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									     Craig Munier, Director

Office of Scholarships & Financial
This Evenings Topics

1. When to Apply For…
   a. Admissions
   b. Scholarships
   c. Financial Aid
2. What Does It Cost?
3. Collegebound Nebraska
4. Nebraska College Savings Plan
             When Should I Apply?

• For Admission?
   – Take the ACT exam in the spring of your junior year in
     high school and/or in the fall (October or December) of
     senior year
   – Apply for admission beginning in September of your
     Senior year in high school
   – Apply for admission no later than January 15 to receive
     full consideration for scholarships
                 When Should I Apply?

• For Scholarships?
   – Scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis as you are admitted,
      beginning in October each year
   – Scholarship deadline is to have a complete admissions file
      (application, transcript, test score, etc.) no later than January 15
   – Regents, Chancellor’s Scholarship, Davids, Canfield
   – Some scholarships require separate application:
        • Susan T. Buffett Foundation
        • Davis Scholarships (Office of UNL Admissions)
            When Should I Apply?

• For Financial Aid?
   – Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA)
   – Between January 1 and April 1 each year
   – Easiest if you have completed your tax return
When Should I Apply?
                What Does It Cost?

Direct Costs         Per Semester   Per Year
   Tuition           $2,805         $5,610
   Fees              $ 669          $1,338
   Room & Board      $3,815         $3,815
   Books             $ 495          $ 495
Total Direct Costs   $7,784         $15,568
Indirect Costs
   Personal          $1,644         $3,288
Total                $9,428         $18,856
            Collegebound Nebraska

• Nebraska residents, undergraduates
• Enrolled full time
• Typical family of four with one in college with family
  income < $50,000
• Higher incomes may qualify with larger families or
  multiple children in college at the same time
• No additional application; simply complete the FAFSA
  and be admitted to the University both by April 1
Nebraska College Savings Plan

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