Template 2 Sample Event Application Form

Event Application Form
For application for an activity or sponsorship proposal involving food and beverages

What is this form for?
It is the Club’s aim to make healthy eating an easy and informed choice for the entire community. We also
believe, whilst engaging in sports, children can learn valuable messages about the role food plays to perform
at their best both in their sport and every day living. This organisation is committed to setting a good example
within the community by promoting and offering healthy food options. To meet the requirements of our Club’s
health food policy, certain food and drinks can only be represented in sponsorships and made available on
certain occasions. This form is to assist our club coordinate these occasions.

How will the decision be made if this can be one of those occasions?
This application will be taken to the Committee for consideration. The following issues will be considered:
     benefit to the whole community
     compliance with the intent of the Club’s Healthy Food Policy
     can healthier alternatives be used in place of the intended food or drinks to be supplied
     can the event or activity occur without food or beverages being included

Event:                                                                              Date:

Location:                                                  Activity:

Coordinator:                                               Contact:

Brief description
Describe the nature of the
event and the activity

Category                       Fundraising drive    Foodstall/BBQ Special event
                               Training activity     Celebration         Gift/reward          Sponsorship
Who is this event              Adults    Children
for?                           Description (eg. U12’s or all club patrons):

Budget Summary                 Total expenses: $
                               Total income:   $                            Total profit/loss:   $
3 reasons why you
have chosen to do
this event activity

Please list all the
food items that will
be available or
Please list all the
drink items that will
be available or
Committee use only
Approved?       Yes    No
Conditions of approval:

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