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									                              South Pike School District
                             Cheerleader Sponsor/Coach
                                  Job Description

Title: Cheerleader Sponsor/Coach
Department: Athletics
Reports To: Extra-Curricular Activities Coordinator
Qualifications: 1) Valid teaching certificate.
                2) Experience in physical education, cheerleading dance, first-aid, CPR,
                   and sports medicine.

Mission & Goals:
 To assume responsibility for the selection, training, and performance of cheerleaders
   which will inspire school interest and support for the athletic program of the
   individual school.
 Responsible for the details related to the successful operation and administration of
   her activity. The general welfare of each participant shall be her primary concern.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities
 Coaches individual participants in the skills necessary for excellent achievement in
    the activity involved.
 Establishes tryouts clinics and selects squads in accordance with a master plan of
 Plans and schedules a regular program of practice in season.
 Fosters good school-parent relations by maintaining communications with the
    student's home.
 Inform each student on school policy, activity eligibility, and team rules.
 Complete accurate inventory of equipment, uniforms and supplies used.
 Oversees the safety conditions of the facility or area in which assigned sport is
    conducted at all times that students are present.
 Responsible for the distribution and care of equipment including supervision of such.
 Establishes sound program of injury prevention and follow up.
 Attends all the events in season in which students are performing and representing
    the school or provide an adequate substitute.
 Assure adequate transportation and supervision for away contests.
 Maintains necessary attendance forms, insurance records, and similar paperwork.
 Accounts for all equipment or delegates the responsibility.
 Responsible for submitting her budget requests to the Extra-Curricular Activities
    Director at the conclusion of the season.
 Performs other duties as may be assigned by the Extra-Curricular Activities Director.

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                                                                       Cheerleader Sponsor/Coach
                                                                                  Job Description
Supervises students of particular program.

Terms of Employment:         Nine month year. Salary and work year will be established
                             by the Board of Education.

Evaluation:           Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with
                      provisions of the Board's policy on Evaluation of Professional

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                                                                       Cheerleader Sponsor/Coach
                                                                                  Job Description
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Cheerleader Sponsor/Coach
           Job Description

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