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									                    Read-Aloud Lesson Plan
Title: The Carrot Seed
Author: Ruth Krauss
Illustrator: Crockett Johnson
Suggested Grade Level: Kindergarten
Strategy: Summarizing
Submitted by: Pam Potter and Helen McBride
School: Wrens Elementary School

Planning              This is a fiction book that provides opportunities to discuss
                      sequencing events and could also provide a science and math

Before Reading:       I like gardening and to be a gardener you have to know how
                      to plant things. Last summer I planted flowers around my
                      mailbox. I used seeds to plant my favorite flowers, marigolds.
Prepare               Did you know that you also have to use seeds to plant some
                      fruits and vegetables? Do you have a favorite flower, fruit, or
                      vegetable that you would like to plant?

                      I’m going to read a book to you called The Carrot Seed. This
                      book is about a little boy who plants a seed and watches it
                      grow even though his family is skeptical. As I read, you can
                      summarize. Summarizing is something that good readers
                      know how to do. Summarizing is using what you know about
                      the story and the parts of the story. First, a story has a
                      beginning, middle, and end. The beginning tells us about the
                      characters and the setting. The middle tells us the problem,
                      and the end shows us the solution to the problem. Think
                      about this as I read.

During Reading:       After a “carrot seed” -

                      Who is the first character we are introduced to? What is the
Guide                 setting? Who can tell me something about the character?

                      In the beginning, we meet a little boy who has planted a carrot
                      seed. We can tell that he is outside.

                      After the big brother says, “It won’t come up.” -
                    What is the problem? Who are the other characters that we
                    met? What does the little boy do every day to help the seed

                    In the middle, the family tells the little boy that they don’t think
                    the seed will “come up”. They are skeptical. This means they
                    think the seed will not grow. The little boy takes care of the
                    seed every day. What do you think will happen next and at
                    the end of the story?

                    At the end:
                    How did the story end? Did the boy keep trying to take care
                    of his seed or did he give up? How would you feel if someone
                    kept telling you it was not possible or you couldn’t do
                    something? Would you give up?

After Reading:      Who can summarize? Remember to tell about the beginning,
                    middle, and end of the story and the characters, setting,
                    problem, and solution.
                    Is there another story we have read similar to this story that
                    talks about not giving up? (Relate to The Little Engine that

Vocabulary Lesson   Think about some of the words we heard in this story that we
                    need to know.

                    One word is sprinkled. To sprinkle means to spread around
                    or spray. I like to sprinkle a little sugar on my cereal. Many
                    people like to sprinkle salt on French fries or other foods.

                    Can anyone else make a sentence using the word sprinkled?

                    This word was not in our story, but I said that the little boy’s
                    family was skeptical about his seed growing. Skeptical
                    means that you are unsure or you don’t think something can
                    be done. The boy was skeptical about making the basket
                    during a basketball game.

                    Can anyone else make a sentence using the word skeptical?
                    Is there anything that you are skeptical about?
We will place these words with our vocabulary word lists and
see if we can find these words in other stories we read.

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