ECP mode will not work the CD Rom by 917mMF


									  Instructions on using the TSR drivers for
               QuickCD in DOS:
*This Document is for Parallel port installation only !!
*TSR will not work with PCMCIA

*Make sure your Parallel Port Mode   is EPP or Bi-
 directional You may have to consult the manufacturer to
 access the BIOS or CMOS because this is where the
 parallel port mode can be configure

*EPP mode is recommended
*If your parallel port does not support EPP, Bi-
 directional,Enhance, PS2 or Extended modes, then your
 computer may not be compatable with this device.
*ECP mode will not work the CD Rom

NOTE:TSR Will NOT Work with the SLIM CD 24x.
IT will only work with the Standard size
Parallel port Quick CD 8x, 16x and 24x.

To use the TSR in DOS do the following:

2) Type a:\h45cd.exe and press enter
   *If the TSR does not load, try the following line:
  a:\h45cd.exe /r2/w2/de/di and press enter

3) Type a:\aspicd.exe /d:aspi_cd and press enter
4) Type a:\mscdex.exe /d:aspi_cd    and press enter
     *After typing the above command line, you should see
      a message saying Drive D:= Driver aspi_cd unit 0
     *Depending on your system configuration, it may
      assign a different drive letter.

NOTE: The above example assume that the TSR files are in
the root directory of the A: drive. If these TSR files
are in a different path, then specify the path.

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