Because of Winn Dixie (Genre -- Realistic Fiction) by 917mMF


									What Jo Did (Genre -- Fiction)

Joanna's basketball rim was different that others because hers was
__________ feet high.

The story takes place during the early ___________ of the day.

The boys asked Joanna to play basketball with them because they
didn't have enough _____________.

Joanna hid the fact that she was a girl because she didn't think the
boys would ____________________.

It was funny when the red headed boy said that TJ could jump high
because he didn't know that Joanna could do what?

The lesson to be learned is to not judge people by their appearance.

Joanna didn't want the boys to know that she knew anything about

The climax of the story was when everyone found out that Jo was

The boys found out that Jo was Joanna when

At the end of the story the boys gave Joanna a nickname called


               made an unfair play against a team or person in
              sports; broke a rule
hoop           a ring or wide flat band
jersey         a soft knitted shirt used in playing sports
marveled       was filled with wonder
rim            an edge, border or margin on or around anything
speechless     not able to talk; amazed
swatted        hit sharply or violently; slapped
unbelievable   hard to think of as true; incredible

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