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                           Texas Revolution Review

  1. The Texas Colonist enjoyed a life of freedom under the Mexican
     Constitution of 1824.
  2. The first shot of the revolution was when a Mexican officer ordered the
     citizens of Gonzales to hand over a brass cannon, but they refused.
  3. General Cos was the Mexican General headquartered in San Antonio in
  4. The capture of Goliad cut off the supply line to General Cos’ army.
  5. The Gonzales volunteers elected Stephen F. Austin as their general and
     began to organize an attack on San Antonio.
  6. More than 100 Tejanos joined the fight in San Antonio, most notably Juan
     Seguin and Palacido Benavides.
  7. The Consultation was a group of delegated that met in San Felipe to decide
     the future of Texas in 1835.
  8. The two groups on debate for independence were the pro war and pro
  9. The Provisional government sent Sam Houston and William Goyens to
     make peace with the Cherokees.
  10. Stephen F. Austin, William H. Wharton and Branch T. Archer were
     commissioners to the United States.
  11. Sam Houston was named commander-in-chief of the Texas Army.
  12. The General Counsel created the Texas Navy to protect the coast.
  13. Sam Houston sent Jim Bowie to San Antonio to evaluate the Alamo.
  14. William B. Travis was put in full command of the Alamo after Jim Bowie
     became ill.
  15. The Alamo needed about 1,000 soldiers to properly defend it, but would
     never have more than 200.
  16. William Travis wrote a famous letter “To the People of Texas and All
     Americans” to ask for help.
  17. Santa Anna thought that the defeat of the Alamo would end the Texas
18. The Convention of 1836 was help at Washington-on-the-Brazos to vote on
19. The vote for independence was unanimous.
20. Texans celebrate Texas Independence Day on March 2, 1836.
21. The Texas Constitution was modeled after the United States Constitution.
22. The Texas constitution promised many rights but also legalized slavery.
23.Since Texas was at war and could not hold elections an ad interim
   (temporary) government was installed until elections could be held.
24. Sam Houston used the retreat (known as Runaway Scrape) to gain time to
   train his army.
25. General Urrea was moving up the coastline and defeated many Texas
   troops on his march to Refugio Goliad.
26. Fannin and Urrea finally met at the battle of Coleto, where Fannin was
   wounded and his army surrendered.
27. General Urrea wanted to keep the Texans at Goliad as prisoners of war,
   but Santa Anna ordered him to execute them all.
28. Before the San Jacinto battle, Sam Houston sent Deaf Smith on a special
   mission to destroy the bridge at Vince’s Bayou.
29. Taken by surprise, 630 Mexican soldiers were killed and 730 captured in
   18 minutes.
30. The next day, Santa Anna was captured while hiding in the nearby
   marshes and Texas independence was secured.

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