Master Purchase Agreement
         • License Pooling
      • Legal issues
    • Cost sharing for
      • Hardware/Software (i.e. LARIAC storage)
      • Service Level Support
      • Application development (driving directions)
Enterprise GIS

• Enterprise-Capable Infrastructure in place
   • Hardware and software ($600K investment)
      • 4 mapping, 1 database, 1 SAN server
      • ESRI SDE, IMS, Server, Geocortex, etc.
   • Need enterprise management
Current ISD Infrastructure

                                              ISD DMZ                                                                   County Intranet

                              Firewall                                               Firewall

                    Interne                                                                                                                      SAN
                        t                                                                                                                        50+ Tb of
                                 Load Balancer                                                                                                    space
                                                                                                                            Database Server
                                                          2 Internet Servers                    2 Intranet Servers
                                                              Gis1, gis2                            Gis3, gis4
Software Hardware

                                                                                                Dual 3.4 Ghz CPU
                                                          Dual 3.4 Ghz CPU                                                4 CPU, 32 Gb RAM
                                                                                            2 Gb RAM, 150 Gb HD
                                                        2 Gb RAM, 150 Gb HD

                                                        ArcGIS Server, ArcIMS, IIS          ArcGIS Server Enterprise,       ArcSDE, SQL Server
                                                                                             ArcIMS, IIS, Monitoring



                                GIS Center of Excellence

 1. Enterprise GIS Steering
   Committee determines
 Enterprise GIS Standards.           Tools Data

 2. Enterprise GIS Group and “Have” Depts                  3. Enterprise GIS Group supports
 are linked by enterprise data and standards.              “Have Not” Depts with data,
                                                           infrastructure, and/or support that
                                                           implements the enterprise standards.

 “Have” Depts                                                               “Have Not” Depts
Enterprise GIS
• Steps for Creating Enterprise GIS
   • Recreate GISAB (GIS Advisory Board) as the
     Enterprise GIS Steering Committee
      • Coordinate GIS investment
      • Coordinate GIS data sharing
   • Develop eGIS Charter, Mission, Goals
   • See
   • Documents, Meeting Minutes, Agenda, etc.
   • Create GIS Center of Excellence.
      • Manage Enterprise GIS Repository
      • Develop services that leverage the data
        repository throughout the county.
Enterprise GIS
 •    Enterprise GIS Repository
     • Maintain Enterprise Data
        • Data Catalogue
        • Keep data current
        • Security
        • Ensure data is up to date
     • Services to distribute Enterprise Data
        • Web Services
        • Tools
        • Applications
Enterprise GIS Web Services
• Interoperable machine to machine communications
• Open protocol for requesting GIS capabilities
   • UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and
      • Provides a list and description of available services
   • WSDL (Web Services Description Language)
      • Provides description of a specific web service
• Major GIS service types:
  • Geocoding
  • Mapping
  • Routing
  • Geographic Queries
  • Advanced geographic analyses
Enterprise GIS Tools & Applications
  • Tools
     • Automated Geocoder Tool
     • 3D visualization
     • Mobile mapping
     • Individual map generation
  • Applications
     • County Mapping portal
     • Driving Directions
     • Resource Locator
     • Metadata portal
     • Data distribution site
     • CAMS (Address management)
     • Many many others
• Identify Steering Committee Members
   • Each department should assign a primary and an
• Develop Strategic Plan for Enterprise GIS
• Hold monthly meetings.
• 1st meeting January 23rd
   • DPW Alhambra Room 1:30 – 3:30
   • Begin developing Charter
   • Identify Sub-committees
      • Charter
      • Strategic Plan
      • Data Repository List
      • Standards
• Go to

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