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					San Diego State    National Visiting Committee Meeting 2006
                        March 30, 2006, San Diego

      High School Outreach
             Ming-Hsiang (Ming) Tsou, Ph.D.
             Department of Geography, SDSU

             Tony Howser
             Department of Geography

                  San Diego State University
Three Major High Schools in San Diego
– Helix Charter High School: Teachers:
   • Paula Ann Trevino (social studies), M.Ed, Social Studies
     Department Chair, (
   • Garry Wilcox (social studies)

– High Tech High: Teachers:
   • Dr. Jay Vavra (bio) <>
   • Rod Buenviaje (math)
   • Tom Fehrenbacher (humanities)

– Hoover High: Teacher:
   • Ellen Towers, Academy Coordinator/Teacher
Helix High School Outreach

• 2005 GIS Day Visit (120 students).
• 2006 March Visit (120 students).

• 2005 - 2006: Develop Web-based Learning
  modules for Human Geography Course --
  Evaluate how effective the Web-based learning
  modules for aiding Geography Education.

• 2006: Fall Semester, the First GIS course (GIS
  1c/2c) at Helix High. (need more training and
  resource for this new course.
  San Diego State
                     Master Thesis (Chen)
Title: Implementation and Effectiveness of Web-based
Geographical Information System (GIS) in High School
This research seeks to investigate the feasibility of Web-based geographic
information system (GIS) adoption in high school education. Educators encounter
many challenges while applying the standard desktop GIS. Web-based GIS is viewed
as an alternative to overcome the barriers to the diffusion of GIS in education,
including difficulties in maintaining hardware equipment, time limitations in
learning software and developing teaching materials. The goal of this research is to

address how effectively Web-based GIS could be used to assist high school education.

 Testing 120 students and compare the Web-GIS
learning outcome (scores) to previous year (non-
 WebGIS) In the same human geography course.
 San Diego State
                   GIS 1c/2c (High School)

Helix High (Charter School in California) will start the first
  high school-level GIS course in Fall 2006 Semester --
  GIS 1C/2C

• Term 1 (Fall)
   – Unit 1 – Introduction to GIS
   – Unit 2 – Web Based GIS
   – Unit 3 – Basics GIS using ArcExplorer Java Edition
            – Mapping Our World lessons

• Term 2 (Spring)
   – Unit 4 – Teacher Directed GIS unit
   – Unit 5 – Data collection and analysis
   – Unit 6 – Student Created/Driven GIS Capstone Course Project
High Tech High School Outreach

• 2005 GIS Day Talks in HTH (four classes, at
  HTH, over 100 students).
• Web-based Mapping Tools for Biology course
• Web-based Mapping Tools for Scientific project (Soil
• GIS books and flyers.

• San Diego Bay Field Guide Project: Book Title:
  Perspectives of San Diego Bay: A Field Guide
• (Tony Howser help them to create GIS maps
  and technology introduction
Hoover High School Outreach

• 2005 Visit (on-site).
• GIS books and flyers.

• 2006 Visit (on-site).

• Web-based Mapping Tools: Obesity and Fast Food
  (Overweight Students)

• Google Earth Learning Module Development
  (underdevelopment now).
Hoover High – Obesity and Fast Food
(Overweight Students)
2006 Visit (Video)
High School Teacher Training
Workshop ? (Summer 2006 ?).


High School Principles/Department
Chair workshop?
San Diego State
                   Multimedia Web GIS
                  (Google Earth Movies)

                                  Movie created by
                                  video editing
                                  software –
                                  titles, effects,
                                  sounds, and

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