Cardio Vision by Ew822JK


           CardioVision =
Hospital Monitoring + Holter ECG….....
           At The Same Time
Hospital Monitoring + Holter ECG……….
300-2W Wi-Fi Transmitter
                  •   WiFi for compatibility
                      with all hospitals.

                  •   Battery life in excess of
                      24-hours. Standard
                      Alkaline AA batteries.

                  •   Single WiFi device
                      simultaneously performs
                      both tasks of Hospital
                      Patient Monitoring and
                      Holter ECG.

                  •   Standard AP units allow
                      unlimited ECG range in
                      the hospital.
    One (1) PC Computer
with Two (2) Monitor Displays
Real-Time Hospital Monitoring
                     •   Because of the second monitor,
                         no screen displays overlay the
                         Real-Time ECG.

                     •   Each patient can be a single or
                         dual channel ECG. Or a 1-Lead
                         ECG with a mini Full Disclosure.

                     •   The Heart Rate and Patient Info
                         is shown on the left side.

                     •   The right side includes many
                         different analysis display
                         options for each patient: such
                         as; ST, Heart Rate, VE, SVE, and
                         Pauses. There can also be a
                         two-box analysis display of
                         many HRV analysis options

                     •   At the end of each minute, the
                         ECG data for each patient is
                         auto-sent to the Holter section
                         of the PC’s hard disk drive;
                         thus, simultaneous Real-Time
                         and Holter ECG.
Instant Access to Full Disclosure
                        •   Full Disclosure is seen
                            instantly for any patient on
                            the second monitor display.

                        •   Any time period during a 3-
                            day time period is instantly
                            accessed and seen in the Full
                            Disclosure ECG mode.

                        •   The CV Page Scan Full
                            Disclosure works exactly the
                            same as in Holter.

                        •   Enlarged ECG displays and
                            ECG Strips can be viewed
                            and printed at any time.

                        •    Full Disclosure can be built
                            in the real-time ECG mode
                            on the second monitor
ECG only, or Multi-Parameter
                      •   Note the Multi-
                          Parameter data on
                          patients 2 and 5.

                      •   This display is for demo
                          purposes only.

                      •   The Multi-Parameter
                          functions are ECG, Blood
                          Pressure, SPO2,
                          Respiration, and

                      •   The Multi-Parameter
                          bedside monitor is hard
                          wire from the patient to
                          the bedside monitor,
                          and then WiFi from the
                          bedside monitor to the
                          nurses station.
Alarms & Alerts
                  •   Patient 2 had a Block.

                  •   The Red color denotes
                      the long R-R interval.

                  •   At the bottom, the
                      Alarm-Alert box shows
                      the “Pause Alarm”

                  •   The Pause and V-Tach
                      Alarms are always in
                      the “ON” mode.

                  •   The other Alarms are
                      optional, and are
                      selected in the Settings

                  •   To instantly view the
                      Alarm, click on the
                      Alarm at the bottom.
Alarms & Alerts
                  •   5.3-second Block.

                  •   All enlarged Strips
                      are shown on the
                      second monitor, so
                      that there are no
                      data displays
                      covering the Real-
                      Time ECG for any
                      of the 8-patients.

                  •   2-Lead ECG for
                      Real-Time ECG,
                      and 3-Lead ECG for
                      Holter mode.

                  •   Standard 12-Lead
                      ECG for any patient
                      with BlueTooth
Quick ECG Review of All Alarms
  for Each Individual Patient
                         •   In the lower left
                             corner, you can see
                             the listing of Alarms
                             for the Bed 2 patient.

                         •   You can quickly review
                             the actual ECG of all of
                             the Alarms by mouse
                             clicks on each of the
                             listed events.

                         •   The mouse click on
                             each of the listed ECG
                             events will instantly
                             display the enlarged
                             ECG Strip.

                         •   This R-R interval is 5.5
         Alarms & Alerts
with Full Disclosure & ECG Strips
Holter view of same ECG
                      •   The single WiFi
                          acquires the
                          ECG data for
                          both the Real-
                          Time ECG and
                          Holter ECG.

                      •   Holter ECG is in
                          the same
                          format as the
                          CardioScan 12.

                      •   Holter ECG is
                          updated at the
                          end of each
                          minute of Real-
                          Time ECG.
       PDA or Smart Phone for
Remote Alarms and/or Bedside Monitor
                  •   All Alarms and Alerts are auto-sent to the
                      nurse’s or doctor’s PDA/Smart Phone.

                  •   For example; at 3:00 AM in the morning
                      the nurse is not at the central nurses
                      station when an Alarm occurs.

