Fashion by momiadds


									Fashion is a thing which is not restricted to a particular age or gender. Although Fashion
has no period, its like seasons anytime or every time new fashion or trends come out it
varies from person to person each individual has or her own tastes and comfort level
according to what they wear, and how they dress up and maintain their self today in this
world teen are the one who are most fashion enthusiasts. Many teens follow new trends
but they also need to be very careful not to follow those thing which is restricted from
there religious point of views. Today there are many choices and varieties of clothes,
shoes, jewelry, and trendy accessories. Some teens don’t dress up according to their age
although they should. Teenage girls usually prefer jeans with beautiful bright shirts and
tops which they usually prefer in blue red pink green and yellow colours. They also wear
elegant long skirts embroider by beads, lace and sequins. They even like to make new
hairstyles, wear stunning jewelry, and high heels sandals and colorful bags and purses to
team up with their outfits and look more fashionable and perfect which bring out their
bright personalities
Teens have been great trend-setter when it comes to style and glamour. Trends are meant
to be followed by today’s youth. However, they should not turn completely blind to all
the glitz and glamour. They should make prudent choices in order to avoid being in the
limelight for all the wrong reasons.

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