PE activity sheet basketball dribbling by 917mMF


									Activity: Basketball

Area for development: Dribbling
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Key Concepts:                                     Key Processes:                                                          Range & content:
1.1 Competence                                    2.1 Developing skills in physical activity                              Outwitting opponents
a) developing control of whole body skills        a) refine and adapt sills into techniques
1.2 Performance                                   b) develop the range of skills they use
d) understanding the nature of success in         c) develop the precision, control and fluency of their skills
different kinds of activity                       2.2 Making & applying decisions
                                                  c) plan and implement what needs practising to be more effective
                                                  in performance
                                                  2.4 Evaluating & Improving
                                                  a) analyse performances, identifying strengths & weaknesses
Attainment Target:
LEVEL 3                        LEVEL 4                         LEVEL 5                         LEVEL 6                         LEVEL 7
Students can dribble the       Students can dribble with       Students can perform            Students can dribble            Students can dribble
ball showing control. They     consistency showing             attacking and defensive         effectively within a game       consistently well showing
can identify the differences   control. They identify when     dribbling consistently          situation showing precision,    control, precision and
between attacking &            attacking and defensive         showing control & fluency.      control and fluency with        fluency. They can refine
defensive dribbling.           dribbling could be used         They can influence their        consistency. They adapt         their technique to adapt to
                                                               team and tactics by             their skills in changing        constantly changing and
                                                               selecting appropriate skills    situations and can use          complex situations. They
                                                               and can adapt where             tactics to improve their        apply tactics and can
                                                               necessary.                      work.                           modify their use to achieve
Through the Gate: Pupils work in pairs. No. 1 dribbles ball around gym & through gates. 2’s observe their partner for correct technique & counts how
many gates their partner passes through. Give time for feedback. Swap over (including time for feedback). Introduce double-dribble rule using pupil

Truck & Trailer: (Use teacher & pupil demo – identify pupil during warm-up). Pupils work in pairs, standing one behind the other. No. 2 starts with
the ball. No. 1 jogs around gym and 2 follows dribbling the ball. When “stop” instructions is given pupil 1 should be at arm’s reach from No. 2. On
“change” pupils swap over.

King/Queen of court: All pupils dribble a ball defensively inside a marked area. If your ball is touched by another player you are out. If you go
outside the area you are out. Pupils out sit around edge of gym. As no. of pupils left in decreases, reduce the size of the area. Last pupil(s) left in

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