                  •   The remote located nurse is instantly
                      alerted by the PDA/Smart Phone, and the
                      actual ECG alarm is shown to the remote
                      located nurse.

                  •   When the nurse or doctor is at the
                      patient’s bedside, simply press number 1
                      thru 8 to see the real-time ECG for the
3-Day Trends for Instant Access
        for All Patients
                           • Trends of:

                           • Heart Rate

                           • A-Fib

                           • V-Tach

                           • VE beats

                           • ST

                           • Pauses (Blocks)
3-Day Trends for Instant Access
        for All Patients
                         •   Each patient display on
                             first monitor shows the 3-
                             day Trends on the second
                             monitor at the same
                             visual level.

                         •   Use the bar slide to see
                             all trends in 10-seconds.

                         •   Color bars show the
                             location of Pauses,
                             V-Tachs, & VE beats.

                         •   A-Fib shows on the Heart
                             Rate trend. ST Events in
                             excess of 1.0 mm are
                             shown in the red color.

                         •   Mouse click at any
                             location in 3-day trend
                             and instantly see the Full
                             Disclosure and large ECG
And, Every Minute the Patient’s ECG is
also Updated in the Holter ECG mode
                            •   CardioScan 12 Holter

                            •   No need for any Holter
                                ECG recorder for patients
                                being monitored in the

                            •   The single WiFi
                                transmitter does it all.

                            •   Separate CS-12 security
                                key for Holter lab
                                somewhere else in the

                            •   Thus, Holter editing can
                                be done at Central
                                Nurses Station or the
                                Holter ECG Lab.
All Hospital Holter ECG Systems are
       now Truly OBSOLETE
                          •   Why wait 1 or 2 days for
                              the Holter editing to
                              know the true ECG status
                              of the patient ??

                          •   If the patient has a V-
                              Tach after 5-hours of
                              monitoring, the combo
                              Real-Time/Holter ECG
                              (CardioVision) will
                              instantly give the doctor
                              this vital information.

                          •   Also, why would any
                              hospital want to do Real-
                              Time ECG monitoring
                              without all the
                              diagnostic advantages of
                              the Holter ECG function
                              being performed each
                              and every minute ??
    CardioVision OBSOLETES all
  Hospital ECG Patient Monitoring
and Hospital Holter ECG Monitoring
                         •   The CardioVision includes a
                             CS-12 key for the hospital’s
                             Holter lab.

                         •   When patient’s leave the
                             hospital, the physician has no
                             knowledge of any adverse
                             patient reaction to the
                             prescribed medication.

                         •   Using the 300-4B, the patient
                             can internet-send the 24-
                             Holter ECG each day to the
                             CS-12 PC in the hospital’s
                             Holter Lab.

                         •   Thus, for the first time the
                             physician receives the
                             complete Home Holter ECG
                             each day.
        Home Internet Holter ECG =
Continuing The Same High Quality Daily ECG
    Monitoring from Hospital to Home
                               •   The Home Internet
                                   Satellite Holter ECG
                                   technology solves the
                                   traditional weakness of
                                   Holter ECG.

                               •   The physician has never
                                   known how long (how
                                   many days) to record the
                                   Holter ECG.

                               •   Now the doctor can
                                   know every day what the
                                   ECG activity was, and
                                   each day the doctor can
                                   make a good decision to
                                   continue or terminate
                                   the ECG monitoring.
When the Hospital Wants Additional Beds of ECG Monitoring…
the CardioVision Specs cannot be matched for PDA and Holter

                                            •   Unique Features:

                                            •   WiFi battery life of up to

                                            •   PDA/Smart Phone is
                                                unique for remote
                                                displays of Alarms, and is
                                                the cost efficient mode
                                                for bedside monitors.

                                            •   The real Holter ECG
                                                capability updated each
                                                minute is unique.

                                            •   The competitors cannot
                                                match your specs for
                                                Tenders; thus, sell the
                                                hospital on listing the
                                                CardioVision specs.
    When the Hospital is buying a new Holter system…
The CardioVision has completely re-defined what a modern
 Holter system should be. The competitors are Obsolete.

                                          •   Hospital Holter systems
                                              record in-patients and

                                          •   For in-patients, no Holter
                                              system comes close to the
                                              CardioVision capability of
                                              high quality WiFi real-
                                              time ECG monitoring.

                                          •   For out-patients, no
                                              Holter system comes
                                              close to the CardioVision
                                              for including the Home
                                              Internet Satellite 24-hour
                                              ECG capability.

                                          •   Thus, no competitor can
                                              match the CV specs.

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