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Subject: Library Information

Hello Faculty,

In order to help your students succeed in their assignment and research needs, schedule a
library orientation session with your librarian. I am anxious to share the wealth of resources
our community college libraries offer our students, including thousands of books and e-
books, full-text articles from magazines, scholarly journals and newspapers, and a growing
collection of DVDs and audio books.

I can instruct your students in basic search strategies and evaluation skills which will help
them to locate and identify appropriate academic level information, provide assistance in
citing information in any format accurately, and demonstrate the library’s role in supporting
student success.

The library instruction request form is attached which you can fill out and send to me, or
drop off in the library. You can also call or email me at any time.

Thank you,
Cynthia MacDonald

Cynthia MacDonald
Librarian, North Centers Community College Centers
Willow International Center Library (559) 325-5215
Madera Center Library (559) 675-4835

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