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									 R-22 Alternative
Refrigerant Seminar
            The R-22 Phase-out
“How To Survive & Prosper by Being Prepared”
            Rick Roland
is the owner and engineer of Certified Refrigerant
Services, Inc. which is located in Punta Gorda,
Florida. Rick has been in the refrigerant reclamation
industry since its inception in 1995; one of the first
reclaimers in the country. From the age of ten, he
grew up in his father’s HVAC company and eventually
became the owner of a Carrier Leadership dealer
culminating over 40 years of hands-on experience.
Rick has designed and built all the refrigerant reclaim
and separation equipment used at CRS including a
patent pending Modular Separation Machine™
(MSM). This advance technology is only possible by
possessing an acute understanding of refrigerants
and their technical characteristics. Rick is a well
known qualified leader and authority in the refrigerant
management industry.
•   Refrigerant Sales
•   Refrigerant Buy-Back
•   Refrigerant Banking
•   Used Refrigerant Return Programs
•   Cylinder “Swap” Programs
•   Refrigerant Reclamation
•   Refrigerant Separation
•   Refrigerant Purity Testing
•   On-site High Speed Recovery
•   On-site Refrigerant Reclamation
•   On-site System Flushing
•   On-site System Dehydration
        High Speed
Modular Separation Machine
CRS Production Area
 R-22 Alternative
Refrigerant Seminar
            The R-22 Phase-out
“How To Survive & Prosper by Being Prepared”
   Part 1
R-22 Phase Out
Are the majority of
 your installations
R-410A equipment?
How many believe there
will be a R-22 Shortage?
How many
think R-22
prices will
 How many have
performed an R-22
  system retrofit
to an alternative
R-22 Phase-out Begins In

“How To Survive & Prosper”
      Be Prepared!
How Much Does It Impact Us?
R-22 Phase-Out Schedule
EPA Forecast 2010
   EPA Projected R-22
Servicing Demand by End
        User(137,787,500 lbs.)
       62,500 MT
   EPA Projected R-22
Servicing Demand by End
        User(185,538,480 lbs.)
       38,800 MT
  Part 2
Existing R-22
EPA’s Definition of Venting
“Effective July 1, 1992, it is
unlawful to knowingly vent,
release or dispose of CFCs
and HCFCs during the repair,
service, maintenance or
disposal of appliances or
industrial process
refrigeration equipment.”
     Increase Industry
• Stop Venting
• Price of R-22 Must Increase
• Programs must be in place
  to make it easy to return
  refrigerants and benefit
  those who do
Who’s Making It Easy?
        • These Wholesalers are
          making it easy to
          return recovered R-22
 Existing R-22 Management

• Rule #1: Don’t VENT!

• Rule #2: Get involved with R-22 return
  programs that benefit your company

• Rule #3: Don’t mix any other refrigerants
  with your recovered R-22!
To Summarize Our Concerns:

• Will good R-22 recovery/reclaim programs
  be enough to fill the service needs?

• Will there be a shortage of R-22?

• Will the price of R-22 increase radically?
No One REALLY knows
    Part 3
R-22 Alternatives
                   So… what if
                 there’s NO R-22?

Some of the more popular R-22 alternatives

R-404a   R-125 (44%)     R-143a (52%)      R-134a (4%)
R-407c   R-125 (25%)     R-32 (23%)        R-134a (52%)
R-417a   R-125 (46.6%)   R-600 (3.4%)      R-134a (50%)
R-421a   R-125 (58%)     Proprietary Oil   R-134a (42%)
R-422b   R-125 (55%)     R-600 (3%)        R-134a (42%)
R-422d   R-125 (65.1%)   R-600 (3.4%)      R-134a (31.5%)
R-507    R-125 (50%)                       R-143a (50%)
   Choosing An R-22
Alternative Refrigerant
What Do We Want From Our R-22
   Alternative Refrigerant?
• No Major Hardware Changes To Equipment
• Use The Same Oil Type
• Fast, Simple Conversion
• Sufficient Capacity
• At Least the Same Energy Efficiency
• Reliability
• Same Toxicity
• Flammability Classification as R-22
• Zero Ozone Depleting Potential
• Reasonable Cost
   What You Should Do?
• Make a choice.
• Learn all you can about your R-22
  alternative choice.
• Use that alternative choice as
  many times as you can so that
  retrofits will become familiar and
If there’s abundant R-22 and
it’s reasonably priced then
we’re good to go…But if NOT
If there’s abundant R-22 and
it’s reasonably priced then
we’re good to go…But if NOT

       Be Prepared!
    • Technical Reference Library
    • Pictures (videos coming soon)
    • R-22 Cylinder “Swap” Program
      – And much more…

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