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									                                           Evidence-Based Parent Consultation

What we know…

Model: Parent Behavioral Consultation

        Address students’ academic, social, and behavioral needs by providing consultation services to parents

     Indirect model for delivering intervention services to children through a series of interviews with a
        consultant and consultee (i.e., parent)
     Goals are identified and evaluated through a structured problem-solving process using behavioral principles
        for collecting and evaluating behavior change

Intervention Procedures:
     Parent behavioral consultation includes four stages:
            o Problem identification: identify and operationally define the child’s behavior(s) that is of most
                concern to parent or teacher
            o Problem analysis: discussion of conditions and variables that may influence the child’s behavior
                by reviewing initial baseline data
            o Plan implementation: intervention selected by consultant and/or parent; intervention implemented
                by parent
            o Plan evaluation: evaluate the outcomes of the intervention for the targeted problem and decide
                whether to initiate plan changes or terminate consultation services

Methodological Rigor:
    Reliable outcome measures                                                Interventions manualized
    Multiple assessment methods                                              Validity of measures reported
    Measures obtained from multiple sources                                  Null findings reported
    Educational-clinical significance of change                              Program components linked to primary
       assessed                                                                outcomes
    Program components documented                                            Follow-up data included

    Interventions using parent behavioral consultation were effective in producing significant outcomes
    Structured parent behavioral consultation was effective for interventions targeting aggression (Cavell &
         Hughes, 2000), non-compliance/school preparation (Doll & Kratochwill, 1992), homework completion and
         accuracy (Loitz & Kratochwill, 1995; Rhoades & Kratochwill, 1998)

Selected References:
Cavell, T. A. & Hughes, J. N. (2000). Secondary prevention as context for assessing change processes in
          aggressive children. Journal of School Psychology, 38, 199-235.

Doll, B. & Kratochwill, T. R. (1992). Treatment of parent-adolescent conflict through behavioral technology
          training: A case study. Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation, 3, 281-300.

Loitz, P. A. & Kratochwill, T. R. (1995). Parent consultation: Evaluation of a self-help manual for children’s
          homework problems. School Psychology International, 16, 389-396.

Rhoades, M. M. & Kratochwill, T. R. (1998). Parent training and consultation: An analysis of a
         homework intervention program. School Psychology Quarterly, 13, 241-264.

What we don’t know…
    Outcome effects with diverse groups                                      If measures used in treatment support
    Long-term outcome effects                                                 primary or secondary outcomes

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