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									                                              ----- Coaching Session Plan -----
                                                     Definitions for Session Planner (over)
                                                                               Praise for session. What to think about for next comp. Reminders.
Approx Timing in a 1 hour session
                                                                               Content and Coaching Points
Pre-session briefing 2 - 5                                                     What will we do ?(skill/drill/game/activity). What will it be called? What cues do I
What will I say? What do they need to know? Lessons to learn from last comp.   need to give?
Set scene for session.
Warm-up 5 -10                                                                  Where shall I demonstrate, where/how should they be standing /sitting? Do I
Activity followed by stretching.                                               need helpers to demonstrate? In what
                                                                               arrangement will they do the activity and where?
Skill / Tactics Practice or Development 10 - 15
Revising previously learned skills / tactics, learning new ones.               Equipment
                                                                               What will I need - how many of everything - balls (type), sticks, sashes/bibs,
Skill / Tactics Application or Game 20 - 25                                    whistles, markers?
Applying what we have just learned into a game-like situation.                 Column can be summarised above for easy reference.

Cool-down 5                                                                    Time
Bringing heart rate down gradually and stretching the muscles we used.         How many minutes should this take, including demo/explanation and movement
                                                                               to areas?

Conclusion 2 - 5                                                               How did this go, how would I change it? (Complete after training).
                                                       Session Planner
Date:                             Session Aims:
Total time:
                    Content and coaching points         Organisation   Equipment   Time        Comments
                  We are here to have some fun

 Pre-season       Expectations:
   briefing            Fun
                       Good time
                       A fair go for every one
                  Jog – around the court
                  Dribble Tag - everyone needs to be
  Warm up
                  carrying a basketball                                            5 10m
                  Simple lay up drill

                  Get players into pairs – passing

                  Passing drills                                                           I am going to look
    Skills/       ‘Piggy in the middle’                                                    for:
 Practice or       One on One moves                                                              Skill level
Development       One on One games                                                               Attitude

                             Pass and cut
Skills/ tactics
                           Penetrate and dish
                            Help and recover

 Cool down                      Suicides

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